If you've ever wanted all the stress of cooking in a busy kitchen without the reward of the delicious food that comes from it then look no further than the Epic Games Store this week.

Until 11th July Epic's free-to-keep game is Overcooked - a simple, frustrating, yet incredibly fun couch co-op cooking game that will make or break your friendships. Developed by Team 17, it's a top down game where you play as chefs running a kitchen and serving food in order to save the world. You can play on your own or with up to four friends (which I highly recommend for maximum inefficiency and laughs).

When people say communication is vital in gaming, I'm pretty sure this is game they're referring to. You'll need to work together to make dishes and fulfil orders in constantly changing kitchens. In solo mode you'll need to coordinate yourself as you switch to chefs in different parts of the kitchen. Each level in Overcooked will see you overcome new challenges - be that new dishes or new environmental events, such as cooking inside a rotating space station, or racing against time to serve your food before an earthquake separates the level.

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