Dec 5, 2016
Stronghold 3 Gold - SergiuHellDragoonHQ
A few bugs were fixed in a recent mini update and a little change was made.

1. Some people experienced issues saving the game, that bug should be fixed now;
2. The Objective of Mission 12 wasn't clear. The Objective text was changed an a new hint was added to makes it clearer where Lady Catherine will be waiting;
3. The limit for buildings and troops was removed in Freebuild mode.
Stronghold 3 Gold - SergiuHellDragoonHQ
Battering Rams are no longer able to climb walls and buildings.
Knights will no longer summon horses if they are situated on a wall or building, or are within a tunnel and cannot mount there. This fixes several cases where a horse could become permanently stuck right away.
Instead of always getting the nearest horse, the nearest horse that can path find to the knight is selected instead.
Knights and horses will now cancel mounting while the horse is running to the knight if they encounter any problems. The horse will become immediately available for another knight or will attempt to walk home.
If you have any saved game when horses were stuck, the mounting will be cancelled.
Wall enhancements such as Hoardings, Braziers, and Burning Logs will no longer come detached from walls when created in the Map Editor.
Issues where Brazier flames and light sources could become offset from the brazier base upon load are now fixed.
Towers and walls will no longer become disconnected ( bug which closes the paths from the wall to the top of the towers ) after a map is edited more than once. For the existing maps with this issue, it is necessary to replace existing towers and walls.
Small parts of walls will no longer linger after they have been destroyed.
Stronghold 3 Gold - SergiuHellDragoon
Steam Trading Cards are now available for the Stronghold 3 players. You can now collect and trade with your friends 9 Trading Cards representing different characters from the game, 5 Backgrounds with amazing in-game sightings and 5 emoticons to express anger or amusement using faces of different characters such as the Boy or Pig.

After you collect all 9 Trading Cards, you will be rewarded with a Badge. The badges are the heads of different Stronghold 3 lords, such as The Jackal, The Wolf, The Princess and so on. To collect the cards you must play the game. Show everyone the true strength of a true Stronghold 3 player!
Stronghold 3 Gold - SergiuHellDragoon
Greetings Sire! This winter our kingdom expands, we’ve conquered the lands of our enemies. Two talented Stronghold 3 Community members Sorin and Dennis created 11 maps for us to enjoy:

• 3 Siege Maps (Ironforge, Thunderbluff and Chateau de Falaise);
• 2 Freebuild maps (so you can build a peaceful kingdom);
• 6 Multiplayer maps (for two and three players to show your skills in battle against other human players);

The update is free and available for PC version of Stronghold 3 Gold and it will automatically download on your computer.
Stronghold 3 Gold - Roar624
Stronghold 3 Gold arrives with the new Blackstaff 5 mission single player campaign and bonus Historical Sieges.

If you purchased Stronghold 3 before May 25th, you will be automatically upgraded to the Gold through Steam!

A huge thank you to the loyal fans of Stronghold!
Stronghold 3 Gold - Roar624
We are delighted to announce Stronghold 3 Gold Edition! Set for release on May 25th for PC and Mac, the Gold Edition bundles the latest version of Stronghold 3 with a new “Blackstaff” single player campaign. It will also unlock new historical sieges, previously only available through special editions of the game.

Stronghold 3 Gold features all the extra content and tweaks added to Stronghold 3 since release. This includes 3 core campaigns (including the new Blackstaff Campaign), 4 multiplayer modes (including the new Coronation mode), a free build sandbox mode and 12 historical sieges.

Anyone that purchased Stronghold 3 before the launch of the Gold Edition on May 25th will have their copy of the game automatically upgraded to Stronghold 3 Gold through Steam.
Stronghold 3 Gold - Roar624
Siege Towers and Laddermen make their multiplayer debut today and can be built directly from the siege camps.
Other additions to online play include an automatic resync feature, score rebalancing and increased starting goods.
Multiplayer maps have been tweaked, making it easier for players to design and build their castles.

An ‘Attack Move’ command has been added to help protect troops from ambush, as well as a button that deactivates all working buildings, which is handy when you need to quickly raise an army.

Follow the link for a full list of patch notes and tips on how to use the new units: <a href=>
Stronghold 3 Gold - Roar624
Patch will automatically download through your Steam client.
Dec 15, 2011
Stronghold 3 Gold - Roar624
A new patch will release on Thursday, December 22nd.

And as a bonus players will receive 2 new historic castles - Dunnottar in Scotland and Castillo de Coca in Spain - to siege over the holidays!

<img src="" alt=""/>
<img src="" alt=""/>
Stronghold 3 Gold - Roar624
A new patch will release tomorrow with a focus on game play related changes and will introduce the following new feature:

The new control panel in free build will allow players to summon invasions of varying sizes and frequency, as well as adjust the prevailing events and difficulty.


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