Master of Orion - knari
Greetings Explorers,

We have just released a minipatch that tackles the following ingame issues:
  • Fix for Special Abilities not working in Custom Races
  • Fix for espionage UI refreshing when switching selected agents
  • Fix for tactical combat freezes
  • Trilarian intro subtitles have been fixed

Conquer the Stars!
Master of Orion - knari
Greetings Explorers,

Today we released an update that addresses certain issues present in the last build. Read on for the full list of changes:
  • Improved Performance: Turn processing has been greatly optimized. Turns now process up to 50% faster and scale linearly as the game progresses, making long matches in huge galaxies more playable.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the MIRV missile modifier to act erratically.
  • Added most bug fixes from Spud Dastardly and WhatIsSol Mods.
  • Fix for Gnolam doomstar design attempting to use the “Heavy Mount Modifier” for missiles. It has been modified to use “Heavily Armored Missiles” instead
  • Fix for AI making lopsided trades in order to get trade treaties from the player
  • Fix for Leader bonus not being added to defender’s armor value
  • Fix for incorrect population growth ratio
  • Fix for the inability to abort combat under certain circumstances
  • Fix for defender armor using the wrong constant
  • Fix for Leader bonus not being calculated correctly for the attacker
  • Fix for fighters consuming ammo too quickly and returning for resupply too often
  • Fix for attacking race's trait (beam defense was being added to the defender’s beam defense)
  • Fix for Leader bonus being calculated incorrectly
  • Fix for static defenses not healing
  • Fix for Leaders’ total cost re-displaying fleet upkeep costs
  • Fix for Leaders’ ships ground combat bonuses not having any effect
  • Fix for missing "ship repair" Leader bonus
  • Fix for missing "spy experience" Leader bonus
  • Fix for several malfunctioning achievements

Enjoy the upgrades and Conquer the Stars!

Please Note: If you are playing with mod's enabled and run into issues with the new version, please patch to the 54.11 - Revenge of Antares branch to continue your game with the old mods.

Master of Orion - elpozoleolmeca
Greetings Explorers,

Today we’ve released a new version of the game manual, which can be found in the local files of Master of Orion (Game properties / Local files / Browse local files / Manuals).
The updated version includes the Revenge of Antares features. Let us know what you think about it!

We also want to inform you that a new stability patch is currently being worked on, and it should be released in the near future.

Thank you for your ongoing support and for all the Conquered Stars!
Master of Orion - knari
Greetings explorers,

Today we have released a hotfix patch for Master of Orion. Thanks for all the reports that have made it possible!

  • Fix for Leaders ships bonuses were calculated wrong on tactical battle.
  • Fix for the Move Fleet hotkey not always working.
  • Fix for Move fleet and Jump through wormhole swapped hotkeys.
  • Fix for Non-aggression pact needing an audience to be broken.
  • Fix for being able to destroy your own planet using the Stellar Converter when just invaded.
  • Fix for Blockade icon appearing on non-blockaded planets on Empire management screen.
  • Fix for Single Player Menu not appearing.
  • Fix for no information about bonuses on credits, research and command points tooltips.
  • Fix for tutorial block on the 5th turn.
  • Fix for too weak Plague event .
  • Fix for weapon tooltips moving around.
  • Fix for Ship name of a previous battle shown on current one
  • Fix for mind control description.
  • Fix for Telepathic perk description.
  • Fix for Revolt description that lead to it seeming endless.
  • Fix for Research bar shifting to the center of the screen when too many digits after the dot.
  • Fix for Anomalies not appearing when playing with the Elerians.
  • Fix for Buy button changing when sorting Empire screen
  • Fix for Player Retreat and Automatic Formation keybindings not working.
  • Fix for column sorting symbol overlapping column title on Leaders screen on Russian localization.
  • Fix for Race disposition marker going beyond the window borders when a race is destroyed.
  • Fix for Spies ETA being displayed as -1 after completing a mission.
  • Fix for Fleet popup moving to the top of the screen.
  • Fix for Trilarian, Gnolam and Elerian AIs not getting military ships at the start of the game.
  • Fix for seemingly random crash to the desktop.
  • Fix Tobii Eye selection.
  • Fix for being able to attack an allied race via clicking Enter on Battle screen.
  • Fix for Names of keys/buttons not being localized.
  • Fix for Minus being separated from numbers in some perks.
  • Fix for Missing space in core systems cost values
  • Fix for Unlocalized "Left Shift" and mouse buttons in Tobii controls.
  • Fix for Skip Fleet hotkey text (Russian localization).
  • Fix for ‘The race doesn't have any leaders' on Mission Success screen not being localized.
  • Fix for hard to read Asteroid Lab tooltip with research progress.
  • Fix for Prisoner exchange tooltip being repeated.
  • Fix for out of sync Subtitles.
  • Fix for incomplete investment tooltip.
  • Fix for Incorrect variables in mission success and failure notifications.
  • Fix for Colony Cession tooltip being repeated.
  • Fix for inconsistencies in Antaran ruin discovery VO/subtitles.
  • Fix for the empire name not being played in Ruin Сonstruction event.
  • Fix for Incorrect variables in mission success and failure notifications
  • Fix for Player being able to click Invest Button on Minor civilization diplomacy screen without protectorate under it.
  • Fix for the UI didn't show the experience that spies are really gaining per turn.
  • Fix for Technical text in leaders status (* UNASSIGNED *)
  • Fix for 'Success at' phrase when mission success being hardcoded for all languages except English.
  • Fix for Antarans fleet being not able to attack a player if the player blocks any planet on Antarans way.
Master of Orion - Bertiux
Greetings explorers,

