Neon Abyss Deluxe Edition

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Combining furious run ‘n’ gun action and deep, roguelike mechanics, Neon Abyss pits you as a member of ‘Grim Squad’ – a task force set-up by Hades himself to infiltrate the Abyss and defeat the New Gods. Do you think you have what it takes to be the boss? Then lock ‘n’ load with the Neon Abyss Digital Deluxe Edition!

The Deluxe Edition includes:

Neon Abyss Game

The Lovable Rogues Pack: Take control of two extra characters as a result of Titan’s failed experiments – the katana wielding, Saya and the mind-bending, Amir.

Neon Abyss OST: Filled with rhythmic loops and pulsing beats across its 15 tracks, be transported into the Abyss at your peril. No crystals required.
Unleash outrageous weaponry, including Jimmy the cat-gun, as you look to beat a series of evolving dungeons.

Артикули, включени в този комплект

Neon Abyss
  Екшъни, Приключенски, Независими, Ролеви
Neon Abyss - Lovable Rogues Pack
  Екшъни, Приключенски, Независими
Neon Abyss Soundtrack
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Закупуване на Neon Abyss Deluxe Edition КОМПЛЕКТ (?)