Community Announcements - Kate.Galfriday
Join 2K Games and Firaxis Games as we play through the mid and late game turns of a scenario fraught with complexity, conquest, and bison.

We will be playing as the Shoshone in the Civilization V: Conquest of the New World Deluxe Scenario. Talk with us, ask questions, and offer strategies as we attempt to win this 150 turn scenario.

Pete Murray of Firaxis has personally set the stage for an uphill battle for Kate Distler of 2K, playing as the Shoshone. Showcasing the mid and late game of the scenario, the Shoshone have declared war on Elizabeth I without really being prepared to do so. Can the Shoshone survive long enough to knock Elizabeth out of her top spot? Join us at 11:00am Pacific on Twitch.TV/2K and find out!
Community Announcements - Drcane
Join Community 2K and Firaxis as we take a look at some of the games featured in the Humble Sid Meier Bundle! We'll also have giveaways!

Tune into tomorrow, 2/14 at 11am PST

What's that your time? Click here to find out.

Join the Facebook event.
Community Announcements - Kate.Galfriday
Take flight over the Pacific in Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies! Learn more about the upcoming title on the 2K Blog
Learn more here!
Community Announcements - Kate.Galfriday
Check out the details in this Community 2K Blog:
Community Announcements - Kate.Galfriday
Community Announcements - Kate.Galfriday
Check out the tweet here for your chance to win:
Community Announcements - BigDen
Hello all! This morning we are applying a small update to Civilization V that brings it up to This addresses a couple issues that we felt couldn’t wait until the Fall Balance Patch. What does it fix?

1. Tutorials – some of the tutorials were not functioning, which meant newer players seeking to learn how to play the game might run into a roadblock.
2. Modded text strings – Many mods were experiencing text keys that were not properly looking up their correct values, causing the keys to display instead of the actual text.

We do have a couple other fixes that are still in testing, including a bug that causes WorldBuilder to no longer load custom mods properly when designing maps. This will be released as soon as it clears QA.

Thanks so much for everyone’s continued input! We’ve got some great things in store for the Fall Balance Patch that we will be talking about soon, so stay tuned!

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