Community Announcements - Sabina

Who wants more wings? Within each Collector's Decoration Box is a random item from a vast list of possibilities, including one of six different sets of wings, such as the Skull Dragon, Minotaur and Fairy styles! Check out all the fantastical items below.

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Community Announcements - Sabina

Explore the new individual dungeon, the Tomb of Immortals! This dungeon is best suited for players level 130 and above. Grab some friends and head to Eastern Mohenjodaro, where you can enter the dungeon as a party of three. Make sure one person in the group has the entry key, which can be purchased for 100,000,000 Gold on the Marketplace. Once inside, you have 30 minutes to defeat all of the monsters dwelling there! The dungeon normally has a 20-hour cooldown, but from May 12 to June 9 the cooldown is only 10 hours! Once you complete the dungeon, everyone in your party will receive an Immortal Gift which will be sent to their mailbox. Open the gift to receive one random reward, such as the fancy Immortal Bow! Other possible rewards include Phoenix and Dragon God Equipment Boxes, Atlantis Coins and more.

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Community Announcements - Sabina

Atlantica Online's March update has arrived, and it’s chock-full of events! Read on, but don't forget the Vulcanus Ring Enhancement Event or Mythic Minotaur Items!

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Mar 23, 2016
Community Announcements - Sabina

The monster of the month for March is the mythical Minotaur! A new Minotaur outfit and the new Minotaur Wings can be claimed from a pair of new boxes! Check them both out below.

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Mar 23, 2016
Community Announcements - Sabina

The monster of the month for March is the mythical Minotaur! A new Minotaur outfit and the new Minotaur Wings can be claimed from a pair of new boxes! Check them both out below.

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Community Announcements - Saygo

New Dungeon: Magician’s Tower

The new Magician’s Tower dungeon has been added! This dungeon is located in West Atlantis for players level 160 and above. However, the content is recommended for players above level 165. The Magician’s Tower is made up of three floors, and each floor is harder than the one previous! This dungeon also continues the main storyline.

New Ind. Dungeon: Polluted Magic Control Center

Within the Magician’s Tower you can discover the new individual dungeon, the Polluted Magic Control Center! Grab some friends and enter as a party of three. Make sure one person in the group has the Magic Power Control Center Pass, required to gain entry! You can purchase a Magic Power Control Center Pass from NPC Pointry for 3,000 Battle Points. Once inside, you have 15 minutes to defeat all 25 monsters within the dungeon. The dungeon normally has a 20-hour cooldown, but from February 18 to March 17 the cooldown is only 10 hours! Once you complete the dungeon, everyone in your party will receive the Polluted Magic Control Center Reward Box which will be sent to their mailbox.

New Legendary Weapon: Dark Abyssal Instrument

As you navigate the Polluted Magic Control Center, you have a chance to acquire the newest Legendary weapon—the Dark Abyssal Instrument! This weapon has a chance to drop from boss monsters, and can also be randomly obtained through the Polluted Magic Control Center Reward Box. Check out its stats!

- Min. Level: 165
- Attack Power: 2036-2735
- Vitality: +304
- Intelligence: +808
- Magic: [Chaotic Disharmony Lvl. 1]
- Special Ability: Enhance (DEX). Increases Attack Power by 2.0% of DEX.
- 10% chance to not consume Action Power when using Magic.

New Socket System: Star Stones

Add sockets to your items in order to equip a Star Stone! Star Stones are new items that can be used to enhance the performance of your equipment.

- With the new socket system, you can apply sockets to various pieces of equipment.
- Sockets can only be applied to an item one time, and 1-3 sockets will be applied at that time.
- Accessories can only have one socket, and you cannot apply sockets at all on clothes/hats/mounts/decorations.
- You can also use Atlas Restoration Ore to remove the socket, which restores the item to its previous non-socketed state.
- The amount of Atlas Restoration Ore required to remove the socket will differ depending on the level of the equipment.

