Play as a demon in this story driven slasher horror game. Summoned from the depths of hell into our world, use your demonic abilities to gruesomely take down everything between you and your path back to the underworld. Be the horror.
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Mixed (15) - 66% of the 15 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date:
May 28, 2018

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“We believe we need to involve the community in the development of the game, and what better way is there than to put Tainted Fate into your hands.
We've been working on Tainted Fate so long, we're not sure we clearly see the areas of the game we need to improve the most. That's where you come in. Based on player feedback we'll tweak and improve the game.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“Two to six months.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“It will be more polished. We're planning more modes (challenge arenas, new game+, endless mode), more replay value, Steam achievements, less bugs, better performance, better visuals, animations and sounds. The boss fights will be enlarged in scope and have multiple tiers. Especially the final boss fight in which we plan to invest a lot of time. Today's games often have anticlimactic endings and we want to fix that by having an epic boss fight that's practically a whole level for itself.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“The Early Access version has the full story campaign. There are lots of bugs, the AI is not at a level we're satisfied with, we need to do a final performance optimization pass so we can target lower end hardware than in early access.
We need to balance the game for the player to truly have the option to untangle any situation in his way (chaos, stealth, mixed). We also need to tweak the difficulty curve to be fun but still challenging to the player.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“Based on player feedback, we may raise the price for the full release of the game.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“We're not a big publisher who will stay silent after we throw the game into the player's hands. We're a small indie team that's not afraid to reply to your reviews and criticisms and, most importantly, take them into account and improve the game based on them.”
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Notice: Requires a virtual reality headset. See the VR Support section for more info.

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Recent updates View all (7)

March 15

Audio Overhaul, New Enemy, Achievements

New music, new sound effects, remixed sounds that sucked, new voice overs, new enemy type, bug fixes, gameplay improvements, achievements. We got it all.

New Enemy

This dude has four hands! That's two more hands you can tear off compared to a regular type dude. He'll show up in sacrificial pit fights in hell levels and has his own personal dismemberment gate in level 17.

Idle Mode

Enemies don't just stand around anymore, they do stuff! We've recorded more dialogues between enemies, and made more custom animations for enemies on levels. Now they push crates, pick stuff up and sit on stuff. Some of them are doing really shady stuff :O

New Music And Sound Effects
We've added music queues that start playing in certain parts of levels or when certain events happen. Sound effects for movable objects such as barrels, chairs, glass bottles, torn body parts and organs have new and more unique sound effects.

New Voice Over
Characters that sounded, let's say, um, not very believable have been re-recorded. Demons have more grunt sounds, hurt sounds, screams, quips they yell at the player and so on. Non humanoid enemies now sound suitably wild and scary.

Final Boss Fight Finished
We've been overhauling the final boss with every new update and didn't feel satisfied with the fight until now. There's thunder bolts and lightning, very, very frightening you. There's checkpoints between parts of the fight, there's more dialogue, the gameplay flow is more fun. The bugs have been exterminated. It's finally a suitable end to the slapstick gore-fest that is Tainted Fate. Also you get these flamey hands:


We're really happy to announce that we've implemented Steam achievements! Some are obtainable through just playing the campaign, others are harder to achieve and will test your exploration and demon tearing skills.

