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Fancy yourself the entire collection of Little Misfortune in one bite!

Little Misfortune Artbook
Revisit the wonderful environments of Little Misfortune through this colorful artbook. It includes a personal preface written by the developers, character descriptions, early sketches and 44 special arranged illustrations from the game.

Little Misfortune Desktop Wallpapers
Decorate your desktop with your favorite character from the game. Misfortune, Benjamin and Morgo, available in sparkly 4k.

Little Misfortune Original Soundtrack
Follow the story of Misfortune through the haunting melodies of Isak J. Martinsson.

01. Welcome
02. Let's play
03. Music 4 Ever
04. Deal
05. Unfortunate Misfortune
06. Love Petting You
07. We Miss You Puppy
08. Afternoon Adventure
09. The Painter
10. Animal In The Woods
11. Rodent Underground
12. Competitive Dancing
13. Breaking Bad
14. Everything Is Good Until It Goes Bad
15. Silent Fields Of Openfields
16. Guilty Feelings
17. Duck Manifesto
18. Everything Dies
19. Parasite Proximity
20. A Different World
21. Several Variations Of Funny Birds
22. Trespassing
23. Gothspel
24. Ay Que Miedo!
25. Unicorn Fangirl
26. Where's Daddy
27. Sugar Breakfast
28. Death Time
29. Toy Graveyard
30. Future Fox
31. Hello From Beyond
32. Time Travel
33. Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich Gone Bad
34. Get Up
35. You Can Do It
36. Last Train Home
37. Morgo From Beyond
38. Going Somewhere Else
39. We're Not In Pandora Anymore
40. Little Misfortune

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Little Misfortune
  Adventure, Casual, Indie
Little Misfortune Original Soundtrack
  Adventure, Casual, Indie
Little Misfortune Official Artbook
  Adventure, Casual, Indie
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