Star Stones
- Star Stones are new items that can be attached to a socketed piece of equipment in order to give it additional stats.
- Each Star Stone is ranked from 1 to 5, and total of 60 different Star Stones are available.
- Star Stones can be registered in the Star Stone Bag. You can then select stones from the bag to equip in a socket, or fuse multiple stones together.
- Fusing Star Stones consumes 3 to 5 Star Stones to obtain one random Star Stone, and requires paying a gold fee.
- Depending on the rank of the Star Stone, the gold cost for fusion may vary.
- If high-ranked stones are fused, a higher-ranked Star Stone can be obtained.
- Star Stones drop in the following dungeons: Ind. 90/94/101/105, Training Center, all Nation Dungeons and all Guild Dungeons except Ruined Shrine of Snakes/Marksburg. These items are tradeable.

Atlas Restoration Ore
- Atlas Restoration Ore is required in order to remove sockets from equipment.
- This item will be available in the Item Mall at all times. This item is tradeable.
- Can also be obtained from SpellTower Reward – Magic Source. This item is not tradeable.

Star Stone Bag
- Star Stones must be registered in the Star Stone Bag before they can be socketed or fused.
- Access your Star Stone Bag by clicking the right-side shortcut, then right-click the Star Stone in the inventory, and then select [Game Info] - [Star Stone Bag].
- Select [Register Star Stone] to store Star Stones in the bag. Select [Remove Star Stone] to return a Star Stone to your inventory.
- The maximum number of Star Stones you can hold is 10,000 per type, and any excess will be sent to the mailbox.
- Once Star Stones are registered to the Star Stone Bag, you can fuse them, add Star Stones to equipment, add sockets to equipment, or reset sockets.

Market Search
Because Star Stones can be attached to equipment, a new search condition has been added to the advanced options in the Market. When purchasing an item, you can check the additional stat info that has been applied through use of Star Stones.

Valentine’s Day Event

Feel the love! Stay logged in to Atlantica Online to earn an event dungeon ticket, and use it to enter the Three Tunnels of Love. Defeat the monsters inside each of the three dungeons to earn a Heart-to-Heart token. You can also complete daily quests to earn additional tokens. Take your tokens to the Sweetheart Acong at the Three Tunnels of Love to exchange them for some sweet items including an Acong Buddy Mount (No Trade), Wings of Love Decoration (No Trade), Gigas: Guardian of Love Mercenary Skin (No Trade), and more!

New Enhance System

- NPC Smart Robo has been added at Rome Bazaar.
- Smart Robo can enhance equipment using Equipment Boxes and gold.
- Enhancing a Judgment Sword will require a Judgement Equipment Box along with gold.
- Failing an enhance will not break the item.
- There is a chance for equipment to drop in rank using NPC Smart Robo.
- NPC Smart Robo has the ability to increase an item’s rank by three enhancement ranks.
- NPC Smart Robo will not take any item above +5 rank.

General Improvements

- A function to open up to 50 boxes at once has been added. Select Boxes and Challenge Boxes cannot be opened with this system. Items will be sent to the mailbox when opened with this system.
- The ability to start Guild Crafts remotely has been added. A new menu in the guild tab can be used to start Guild Crafts, regardless of location.

Arena of Atlantis Hot Time

Play Arena of Atlantis (AoA) and receive increased EXP and LP (Arena of Atlantis Points) during the Hot Time periods! The AoA Hot Time UI will be displayed separately above the chat window on the left-side.



Community Announcements - Saygo

The island kingdom of the once and future king has emerged on the isle of Great Britain! Bring your Nation together to help Arthur take back his lost isles. This new Nation Dungeon will test your resolve, as well as your Nation and Guild coordination on a scale unseen. Will you take up your weapon to help a king conquer the darkness that has consumed his kingdom?

New Nation Dungeon - Avalon

The new dungeon is set on the southern section of Great Britain with three massive floors dominated by adversity and hardships. Defeat the brainwashed rebellion on each floor while keeping the rebels away from your gates, for their destruction will mean your demise.

This Nation Dungeon features the classic Atlantica Online combat that you know and love, and the rebels of Avalon will scale to your level allowing even your newest members to fight by your side. The bosses, however, are a different story. You will require your most seasoned veterans to join you in battle if you wish to defeat the bosses of the Hostile Halls. Choose wisely and quickly, because either way your fate is sealed.

