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Tom went to visit Zenimax Online Studios recently to take an early look at The Elder Scrolls Online. He sat down with game director Matt Firor to talk about the challenges of bringing The Elder Scrolls into an MMO setting, with reference to character building, skills and more. To hear more from the designers of The Elder Scrolls Online, check out our 20 minute video interview with Maria Aliprando, Nick Konkle and Brian Wheeler. Check out our post on everything you need to know about The Elder Scrolls Online for more details.
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It's the first trailer for Skyirm's first expansion, Dawnguard. Vampires. Holy crap. Castles, crossbows, severe anti-sun sentiment. A lot of these things were picked out when fans datamined some recent patch notes, but here they are in motion. Exciting stuff.
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The Elder Scrolls Online
High level MMO play is typically associated with stacks and stacks of ability icons lighting up and flickering in and out of of cooldown animations. Zenimax reckon that modern technology and improved latency means there's no need to rely on those flashing icons when you can accurately see how the action is playing out in the game world. You'll still have combat skills, of course, but they'll be tucked away in a minimalist interface designed to bring the player further into the world.

Lead gameplay designer Nick Konkle explains. "I think a lot of the previous generations of MMOs a lot of the game is looking at that UI and playing it. Technical restrictions were such that we couldn't have that sort of fully immersive battle experience because people weren't where they were, where you would see them, they were somewhere else.

"But we wanted to create an immersive experience because that's the modern game, that's the modern RPG," he says. "One in which I look at the world, not at my hotbar. Not at numbers that are flying up."

That'll be the only way to see some of the massive fights that will feature in The Elder Scrolls Online. "If you're looking at your UI when there's 200 people on your screen fighting each other you're kind of missing out on one of the big things that we're trying to do which is these huge battles," says PvP designer Brian Wheeler. "If you're looking at the UI then you're missing all the fun of just seeing people jumping in and beating the crap out of each other. It's really cool."

Even beyond The Elder Scrolls Online's big PvP plans, the reduced UI is intended to help players confront Tamriel's monsters. Zenimax suggest they'll be tougher than your typical MMO trash mobs. "We want monsters to be a challenge to the player every single time you fight them, not a speedbump for the player. We don't want fighting monsters to be boring or you can eat a sandwich or do five other things while fighting a monster," says gameplay designer Maria Aliprando.

"We want to reward you for executing moves and fighting against monsters as well. So when monsters present their dynamic behaviours we don't want to confuse you with UI all over the screen we want you to be in there fighting with the monster at the moment."

Game director Matt Firor mentions another reason for the slimmed down interface. "We made a lot of choices to make it very accessible to the player who's only experienced the console versions of The Elder Scrolls."

"Things like the interface is very minimalistic and it lets you concentrate on the world, not on the interface, so we made it feel much more like a console game from the interface side than an MMO, just for that reason, to make sure that everyone feels comfortable when they play it."

To find out more about how combat works in The Elder Scrolls Online, check out our article on how combat works in The Elder Scrolls Online. You can also check out how Skyrim and Oblivion have influenced The Elder Scrolls Online, or head over to our everything you need to know about The Elder Scrolls Online page. Our chums at Edge also have plenty of exclusive info on The Elder Scrolls Online if you're looking for more.
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The Elder Scrolls Online
So, we've put dozens and dozens of hours into Skyrim, and we'll put in many more. The Dawnguard expansion is coming up and the Steam workshop is turning up new places to explore every few weeks. Why would we want to hop into The Elder Scrolls Online? For studio general manager, Matt Firor, the answer is simple. It's Tamriel. "It's a world you've always wanted to explore with friends, and now you can."

Zenimax Online Studios haven't had to sit down and draft an entire world from scratch. 18 years of Elder Scrolls games and expansions have poured oodles of detail into the lore of that world. From Morrowind to Oblivion and Skyrim, each game has sketched more detail onto that grand world map. The Elder Scrolls Online will let us wander those lands and discover new ones. "You've been able to explore parts of each province before, but now you get much more of the world," says Firor.

Zenimax are taking steps to ensure that The Elder Scrolls Online delivers an accurate rendition of Tamriel. They're modelling Cyrodiil using Oblivion's height map to ensure it feels right, and they're basing much of the northern lands on Bethesda's vision of Skyrim.

"With the height map for Cyrodiil, which was our PVP zone, we took the height map pretty much right out of the game Oblivion just to make it feel familiar to other players," Firor explains. "That's mostly because it's such a huge area, we wanted to put in the towns and villages that people were familiar with.

"For our Skyrim province we're a thousand years in the past remember so we have a little leeway on what we can do. But yeah you still find Winterhold, you still find Riften, the topography is very similar, the rivers are in the same place and so forth but we have different stories to tell in that time period."

He also said that the world designers "held up our version of the Skyrim province until Skyrim had shipped and everyone knew what it looked like."

The Elder Scrolls Online is set in the second era, much earlier than the other Elder Scrolls games. During that period, the Daedric lord Molag Bal tries to conquer the world, the mage guild is still young and the Dark Brotherhood is in the process of being formed. Zenimax have already told us a bit about how combat will work in The Elder Scrolls Online, for more, here's everything you need to know about The Elder Scrolls Online.
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Skyrim mounted combat
The days of slowly getting off your horse to kill a wolf and then slowly climbing back on to get where you're going in Skyrim are OVER. Fans asked for it in Oblivion, but it never happened. Then we thought Skyrim's muscly chargers might be able to handle a bit of rider combat, but it hasn't happened, until now. The Bethblog mention that mounted combat has been casually added in the latest beta patch. You can opt in and try it out right now by selecting Skyrim from the beta participation list on the accounts tab in your Steam settings menu.

The patch also fixes a few glitches with the recently added ranged and magic kill cams, another feature added in a post-launch patch. We expected a bunch of post-release bug fixes, but these bonus features are a pleasant surprise. Grab a glance at the beta patch notes here.


Mounted Combat - Skyrim now allows you to do melee and ranged combat while riding a horse


General stability and memory optimizations
General AI pathfinding optimizations and bug fixes
Optimizations and crash fixes for data leaks
Fixed rare crash with lighting
Fixed crashes related to loading and saving games
Fixed crash with summoned creatures/NPCs
Fixed rare issue where saves would be corrupted
Improved logic for when ranged kill cams are played
Fixed issue with ranged kill cams while killing a dragon
Fixed rare issue with certain ranged kill cams not playing properly
Fixed issue with nirnroot lighting not properly cleaning up
Fixed issue where bow damage was being calculated incorrectly
Fixed rare problem with werewolf kill moves would not finish animating properly
In “The Break of Dawn” fixed rare issue where Meridia’s Beacon would disappear from player’s inventory
Fixed occasional issue where followers would disappear after player pays off a bounty after committing a crime
Fixed issue where certain creatures and NPCs would fail to respawn properly
Fixed rare issue with dialogue subtitles not displaying properly
Fixed issue with water appearing blurry when loading a saved game after creating a save underwater

May 18, 2012
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Skyrim review publisher thumb
Back in our Skyrim Console Commands post, we told you how to give yourself items using the in game console, simply by typing player.additem and the correct code. Of course, that only works if you know exactly what command to type. That's why we've researched all the codes for all the weapons and armour in Skyrim, just find the code for the item you want and you can produce it easily. If you're interesting in spawning NPCs, check out our list of Skyrim NPC Codes instead. Click through for the full list of codes.

Daedric Artifacts

These are the items that are awarded by completing quest for the different Daedric princes of Skyrim. They include some very powerful items which have unique enchantments and effects.

00063B27 - Azura's Star
00063b29 - The Black Star
0002ac61 - Savior's Hide
0004E4EE - Dawnbreaker
0004A38F - Ebony Blade
000233E3 - Mace of Molag Bal
000D2846 - Masque of Clavicus Vile
000240D2 - Mehrunes' Razor
0001A332 - Oghma Infinium
0002C37B - Ring of Namira
0001cb36 - Sanguine Rose
0003a070 - Skeleton Key
00035066 - Skull of Corruption
00045f96 - Spellbreaker
0002ACD2 - Volendrung
0002ac6f - Wabbajack

Levelled Items

These items vary in power depending on what level you are when you first find them. I've included the codes for each different version, hopefully this will come in handy if you find an item at a low level but want to keep using it.