Today we have released a hotfix patch for Master of Orion. Thanks for all the reports that have made it possible!

Version 54.8 Patch Notes
  • Fix for being able to engage multiple Antarans fleets in one battle when travelling to their dimension using a civilian ship
  • Fix for Antarans bringing more ships than expected to battles
  • Fix for russian DLC voice actors listed as English Voice Talent and DLC voice actors not being mentioned in the game credits
  • Fix for the wrong race appearing on an espionage pop-up
  • Fix for Advanced Jump Gate technology still appearing to be built
  • Fix for empty notifications appearing ingame
  • Fix for the game not being able galaxy to generate a valid galaxy under certain settings (i.e small and young with 5 opponents)
  • Fix for the mind control icon appearing empty in Colony screen
  • Fix for the Mind control icon missing on traits pop-up
  • Fix for Telepathic perk description in the custom race screen
  • Fix for a hardlock on battle result screen that showed the take command and auto-result buttons instead of the results
  • Fix for leaders showing up on every turn under certain match setting conditions
  • Fix for leaders of custom races not appearing in custom race matches
  • Fix for column sorting symbol overlapping column titles on Leaders screen
  • Fix for information about leaders’ bonuses on credits, research and command points not appearing in tooltips
  • Fix for the Main Menu missing in certain Linux configurations
  • Fix for Prisoner exchange tooltip repeating
  • Fix for subtitles synchronization with voiceovers
  • Fix for "Protectorate" appearing in notifications about colonizing a minor civilization
  • Fix for cost appearing even when investment into a minor civ was maxed
  • Fix for 'Independent planet discovered' message triggering every turn as a ship moves within the system
  • Fix for Minor civilization screen not refreshing when clicking Invest
  • Fix for minor civilization being mind controlled
  • Fix for invaded colonies not being taken into account by the minor civilizations for the dominant influence calculation
  • Fix for the Invest button not refreshing on the same turn
  • Fix for the empire name not being fully displayed on diplomatic icon
  • Fix for incomplete investment tooltip
  • Fix for a softlock when closing Espionage tab with LMB and RMB pressed simultaneously in Tutorial
  • Fix for the game not running in certain Linux configurations after previous updates
  • Fix for leaders popping up on every turn if match speed is changed
  • Fix for troops transports not disappearing after attack on or destroying a planet
  • Fix for the Elerian empress freezing during the economic victory cinematic
  • Fix for a softlock when pressing LMB and RMB to open a diplomatic negotiation
  • Fix for Advance Tactics giving both technologies no matter what was chosen
Master of Orion - Bertiux
Greetings explorers,

A hotfix is now available for download, if it hasn't already updated for you. It addresses some of the issues you've reported since version 54.6 went live last week.
Below you can find the patch notes.