- [Avalon] has been added.
- You can enter [Avalon] through the [Avalon] gateway after using the [Avalon Key].
- You can purchase the [Avalon Key] from NPC [Pointry] at the Bazaar in Rome.
- There are three floors in this dungeon; you can only advance to a new floor once all monsters are cleared on the present floor.
- Auto-Level Adjustment system for monsters has been added.
- Monster’s level and stats will auto-adjust to the level of your main character, except for boss monsters.
- Bonus rewards will be given based on your contribution when completing the dungeon; the more you contribute towards completion of the dungeon, the more rewards you will receive.
- Players must be in the proper Nation Dungeon in order to receive the proper rewards.

Found in the King’s Trophies are the two most prolific items associated with him that you can use to decorate your house with - a statue of the Sword in the Stone and a feast on his Roundtable. There are many other prizes fit for a king, especially this one. Take the task of the King, and battle your way to earn a king’s ransom.

Kingdom for a King

The once shrouded kingdom was a peaceful and tranquil place. But, as in all stories, darkness had found its way to creep in. The dark deeds did not go unnoticed as the words of respite reached the ears of Arthur. With a heavy heart, Arthur shattered the veil to rescue those he can and find those responsible.

With the mystic Avalon now revealed, King Arthur can be recruited to your formation. Once you reach level 100, you must speak with Arthur Pendragon outside the gates of Avalon. Arthur will enlighten your knowledge with the story of the fallen kingdom of Avalon and how he thinks its fate came to pass. Complete all the of King’s requests and he will join your ranks!

Mercenary: King Arthur

- The King Arthur recruitment quest has been added.
- King Arthur and his men must investigate the corruption that has taken hold on his beloved isle of Avalon. With clues and cunning, help Arthur free the denizens of the once prosperous kingdom while driving back the dark forces. The dark forces will take hold of anyone susceptible to their corruption, so be careful. Meet NPC [Arthur Pendragon] and recruit him, the once and future king, as a mercenary.
- You can begin the quest at Lv. 100 through NPC [Arthur Pendragon] outside of [Edinburgh]. He stands with his men at arms near the entrance.
- King Arthur mercenary has two sides; the light side has the Sage King Arthur and the dark side has Dark King Arthur. Each version of King Arthur has a unique unlocked skill.
- The quest can be reset by using [Secrets of Time: Arthur].
- New King Arthur skills [Sage Sword Excalibur] and [King’s Command] have been added.
- [King’s Command] has the ability to seal the physical attack of enemies in a row, while [Sage Sword Excalibur] unleashes the power of Excalibur on all foes.
- Sage King Arthur’s [Sage King’s Dignity] will protect all allies from all magic attacks and increase stats.
- Dark King Arthur’s [Dark Legacy] will inflict powerful damage on enemies and seals all magic attacks.
- [Book: Sage Sword Excalibur], [Book: Sage King’s Dignity], [Book: Guardian Sheath], and [Book: Dark Legacy] can all be obtained from [Avalon], the new nation dungeon.

Avalon Guardian Event

In order to celebrate the new dungeon, we’ll be running some events! Be one of the first three nations to complete the Avalon in Peril dungeon and you’ll receive an Avalon Guardian title. Being first is important, but being fast counts too! If you’re one of the three fastest nations to complete the dungeon, you’ll also receive a title, and all titles awarded during the event will grant bonuses to Attack Power, Defense Power, and EXP for one hour.

World Boss Feature

- The bosses in the [Avalon] Dungeon are World Bosses.
- The health of the World Bosses is shared with all players within the dungeon.
- The health gauge of the world boss can be checked by everyone inside the dungeon, as well as the players fighting in a boss room, and everyone outside of a boss room.
- The World Bosses allow numerous players to attack, allowing for different strategies to be deployed.
- The World Bosses will not start the fights, as the player must actively engage first.
- All World Boss fights are 1-on-1.

