Nov 23, 2014
Community Announcements - theowaern
There's another fresh new bunch of pics from the development of TJD3 up in the artwork section. Please check 'em out and give us your thoughts!

Also, in other news. We've finally got an office again! Check out my little writeup about how awesome that is, over here.

So how’s overall progress coming along? Well the TJD3 design (puzzle and story) is solidifying by the day and I’m totally in love with it. We’re still at the bloating-phase though so the game is ballooning daily. Some day now we’re gonna have to bring in the reality-hammer and distill it down into something doable, but right now we’re just focusing on making the design as bombastic as possible. We had a similar approach to TJD2 and we’re real happy with how that came out, so odds are it will work this time around as well. :)

Thanks for checking in!

Community Announcements - theowaern
Hey guys!

I just uploaded some location concept art for TJD3 here on Steam, in TJD1's artwork section. Please check it out and give us your thoughts! Remember that these are works in progress and that these locations may not even wind up being a part of the game.

Development of TJD3 is moving along real nicely, if you wanna follow our progress, check out and our twitters:


Stay rad! :)

Community Announcements - theowaern
The official "The Journey Down: Chapter Two" soundtrack has now finally been released on bandcamp, with a whoopin' 100% of the revenue going to brain tumor charities and to fund young musician awards in the memory of the soundtrack's awesome composer, Simon D'Souza.

If you're into moody and film-noirish big band jazz, you don't wanna miss out. Besides, could there possibly be a better cause? I doubt it.
Community Announcements - theowaern
Lots o people have asked us about adding trading cards to TJD1 so we finally caved in! The cards are available now and there's one set with five cards, and a whole bunch of badges, emoticons, and backdrops to go with 'em. I hope you'll enjoy!

We're working on setting up trading cards for TJD2 right now, with a bit of luck they'll go live within a day or so as well.

Thanks again for supporting our development! :)

Community Announcements - kingstone426
Holy cow it's finally official!

(and it's 10% off during launch week, you'll be 89 cents richer!!)
Community Announcements - kingstone426
Yup that's right! TJD2 finally got a release date!

We now begin taking pre-orders for TJD2 at

You get TJD1 + TJD2 for $5.99 (regular price: $6.99 + $8.99 = $15.98). Half of all pre-order revenues go to the Mavuno girl's school project. I worked with these guys in Tanzania in 2008 and they're doing a really great job there!

Already have TJD1? Then you're a pretty awesome person because you've already supported the development of TJD! It also means you can give away your extra TJD1 Steam key to a friend and save a buck on the next birthday present :)

Community Announcements - theowaern
Visit to check out some brand new screenshots and other goodies from Chapter Two of The Journey Down. Coming to Steam and iOS this summer!
Community Announcements - theowaern
Curious about the development of Chapter Two of The Journey Down?

Check out the The development blog! And please give us your comments, either here, there or via twitter. (@theowaern and/or @henrik_englund)

Ps. hope this message wasn't too intrusive. I've never used them before. Not really sure where it's gonna wind up.



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