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What is Atomine?

Atomine is a twin stick procedural shooter rogue-lite set in a virtual world with minimalist design, where the player recounts on the screen the real events of STUXNET, the first weapon ever created in the form of computer virus.
In every run the player has to clear the level area from all the enemies in order to unlock the portal to the next level. During the run every killed enemy will leave on the ground XPs, energy and/or weapon modules.

What is Kaboom Monsters?

KaBoom Monsters is a revolutionary fantasy strategic card game!
The game takes place against a backdrop of rich details and terrific graphics – in a fantasy world that doesn’t take itself too seriously.
The intuitive gameplay is backed up by a rich and immersive gaming experience. You create your own cards, develop your deck and jump into an epic single player campaign with a series of battles. KaBoom Monsters offers a unique card/object crafting system allowing you to pimp up your weapons, shields and add different objects to boost your deck.

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Kaboom Monsters
  Приключенски, Неангажиращи, Независими, Стратегии, Ранен достъп
  Екшъни, Независими
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