000f1ac1 - Dragonbane 1-18
000f71cd - Dragonbane 19-26
000f71ce - Dragonbane 27-35
000f71cf - Dragonbane 36-45
000f71d0 - Dragonbane 46+

000ab702 - Gauldur Blackblade 1-11
000f5d1a - Gauldur Blackblade 12-18
000f5d1b - Gauldur Blackblade 19-26
000f5d1c - Gauldur Blackblade 27-36
000f5d1d - Gauldur Blackblade 36+

000a5def - Gauldur Blackbow 1-11
000f5d1f - Gauldur Blackbow 12-18
000f5d20 - Gauldur Blackbow 19-26
000f5d21 - Gauldur Blackbow 27-36
000f5d22 - Gauldur Blackbow 36+

000d37ce - The Pale Blade 1-5
000f5d2a - The Pale Blade 6-11
000f5d2b - The Pale Blade 12-18
000f5d2c - The Pale Blade 19-26
000f5d2d - The Pale Blade 27+

000f8313 - Chillrend 1-10
000f8314 - Chillrend 11-18
000f8315 - Chillrend 19-26
000f8316 - Chillrend 27-35
000f8317 - Chillrend 36-45
000f8318 - Chillrend 46+

0007a917 - Nightingale Blade 1-18
000f6524 - Nightingale Blade 19-26
000f6525 - Nightingale Blade 27-35
000f6526 - Nightingale Blade 36-45
000f6527 - Nightingale Blade 46+

0007e5c3 - Nightingale Bow 1-18
000f6529 - Nightingale Bow 19-26
000f652a - Nightingale Bow 27-35
000f652b - Nightingale Bow 36-45
000f652c - Nightingale Bow 46+

0005db86 - Nightingale Armour 1-18
000fcc0e - Nightingale Armour 19-31
000fcc0f - Nightingale Armour 32+

000fcc0c - Nightingale Boots 1-18
0005db85 - Nightingale Boots 19-31
000fcc0d - Nightingale Boots 32+

0005db87 - Nightingale Gloves 1-18
000fcc10 - Nightingale Gloves 19-31
000fcc11 - Nightingale Gloves 32+

0005db88 - Nightingale Hood 1-18
000fcc13 - Nightingale Hood 19-31
000fcc12 - Nightingale Hood 32+

0009dff7 - Amulet of Articulation 1 (NB: This item is bugged and is handed out at random instead of at a specific level)
000f6904 - Amulet of Articulation 2
000f690d - Amulet of Articulation 3
000f690e - Amulet of Articulation 4
000f690f - Amulet of Articulation 5
000f6910 - Amulet of Articulation 6
000f6911 - Amulet of Articulation 7

0009e023 - Shield of Solitude 1-17
0010eb62 - Shield of Solitude 18-24
0010eb64 - Shield of Solitude 25-31
0010eb63 - Shield of Solitude 32-39
0010eb65 - Shield of Solitude 40+

Other Unique Items

0006A13C - Keening
00035369 - Staff of Magnus
000956B5 - Wuuthrad
0010F570 - Archmage Robes
00052794 - Ebony Mail
0002D773 - The Gauldur Amulet
000C891D - The Necromancer's Amulet
0002AC60 - Hircine's Ring
000e41d8 - Shield of Ysgramor
000FC5BF - Targe of the Blooded
0003AEB9 - Blades Sword
000d2afe - Aegisbane
0009ccdc - Blade of Woe
000a4dce - Bloodthorn
000c1989 - Bolar's Oathblade
000ab705 - Bow of the Hunt
0008ffdf - Eduj
00017059 - Firiniel's End
000c0186 - Froki's Bow
00094a2b - Ghostblade
000ae085 - The Longhammer
001019d4 - Notched Pickaxe
0008ffde - Okin
000ae086 - Poacher's Axe
000ab703 - Red Eagle's Blade
0006af63 - Trollsbane
000b994e - Valdyr's Lucky Dagger
0006ea8b - Windshear
000f494e - Ancient Helmet of the Unburned
000c5809 - The Bonds of Matrimony
000c72e8 - Charmed Necklace
000f9904 - Diadem of the Savant
0010a06a - Gloves of the Pugilist
000295f3 - Helm of Yngol
00107e2d - Kyne's Token
00096d9b - Morvath's Boots
0006b218 - Muiri's Ring
00109c11 - Mythic Dawn Robes
00068b83 - Nightweaver's Band
000a4dcd - Predator's Grace
000233d0 - Saarthal Amulet
000f1b33 - Savos Aren's Amulet
00024cff - Silver Blood Family Ring
000f5981 - Tumberlane Gloves

00102019 - The White Phial (Magic Resist)
0010201a - The White Phial (Increase Stamina)
0010201b - The White Phial (Reduces Detection)
0010201c - The White Phial (Increase Magicka)
0010201d - The White Phial (Increase One Handed Damage)
0010201e - The White Phial (Restore Health)

0004D6E7 - Dragon Priest Mask (Hevnoraak)
00100767 - Dragon Priest Mask (Krosis)
00061C8B - Dragon Priest Mask (Morokei)
00061CA5 - Dragon Priest Mask (Nahkriin)
00061CC2 - Dragon Priest Mask (Otar)
00061CC0 - Dragon Priest Mask (Rahgot)
00061CC9 - Dragon Priest Mask (Vokun)
00061CAB - Dragon Priest Mask (Volsung)
00061CD6 - Dragon Priest Mask (Konahrik)

000eafd0 - Armour of the Old Gods
000eafd3 - Boots of the Old Gods
000eafd2 - Gauntlets of the Old Gods
000eafd1 - Helmet of the Old Gods

00108544 - Linwe's Armour
00108543 - Linwe's Boots
00108545 - Linwe's Gloves
00108546 - Linwe's Hood

000D3AC2 - Thieves' Guild Boots
000D3AC3 - Thieves' Guild Armour
000D3AC4 - Thieves' Guild Gloves
000D3AC5 - Thieves' Guild Hood

000e35d7 - Guild Master's Armour
000e35d6 - Guild Master's Boots
000e35d8 - Guild Master's Gloves
000e35d9 - Guild Master's Hood

000d2844 - Shrouded Armour
000d2845 - Shrouded Boots
000d2842 - Shrouded Cowl
0005abc4 - Shrouded Cowl (Maskless)
000d2843 - Shrouded Gloves

000e1f15 - Ancient Shrouded Armour
000e1f14 - Ancient Shrouded Boots
000e1f17 - Ancient Shrouded Cowl
000e1f16 - Ancient Shrouded Gloves

000cee70 - Jester's Boots
000cee6e - Jester's Clothes
000cee74 - Jester's Gloves
000cee72 - Jester's Hat

0006492a - Cicero's Boots
0006492c - Cicero's Clothes
0006492d - Cicero's Gloves
0006492e - Cicero's Hat

Hide Items

00013911 - Hide Armour
00013910 - Hide Boots
00013912 - Hide Bracers
00013913 - Hide Helmet
00013914 - Hide Shield

Leather Items

0003619e - Leather Armour
0001b3a2 - Studded Armour
00013920 - Leather Boots
00013921 - Leather Bracers
00013922 - Leather Helmet

Elven Items

0001399E - Elven Dagger
0001399F - Elven Greatsword
000139A0 - Elven Mace
000139A1 - Elven Sword
0001399C - Elven Battleaxe
0001399D - Elven Bow
000139A2 - Elven Warhammer
0001399B - Elven War Axe
000139BD - Elven Arrow
000896a3 - Elven Armour
0001391a - Elven Boots
0001391c - Elven Gauntlets
0001391d - Elven Helmet
0001391e - Elven Shield

Scaled Items

0001b3a3 - Scaled Armour
0001b39f - Scaled Boots
0001b3a0 - Scaled Bracers
0001b3a1 - Scaled Helmet

Glass Items

000139A3 - Glass War Axe
000139A4 - Glass Battleaxe
000139A5 - Glass Bow
000139A6 - Glass Dagger
000139A7 - Glass Greatsword
000139A8 - Glass Mace
000139A9 - Glass Sword
000139AA - Glass Warhammer
000139BE - Glass Arrow
00013939 - Glass Armour
00013938 - Glass Boots
0001393a - Glass Gauntlets
0001393b - Glass Helmet
0001393c - Glass Shield

Dragonscale Items

0001393e - Dragonscale Armour
0001393d - Dragonscale Boots
0001393f - Dragonscale Gauntlets
00013940 - Dragonscale Helmet
00013941 - Dragonscale Shield

Iron Items

00012EB7 - Iron Sword
00013790 - Iron War Axe
0001397E - Iron Dagger
00013981 - Iron Warhammer
00013982 - Iron Mace
00013988 - Iron Warhammer
0001359D - Iron Greatsword
00012e49 - Iron Armour
00013948 - Banded Iron Armour
00012e4b - Iron Boots
00012e46 - Iron Gauntlets
00012e4d - Iron Helmet
00012eb6 - Iron Shield
0001394b - Banded Iron Shield

Imperial Items

00013841 - Imperial Bow
000135B8 - Imperial Sword
000135BA - Imperial Shield
000f6f23 - Steel Imperial Gauntlets

Steel Items

00013983 - Steel War Axe
00013984 - Steel Battleaxe
00013986 - Steel Dagger
00013987 - Steel Greatsword
00013988 - Steel Mace
00013989 - Steel Sword
0001398A - Steel Warhammer
00013952 - Steel Armour
000f6f22 - Steel Armour (alternate appearance)
000f6f21 - Steel Shin Boots
00013951 - Steel Cuffed Boots
00013953 - Steel Gauntlets
00013954 - Steel Helmet
000f6f24 - Steel Horned Helmet
00013955 - Steel Shield

Skyforge Steel Items

0009F25C - Skyforge Steel Sword
0009F25D - Skyforge Steel Dagger
0009F25E - Skyforge Steel Greatsword
0009F25F - Skyforge Steel Battleaxe
0009F260 - Skyforge Steel War Axe

Dwarven Items

00013994 - Dwarven Battleaxe
00013995 - Dwarven Bow
00013996 - Dwarven Dagger
00013997 - Dwarven Greatsword
00013998 - Dwarven Mace
00013999 - Dwarven Sword
00013993 - Dwarven War Axe
0001399A - Dwarven Warhammer
0001394d - Dwarven Armour
0001394c - Dwarven Boots
0001394e - Dwarven Gauntlets
0001394f - Dwarven Helmet
00013950 - Dwarven Shield

