Jan 30, 2018
GOKEN - jr.sarumaru
Hello everyone.
Mihara is Goken Director.

This time, I changed the price of GOKEN from the desire to enjoy more players.

【Before price】$ 19.99
【After price】 $ 14.99

A good journey to all the players!
Dec 21, 2017
GOKEN - jr.sarumaru

Hello GOKEN player!

Winter's coming and GOKEN will be on Sale on Dec. 21st to Jan. 4th (PST).

The Selling Price would be 50%OFF!

Hope you guys enjoy GOKEN!!!
Nov 22, 2017
GOKEN - goken_cs

Hello GOKEN player!

Autumn's coming and GOKEN will be on Sale on Nov. 22nd to Nov. 28th (PST).

The Selling Price would be 50%OFF!

Hope you guys enjoy GOKEN!!!

Oct 20, 2017
GOKEN - jr.sarumaru

Hi again everyone!

We released a hotfix just last night at around 1AM PST on Oct. 19th, 2017.
As I promised, here are the detailed info on what changed in this new version.



The following issues have been addressed and fixed.


1.Known issues and fixed bugs

We’ve noticed similar bugs were being reported upon launch of GOKEN.
This hotfix should resolve these reported issues.

≪Other Fixed Bugs≫
 ・ Adjusted and fixed map data
 ・ Fixed a bug where players were unable to use the Inn at Burning Lands
 ・ Some Japanese texts appeared bugged
 ・ Fixed a bug where some monsters wouldn’t move in certain areas
 ・ Fixed a bug where unintended tracks would play
 ・ Fixed a bug where the hidden boss would not move under certain conditions
 ・Patched an event where players could access certain parts of maps when they aren’t supposed to
 ・ Added the correct icon support for Xbox controllers


2.Performance Improvements

 Fixed stuttering issues and greatly improved loading time.


3.Fixed and added dialogues to main story

 We’ve improved and added more dialogues to help players enjoy GOKEN more.

≪Other Improvements in Stories≫
 ・ Fixed various texts for NPCs
 ・ Fixed some texts in cut scenes
 ・ Fixed some character motions during events
 ・ Fixed some effects played during events


4.Improved usability of Daggers

We improved the usability of the only ranged weapon in GOKEN, the Daggers.


5.Added and reevaluated prizes at Colosseum

 Adjusted the rates and added prizes to the Colosseum for players to enjoy

≪Other Adjustments≫
 ・ Changed the order of appearance for materials at the Colosseum


6.Adjusted pricing of Nimbus Cotton

 The Nimbus Cotton is now cheaper! Yay!


7.Other Minor Adjustments

 [System Related Changes]
  ・ Fixed the clunky cursor movements in the name input section
 [Tutorial Related Changes]
  ・ Added “Tat Wiz” to tutorial
  ・ Fixed some texts in the tutorial
  ・ Changed some of the captures in the tutorial screen
 [Map related changes]
  ・ Moved around some locations of destructible objects
  ・ Changed the texts on many signs
  ・ Changed the effects when jumping maps at the Phantom Tower
  ・ Added Auto Save points to each floors of the Phantom Tower
  ・ Changed the Map Jump location for the Colosseum floor of the Phantom Tower
  ・Changed how the Map Jump indicator is shown on the Colosseum floor of the Phantom Tower
 [Item Related Changes]
  ・ Added more locations the Nimbus Cotton can access
  ・ Changed the order of locations the Nimbus Cotton can access
 [Monster Related Changes]
  ・ Changed locations for some monsters
  ・ Added a new type of monster
  ・ Made slight adjustments to some monster attack animations
[Weapon Related Changes]
  ・ Adjusted motion of the third strike for the “Blade”


8.The “other” controller issue
 Some Xbox One and Xinput controllers not working properly
This problem is occurring to a small portion of our users. We’re still trying to figure out what is causing this issue but players who are using, or have used any third-party “key mappers” in the past seem to be encountering issues with their said controllers.
Steam natively supports both Xbox One and most USB Xinput devices and these third-party apps may be interfering with our input system.
If this case does apply to you, we would like to ask that you turn off (and/or remove) any third-party mappers until we find a workaround for this bug.
Additionally, please try accessing the controller settings through Steam to see if your controllers are being recognized properly.


That’s it for this Hotfix!
Some features we’ve planned on adding have been added but we mostly focused on incorporating what you, the users, asked for us!
In other words, if it weren’t for your voices, none of this could have been put together.
We’re so happy to hear from all of you all the time, and are really grateful for all your support!

We’ll continue to do our best in trying to keep providing the best experience GOKEN can offer to old-school gamers out there!
-Best Regards from the GOKEN Team-
Oct 18, 2017
GOKEN - Kaimer

Hello adventurers!
My name is Mihara and I’m the director of GOKEN.

