Dota 2 - Valve
Dark Moon
- Added 10 new heroes:
Axe, Legion Commander, Bristleback, Venomancer, Shadow Fiend, Juggernaut, Storm Spirit, Nature’s Prophet, Leshrac, and Witch Doctor.
- Fixed an exploit that let Dark Seer sell items from creep illusions.
- Fixed a bug that could cause the round 5 Bonus Chicken to teleport out too early.
- Fixed a bug with the round summary that could cause a loop sound to play until the next round ended.

Dark Moon Tusk:
- Reduced Tusk’s Ice Shards cooldown.
- Increased Tusk’s Ice Shards damage.
- Increased Snowball damage bonus.
- Increased Snowball stun duration.
- Reduced Sigil’s mana cost.

Dark Moon Phoenix:
- Reduced Icarus Dive cooldown.
- Reduced Icarus Dive hp cost.
- Increased Icarus Dive damage per second.
- Increased Icarus Dive movement slow.
- Reduced Sun Ray’s hp cost per second.
- Increased Sun Ray’s heal percent.

- Fixed Axe's “Culling Blade” with “Blood Chaser” Immortal.
- Fixed a bug where Daily & Weekly Quests in the Battle Pass were not granting their point rewards. These have been retroactively granted.
- Fixed a bug where the trophy and emoticon rewards for winning the Dark Moon event were not being granted. These have been retroactively granted.

Custom Games
- Fixed a bug with Fog of War display in custom games with large maps.
- Fixed an issue with the hero picker blocking the custom game team setup screen by default.
- Fixed a regression in spawning runes in custom games.
- Fixed several issues in Overthrow, Colosseum, and 10v10.
Dota 2 - Valve
- Fixed a matchmaking bug which caused longer than expected ranked matchmaking wait times for extremely high MMR players.
- Removed the spectating delay on Dark Moon games.
Dota 2 - Valve
* Players who win in the Dark Moon event will have a unique Dark Moon emoticon item attached to their account, as proof for beating the final boss.
* Remote Mines now last 4 minutes in Dark Moon
* Added player muting to Dark Moon
* Increased the hit box for the level ping area
* Fixed some cases where UI clicks were unresponsive on low framerates
Dota 2 - Valve
Fixed some cooldown based proc abilities malfunctioning
Fixed Helm of the Dominator exploits in Dark Moon
Dota 2 - Valve
- Edge pan is now disabled while dragging an item.
- Fixed a bug with some item abbreviations failing to populate results in the shop.
- Fixed a bug with saved selection groups for Meepo clones and Beastmaster's summons.
- The geographic distance factor in matchmaking now has a different value for each server.
Dota 2 - Valve
Fixed portrait spell casting
Fixed being unable to hover over stats while dead
Fixed various UI alignment issues at high resolutions
Fixed visual overlay with Guides on Talent Tree
Dota 2 - Valve
* Shop UI has been reworked
* Popular Items are now generated automatically per hero based on the top 12 items from players with 5k mmr and above from the most recent two weeks of games
* Popular Items are now highlighted on the item grid directly
* Shop item grid is now shown on the right side with guides extending to the left
* A global customizable Pinned Items section has been added to the shop. This section can be used to customize the shop to the items you use most frequently and are not tied to the currently selected hero.

* Restored the optional ability to bring up learn mode with a hotkey, allowing for a two stage input for leveling abilities
* Added a hotkey for opening the talent tree UI (your old key used for leveling attributes). While the talent tree UI is open, the hotkeys 1 and 2 can be used to select the left or right branch.

* Increased area used for multiunit selection UI and improved readability
* Multiunit selection icons now scale dynamically based on the number of units there are. They do not change size once a selection is made.

* Adjusted Hero HUD layout
* Attribute bonuses now show up permanently on the screen
* Base values for damage, armor, strength, agility and intelligence are now displayed alongside the bonus values (rather than being totaled)
* HP/Mana Bars are now slightly bigger

* Added Guide support for Talent Trees
* Fixed unpublished guides (that were in your cloud) not showing up in your Guide browser
Dota 2 - Valve
- Gold tooltip now shows Death Time below the Death Cost.
- Fixed compatibility with the latest Windows 10 Insider Builds.
Dota 2 - Valve
- Fixed a bug where Moon Shard could be consumed by illusions.
- Fixed control-clicking or double-clicking on Meepo to select all onscreen Meepos.
- Improved rendering performance.
- When spectating or watching a replay of a league match, selecting the broadcaster now switches to the broadcasters camera instead of remaining on the default directed camera.
- Fixed an issue where player motion would stutter when moving along the time line in a replay.
Dota 2 - Valve
- Fixed Death Pulse heal values being a little higher than intended

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