All changes:
-spiky dismemberment gate torn off hand would act weirdly - fixed
- after you tear apart an enemy with a sharp object, they go directly to ragdoll instead of into animation and then ragdoll
-torso mesh deformation when cut with sharp object fixed
-3d text shader changed in all levels so you can't see it through other objects anymore
-enemies that talk before the player approaches them don't continue talking during fighting anymore
-enemies now wait a second before attacking after they are alerted to player's presence, so player has a chance to instakill at least one enemy in group
-ambient music fades out when fight music starts, fades back in when fight music finishes
-minion shuts up if it's turned into iron (on pressure plate)
-added idle mode - some enemies now play custom animations before player interrupts them
-added new enemy - HandyBoi complete with anims, sounds, parts to tear off etc.
-when you touch exit level object on some levels, it automatically loads the next level (you don't have to teleport into all level exit objects anymore)
-in some levels you can now "open" the exit level door to advance to next level (previously you had to teleport into exit level doors)
-fixed bug where you could spawn an infinite number of explodable lanterns in prison island puzzle
-catacombs puzzle fixed
-enemies can't tear their limbs off on axes and shovels around the levels anymore (they would just walk onto a shovel and their legs would fall off)
-fixed critter bug in church boss fight
-fixed sound bug in shipwreck puzzle
-shipwreck and church intro dialogue does not play again after dying anymore
-doubled max pixel light count (no more "one eye has light, other doesn't" bugs)
-improved enemy AI, they don't try to go to starting position after losing player anymore (this resulted in them walking into walls etc)
-doggo now has proper demonic sounds
-new screams for tearing
-more quips for enemies to yell at you
-new sounds for objects (metal, glass shatters, gates opening,...)
-more ambient music in certain parts of levels
-ambient music fades out during fights when metal music is rocking
-death drums play when u dieded
-fixed critter voice over mistake
-new voice over for lesser cultists
-replaced voice over for cultists with new voice over
-fixed trails on lesser cultist and final boss glowy balls
-fixed surfaces where you couldn't teleport but should
-fixed surfaces where you couldn't free walk (certain stairs and inclines)
-thunder and lightning added in final boss fight
-completely remade final boss fight level environment
-changed final boss fight flow and difficulty
-added new player power for end of boss fight
-new checkpoints in middle of boss fights
-you can't fall off of edges of surfaces anymore in free walk mode - you just stop (less dizziness for players, less bugs for us) - this may not seem like a big one but it's a big one. Trust me.
-implemented Steam achievements

This update finishes up our update path for Tainted Fate. We will do one more big round of testing and bug fixing, but you can expect the full release very soon. We'd like to thank our fans who reported bugs and proposed features throughout the early access period. We would also like to thank everyone who gave positive and negative reviews, as long as they contained some constructive criticism we learned from them and fixed the stuff you didn't like.
Thank you for playing Tainted Fate. We <3 u and hope to get a lot more people playing on full release day!
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October 29, 2018

Halloween Slasher Mega Update

Get ready for Tainted Fate's biggest update yet and just in time for Halloween! (Obviously our favorite day of the year.)
In the two months since the last update we focused on improving the graphics and overall look of the game, we've added new gameplay features, dismemberment gates, new ways to tear apart enemies (sharp objects, yay!), blood stains, we've started the final boss fight overhaul, new levels and bug fixes and other things we forgot to mention. Fun stuff!

Don't like reading? Here's a short video showing off some of the stuff in this update: CLICK ME

Double Texture Size

We have enabled the highest setting for textures that were lowered in production and have created new higher res versions of textures that were already at their highest setting. Every single object and creature in the game is now two times sharper when viewed up close (and you do that a lot in VR).
1080p comparison sreenshots:
Example one
Example two
Example three
Example four
We changed the textures section of the settings menu to have three options: Low (this was Medium in previous update), Medium (this was High in previous update) and High (new setting).

New Water Shader

Up until now we just used Unity's standard shader for the water in Tainted Fate, which resulted in the ocean looking like a bumpy piece of hard plastic.
We're now using a better shader with transparency when you're near, foam on the edges where the water collides with terrain and objects, nicer colors, more believable waves and light reflection.

New background vistas on many levels

In VR one of the most visually stunning things you can see is environments stretching far out into the distance. While the island in tainted fate has some locations where the vistas are impressive, the hell levels were all just floating islands with not much around them. That has bothered us for a long time and we decided the hell levels need environments around them to feel like a real place and not a video game level made only for the sake of gameplay.
(we added this in the previous update and forgot to mention it because we're kinda slow!)

Dismemberment Gates

Dismemberment Gates are Tainted Fate's new gameplay feature to make the dismemberment system have more use than just making enemies die. The player must tear apart enemies and put torn off body parts into their corresponding holes in the Gates. When all the body parts have been set the gates open and allow the player to continue. We have a few different gates; some require just one enemy to be torn apart, some require a whole group of different enemy types to be slaughtered and ripped apart and placed into the Gates.
Expect to find dismemberment gates throughout the story campaign.