Steel Plate Items

0001395c - Steel Plate Armour
0001395b - Steel Plate Boots
0001395d - Steel Plate Gauntlets
0001395e - Steel Plate Helmet

Orcish Items

0001398B - Orcish War Axe
0001398C - Orcish Battle Axe
0001398D - Orcish Bow
0001398E - Orcish Dagger
0001398F - Orcish Greatsword
00013990 - Orcish Mace
00013991 - Orcish Sword
00013992 - Orcish Warhammer
000139BB - Orcish Arrow
00013957 - Orcish Armour
00013956 - Orcish Boots
00013958 - Orcish Gauntlets
00013959 - Orcish Helmet
00013946 - Orcish Shield

Ebony Items

000139B1 - Ebony Sword
000139AD - Ebony Bow
000139B2 - Ebony Warhammer
000139B0 - Ebony Mace
000139AC - Ebony Battleaxe
000139AB - Ebony War Axe
000139AF - Ebony Greatsword
000139AE - Ebony Dagger
000139BF - Ebony Arrow
00013961 - Ebony Armour
00013960 - Ebony Boots
00013962 - Ebony Gauntlets
00013963 - Ebony Helmets
00013964 - Ebony Shield

Dragonplate Items

00013966 - Dragonplate Armour
00013965 - Dragonplate Boots
00013967 - Dragonplate Gauntlets
00013969 - Dragonplate Helmet
00013968 - Dragonplate Shield

Daedric Items

000139B3 - Daedric War Axe
000139B4 - Daedric Battleaxe
000139B5 - Daedric Bow
000139B6 - Daedric Dagger
000139B7 - Daedric Greatsword
000139B8 - Daedric Mace
000139B9 - Daedric Sword
000139BA - Daedric Warhammer
000139C0 - Daedric Arrow
0001396b - Daedric Armour
0001396a - Daedric Boots
0001396c - Daedric Gauntlets
0001396d - Daedric Helmet
0001396e - Daedric Shield

Ancient Nord Items

000302CA - Ancient Nord Bow
0001CB64 - Ancient Nord Battle Axe
0002C672 -Ancient Nord War Axe
000236A5 - Ancient Nord Greatsword
0002C66F - Ancient Nord Sword

Falmer Items

00038340 - Falmer Bow
000302CD - Falmer War Axe
0002E6D1 - Falmer Sword
000b83cb - Falmer Armour
000b83cd - Falmer Boots
000b83cf - Falmer Gauntlets
0004c3cb - Falmer Helmet
0005c06c - Falmer Shield

Forsworn Items

000CC829 - Forsworn Axe
000CADE9 - Forsworn Sword
000CEE9B - Forsworn Bow
000CEE9E - Forsworn Arrow
000CC826 - Forsworn Staff
May 18, 2012
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If you enjoyed our list of Skyrim Console Commands, you'll know that a lot of need reference codes for NPCs and items. Well, good news! Now we've compiled a list of those too! We already gave you a list of Skyrim Item Codes but now we're bringing you references for all the NPCs and enemies in the game. The Base ID is used with a 'place at me' command to spawn new creatures, that's how we managed to summon the horde of dragons in the video up above, while the Ref ID is with the 'move to' command to take you to an existing NPC. Click through for the full list.

We've listed the NPCs on this page. You'll find the enemies on page two.