  • Reduce size of Augmented Engines to prevent temporary weak Mrrshan destroyer

Bug Fixes
  • Fix for a hardlock occurring after hitting the “next turn” button under certain circumstances
  • Fix for custom race tooltips
  • Fix for population units disappearing during bombardment
  • Fix for captured spies outliving their empires
  • Fix for endless processing turn when invading a colony where one of your spies is assigned
  • Reduced maximum amount of minor civilizations on galaxy generation to prevent a softlock
  • Fix for Antarans fleet disappearing when they are about to attack a player's colony, after loading the savegame
  • Fix for duplicated tech icon (Survival and Battle Pods)
  • Fix for information displayed in the “show info tooltip”, when meeting the Antarans
  • Fix for a random crash when using assigning a location to one of your spies
  • Fix for missing Minor Civilizations in Cluster and Spiral galaxies
  • Localization update for “mind control”
  • Spanish LA translation update
  • Fixes for several typos throughout the game in English
  • Fix for missing notification key after colonizing a minor civilization
  • Fix for Identical key IDs for "Start Mission" and "Assign Mission"
  • Fix for truncated political status "Independent"
  • Fix for the “Mod update” option not working properly
  • Fix for “retro ship skins” option breaking the game if selected for any of the DLC races
  • Fix for specials’ tooltips showing incorrect information in tactical battles
  • Fix for the audience screen opening, when selecting AI again after clicking on Minor Civilizations.
  • Texts in “Custom Race” screen have been enlarged
  • Fix for a typo that was causing the Trilarian defeat assets to appear broken
  • Fix for minor civs protectorate race icon in Diplomacy
  • Planet names can now can occupy 2 lines.
  • Fix for a possible techtree UI breakdown when selecting “slow research” in Advance Settings
  • Added feedback to “leaders level up” selection to make the need for user interaction more noticeable
  • Fix for misaligned class type on minor civilization screen, in Russian language
  • Fix for the header not being fully displayed in the tutorial
  • Fix for wrong spy race pop up showing when a mission is cancelled
  • Fix for incomplete description in espionage pop-up and loss of "view planet" functionality

Thank you for all of your reports, and please keep the feedback coming!
Master of Orion - knari
Greetings Explorers,

Today 1st of December we are proud to present you what is one of the biggest game updates since the beginning of Early Access. As you may notice, this build has some obvious influences from Master of Orion II, but it is also the result of processing a lot of feedback that you have been provided since it all started. So once again, thank you for your input and support.
The new content can be divided in two parts:
  • “Revenge of Antares Race Pack” DLC
    We are bringing back the three iconic races that were first introduced with Master of Orion II: the elegant yet xenophobic Elerian, the peaceful aquatic Trilarian and the skilled traders Gnolam join the fight for Orion!

  • Update v54.6 highlights
    • The Antarans are back!
    • Leaders and Governors
    • Minor Civilizations
    • Ship profiles for Tactical Battles
    • A complete revamp to Espionage
    • Support for Mods in Multiplayer

IMPORTANT NOTE: due to the heavy gameplay modifications, your old savegames won’t be loadable once you update the Master of Orion client. In order to allow you to finish your ongoing games we have enabled a Steam Branch which contains the build 51.3, you can access it by going to the game properties/betas and selecting the option “version51 — Pollution and Gravity Update”
Also, please be advised that old mods may cause issues with the new version of Master of Orion, so you may need to update them (if a new version is available) or deactivate them.
Read on for the full patchnotes, and as always we are eager to get your feedback!

