Crusader Kings III: Chapter III

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Write glorious new sagas of military conquest and romantic adventures with Chapter III.
This Chapter includes two expansions, one event pack, and one cosmetic enhancement.
Enjoy new mechanics, new events, and new historical flavor to add greater depth to Crusader Kings III!

Chapter III includes:

Couture of the Capets (included in Chapter III)

Unveil a world of opulence with Couture of the Capets. Available immediately upon purchase of Chapter III, this cosmetic pack introduces new fashions and styles inspired by French royal culture in the High Middle Ages (13th century).

Legends of the Dead

Turn yourself into a figure of legend in this Core Expansion, where great feats and effective propaganda can enhance the power of your bloodline through the centuries. Direct the course of your dynastic legend through Court Chroniclers, and use your growing reputation to build a lasting material legacy. But beware of the growing threat from distant lands, as the Black Death builds a legendary legacy of its own.

Roads to Power

The majesty of the Byzantine Empire takes center stage in this Major Expansion. Rule from Constantinople through a new Administrative Government form and experience a variety of new Byzantine themed events and flavor. Or, be truly daring and live a life where your noble reputation is not tied to the land, roaming the map as an Adventurer for hire.

Wandering Nobles

Building on the travel system introduced with ‘Tours & Tournaments’, this event pack introduces a new Travel Lifestyle and new ways and reasons to travel - incidents and stories related to roaming far from the safety of your court.

Items included in this bundle

Crusader Kings III: Couture of the Capets
  RPG, Simulation, Strategy
Crusader Kings III: Legends of the Dead
  RPG, Simulation, Strategy
Crusader Kings III: Roads to Power
  RPG, Simulation, Strategy
Crusader Kings III: Wandering Nobles
  RPG, Simulation, Strategy
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