Base ID Ref ID Name

000D3E79 000D3E7A Acolyte Jenssen
00013385 0001F306 Adara
00013255 000198D4 Addvar
00019DC7 00019E01 Addvild
000661AD 000661AE Adeber
0001411D 0001B13E Adelaisa Vendicci
0001411E 00029970 Adisla
0001413C 0001B119 Adonato Leotelli
00013BB9 0001A67C Adrianne Avenicci
00019BFF 00019E12 Aduri Sarethi
0001A696 0001A697 Aela the Huntress
0001360B 0001A6D2 Aeri
00013346 00019DF8 Aerin
000135E5 0001AA5F Agni
00020044 00020045 Agnis
000CE086 000CD09C Ahjisi
0001B1D6 0007434A Ahkari
00013BBE 0001A6A5 Ahlam
0001325F 000198B0 Ahtar the Jailor
0001325C 000198D0 Aia Arria
0001402E 00019909 Aicantar
00013B69 00019931 Ainethach
0001B074 000D2AFF Alain Dufont
00032D9D 00032DA0 Alduin (As he appears in the quest A Blade in the Dark)
0002E3EF 0002E3F2 Alea Quintus
00013347 00019DD9 Alessandra
0009B7AB 0009B7C8 Alfarinn
00013BB0 0001A68B Alfhild Battle-Born
000135E6 0001AA5C Alva
00013475 00013482 Alvor
0003B43A 0003B43B Amaund Motierre
0001413E 0001B128 Ambarys Rendar
00013BAA 0001A66A Amren
0001E7D7 0001E7D8 Ancano
00013BA8 0001A68D Andurs
00013260 000198D2 Angeline Morrard
000CAB2F 000CAB2E Angi
00014137 0001B138 Angrenor Once-Honored
000DDF86 000DDF87 Anise
00013666 0001B092 Annekke Crag-Jumper
00013B97 0001A680 Anoriath
000443F3 000443F2 Anska
00013387 0001990A Anton Virane
00013349 00019DEE Anuriel
00013386 00019902 Anwen
00028AD0 00028AD1 Aranea Ienith
00013BA4 0001A66D Arcadia
0004D6CA 0004D6CF Arcturus
000A2C8C 000A2C92 Argis the Bulwark
000411CF 000411CD Ari
0001334A 00019E13 Aringoth
00014127 0001B144 Arivanya
0001BDB0 0001BDE7 Arnbjorn
0002C6C7 000886B3 Arngeir
0001C19D 0001C1AB Arniel Gane
00029DAD 000AC9E9 Arnskar Ember-Master
00013B7B 0001992A Arob
00037D80 00037D81 Arondil
00039646 00039655 Arvel the Swift
00019DF2 00019DF3 Asbjorn Fire-Tamer#
0001334B 00019DCD Asgeir Snow-Shod
000135E7 0001AA68 Aslfur
0001C18A 0001C1B7 Assur
00015D2B 00015CC5 Asta
0001BDB4 0001BDE8 Astrid
00013295 0001F14D Ataf
0001B1DA 00074341 Atahba
000622E5 000622E7 Atar
0001A6D5 0001A6D6 Athis
00019E18 00019E19 Atub
00014140 0001B124 Aval Atheron
00014132 0001B121 Aventus Aretino
00019BFE 00019E11 Avrusa Sarethi
00013B9A 0001A686 Avulstein Gray-Mane
00019A2A 00019A2B Azzada Lylvieve
000B3C81 000B3C82 Azzadal
0001D4B7 0001D4BC Babette
00019955 0005B689 Bagrak
00038C6E 00038C6F Balagog gro-Nolob
00013BBD 0001A677 Balgruuf the Greater
0001334C 00019DF1 Balimund
0009A7A8 0009A7A9 Banning
0001BFC5 00052535 Barbas
000A33EA 0002B99D Bashnag
000136C1 00019E08 Bassianus
000CE09C 000955C0 Batum gra-Bar
00013261 000198D8 Beirand
00013612 0001A6B6 Beitild Iron-Breaker
00013B6B 00019934 Belchimac
00013BA1 0001A672 Belethor
000B9981 000B9988 Belrand
00014138 0001B127 Belyn Hlaalu
000E77CB 001027DB Bendt
000135E8 0001AA65 Benor
00013BB3 0001A688 Bergritte Battle-Born
0001334D 00019DD0 Bersi Honey-Hand
00013388 000198E7 Betrid Silver-Blood
0001C187 0001C18C Birna
00013669 00013698 Bjorlam
0001B076 0001B097 Bolar
00014126 0003A97A Bolfrida
00013264 000198C3 Bolgeir Bearclaw
0001334E 00019DD7 Bolli
00013651 0001981F Bolund
000C78E1 000C78E2 Bor
00019959 0005B688 Borgakh the Steel Heart
000877B2 000877B3 Borgny
0001338A 00019915 Borkul the Beast
0002C6CE 000886B4 Borri
0001338B 000198F7 Bothela
000136BE 00019E05 Boti
00013389 00019911 Braig
00013BA9 0001A66B Braith
0001334F 00019DDC Brand-Shei
000CD64C 000CC5A1 Brandish
00069F38 00069F39 Brelas
0001C196 0001C1A4 Brelyna Maryon
0001A6A2 0001A6A3 Brill
0001A6B7 0001A6B8 Brina Merilis
000136B9 0001A6AC Britte
0001338C 0001BB8F Brother Verulus
00014149 0001B117 Brunwulf Free-Winter
00013265 000198BF Bryling
0001B07D 00020545 Brynjolf
00013613 0001A6C2 Bulfrek
00013B79 00019928 Burguk
000D66FE 000D6702 Cairine
0001338E 00019908 Calcelmo
000A2C90 000A2C96 Calder
0001414A 0001B11D Calixto Corrium
0001347B 00013488 Camilla Valerius
00041FB8 00041FB9 Captain Aldis
000C603D 000C603C Captain Avidius
0001E38B 0002C486 Captain Hargar
00013296 000A17AB Captain Lief Wayfinder
00014134 000A05D1 Captain Lonely-Gale
00013B99 0001A675 Carlotta Valentia
00019951 0005B683 Chief Larak
0001B075 0001B098 Chief Mauhulakh
0003BC26 0003BC27 Chief Yamarz
00090738 0009073E Christer
000550F0 000550F1 Cicero
00019A2C 00019A2D Clinton Lylvieve
0001C19A 0001C1A8 Colette Marence
00038257 00038258 Commander Caius
0001D4B5 0004BCC5 Commander Maro
00013350 00019DE5 Constance Michel
00013266 000198A0 Corpulus Vinius
00013390 000198FA Cosnach
00048B55 0008DB3A Curalmil
000D4FD8 000D4FDA Cynric Endell
0001434B 0001A67A Dagny
0001C183 0001C18D Dagur
00013391 000199B3 Daighre
000132A4 000A17A7 Dalan Merchad
00013BA5 0001A69F Danica Pure-Spring
00013268 000198B8 Deeja
00020040 000205C3 Deekus
00013392 0001F325 Degaine
00072663 00072667 Delacourt
00013478 00013485 Delphine
0001CB78 0001DA41 Delvin Mallory
0001365A 0001981B Dengeir of Stuhn
0001403E 0001B08D Derkeethus
0001327C 000198DC Dervenin the Mad
00013352 00019DD6 Dinya Balu
0001336D 00019DFA Dirge
000D673A 000D673D Donnel
00013477 00013484 Dorthe
00095F7E 00095FDE Drahff
000240D7 000240D8 Drascua
00013353 00019E15 Dravin Llanith
0001365F 0001B08B Dravynea the Stoneweaver
0001C198 0001C1A6 Drevis Neloren
00013354 00019DCF Drifa
0001B1CF 00074347 Dro'marash
000D6711 000D6713 Dryston
00013393 00019912 Duach
000C78C0 000C78C1 Dulug
0001B079 0001B099 Dushnamub
00013356 00044A8D Edda
000877AF 000877B0 Edith
0002C6CC 000886B5 Einarth
0001C185 0001C18F Eirid
000D001A 000D001B Eisa Blackthorn
0001412A 0001B118 Elda Early-Dawn
00013269 000198BC Elenwen
00013357 00019DFB Elgrim
0001326A 000198C1 Elisif the Fair
00013B9E 0001A681 Elrindir
00013394 000198FD Eltrys
0003550B 0003550C Embry
0001D4B9 0004BCCB Emperor Titus Mede II
0001326F 000198AD Endarie
00013395 000198F1 Endon
00013B6C 00019935 Enmon
0001B3B5 0001CB2B Ennis
0001360C 0002004A Ennodius Papius
0001C19C 0001C1AA Enthir
0001990F 0001BB8E Eola
00013B9D 0001A683 Eorlund Gray-Mane
0002427D 00024280 Erandur
00013271 000198C7 Erdi
0002ABC4 0002ABC5 Eriana
00065657 000656E2 Erik the Slayer
00013272 000198A9 Erikur
000133AB 000199B4 Erith
000EA71F 00029C09 Erlendr
00013358 00019DFD Esbern
00034D97 00034D98 Estormo
0003A1D3 0003A1D6 Etienne Rarnis
00013273 000198B3 Evette San
00013B77 000199CF Eydis
00013480 0001348C Faendal
00019A28 00019A29 Faida
00013397 00019905 Faleen
000135E9 0001AA5E Falion
00013274 000198C2 Falk Firebeard
0001C197 0001C1A5 Faralda
00013BBB 0001A67E Farengar Secret-Fire
0001A692 0001A693 Farkas
00014131 0001B125 Faryl Atheron
000136BF 00019E06 Fastred
00038287 00038288 Fenrig (Ghost)
0001BDB2 0001D4BB Festus Krex
00013275 000198B1 Fihada
000136C3 00019E09 Filnjar
00090739 000430B5 Fjola
00013398 000198ED Frabbi
00013B9C 0001A684 Fralia Gray-Mane
00013359 00019DE6 Francois Beaufort
00013277 000198A6 Freir
00013614 0001A6B5 Frida
00013278 000198D6 Fridrika
0001347E 0001348B Frodnar
0003E8AD 0003E8AC Frofnir Trollsbane
000185F6 000185F5 Froki Whetted-Blade
0001335A 00019DE2 From-Deepest-Fathoms
00097E1E 00097E1F Frost
0001434C 0001A679 Frothar
00013615 0001A6C5 Fruki
