Jun 11, 2013
Product Update - Valve
• Goblins and Skeletons no longer have a chance to spawn with regular equipment
• Worn equipment can be smelted into metal slivers
• Metal slivers can be forged into metal bars

• Crash loading games with a queued Fill Hole job
• Replace Floor not being allowed over Stockpiles and Military designations
• Incorrect values for worn weapons
• Suspended pastures still allowing animals to be milked, sheared, etc
• Build stairs/incline down jobs allowing to be queued in some invalid locations
May 28, 2013
Product Update - Valve
• Added Fill Hole task. This task is placed in an empty floor cell and builds a wall in the cell below.
• Changed Replace Floor task to work without having to deconstruct existing furniture or Workshops

• Crash when clicking "Move Down" without a Job Type selected
• Gnomes not equipping armor on their left side if their right side currently had better equipment
• Worn equipment not storing in crates
May 21, 2013
Product Update - Valve
• Goblins and skeletons now regularly spawn with worn equipment, which can't be smelted or equipped by gnomes. There is a chance that they will spawn with usable equipment.
• Mants and beetles have evolved lungs and can now drown. Mants and beetles in existing saves are unnaffected, however new spawns will have the change.

• Crash opening Market Stall window with an unfinished trade
• Bug causing a big performance hit when beetles were at their current population limit and could reach gnomes
• Weapons visually in the wrong hand, ie being held in a missing hand
• Gnomes getting stuck trying to equip a missing hand
• Items listed in the market stall not properly fitting the window
May 14, 2013
Product Update - Valve
• Job priorities import/export with professions

• Crash when building a mechanism that connects a mechanical wall to power that the gnome builder is standing on (killing the gnome)
• Gemmed rings and necklaces sometimes adding or subtracting incorrect values when trading
• Job priority list disappearing for custom professions
• Rain lasting for years
• Deconstructing a powered mechanical wall leaving the top of the wall in the above floor
• Water not always moving through an open hatch
• Items not falling when a hatch opens
• Hatches and mechanical walls not properly blocking line of sight
• Hatches not updating inside/outside status of covered cells
May 7, 2013
Product Update - Valve
This patch let's you change the order in which types of jobs are performed. For example, previously gnomes would always perform jobs created directly by the player before say from a workshop. Now, per profession, you can set the order of those job types. Individual jobs of the same type are still prioritized as they were before, whether by distance to the job or the priority setting of the workshop, farm, grove, pasture or stockpile. Jobs that are directly created have been split up into 4 groups:

Mining - mine wall, dig stairs, etc
Agriculture - Fell tree, forage, etc
Build - Build workshop, furniture, etc
Mechanic - Reset trap, flip lever, etc

As an example, you could create 2 professions with Woodcutting and Carpentry enabled. One profression has Agriculture first and the other has Workshop as the highest priority. Gnomes in the first profession would act as before and fell trees before cutting planks while the other profession would do the opposite. Splitting up your workforce this way will allow you to work on both tasks simultaneously and let some gnomes act as "backup" and work on another task if their main one is finished.

• Added option to change the priority of job type per profession
• Added a tool tip when assigning a profession to a gnome in the population window, which displays that gnomes skills relevant to the profession
• Added tool tip to display the top 5 skills of a gnome in the population window

• Crash when deconstructing a wall at the top of the map
• Crash when building a ramp, stairs or incline at the top of the map
• Crash with a civillian has a uniform with a ranged weapon and is trying to refill ammo
• Crash when firing a ranged weapon in some cases
• Tool tips for items in a drop down list, sometimes not disappearing
• Large tool tips going beyond the borders of the screen
• Liquids not flowing when a mechanical wall is lowered
• Liquids not working properly when raised a level by a mechanical wall
Apr 30, 2013
Product Update - Valve
• Added workshop table, saw bench, crate with logs, crate with planks, saw horse, chisel, butcher knife, kitchen knife, cloth rolls, scissors, jewelry pile, vise, blueprint, paper, kiln, hammer, market stall, crossbow bolt pile and musket round pile tiles
• Updated tool stand, tools, saw table, weapon stand, water trough tiles
• Updated Sawmill, Carpenter, Woodcarver, Stonecutter, Stonemason, Stonecarver, Loom, Tailor, Butcher Shop, Kitchen, Gemcutter, Jeweler, Forge, Furnace, Smelter, Blacksmith, Metalworker, Armorer, Weaponsmith, Tinker Bench, Engineer, Machine Shop, Leatherworker, Market Stall and Bone Carver workshops

• Pickaxe and Felling axe not correctly giving material options in the Uniform
• Brick blocks auto-queueing at Stonecutter instead of Kiln
Apr 23, 2013
Product Update - Valve
• Professions can have a Uniform assigned to them. If a Gnome is in a Squad, the Squad uniform is used instead
• A Uniform can be assigned as the Default Uniform for all Professions from the Population Overview menu. Professions can be assigned to use the Default, No Uniform or a specific Uniform
• Removed Militia Perk. All Squad members will perform jobs when not on duty
• Armor decreases the rate at which jobs complete. Metal slows down more than leather
• Gnomes not in a Squad will prioritize retreating to stop bleeding over staying and fighting
• Gnomes not in a Squad will always attempt to run from enemies. Previously they would fight unarmed goblins or potentially unarmored goblins with 1 weapon
• Added import and export options for Military settings
• Moved Professions import/export buttons to the Pause menu
• Windows will keep their size and position during a game session

• Professions with a space in the name not importing correctly
• Sometimes not importing the last Profession
• Market Stall UI not correctly scrolling with the mouse wheel
• Fix crash when resizing Market Stall UI while a merchant is not present
• Gnomes sometimes falling asleep when digging down
• Mant spawns effectively being 1 tier above where they should have been, ie spawning as if you had iron when you had bronze

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