New ways to dismember (on the road towards Dismemberment System 3.0)

Surprise! As promised, we've started adding new ways to dismember. The first one of these is cutting off body parts with sharp objects. If you happen to find an axe, or maybe a shovel, or if you're really lucky, a chainsaw - you can cut off enemy's body parts with it and feel like a slasher horror villain. Throw an axe at an enemy's head to split it open. Or grab him and start cutting away. Or place the axe on a table and throw an enemy on it like a real surgeon would. Sweep an enemy off his feet with a chainsaw like in the best romance novels. Hold a chainsaw in front of you and wait for enemies to run into it because the AI sucks. The choice is yours.

Blood stains (decals)

We've added blood stains that spray on the surface where you tear an enemy's limb. If you throw a body part with enough force into a surface it also creates a stain at the contact location. Thrown organs create pools of blood also. This makes fights more bloody and turns fight areas into blood soaked battlefields. Look back onto a fight area after a particularly hard battle and enjoy the bloody trail you left behind.

Many materials turned into PBR
Although Tainted Fate mostly uses physics based rendering (a modern approach to textures and materials which makes them more believable) on its materials, some of the materials use textures that were designed for the old (diffuse+normal+specular) system of shading. We've adjusted many materials and textures to make use of true PBR rendering, which results in the game looking a lot more coherent.

Level of detail adjustments
The level of detail (LOD) is the way our game reduces the complexity of objects based on how far they are to the player's view. This was set to quite near so objects would pop in or change shape suddenly while you were walking through levels. We have increased the distance at which objects change complexity so you can now see objects from further away and there is drastically less pop-in.

New shader - smooth level of detail transitions
In addition to being able to see objects from further away, the transition between the different LOD stages is now smooth like in modern AAA games. Objects now fade into view instead of popping into view and you can barely see them changing from low poly versions into higher poly versions because of the smooth transitions.

New levels
02HellJobAdditional: After the first level there is now a level introducing the dismemberment gate gameplay feature. You get to see some hellish sculptures on the way.

11CatacombsAdditonal: There is a new catacombs level that starts after you finish the old catacombs level. In this one there is a giant cavern with a dismemberment gate in the middle.

19BossIntro: There is now a final boss intro level where Baal throws his giant flaming balls at you while you jump from platform to platform trying not to get killed by Ball's balls. His balls hurt. They're not blue tho. They are, in fact, orange. (this level was introduced in the previous Puzzles Galore Update but we forgot to mention it!)

All changes:
-all textures doubled in size (new low, med, high texture setting)
-new water shader added on all levels
-background vistas for scenes MainMenu, 01helljob, 17HellParty, 18TwistedDimension, 19BossIntro and 20FinalFight
-changed lots of textures from diffuse+normal+specular to albedo+normal+metallic+smooth+AO
-changed LOD settings on all objects
-most objects now use shader with smooth LOD transitions
-added spawn effects for priests in catacombs and village
-more checkpoints in prison island and shipwreck (so you don't have to replay puzzle if you die after it)
-more checkpoints on just about every level
-reworked 12Woods atmosphere (every tester said the graphics on that level sucked. It was so ugly to some, they thought there was a bug with the lighting)
-new decorative objects on levels
-changed opening scene to have more interesting environment
-many textures changed to better fit into their environment
-added dismember gates gameplay feature
-reworked and prolonged first level into two levels to accommodate Spiky dismember gate
-reworked fight in cave after boss to have a Spiky x2 dismember gate
-added new catacombs level with Doggo dismember gate
-added mixed giant epic dismember gate in level 17HellParty instead of lame fight at end of level
-put stairs at end of 16Island4 instead of jumping on rocks - not confusing where you need to go anymore
-added new level - Boss Fight Intro
-level exits that are pure white now have a fade so it looks more pleasing
-bottles now break when thrown
-wine bottles have new label (this is the change you have been waiting for all your life)
-"water" in final boss's stomach has a green haze now
-fixed number one (1) in main font so it doesn't look like a seven (7) - confused people in high scores
-more blood decals on levels
-when final boss hurts you it plays hurt sound instead of eat sound
-more dynamic objects in house level
-set up light probes on multiple levels so dynamic models are affected by baked lights
-Oculus Rift only bugfix: tunneling (vignetting) now works in free walk mode
-Oculus Rift only bugfix: after you start holding a body part vibration stops (before it would vibrate a second longer)
-no more delay between explosion and reaction in puzzles
-no more delay between enemy spawn effect and enemy actually spawning
-enemies now go into ragdoll when they die from natural causes (not killed by player, killed by minion or environment)
-if a headset is not detected, instead of looping an error message 90 times per second, the game tells you there was no headset detected
-blood now sprays on floor and stays there when you tear an enemy
-torn parts also leave a blood stain if thrown with enough force
-organs spray blood on the floor if thrown with enough force
-axe, rasp, shovel and chainsaw now dismember limbs of thrown with enough force
-axe, rasp, shovel and chainsaw while held in hand can now be used to chop up enemies
-final boss fight reworked - 50% on the road to greatness
-fixed lighthouse light rotation bug
-Locked doors have handles that can be moved now
-Cupboards, electric boxes and other small objects with doors on them can be opened
-chainsaw now usable - chain rotates when picked up and can cut up enemies until fuel runs out
-player can't walk through green rocks anymore
-temporarily removed ambient occlusion from options (we'll bring it back when we fix all bugs with shaders)
-goat heads and brains don't spin indefinitely anymore
-changed sharp object placement on levels for more fun!
-enemies that die from natural causes (killed by other enemies or minions or env hazards) now go into ragdoll instead of staying in last animation frame
-plugged a lot of holes where you sneaky speedrunny bois would skip portions of levels or softlock the game