0002E3E8 0002E3F1 Fultheim the Fearless
0001BDB8 0001BDEB Gabriella
0001B09A 0001B09B Gadba gro-Largash
0002EB58 0002EB59 Gadnor
00044050 00044051 Gaius Maro
00014128 0001B133 Galmar Stone-Fist
0001365D 0001B089 Ganna Uriel
00019E1C 00019E1D Garakh
000B03A3 000B4084 Garthar
000D6703 000D6704 Garvey
000199B7 000199B8 Gat gro-Shargakh
0001327D 000198D5 Geimund
00014040 0001B08A Gemma Uriel
0001347C 00013489 Gerdur
00013603 0001AA55 Gestur Rockbreaker
000C78C2 000C78C3 Ghak
000C78CC 000C78CD Ghamorz
00013B7C 0001992B Gharol
00013B81 00019930 Ghorbash the Iron Hand
0001339A 00019906 Ghorza gra-Bagol
00013679 00019835 Ghunzul
0010A062 0010A063 Gian the Fist
0004BCC3 0004BCC4 Gianna
0001367A 0001C1FC Gilfre
00013281 000198CE Giraud Gemane
00013282 000198B5 Gisli
00039F23 00039F24 Gissu
00019FE8 000A7360 Golldir
000135EA 0001AA69 Gorm
00019C01 00019E10 Gralnach
000136C5 0004E0B3 Grelka
0001335E 00019DE4 Grelod the Kind
00014133 0001B12D Grimvar Cruel-Sea
0001339B 00019917 Grisvar the Unlucky
000136C6 00019E0E Grogmar gro-Burzag
00019C00 00019E0F Grosta Grosta Nord
0003725E 0003725A Guardian Saerek
000E7EB2 000E7EB3 Guardian Troll Spirit
000C78CA 000C78CB Gul
00019E20 00019E21 Gularzob
00013284 000198B7 Gulum-Ei
0009B0AD 000B1694 Gunjar
0002C930 0002C931 Gwendolyn
000658D4 00065AB2 Gwilin
00013627 0002005A Hadring
0002BF9F 0002BFA2 Hadvar
0001335F 00019DDA Haelga
00013360 00019DFC Hafjorg
0001DC04 00053447 Haldyn
00064B1C 000642C0 Halldir
0001E765 0001E766 Hamal
0010A04C 0010A050 Hamelyn
0001C184 0001C18E Haran
00013361 00019DEB Harrald
0001339C 000198FB Hathrasil
0009400E 0009400F Hefid the Deaf
00013BAC 0001A682 Heimskr
00014124 0001B11E Helgird
00013657 00019824 Helvard
00013362 00019DD2 Hemming Black-Briar
000CE089 000955BD Heratar
00029DAE 000AC9E8 Herluin Lothaire
0001412D 0001B136 Hermir Strong-Heart
0001367C 0001982F Hert
0004D6E7 0004CF61 Hevnoraak
00095FD5 00096002 Hewnon Black-Skeever
00035533 00035534 Hilde
0001411F 0001B12E Hillevi Cruel-Sea
00013287 000198AA Hjorunn
0001347D 0001348A Hod
000CE09D 000955BB Hoddreid
00013351 00019DFE Hofgrir Horse-Crusher
000284AC 000284AD Hogni Red-Arm
00019A1D 00019A1E Horgeir
0001A6B9 0001A6BA Horik
00013288 000198D7 Horm
00013668 0001B08F Hrefna
0001339D 000198EF Hreinn
00013363 00019DE9 Hroar
000135F0 0001AA5D Hroggar
0001339E 000198EE Hroki
00013BBC 0001A678 Hrongar
00013BA3 0001A66E Hulda
00013662 0001B085 Iddra
000135EB 0001AA66 Idgrod Ravencrone
000135EC 0001AA67 Idgrod the Younger
00013BB2 0001A689 Idolaf Battle-Born
0001339F 00019903 Igmund
00013289 000198D1 Illdi
00048C2F 0004B22E Illia
000133A1 000198EB Imedhnain
0001364F 00019819 Indara Caerellia
00013370 00019DCE Indaryn
0001328A 000198CD Inge Six-Fingers
00013364 00019DD4 Ingun Black-Briar
000A2C91 000A2C93 Iona
00013617 0001A6BB Irgnir
00013BB8 0001A67F Irileth
0001328B 000198C0 Irnskar Ironhand
00039840 00064EAF Isabelle Rolaine
0003B0E7 000A9F99 J'darr
0002ABC3 0002ABC6 J'Kier
0001C195 0001C1A3 J'zargo
0003B0E6 0003B0FC J'zhar
0001328C 000198AF Jala
000E63D6 000E63D7 Japhet
0001328D 000198B9 Jaree-Ra
0001328E 000198B2 Jawanan
000B9982 000E1BA9 Jenassa
00013604 0001AA53 Jesper
00013618 0001A6C1 Jod
000136BD 00019E04 Jofthor
00013BB1 0001A68A Jon Battle-Born
000135ED 0001AA62 Jonna
00014120 0001B11F Jora Wing-Wish
000A2C8F 000A2C95 Jordis the Sword-Maiden
000138B6 0001AA60 Jorgen
000135EE 0001AA6A Joric
00014135 0001B134 Jorleif
0001328F 000198CF Jorn
000136B3 0001A6A7 Jouane Manette
00026F0F 00026F13 Julienne Lylvieve
0001361A 0005226C Karita
00013619 0001A6BC Karl
0001B07F 00058F1A Karliah
00013290 000198D9 Katla
000BFB55 000C3B2B Keeper Carcette
00013365 00019DC8 Keerava
00021601 00041856 Kematu
000133A2 000198F2 Kerah
00089986 0008998C Kesh the Clean
00013291 000198AB Kharag gro-Shurkul
0001B1D2 000CD92D Kharjo
0001B1D9 0007433F Khayla
0003F21E 0003F220 Kibell
00013293 000A17A9 Kjar
00013661 0001B087 Kjeld the Younger
000133A3 000198EC Kleppr
000136C2 00019E07 Klimmek
00094000 00094002 Knjakr
00013294 000198DB Knud
0001A68E 0001A68F Kodiak Whitemane
0001360D 0001A6D4 Kodrir
0001C188 0001C1B5 Korir
00039BB7 00039BE0 Kornalus
0001C180 0001C190 Kraldar
00100767 000F8A48 Krosis
0001364C 00019821 Kust
000D37D1 000D37D0 Kyr
00013366 00019DEA Laila Law-Giver
000135EF 0001AA61 Lami
00013BAF 0001A68C Lars Battle-Born
00013B6E 00019932 Lash gra-Dushnikh
000132A1 000198BB Legate Rikke
0008455E 00077D67 Legate Skulnar
00013610 0001A6D3 Leifur
0001361B 0001A6BD Leigelf Quicksilver
000136B8 0001A6AD Lemkil
00037E04 00037E06 Leonara Arius
00013B76 00066262 Leontius Salvius
000C44FF 000BBB44 Lieutenant Salvarus
000A19FF 0003289C Lis
000133A5 000198EA Lisbet
00013297 000198A2 Lisette
00019E1E 00019E1F Lob
00013650 0003A19F Lod
00019A22 00019A23 Lodvar
000133A6 000198F3 Logrolf the Willful
0001361C 0001A6C6 Lond Northstrider
00014145 0001B120 Lortheim
00013368 00019DCA Louis Letrush
0005CBE9 001069F3 Lowlife
0002333A 0002335A Lu'ah
0001347A 00013487 Lucan Valerius
0001AA63 0001AA64 Lurbuk gro-Dushnikh
000A2C8E 000A2C94 Lydia
000136BC 00019E03 Lynly Star-Sung
000954BF 000BA0CB M'aiq the Liar
0001B1D1 00074345 Ma'dran
0001B1D5 00074344 Ma'jhad
0001B1D7 000C8225 Ma'randru-jo
000CE09B 000955BC Ma'tasarr
00013298 000198AE Ma'zaka
000133A7 00019916 Madanach
0001361D 0001A6C3 Madena
0001B072 00021EA6 Madesi
000C78BE 000C78BF Mahk
0009CB66 00029D87 Malkoran
0002BA8E 0002BA8F Mallus Maccius
0001414E 0001B129 Malthyr Elenil
0001C182 0001C192 Malur Seloth
000E7EAF 000E7EAE Mammoth Guardian Spirit
0001335B 00019DD5 Maramal
000B9980 000B9986 Marcurio
00013369 00019E14 Marise Aravel
0001364E 0001981A Mathies Caerellia
000371D6 0003BE26 Maul
0001C605 0001C606 Maurice Jondrelle
0001336A 00019DD1 Maven Black-Briar
0003B5B2 0003B5B8 Medresi Dran
000D95E9 000D95EA Meeko
00013299 0001A638 Melaran
00039B3E 000220BB Melka
00013B6D 00019936 Mena
00019A2E 00019A2F Michel Lylvieve
0001A670 0001A671 Mikael
00013BAD 0001A676 Mila Valentia
0001329B 000198A4 Minette Vinius
0001C1A0 0001C1B9 Mirabelle Ervine
0001336B 00019DF7 Mjoll the Lioness
000C78DF 000C78E0 Mogdurz
0001336C 00019DF5 Molgrom Twice-Killed
000F496C 00086CF4 Morokei
000D6719 000D671A Morven
00055A5E 00055A63 Moth gro-Bagol
000136B6 0001A6A8 Mralki
000E662B 000E662C Mudcrab Guardian Spirit
0001406B 000198F8 Muiri
0001B07A 0001B09C Mul gro-Largash
000133A9 000198FF Mulush gro-Shugurz
00013B7A 00019929 Murbul
00013B7F 0001992E Nagrub
000FE431 000FDBB0 Nahagliiv
000F849B 00013B66 Nahkriin
000133A0 000198E9 Nana Ildene
000136C0 00019E24 Narfi
000427A6 000427A5 Naris the Wicked
00013654 0003A199 Narri
00013BBF 0001A6A4 Nazeem
0001C3AB 0001C3AD Nazir
0001412F 0001B13F Neetrenaza
0001E7D5 0001E7D6 Nelacar
0001434D 0001A67B Nelkir
00013659 00019823 Nenya
000133AA 000198F5 Nepos the Nose
000233D2 00034CC9 Nerien
000411D0 000411CE Niels
0001BB5D 0001A2D2 Nightingale Sentinel
0001414B 0001B11A Nils
0001412C 0001B12A Nilsine Shatter-Shield
0001336E 00019DE0 Niluva Hlaalu
0002C926 0002C928 Nimriel
00014123 0001B11C Niranye