Detailed Changes v54.6

  • Improved evaluation of planet rating for better deal evaluation
  • Improved invasion analysis and execution
  • Improved Opportunity Rating and Opportunity Threshold analysis
  • The AI is now better at handling its Command Points at an Empire level
  • The AI is now better at organizing its defenses
  • Decreased colony ship output
  • Improved war possibility factor analysis regarding economic considerations
  • Pollution:
    • Pollution Processor cleaning effect increased from 10 to 15
    • Core Waste Dump cleaning effect increased from 100 to 150
    • Pollution absorption for Barren biomes increased to 60 (previous 30)
  • Rebalanced Peaceful and Militaristic traits.
  • Rebalanced Research speeds:
    • Research cell output increased from 2 to 3.
    • Techtree nodes cost increased by 33%.
  • Rebalanced share charts costs.
  • Creative perk research bonus increased to +50%
  • Pollution Processor moved to Molecular Compression Technode. Core Waste dump cleaning value increased
  • Technologies that do not belong to a race’s techtree or are void because of Victory Conditions selection no longer appear in the techtree
  • Recyclotron structure added
  • Added Ramming
  • Improved AIs selection of opening moves when entering combat
  • Improved battlefield hazard generations better selection algorithm plus more quantity and diversity
  • Added new charging sound
  • Added notification sounds
  • Intro sounds added for: Amoeba, Eel, Squid and Dragon.
  • Updated Warp sound
  • Economic Victory conditions graph improvements
  • The production queue is now fully functional
  • Added info during Cinematic battles for easier reference
  • Improved selection and formations visuals and feedback
  • New battle log with more information
  • Added Range Day indicator
  • Added "requires" field to Tech Applications
  • Added scientific victory requirement to scientific victory tech apps
  • Added and revised several tooltips
  • Use full empire name instead of race name in the title of espionage attack report
  • Hide view planet button in mission debriefing for empire missions
  • Integrated agent captured popup
Bug Fixes
  • Blanding error at the end of "new tech added"
  • Fixed inconsistencies between a monster destruction event and text
  • Fix for bombing flow AI attacks player’s colony
  • Fix for Escape button sometimes not responding
  • Fix for the game locking up/infinite processing turn after encountering the first race
  • Fix for an unusual softlock in strategy mode
  • Fix for Blueprint changes not being saved
  • Localization fix for: Key for 'Toggle Auto-turn' not ticking Auto-turn checkbox
  • Localization fix for old Pollution Immunity perk description in custom races
  • Fix for Missing key at Empire selection pop-up
  • Fix for a grammatical error in notifications appearing after annual payment agreement ends
  • Fix for negotiate button taking the player to a normal audience
  • Fix for upgrade button disappearing when editing a blueprint name after unlocking an upgrade
  • Fix for the Upgrade blueprints button appearing even when there’s is nothing to upgrade
  • Added Imminent biome degradation notification
  • Biome degradation now happens at the correct time
  • Colony production grid distribution fixed
  • Fix for incorrect food delta in colonies when polluted
  • Pollution Cleaning structures now are shown in pollution tooltip
  • Fix for subterranean farms not updating tile value in food line
  • Fix for incorrect production values showing after building the neutron collider
  • Fix for production speed, now it affects production costs instead of productive output
  • Difficulty level (production bonus for AI) is now calculated properly. Added additional cleanup per AI difficulty
  • Fix for weapons not being selectable after selecting an enemy
  • Fixes for some issues on specials and squadrons info update
  • Fixed several issues related to selecting multiple ships and giving them orders
  • Fixed automatic toggle on weapons when receiving a general/weapon focus order
  • Fixed tooltips for modules that don’t have a weapon type
  • Fix for hotkeys being enabled in the tutorial that could guide the player into an incorrect flow
  • Autorepair achievement icon art fixed
  • Fix for tooltip displaying incorrect security level information
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Amoeba from attacking in tactical battles
  • Fix for inconsistency in a tech bonus in two different languages
Master of Orion - elpozoleolmeca
Wargaming Labs and NGD Studios Release Epic Expansion, Introducing New Alien Races and more

November 18, 2016 — The battle to conquer Orion is set to become even more challenging. On December 1, Master of Orion’s anticipated “Revenge of Antares" DLC will become available, giving access to independent civilizations, a new victory condition and more. The expansion also introduces three new playable races to the massive galaxy. Arriving in the DLC expansions are the Trilarians, Gnolam, and Elerians — formidable aliens that will open up new paths to victory as commanders strive for dominance of the galaxy.

“We’re excited to introduce new content for players of Master of Orion,” said Jacob Beucler, Publishing Product Director for Master of Orion. “They will find themselves in a new environment, filled with new challengers, adventures and new enemies to face off with or forge an alliance with. This content will add new dimensions to the game’s already robust lore.”

Three of the newly available races (Trilarian, Gnolam and Elerian) can be purchased in a single bundle. With the addition of these playable races, the possibilities and strategy multiplies as players forge their galactic destiny in even more unique ways.

Additionally, as a response to the dedicated Master of Orion player community, a free expansion will also be offered to all players. This expansion deepens the gameplay by allowing them the ability to recruit new leaders to their side, battle the fourth new, non-playable race; the Antarans and interact with independent civilizations.

So, just who are these new alien races and what roles do they play in Master of Orion? The aquatic Trilarian are a peaceful race that has abandoned the concept of war. However, when a true threat presents itself, their resolute honor compels them to fiercely fight for their objective.