That's not everything, but it's everything we have written down! We hope you look forward to the next update in which our main priority is to overhaul the audio side of the game to be more meaty and polished. In addition to that we will polish the tearing system to be more responsive and remove some bugs we found with cutting with sharp objects. We'll also add tons of new sounds and ambient music and continue the Dismemberment System to be more versatile. Thank you for playing Tainted Fate. We <3 u.
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About This Game


Massacre those who wish to orchestrate your destiny. Dismember any living being. Spawn your minions to aid you in your quest for blood.


Grab enemies and tear their limbs off. Spawn your minions to take the heat off you or spawn critters that blow up on contact. Teleport into enemies for an instant kill. Throw explosive objects into crowds of enemies. Slow down time for extra precision while dismembering enemies or throwing objects. Mix and match abilities for wild combos resulting in a spectacle of blood and flying body parts.


VR games should have a minimal HUD with as little text and as few numbers as possible sticking to your face. That's why Tainted Fate has no HUD at all. The ability you have selected is visible through your hands. The colors fade as you take more damage. Haptic feedback, visual and audio cues help immerse you into the world of Tainted Fate.


Bosses the size of a building? Check. Multiple ways to defeat them? Check. Gain their abilities after the fight? Check. Chop off their heads, jump down their neck, make a stew out of their guts and exit through their poop hole? Check.


You are new to VR or get sick easily? Use teleportation. You're a VR veteran and want free walking for smooth locomotion? We got you covered. You don't want to turn around in the real world and want to play sitting in a sofa like our lazy developers? Use the front facing mode. Depending on whether you use a Rift, Vive or Windows MR headset, the game dynamically changes the tutorials and in-game images to correspond to your headset and chosen locomotion system.

Have a beast of a PC and want all the SSAOs and dynamic shadows and blooms so strong your eyes melt from all the glow? Still got you covered. Want to play at a rock solid 90fps on your sensibly built rig or laptop? Turn them graphics down, son.


Tainted Fate does not take itself too seriously. It's a game in which you are a demon that yells inappropriate one liners at his enemies, but don't be deceived by the shallowness of the protagonist. The story and characters have depth. You are Decarabia. A demon with almost nothing to lose. Even your body has been taken away by the higher-ups. Left with nothing but your hands, you will use them to gain back your powers and get revenge on those who have wronged you on your path of carnage.


We're an indie team. We can do things developers who have publishers can't. In Tainted Fate you will experience chopping off people's heads in guillotines, fountains of blood pouring out of dismembered limbs, swearing, offensive dry humor, inappropriate jokes...

Mature Content Description

The developers describe the content like this:

This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work: Frequent Violence or Gore, General Mature Content

System Requirements

    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7 64bit
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 - 4590 or equivalent
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970 or equivalent
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 6 GB available space
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 10 64bit
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 - 4590 or equivalent
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 1070 or equivalent
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 6 GB available space

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