Mercenary Update
The following mercenaries now have scaling magic:

- Elementalist: Blazing Earth
- General: Green Dragon's Rage, Green Dragon Glaive, Green Dragon Strike
- Spartan: Warcry
- Folklorist: Musician of Bremen, Mother Hulda
- Centaur Archer: Gift of Prometheus, Chione's Fury
- Automaton: Healing Pulse, Arms of Atlantis, Oriharukon Core
- Warlord: Rally, Demoralize, Thunderbolt Slash
- Witch: Meteor Strike


- NPC [Raina] has been added. She will trade you mercenary summons for the same mercenary summons but at Lv. 140. She is located at the Bazaar in Rome next to NPC [Erin]. For example, you can trade in [Hwarang’s Letter] x 5 for [Hwarang’s Letter [Lv. 140]] x 1.

Bug Fixes

- An issue with MyHome skills has been fixed.
- An issue with Imperial Tarantula AB not working has been fixed (MAX AB : 70).
Community Announcements - NxA_OneLetter

The Mistress of the Blade has finally arrived! See what skill she brings with her, along with all the other changes exclusive to this update.

Female Blade Master
  • The Female Blade Master is now available
  • The Female Blade Master can be obtained via Character Creation, or through a Class Change Card
  • The overall stats and skills of the Female Blade Master are the same as her Male counterpart
  • A new class based skill, Waltz of the Blade, has been added
  • Waltz of the Blade is a brilliant sword dance that maximizes the potential of your blades, giving you unprecedented power. It uses both your strength and your weapon's strength to deal greater damage to enemies
  • Waltz of the Blade can only be learned through skill books
  • Waltz of the Blade skill book can be purchased through the market at the following set prices
  • Book: Waltz of the Blade - 300,000,000 Gold
  • Book: Waltz of the Blade [II] - 600,000,000 Gold
  • Book: Waltz of the Blade [III] - 900,000,000 Gold
  • Book: Waltz of the Blade [IV] - 1,200,000,000 Gold
  • When the Blade Master is selected as a FREE Lv. 130 Character (during the event period) Waltz of the Blade's skill level will be automatically boosted to 10
Lucky Loot System
  • The Lucky Loot System has been added
  • The Lucky Loot System has a chance to trigger when you successfully defeat a monster
  • A monster who triggers the Lucky Loot System has a chance to drop a variety of rewards, such as buffs, bonus experience, level appropriate weapons and gear, or legendary weapons
  • The Lucky Loot System cannot be activated in TBS
  • The Lucky Loot System cannot be activated by monsters who resurrect, or transform into a different monster upon death
  • Defeated monsters that trigger the lucky loot system will disappear 1 turn earlier, so you must be quick to loot
  • Normally you are allowed 4 turns to loot, Lucky Loot System only allows 3 turns
  • Lucky Loot cannot be looted with Auto-Battle
  • Lucky Loot can only be obtained by pressing "X" (Search All command)
Australia Revisited
  • 3 new quests have been added in Australia
  • The Bree Daily Quest has been added in general Australia
  • Suspicious Hermit Quest has been added in the Blue Mountains
  • Katherine Sub-Quest has been added in Katherine Gorge
  • The experience for the following quests has been increased:
  • Blue Mountain
  • Blue Guardian - Main Quest
  • Best Jewels - Repeated Quest
  • Katherine Gorge
  • Katherine Gorge - General Quest
  • Prankster Quest - Repeated Quest
  • Raging Vortex
  • Raging Vortex - Main Quest
  • Pure Waters - Main Quest
  • Mysterious Rock - Repeated Quest
  • Magical Rock - Repeated Quest
  • Bungle Bungle Range
  • Lost World 2 - Main Quest
  • Lost World 1 - Repeated Quest
  • Uluru
  • Honor Guard - Main Quest
Dungeon Point System Changes
  • Dungeon Points will reset to 0 every Thursday at 6:00 AM Pacific (9:00 AM Eastern)
  • Dungeon Points can be earned through the diary
  • 2 Points per quest (total 3 diary quests) + 2 (if extended)
  • 4 Points per competition(total 2 diary quests) + 1 (if extended)
  • 5 Points per Individual Dungeon (total 1 diary quest) + 1 (if extended)
  • Total Dungeon Points that can be earned without extension are 133
  • Total Dungeon Points that can be earned with extensions are 224
  • Experience acquired from fishing, hunting, and quests has been increased
  • Experience has been adjusted for the top 600 types of monsters
  • The normal attack range for Pirate, Harlequin and other dual sword characters has changed to a cross range, similar to the attack style of Atlantian Blade Masters
  • All Mercenary Character models have increased slightly in size
  • MyHome cost decreased from 500,000,000 gold to 100,000,000 gold
  • My Warehouse Page 1 is now permanently available to everyone
  • Jessica The Bounty Hunter now has scaling magic. Ex: Carnage will scale off Jessica's attack power
  • Vampire now has scaling magic. Ex: Dawn Harmony now heals for a % of the target's max health.
Bug Fixes
  • An issue with some mercenaries not being able to equip Lapis Weapons has been resolved
  • An issue with some Australia Quests not dropping quest items has been resolved
  • An issue where Transcendent Rings could be equipped by mercenaries has been resolved
  • An issue where Main Character Class Necklaces could be equipped on mercenaries has been resolved
FREE Lv. 130 Character!