I hope you are enjoying your time with GOKEN.
And if you haven’t been able to play GOKEN yet, we really hope you get the chance to do so soon!

GOKEN was an early access title released back in July 28th of 2017.

During the last two months, we tried working very closely with the community to improve quality and add many features until we finally released GOKEN officially on Sep. 29th, 2017.

I, as well as are entire staff, would like to take this opportunity and thank those who have been by our side since this entire time from the bottom of our hearts.

GOKEN is a game developed with a mission to “bring back the old-school gaming.”
Utilizing the old-school quarter view camera, combined with chibi-characters walking around the screen, grinding, leveling, forging gear and fighting big bad bosses…
We really tried hard to bring back the good old style of gaming from “back in the days.”

GOKEN follows on some of the most fundamental features that made RPGs what they are today.
For instance, there is not a single boss you cannot defeat by simply leveling your character.
But at the same time, being an “action” RPG allows users to beat the same opponents at a lower level provided they have the necessary skills, although, that usually doesn’t end too well.
We really hoped that users would share this sense of tension and fun as they play through GOKEN.

On the other hand, if users seek a AAA full-3D map, rich with character voices and explosions and animations everywhere, their expectations may not be met with GOKEN.
However, we can safely say, that our game has an amazing 2D design with beautiful art, detailed animations to support the environment, and while not “epic”, a series of slick effects accompanying each attack move.

If you like what you’ve been reading so far and have not tried GOKEN yet, I ask that you give it a try to see for yourself!
GOKEN is the perfect example of what happens when new old meets new.

Since I have already taken up a lot of your time, I’ll go into some “behind the scenes” on a different occasion.

While I still do have your attention, I would also like to express our sincere apologies for some of the complications GOKEN has been causing users since release.
Most bugs reported on the forums have been worked out while others are still being worked on, and we will be releasing patches in the coming weeks in order of the degree of the bugs.
We really appreciate your patience.

We will continue developing GOKEN and future products so you the user, can enjoy more of our titles and help us find what bests fits your interests!

I would like to further extend our gratitude to the great community that’s been with us and all the supporters of our game.

We enjoy many of the contents, video, reviews or even just comments on the forums and try to take in what we can to better improve our game.
Rest assured your voices are being heard by each and every one of us, whatever the language, and is brought up in our meetings so please keep them coming!

And of course, please enjoy GOKEN.

-Director Mihara
(Translated by Kaimer)


<<Update on new version>>
-Scheduled Release date-
(may be delayed depending on test results)

Tokyo Standard Time : Fri. Oct. 20th, 2017
PST:Thur. Oct. 19th, 2017

-Scheduled Update Info-
The following issues are addressed and improved in this upcoming version.
  • Improved game performance
  • Improved dialogue in main story events
  • Improved usability of daggers
  • Adjusted pricing of items in shops and in the Colosseum
  • Many reported bugs

Problem with Xbox One and Xinput controllers
The unresponsive “Back” button will be fixed.

Performance Improvements
We’ve optimized player, monster, map and object rendering to improve game performance.
The camerawork is also going to act a little differently in order to improve performance.
Our tests show some pretty good numbers so stay tuned!
Loading time
Loading times have also been greatly reduced.
Our tests here too have shown pretty impressive results!

Game Stuck on Signs
The following signs where the dialogue repetitively comes back preventing players to progress have been fixed.
(In the meantime, avoid these signs!)

Other Changes
In this next version, we improve various areas of game balance and add additional guidance to help players understand what to do.
Detailed info on this will be revealed upon release of the new version.
GOKEN - Kaimer

It's finally here people!

Since GOKEN's Early Access release back in July, it's hard to believe that it has already been two full months...

With great help from the community and insights from extremely helpful reviewers, GOKEN has reached a stage where we feel comfortable saying that it is now a full retail product!

Allow us to "re-introduce" you to GOKEN.


Long ago, when gods lived amongst people...

There lived a swordsman who was given five swords forged by god himself.

Using these swords, the swordsman brought peace and order to the world.

People called the swordsman, "Wielder of the Five Swords"...

One day, during a fete to praise the gods, the blades of the swordsman turn against the gods for reasons unknown.

One of the gods, Ozone, furious with all his powers, sealed the swordsman away at the top of a mountain now known as Swords Peak.

This tale begins 5,000 years after the battle between the two, near the small village of Cardina.

-Game Overview-

Seamless open-world game mechanics
While the game features a rather old school “quarter view” mechanic, the map transitions and event scenes, even the combat is all seamless as can be to enhance the overall gaming experience.