0001CD91 00049523 Niruin
0001C19B 0001C1A9 Nirya
0001336F 00019DD8 Nivenor
0001A6D9 0001A6DA Njada Stonearm
000E3EAD 000C2871 Nord
00013372 00019DCC Nura Snow-Shod
00014148 0001B115 Nurelion
0001329D 000198B4 Octieve San
0001329E 000198C6 Odar
000136C4 00019E0D Odfel
000133AC 00019913 Odvan
00014142 0001B135 Oengul War-Anvil
00013B80 0001992F Oglub
000133AD 000198F4 Ogmund
00019E22 00019E23 Ogol
00013BAE 0001A699 Olava the Feeble
00019A20 00019A21 Olda
00013B9B 0001A685 Olfina Gray-Mane
00013BB4 0001A687 Olfrid Battle-Born
0001995B 0005B686 Olur
000133AE 000198FC Omluag
000133AF 0001990D Ondolemar
0001C194 0001C1A2 Onmund
00045F78 00045F8E Orchendor
00013479 00013486 Orgnar
000133B0 00019901 Orla
0002A388 0002A389 Orthorn
0001413B 0001B13D Orthus Endario
0003763A 0008767A Otar the Mad
0003C57C 0003C57D Paarthurnax
00013605 0001AA58 Pactur
0001329F 000198CC Pantea Ateia
00034CBA 0007D41B Paratus Decimius
000133B1 000199B6 Pavo Attius
0001996C 00019970 Perth
0001C199 0001C1A7 Phinis Gestor
00013BBA 0001A67D Proventus Avenicci
000B11A7 000B1190 Pumpkin
0002BA3C 0002BA3D Quaranir
0001414C 0001B116 Quintus Navale
000D37CF 000D37B8 Ra'jirr
0002ABC2 0002ABC7 Ra'kheran
0001B1D3 00074342 Ra'zhinda
000133B2 00019904 Raerek
00013B6A 00019933 Ragnar
00035351 0007E4B9 Rahgot
0002BF9D 0002BF9E Ralof
0001C186 0001C18B Ranmir
000B03A4 000B4085 Ravyn Imyan
000368C8 000683A7 Razelan
000133B3 000198E4 Reburrus Quintilius
000C1908 000C14B3 Red Eagle
000136B4 0001A6AB Reldith
0001413A 0001B123 Revyn Sadri
0005BF2B 0005BF2C Rexus
000133B4 000198FE Rhiada
000799E4 000799E5 Rhorlak
0001B1DB 00074340 Ri'saad
0001A6D7 0001A6D8 Ria
0002ABC0 0002ABC1 Rissing
000133B5 00019937 Rogatus Salvius
0001403F 0001B084 Roggi Knot-Beard
000A3BDB 000A3BDC Roggvir
0003EFE9 0003EFED Rolff Stone-Fist
00013377 00019DE1 Romlyn Dreth
000133B6 0001990B Rondach
000136B2 0001A6A6 Rorik
000132A2 000198A5 Rorlund
00038289 0003828A Ruki
00039F1F 00039F25 Rulindil
00013378 00019DE8 Runa Fair-Shield
000D4FDE 000D4FE0 Rune
0001364D 00019820 Runil
0001361E 0001A6BE Rustleif
00013BA2 000D7505 Saadia
000132A3 000A17A6 Sabine Nytte
0002BA8C 0002BA8D Sabjorn
000E7EAD 000E7EAC Sabre Cat Guardian Spirit
00013379 00019DEC Saerlund
00032D9B 00032D9F Sahloknir
00094012 00094014 Salvianus
0001BB9C 000A96A0 Sam Guevenne
0001337A 00019DE7 Samuel
000C19A3 000C19A5 Sapphire
0001C19F 0001C1B8 Savos Aren
0001329A 000198C9 Sayma
0001412E 0001B140 Scouts-Many-Marshes
0003A745 0006F120 Selveni Nethri
000133B7 000263CD Senna
0002D514 0002D4F2 Septimus Signus
0001361F 0001A6BF Seren
0001C23E 0001C23F Sergius Turrianus
0002C925 0002C927 Severio Pelagia
0009CCD7 0009CCD8 Shadowmere
00013371 00019E00 Shadr
0001411A 0001B141 Shahvee
00019953 0005B685 Sharamph
0002AC69 0002AC6C Sheogorath
00019957 0005B687 Shuftharz
0001337B 00019DD3 Sibbi Black-Briar
00013653 00019822 Siddgeir
00029D96 000A05D2 Sifnar Ironkettle
0009B7AA 0009B7B4 Sigaar
00013476 00013483 Sigrid
000132A5 000198A7 Silana Petreia
0005197F 000347C6 Sild the Warlock
00014121 0001B122 Silda the Unseen
000240CC 000240CE Silus Vesuius
0004B0AE 0004B47C Silvia
000EEDF1 000EEC5F Sinderion
0006C1B7 0006C1B8 Sinding
000136AC 0002ABBD Sinding
000813B5 000813BA Sinmir
00013607 0001AA59 Sirgar
000136BA 0001A6AE Sissel
000133B8 000199B1 Skaggi Scar-Face
00013620 0001A6C0 Skald the Elder
000E662E 000E662F Skeever Guardian Spirit
0001A690 0001A691 Skjor
00013B78 000199D0 Skuli
00013BB7 0001A69C Skulvar Sable-Hilt
0001B071 00044A8E Snilf
000132A6 000198DA Snilling
00013652 0001981E Solaf
0001366B 0001B08E Sondas Drenim
000132A7 000198A3 Sorex Vinius
00013606 0001AA57 Sorli the Builder
000133B9 000199B2 Sosia Tremellia
0004B4AF 0004B4AA Stalleo
00014130 0001B142 Stands-In-Shallows
000B9983 000B998C Stenvar
0001DC00 0001DC01 Stig Salt-Plank
0001E62A 0001E62B Stump
000132A8 000198A8 Styrr
0003B0E2 0003B0FA Sulla Trebatius
0001412B 0001B11B Susanna the Wicked
00014122 0001B126 Suvaris Atheron
00016C87 00016C88 Svaknir
0001337C 00019DDB Svana Far-Shield
0001347F 00013491 Sven
00013608 0001AA52 Swanhvir
000132AA 000198C5 Sybille Stentor
000C3A3F 000C3A46 Sylgja
000BB2C0 000BB33C Synda Llanith
00029DAA 000AC9D7 Syndus
000132AB 000198AC Taarie
0001402D 00019907 Tacitus Sallustius
00013373 00019DC9 Talen-Jei
0001360A 0001AA54 Teeba-Ei
00013656 0001981C Tekla
0001BA08 0001BA06 Telrav
000658D2 00065AB3 Temba Wide-Arm
0001C189 0001C1B6 Thaena
0009B7A6 0009B7B1 Thaer
000133BA 000198E6 Thonar Silver-Blood
0001C181 0001C191 Thonjolf
000135F2 0001AA6B Thonnir
0001C241 00039C8D Thorald Gray-Mane
00013621 0001A6C8 Thoring
00013367 00019DF4 Threki the Innocent
000D4FDB 000D4FDD Thrynn
00023EF1 00023EF2 Tiber
00013BB6 0003BDE9 Tilma the Haggard
0001C19E 0001C1A1 Tolfdir
000B8827 000B882A Tonilia
0001413F 0001B12B Torbjorn Shatter-Shield
000CE084 000956AB Torkild the Fearsome
0001403D 0001B090 Tormir
0002F442 000661A4 Torom
00014136 0001B130 Torsten Cruel-Sea
0001A6DB 0001A6DC Torvar
00014125 0001B12C Tova Shatter-Shield
000353C7 000353BE Tsavani
000CE081 00095684 Tsrasuna
00014139 00029971 Tulvur
000D6718 000D671B Tynan
0001337D 00019DDE Tythis Ulen
000133BC 0001F31B Uaile
00019E1A 00019E1B Ugor
000E2BBF 000E1AA0 Ulag
00013B9F 000D15B0 Ulfberth War-Bear
000812FC 0001C401 Ulfr the Blind
0001414D 0001B131 Ulfric Stormcloak
00014141 0001B145 Ulundil
0003B0E3 0003B0F9 Umana
00013B7E 0001992D Umurn
000132AC 000198C8 Una
0001337E 00019DDD Ungrien
000371D7 00037E3C Unmid Snow-Shod
000133BD 00019914 Uraccen
0001C193 0001C1B4 Urag gro-Shub
0001B078 0001B096 Urog
000E7EA9 000E7EAA Ursine Guardian
000133BE 00019918 Urzoga gra-Shugurz
000918E2 00091918 Uthgerd the Unbroken
000A3F8E 000A400B Vagrant
0002C18D 0008CE78 Valdar
00013655 0003A198 Valga Vinicia
0003B0E1 000A9F98 Valie
0001337F 00019DE3 Valindor
00019FE6 00019FE7 Vals Veran
00029DAF 000AC9EA Vanryth Gatharian
0001A6B1 0001A6B2 Vantus Loreius
0002E3F0 0002E3F3 Vasha
0001C3AA 0001C3AE Veezara
00013380 00019DF9 Vekel the Man
00013665 0001B093 Verner Rock-Chucker
0001CD90 00028938 Vex
000132AD 000198CB Viarmo
000133BF 00019938 Vigdis Salvius
0009A7AA 0009A7AB Vigilance
000A733B 000A733C Vigilant Tyranus
00013BB5 0001A6A1 Vignar Gray-Mane
0001A694 0001A695 Vilkas Vilkas
00014129 0001B13C Viola Giordano
0001CD8F 00049535 Vipir the Fleet
000135F1 0001AA6C Virkmund
0001327A 000198B6 Vittoria Vici
000132AE 000198D3 Vivienne Onis
000133C0 0001990C Voada
000327C2 000327C1 Vokun
00041930 00041931 Volsung
000B997F 000B9984 Vorstag
000FE430 000FDBAF Vuljotnaak
00013381 00019DCB Vulwulf Snow-Shod
0009C8AA 0009C8AB Weylin
000136BB 00019E02 Wilhelm
000661AF 000661B0 Willem
0009CCD9 0009CCDA Wilmuth
000E662D 000E6630 Wolf Guardian Spirit
000F608C 000F608D Wolf Spirit
00013382 00019DDF Wujeeta
0002C6CA 000886B6 Wulfgar
00014146 0001B132 Wuunferth the Unliving
00019DEF 00019DF0 Wylandriah
0005FFDF 000721DF Wyndelius Gatharian
000CE087 000CD099 Yar gro-Gatuk
0001B077 0001B095 Yatul
000133C1 000198E5 Yngvar the Singer
00013BAB 0001A69A Ysolda
0003A19A 0003A19B Zaria
0001B1D0 00074348 Zaynabi