The Mistress of the Blade has arrived, and with her she brings the powerful might of Atlantis! For a limited time, you will be able to create a FREE Lv. 130 main character to overpower all of your enemies. Find out how to claim your very own FREE Lv. 130 character below!

FREE Lv. 130 Character Event
Event Dates: Thursday, Sept. 17 - Thursday, Oct. 22

Create your Destiny
Anyone can create a FREE Lv. 130 Character. To Create your FREE Lv. 130 Character, follow the steps below:
  • Log into Atlantica
  • Navigate to the Character Creation Screen
  • Click on the red FREE Lv. 130 Character button
  • Choose you Race, Class, Gender, and Appearance

Done! It's that simple to become a powerful Atlantian!
Notice: Only 1 FREE Lv. 130 Character can be created per account

Getting Started

  • All newly created Lv. 130 Characters will begin with powerful Explorer Gear
  • Explorer Gear has stats comparable to Evil Equipment
  • As a new Lv. 130 Character your journey will begin in Australia. Speak with NPC Kris to get started
  • NPC Kris will introduce you to powerful Lv. 130 Guard Mercenaries:
  • Sheriff Christine
  • Bounty Hunter Jessica
  • Valkyrie Morrighan
  • Vampire Carmilla
  • Taoist Jeon Woo-Chi
  • As you complete various FREE Lv. 130 Character quests you will earn some awesome rewards including:
  • New Atlantian Outfit
  • Title: Explorer
  • 7 Day Blessing License
  • Explorer Kit I
  • So Much More!
The time is now to log-in and create your powerful FREE Lv. 130 Character! This special event will only last until Thursday, Oct. 22!
Community Announcements - pdilly
Atlantica Online is known for its epic battles, testing the might and prowess of warriors far and wide. Arena of Atlantis takes everything you know about PvP into a legendary battle where levels and gear are no longer a barrier. Survive solely on your wits and skill, and prove to Atlantians everywhere that you are an elite champion!

What is Arena of Atlantis?
Arena of Atlantis is a new PvP game mode available to everyone and anyone. There is no need to worry about levels or gear as all players will be pitted on a fair and balanced battlefield – this form of PvP is based purely on skill. You’ll be able to choose your main and mercenaries to forge a countless amount of strategies to defeat opponents on your server.

How to Play
Arena of Atlantis is available all the time; there is no need to wait for certain hours of the day to enjoy PvP. All you need to do is queue up and be matched with an opponent. You’ll then be able to select any main character or mercenary to perfect your battle plan. However don’t stick to only one strategy, your opponent will be able to ban two mercenaries from being used, and you cannot choose the same mercenaries your opponent selects. The PvP style is the same classic battle system you have come to know and enjoy in Atlantica Online.

Rank and Rewards
Being the best of the best has its perks. A new ranking system will be available for Arena of Atlantis that features powerful buffs that boost Attack Power, Workload, and EXP. The higher your rank, the more powerful your buffs will be.

Participation in Arena of Atlantis will also earn you points that you can trade-in to Quartermasters for rewards. You’ll be able to earn essential items such as mercenaries, level up tickets, and weapon boxes.

Review the full update patch notes here:

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