Real time strategic action battle system
Utilizing 2 primary attack buttons, users can assign different weapons to each button to create a unique combo that fits the users need as they go. Monsters, bosses and stage gimmicks can require a specific type of weapon at times creating opportunities for users to strategize their best route of approach.

Customizable Tattoo system
Utilizing "tattoos", users are given specific points upon leveling to get the protagonist inked as a form of powering up so it could be built to one’s own. Raising MAX HP and Stamina, learning new and special moves are just a few of many ways players are able to customize their character depending on their play style.

Improvements made during Early Access

-Completely re-tuned the stamina system.
-Added ability to "sprint/"
-Adjusted weapon balance for each weapon to stand out more.
-Added support for Linux / Steam OS/ (yay!)
-Added extra scenarios for users to play.
-Added additional bosses to fight in case the game wasn't difficult enough >:D
-Added Side Quests for more game play.
-Added an "Endless Colosseum" mode for even MORE game play.
-New and improved Tattoo System 2.0 for character customization.
-Wiz Point system for even MORE character customization.
-Performance enhancements to rid those pesky stutters.
-Fixed many bugs and spelling errors.


In celebration of GOKEN's official release,

We are putting GOKEN on a 25% off sale for a limited time!
(Offer expires on Oct. 9th at 19:00 PM PST)

So if you were one of those people who waited for GOKEN to get released and actually caught us upon release, this is your chance to grab a copy!

Let us hear your voices in the forums, and as always, thank you for all your support!
GOKEN - Kaimer
GIANTY Inc. will have its own booth promoting GOKEN at Tokyo Game Show 2017 starting Sep. 21st Japan time!

Our booth is up and ready and visitors will be able to try out GOKEN on the spot.

We will also be handing out exclusive demo vouchers printed on custom made cards so if you happen to be in Japan, make sure to come check our booth out at Makuhari Messe Hall 7 booth C-06.

There may also be a very important announcement we'd like to share, so make sure to keep an eye out for us!!

Sep 14, 2017
GOKEN - Kaimer

Thanks for the wait guys!

We just released a new patch for GOKEN!

This hotfix includes the following.

-New Locations for Nimbus Cotton
We added more locations to where players can access with the Nimbus Cotton. Now players can land right in front of visited dungeons.

-Improved Balance in Combat
Made various adjustments for weapons in combat. Some weapons should feel a lot stronger than how they previously did. Find out which one in-game!

-Improved Game Performance
The system has been revamped to greatly improve performance compared to previous versions of GOKEN. Many of the stuttering issues should be fixed with this update if the previous one hadn't!

-Renewed Tattoo System
The Tattoo system has been renewed both graphically and systematically. The screen should make more sense now and customizability has been greatly increased.

The update to the tattoo system required us to reset all ink points. All skills unlocked at the parlor have been reset after this update. (All ink points have been returned to players.)

Other Bug Fixes
Many small bugs have also been fixed, both that have been reported and not.

Let us know what you think about this update and tell us what you would like more!
Sep 14, 2017
GOKEN - Kaimer

Hello people!

Another quick heads up on an incoming patch for GOKEN!

This hotfix should greatly improve game performance especially to users who suffered frame skipping and stuttering issues.

This update will also revamp the previous Tattoo system for an even more customizable hero!

Stay tuned for more...
GOKEN - Kaimer
Hello people!

Since we've been updating GOKEN faster than we can prepare articles on them, I decided to exclude the version numbers from these feature focused articles to avoid confusion. ːsteamfacepalmː

Today I go in to a little more detail on the "Wiz Point" system.

In short, what it is is basically an upgraded version of the Tattoo system.

What was previously a way to somewhat give users an cusomizable option, this improved system allows users to adjust and personalize the parameters of their hero much further to their liking.

To access this feature, players must first retrieve the third sword and unlock a good amount of tattoos at which point the tattooist will mention the existence of a "Tat Wiz."

Show the Tat Wiz your Tattoo and if it is satisfactory, you will bre granted a "Wiz Point" for every tattoo you unlock hereafter

You will now see that there is a new set of numbers displayed on the left hand side of the screen that can be accessed through the Tattoo column in the menu,

Use the D-pad (or WASD keys) to select which parameter you would like to add "Wiz Points" to.

Points can be redistributed any time without any cost!

Also, do not forget to apply your changes before you leave the screen!

Each "Wiz Point" grants our hero an entire percent in the distributed parameter, meaning 25 points, for example, in ATK would mean that our hero gets a 25% boost in his attacks!

Distribute "Wiz Points" accordingly to adapt to various situations, especially if you want to survive the Colosseum...ːsteamhappyː

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