Check out the next page for a list of enemies and creatures.


Base ID Name
000F811E Ancient Dragon (Frost)
000F811C Ancient Dragon (Fire)
00033851 Ancient Vampire
0006D22F Apprentice Conjurer
00045C5F Apprentice Fire Mage
00045C60 Apprentice Ice Mage
000548FF Apprentice Necromancer
00045C61 Apprentice Storm Mage
001091A8 Arch Conjurer
001091AA Arch Cryomancer
001091AC Arch Electromancer
001091AB Arch Necromancer
001091A9 Arch Pyromancer
0006D232 Ascendant Conjurer
000551AE Ascendant Necromancer
00039CF4 Bandit
0003DF17 Bandit Chief
001B0D8 Bandit Chief
0001B0DB Bandit Chief
0001B0DC Bandit Chief
0001B0DD Bandit Chief
000C0037 Bandit Chief
000E1646 Bandit Chief
0001B0DE Bandit Chief (Nord Two Handed)
0001B0E1 Bandit Chief (Nord)
0001B0EB Bandit Chief (Orc)
00039D4A Bandit Highwayman (Magic)
0001E60D Bandit Highwayman (Melee)
00037C35 Bandit Highwayman (Ranged)
00090739 Bandit Leader
00039D58 Bandit Marauder (Magic)
0001E611 Bandit Marauder (Melee)
00037C43 Bandit Marauder (Ranged)
00039D38 Bandit Outlaw (Magic)
0001BCD9 Bandit Outlaw (Melee)
00037C2D Bandit Outlaw (Ranged)
00039D51 Bandit Plunderer (Magic)
0001E610 Bandit Plunderer (Melee)
00037C3C Bandit Plunderer (Ranged)
00039D43 Bandit Thug (Magic)
0001BCDA Bandit Thug (Melee)
00037C2E Bandit Thug (Ranged)
00023A8A Bear
00046E84 Black-Briar Mercenary (Melee)
000AD09C Black-Briar Mercenary (Ranged)
000DC8DA Blackblood Marauder (Beserker)
000DC8DB Blackblood Marauder (Tank)
000DC8DC Blackblood Marauder (Ranged)
000DC8D9 Blackblood Marauder (Magic)
000DC8D8 Blackblood Marauder (Magic)
000F80FD Blood Dragon (Fire)
000E6D73 Blood Horker (Two Handed Melee)
000E6D71 Blood Horker (Melee)
000E6D74 Blood Horker (Tank)
000E6D75 Blood Horker (Ranged)
000E6D76 Blood Horker (Magic)
000DAE86 Blood Horker (Two Handed)
000DAE8C Blood Horker (Ranged)
0003384E Blooded Vampire
0004D8D1 Boethiah Cultist
0004D8D3 Boethiah Cultist
0004D8D4 Boethiah Cultist
0004D8D5 Boethiah Cultist
0004D8D2 Boethiah Cultist
000B0E87 Boethiah Cultist
000F812A Bounty Collector
000BC09F Bounty Hunter (Melee)
000BC0A0 Bounty Hunter (Ranged)
000BC0A1 Bounty Hunter (Magic)
00023A8B Cave Bear
000A5600 Chaurus
00023A8F Chaurus Reaper
000DE517 Companion Ghost (Female One Handed Melee)
000AB102 Companion Ghost (Male One Handed Melee)
000DE516 Companion Ghost (Female Two Handed Melee)
000DE519 Companion Ghost (Male Two Handed Melee)
000DE518 Companion Ghost (Female Ranged)
000AB104 Companion Ghost (Male Ranged)
0006D231 Conjurer
0006D230 Conjurer Adept
000EB876 Corrupted Shade (Melee)
000F5BBB Corrupted Shade (Ranged)
000EB870 Corrupted Shade (Melee)
000F5BB9 Corrupted Shade (Ranged)
000EBA05 Corrupted Shade (Melee)
000F5BBA Corrupted Shade (Ranged)
000E5F38 Corsair
00100567 Corsair
0005B615 Corsair
00100566 Corsair
00045CBF Cryomancer
000EAFB4 Dragon (Frost)
000354CA Dragon
0001CA03 Dragon (Fire)
000CD63E Dragon Cultist
00023A93 Dragon Priest
0010FC15 Dragon Priest
0003B547 Draugr
0004247E Draugr Death Overlord
0004247F Draugr Death Overlord (Ebony Equipment)
0003B54B Draugr Deathlord
00044C5B Draugr Deathlord (Ebony Equipment)
0004247B Draugr Overlord
0003B54A Draugr Scourge
0004247D Draugr Scourge Lord
000ABA9C Draugr Thrall (Melee)
000ABAA0 Draugr Thrall (Melee)
000ABAA1 Draugr Thrall (Ranged)
000ABAA2 Draugr Thrall (Magic)
0003B549 Draugr Wight
0004247C Draugr Wight Lord
0016EF0 Dremora Caitiff (Melee)
00016EF6 Dremora Caitiff (Ranged)
00016F04 Dremora Caitiff (Magic)
00023A95 Dremora Churl (Melee)
00025D1C Dremora Churl (Ranged)
00025D1D Dremora Churl (Magic)
00016F6A Dremora Kynreeve (Melee)
00016FE2 Dremora Kynreeve (Ranged)
00016FF3 Dremora Kynreeve (Magic)
00016F40 Dremora Kynval (Melee)
00016F46 Dremora Kynval (Ranged)
00016F69 Dremora Kynval (Magic)
0010DDEE Dremora Lord
00016FF4 Dremora Markynaz (Melee)
00016FF6 Dremora Markynaz (Ranged)
00016FF7 Dremora Markynaz (Magic)
00017ED7 Dremora Messenger
00016FF9 Dremora Valkynaz (Ranged)
00016FFA Dremora Valkynaz (Magic)
00016FF8 Dremora Valynaz (Melee)
00084D15 Dunmer Ghost
0010F9B9 Dwarven Centurion
000C3CB9 Dwarven Centurion
0010E753 Dwarven Centurion Guardian
00023A96 Dwarven Centurion Master
0010EC89 Dwarven Sphere
000C272D Dwarven Sphere
000EED25 Dwarven Sphere
00023A97 Dwarven Sphere Guardian
0010EC8E Dwarven Sphere Master
00023A98 Dwarven Spider
0010EC87 Dwarven Spider Guardian
0010EC86 Dwarven Spider Worker
000132A0 East Empire Dockmaster
0007E5EB East Empire Dockworker
0007E5EA East Empire Dockworker
00056AFD East Empire Mercenary
000CA6D1 East Empire Warden
000F811B Elder Dragon (Fire)
000F811A Elder Dragon (Frost)
00045CC0 Electromancer
000F737C Enthralled Wizard
000F7385 Enthralled Wizard
000F4926 Enthralled Wizard
0003B54C Falmer
00029980 Falmer Gloomlurker
0003B54E Falmer Nightprowler
000B2D35 Falmer Servant
0003B54F Falmer Shadowmaster
0003B54D Falmer Skulker
00045CA0 Fire Mage
00045C7A Fire Mage Adept
00045CBB Fire Wizard
00023AA6 Flame Atronach
0009B2AE Flame Thrall
00043BDC Forsworn
0004430A Forsworn Briarheart (Magic)
0004430B Forsworn Briarheart (Melee)
0004430C Forsworn Briarheart (Magic)
0004430D Forsworn Briarheart (Melee)
0004430E Forsworn Briarheart (Magic)
0004430F Forsworn Briarheart (Melee)
00044310 Forsworn Briarheart (Magic)
00044311 Forsworn Briarheart (Melee)
00044312 Forsworn Briarheart (Magic)
00044313 Forsworn Briarheart (Melee)
00043BF0 Forsworn Forager (Magic)
00043BEE Forsworn Forager (Melee)
00043BEF Forsworn Forager (Ranged)
00044262 Forsworn Looter (Magic)
00044263 Forsworn Looter (Melee)
00044264 Forsworn Looter (Ranged)
00044274 Forsworn Pillager (Magic)
00044275 Forsworn Pillager (Melee)
00044276 Forsworn Pillager (Ranged)
00044286 Forsworn Ravager (Magic)
00044287 Forsworn Ravager (Melee)
00044288 Forsworn Ravager (Ranged)
00043BEA Forsworn Shaman (Magic)
00044298 Forsworn Warlord (Magic)
00044299 Forsworn Warlord (Melee)
0004429A Forsworn Warlord (Ranged)
00023AA7 Frost Atronach
000351C3 Frost Dragon
000F82BA Frost Spirit
0009B2AB Frost Thrall
00023ABB Frost Troll
00041FB4 Frostbite Spider
00104B61 Ghost (Magic)
00104B60 Ghost (Magic)
00104B5F Ghost (Magic)
00104B5E Ghost (Magic)
00104B5D Ghost (Magic)
00104B5C Ghost (Magic)
00104B5B Ghost (Magic)
000D93A2 Ghost (Female One Handed Melee)
000B1F96 Ghost (Male One Handed Melee)
000D93A3 Ghost (Female Two Handed Melee)
000B1F97 Ghost (Male Two Handed Melee)
000D93A4 Ghost (Female Beserker)
000B1F98 Ghost (Male Beserker)
000D93A5 Ghost (Female Tank)
000B1F99 Ghost (Male Tank)
000D93A6 Ghost (Female Ranged)
000B1F9A Ghost (Male Ranged)
000D93A7 Ghost (Female Magic)
000B1F9B Ghost (Male Magic)
000B117E Ghost
000C19F7 Ghost
00023AAE Giant
00023AAB Giant Frostbite Spider
000A350A Glenmoril Witch
00090CE2 Great Beast
00074F83 Hag (Fire)
00074F84 Hag (Ice)
00074F85 Hag (Storm)
00023AB0 Hagraven
00035B5E Hired Thug
000D783C Hired Thug
000D783B Hired Thug
00023AB1 Horker
00045CA1 Ice Mage
00045C7B Ice Mage Adept
00045CBC Ice Wizard
00023ABF Ice Wolf
00023AB3 Ice Wraith
0005AE91 Insane College Wizard
00079915 Magic Anomaly
0010E752 Malfunctioning Dwarven Sphere
0006D233 Master Conjurer
000551AF Master Necromancer
002E098 Master Vampire
0002E12A Master Vampire
0002E1B1 Master Vampire
0002E1B8 Master Vampire
000CE082 Mazgak
000252AA Mehrunes Dagon
0007EB38 Mercenary
000C0113 Mistwatch Bandit
000D3BDF Mistwatch Bandit
000C0115 Mistwatch Bandit
000C0124 Mistwatch Bandit (Beserker)
000C0125 Mistwatch Bandit (Tank)
000C0116 Mistwatch Bandit (Ranged)
000C0114 Mistwatch Bandit (Ranged)
000C0126 Mistwatch Bandit (Magic)
00021875 Mudcrab (Giant)
000E4011 Mudcrab (Large)
000E4010 Mudcrab (Medium)
000551AD Necromage
00028502 Necromancer
000551AC Necromancer Adept
0009F35F Northwatch Archer
000C07C2 Northwatch Guard
00027F78 Northwatch Guard
0009F360 Northwatch Interrogator
000C4EB1 Northwatch Mage
0006D22E Novice Conjurer
00044CD7 Novice Fire Mage
00044CD8 Novice Ice Mage
001092F5 Novice Necromancer
000548FE Novice Necromancer
00044CD9 Novice Storm Mage
00045CBE Pyromancer
00023AB5 Sabre Cat
0002A3D8 Shor's Stone Guard
000AA08A Silver Hand (Ranged)
00108BBC Silver Hand
00108BBE Silver Hand
00108BBD Silver Hand
00108BBB Silver Hand
00108BBF Silver Hand
000A9548 Silver Hand
0002AB87 Silver Hand (One Handed Melee)
0006466C Silver Hand (One Handed Melee)
0002AB89 Silver Hand (Two Handed Melee)
0004499F Silver Hand
0002AB88 Silver Hand (Ranged)
000C7410 Silver Hand (Ranged)
0003680A Silver-Blood Guard
000622E1 Silver-Blood Mercenary
00023AB7 Skeever
0009192C Skeletal Dragon
0009362B Skeleton (Magic)
00104176 Skeleton (Magic)
0002D1DE Skeleton (One Handed)
0002D1FD Skeleton (Shield)
0002D1E0 Skeleton (Two Handed)
0002D1FC Skeleton (Ranged)
00023AB8 Slaughterfish
00023A8C Snow Bear
000829B6 Snow Fox
00023AB6 Snowy Sabre Cat
0023AB9 Spriggan
000F3905 Spriggan Matron
0009AA3B Spriggan Swarm
00023AA8 Storm Atronach
000045CA2 Storm Mage
00045C7C Storm Mage Adept
0009B2AA Storm Thrall
00045CBD Storm Wizard
000C5676 Summerset Shadow
0010516F Thalmor Justiciar (Armoured)
0010516E Thalmor Justiciar (Armoured No Helmet)
000B5E11 Thalmor Justiciar (Mage)
0002B124 Thalmor Soldier (Melee)
000728AC Thalmor Soldier (Ranged)
000728AD Thalmor Wizard (Mage)
00023ABA Troll
00032FE8 Vampire
00032FE7 Vampire Fledgling
0003384F Vampire Mistwalker
00033850 Vampire Nightstalker
00042267 Vampire's Thrall (Mage)
0002EB0B Vampire's Thrall (One Handed Melee)
0002EC1B Vampire's Thrall (One Handed Melee)
0002ED6B Vampire's Thrall (Two Handed Melee)
0002ED6D Vampire's Thrall (Two Handed Melee)
0002ED6E Vampire's Thrall (Melee)
0002ED86 Vampire's Thrall (Melee)
0002EE9D Vampire's Thrall (Melee)
0002EE9E Vampire's Thrall (Beserker)
0002EED0 Vampire's Thrall (Melee)
0002EED1 Vampire's Thrall (Melee)
0002EED2 Vampire's Thrall (Melee)
0002EED3 Vampire's Thrall (Melee)
0002EED5 Vampire's Thrall (Melee)
0002EED6 Vampire's Thrall (Melee)
0002EED7 Vampire's Thrall (Tank)
0002EED8 Vampire's Thrall (Tank)
0002EEDC Vampire's Thrall (Ranged)
0002EEDD Vampire's Thrall (Ranged)
0002EEDE Vampire's Thrall (Ranged)
0002EEDF Vampire's Thrall (Ranged)
0002EEE0 Vampire's Thrall (Ranged)
0002EEE1 Vampire's Thrall (Ranged)
0008E2F7 Vampire's Thrall (Ranged)
0002EEE5 Vampire's Thrall (Ranged)
0002EEE6 Vampire's Thrall (Ranged)
0002EEE7 Vampire's Thrall (Mage)
0002EEE8 Vampire's Thrall (Mage)
0002EEE9 Vampire's Thrall (Mage)
0002EEEA Vampire's Thrall (Mage)
0002EEEB Vampire's Thrall (Mage)
0002EEEC Vampire's Thrall (Mage)
0002EEED Vampire's Thrall (Mage)
0002EEEE Vampire's Thrall (Mage)
0002E1BF Volkihar Master Vampire
00033852 Volkihar Vampire
00023ABC Werewolf
00023ABC Werewolf
000A092E Werewolf Beastmaster
000A092C Werewolf Brute
000A092B Werewolf Savage
000A092D Werewolf Skinwalker
000A092F Werewolf Vargr
0002C3C7 Wisp
00023ABD Wispmother
00023ABE Wolf
PC Gamer
Portal 2 PeTI
Valve have announced that the Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Initiative puzzle maker has seen more than 35,000 levels published to the Steam Workshop since its release on Tuesday - and they've been downloaded over 1.3 million times.