The Gnolams are known as the most skilled traders in the galaxy, basking in the decadence that their wealth and luck brings them. This charmed race is the constant benefactor of good fortune, making them beneficial allies or cunning enemies.

The elegant yet xenophobic race the Elerians, present an interesting and exclusive aspect to the game. They will trade and communicate with other races, yet reject any potential negative alien influence on the Elerian culture. This resistance to all outside cultures makes them uncompromising foes.

The Antarans are a mysterious race genetically engineered by ancient and unknown masters. In time, they have become deeply war driven, bent on a fervent path of galactic expansion. Heavily militarized and despotic, the Antarans move through the galaxy bending all they encounter to their will.

Master of Orion DLC will be purchasable for $9.99 via Steam

For more information on Master of Orion visit: (North America) (Europe) (Southeast Asia)

About Master of Orion
Master of Orion is a modern rebirth of the critically acclaimed sci-fi strategy game. The forerunner of the influential “4X” style, Master of Orion builds on the iconic explores, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate, gameplay that the original game pioneered. This reimagined title stays true to its legacy, delivering on the promise of deep strategy, hard fought battles, diplomacy, and exploration—all with a healthy dash of humor.

Players can expect a fresh perspective on the original 10 races, each offering different styles of play. Within thousands of ever-changing galaxies, hundreds of unique technologies, and dozens of ships waiting to be tested, no two games will ever be the same.

Official website: (North America) (Europe) (Southeast Asia)

About Wargaming Labs
WARGAMING Labs is an organizational unit within Wargaming that acts as a breeding ground for new ideas and solutions. We believe that people and companies with great ideas should be given an opportunity to shine and those with talent should be nurtured.

WARGAMING Labs is aimed at testing and implementing innovative projects created within Wargaming or shared with us. It will generate, evaluate, and launch in-house products that go beyond the company’s paradigm, as well as support external development teams in game’s creation and publishing.
Here we experiment with new game mechanics, platforms, services; business models, and create new products at the company’s studios in cooperation with 3rd party developers.

Wargaming will work with internal and 3rd party studios worldwide, publishing games across a number of platforms. We believe that good ideas become great when working together and are open for collaboration.

To learn more about WARGAMING Labs and also submit your project, please visit:

Media Contacts
For press enquiries, please reach us at:
Alex Brewer
Senior PR Manager
Master of Orion - [WG Labs]Ashes
Greetings Explorers,

Today we released a mini update to address some of the issues what you have reported since v51.2 was deployed. Read on for the notes, don’t hesitate to report if any other ongoing issue and please keep the feedback coming!
  • Fix for an endless processing turn related to a perk from the Sakkra’s.
  • Fix for an endless processing turn issue caused by AI bombardment/invasion.
  • Fix for an endless processing turn if Esc was kept pressed during voting in the Galactic Council.
  • Fix for the menu failing to display UI options on startup in Windows.
  • Fix for the game not working if it had mods installed with the old system.
  • Fix for “Get Mods” button not being clickable with certain video capture software running.
  • Fix for UI notification bar glitching where trying to close a notification.
  • Fix for Weapons/Specials with AutoCast turned off turning back on when manually used.
  • Fix for AutoCast not toggleable if Special/Weapon is cooling down.
  • Fix for Core system showing the last selected weapon on the preview.
Master of Orion - [WG Labs]Ashes
As you may know, we have heavily relied on your feedback since the beginning of the journey of Master of Orion. It has guided us through the whole development process, it has also helped us staying true to this legendary franchise and we really can’t thank you enough for that.

Since the very first day of Early Access, we have been collecting your main concerns and requests, and making sure that they got implemented in the game through frequent updates.

However, we have kept some Aces up our sleeve… we are talking about some major features that have been frequently requested and which required a big development effort. They have been on the works for a while now, and we are very close to unveiling them.

We are very excited of sharing a sneak peek of a very impactful game update that we have planned for the end of this year. It will be divided in two parts:
  • All Master of Orion holders will receive a handful of -game changing- new features: if you played the old Master of Orion games, several elements on the list will sound familiar to you. And if you didn’t, don’t worry, they will definitely increase the depth of the game and enrich the gameplay experience.

  • 3 new races will be available via DLC: Just when you thought that you have met all the aliens out there, three new empires join the fight for Orion!

Conquer the Stars

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