In order to celebrate these really very large numbers, Valve have decided to make some other numbers much smaller: namely, the prices of Portal 2, Skyrim and TF2 Workshop Items on Steam. The 'Weekend Workshop Sale' will run until Monday and you can pick up Portal 2 for £5.09 and Skyrim for £23.44.

You can check out our first hands-on with the puzzle maker here, and if you're picking up Skyrim this weekend be sure to browse the PC Gamer mod collections for the best additions to the game.
PC Gamer
Elder Scrolls Online has just been announced, to the pretend shock of people who definitely didn't already know that was happening. It's being made by Zenimax Online Studios, the studio founded by Bethesda's parent company to develop massively multiplayer games. There have been a lot of rumours that Elder Scrolls Online was going to be their first game, but this is the first time we've heard anything concrete.

This will also be the first time the Elder Scrolls universe has been the setting for anything other than a singleplayer game. We know very little about it so far, though Game Informer have started to trickle out the details. So far they've revealed that it's "set a millennium before the events of Skyrim as the daedric prince Molag Bal tries to pull all of Tamriel into his demonic realm." The game will also include vast PvP conflicts between three factions, in which players will fight for the Emperor's throne, as well as "solo questing" and "public dungeons".

Most exciting: the first teaser trailer is due to hit tomorrow morning. Read on for a bit more mad speculation.

That still leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Will there be long queues to enter instanced oblivion gates? Will there be a crafting system that relies on every player stuffing hundreds of lettuces and calipers in their pockets? There's bound to be more information in the coming weeks as everyone prepares for E3. And for now, we can stare at the image we made above and let our imaginations run wild.

If you're one of the many who aren't yet done venturing through Skyrim though, try out our best Skyrim mods story.

Are you excited at the chance to play a Skyrim-style game with your friends, or would you rather venture through Bethesda's worlds on your own?
PC Gamer
Bethesda tweeted a tidbit today to make our Skyrim-playing console brethren even further jealous: a Thu’um-worthy 13.6 million PC mods have been downloaded to date, through Steam Workshop alone. That’s almost as many dragon bones as I have gathering dust in the front cabinet at Breezehome!

In recognition of this colossal milestone, here are some of the most subscribed mods from the last month in Steam Workshop. Also, remember to bookmark our ever-updating list of the 25 best Skyrim mods!

1. Dragon Bone Weapons CompleteEver wondered why you can’t take that huge stack of dragon bones you’ve already crafted a full set of armor for yourself and your housecarl with, and put them to further use? This mod lets you craft blunt and pointy objects of all shapes and sizes with them, to match your fashionable hauberks and pauldrons. According to the mod’s creator: “The purpose of the mod is to make the Dragon Bone Smithing perk worth getting after Deadric Smithing and the weapons are meant to fit in as seamlessly as possible with Bethesda's original Dragon Bone armor.”

2. Sabre Cat CompanionLong-time Skyrim adventurers likely remember those moments at lower levels when one of these nasty beasties would jump out of the brush at you, and you would be forced to promptly turn and run for the nearest clean pants merchant. Wouldn’t it be great to have one that fights for you for a change? Well, with this mod, you can has! Your loyal sabrecat will meet up with you at Jorrvaskr in Whiterun, complete with follow, wait, and go home commands.

3. Dovahkiin Relaxes TooFor those always looking to wring a little extra roleplaying immersion out of Skyrim, this mod allows you to engage in many of the idle animations previously restricted to NPCs. Using a new, context-sensitive shout power called Dovahkiin’s Relax, you can lay down in a bed, pantomime eating a shank of something while sitting, lean up against a wall, warm your hands at a fire, and much more!

4. Pure WatersThis mod seeks to make all of Skyrim’s lakes, streams, and coastlines look nicer, and more accurate to what you would expect to find in the cold, mountainous region the game is named for. The description touts color enhancements, unique textures for different water types, removal of “too glossy” water in some areas, and better underwater perspective filters.

5. Plant Trees
For the environmentally-conscious Dragonborn, this mod adds a new vendor outside of Whiterun selling tree seeds. Once placed in the world, they will sprout as saplings and steadily grow larger over time. Fully-grown trees will even drop seeds of their own, and eventually die.

6. Helmetless WarriorI always find it a shame to hide my strapping Nord’s mane of luscious, flowing, golden hair behind some ugly piece of dragonbone that looks like it fell off of a Power Rangers villain. This mod adds an extra set of helmets to the smithing menu that have the same stats as the existing ones, but don’t show up on your character model. Now you don’t need to choose between protecting your head from incoming projectiles and being a hit with the ladies!

Is popularity of a mod a good indication of quality? How do you find cool, new mods to spruce up your Skyrim experience?

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