The girl who owns the world. The girl who was abandoned by the world. The girl who aims to rebuild the world. Three young girls in this hostile city, who will become the new "Maiden"?
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June 19

Survival Report of June

Hello, Maddies!
This is Uirusu!!
Good to see you all surviving another month!

As always, regarding the progress of the development, everything is great.
Although I am currently slightly behind schedule, I don't think it will affect the publishing date.

For this month's survival report, I would like to introduce you to a character I recently added to the game.
She is Verina's lady's maid and she plays a supportive role in Verina's side of the story.
Honestly, I had a lot of fun designing her because I got to finally do a little research on the culture of servants around the world.
Before we go further, let's take a look at her first.

Her name is Emma Olsson.
She used to be Verina's mother's lady's maid before she died.
A lady's maid is a maid serving only the lady of the house.
That's a pretty self-explanatory name, isn't it?
In fact, I had my concern when I was deciding whether to make her a lady's maid or a housekeeper.
The concern was about whether it was appropriate for Verina, the unmarried only daughter of Guardstein Family, to have a lady's maid.
This brought me to the qeustion.
"Does the only daughter of the house fill her mother's position when she dies?"
Since the answer is yes in my culture and the research I did didn't provide any obvious evidence for the opposite side, I said to myself,
"Yeah, why not."
Therefore, she officially became Verina's lady's maid.

That's it for this month's survival report.
I hope you enjoyed it.
Please check out my PATREON if you would like to show some support for Maiden City: TLCD.
I appreciate your support!
And in case you don't know already, I am back on TWITTER now! It will be cool of you would follow me!
I'll see you next month!

Uirusu out!!
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May 19

Survival Report of May

Hello, my fellow Maddies!
This is Uirusu!
I'm here to bring you our May survival report!

I got a few things to share with you Maddies this time.
First of all, maybe some of you have already noticed that I changed the design of Eden-0 which could be seen at the store page's sample images.
I'll leave it down here to save you Maddies some time.

For those who are new in the City, Eden-0 is one of the main charaters and a rather important one who has a deep connection to not just the story, but also Maiden City herself.
She is the super A.I. who has access to Niflheim, the server of NeuroFramework.
However, she is not in complete control of Niflheim. She is merely the bridge between Niflheim and the material world and her access is granted by the real administrator of Niflheim.
As for who is the real administrator and what purpose does Niflheim serve in the story. That's up to you Maddies to find out in the actual game.

Next thing I want to talk about is the film I just saw this morning, John Wick chapter 3.
I thought this is a survival report ABOUT Maiden City!?
Yes, it still is.
But I feel like sharing this movie with you Maddies.
I'm not gonna spoil any actual plot in it. It will be a shame if I spoil such a great film.

First thing I want to say about John Wick chapter 3 is that it kept the good part of the first one and the second.
The action scenes were smooth like a piece of well-composed music and the plots were clean and straightforward.
More importantly, all those were built on a fascinating universe where everyone around us can be a contract killer.
Although an assassin society isn't an unique idea in films, they delivered it perfectly and the details were impeccable.
The idea of coins and markers and how they worked got clearer and clearer throughout the series.

I remember watching the first one and immediately fell in love with its action scenes and subtle jokes.
Yeah, the jokes.
I love them.
Maybe some other films share the same subtle sense for jokes, but I don't watch film very often so I don't actually know.
The best one in John Wick chapter 3 in my opinion would be when John said "I understand." or something like that to his friend in the scene where they met the person who made the coins.
I'm not giving any more context about it because I don't want to ruin the joke for you Maddies.
But I would say that joke alone made me feel like I have earned the ticket back.
If you like action movie and our lord and savior, Keanu Reeves, I would recommend you to watch it. Also, be sure to watch the first and the second before you watch the third because the plots were closely connected.

That's it for today!
Tkank you for watching!
Don't worry, the game is still under development.
Be sure to tune in next time for our next survival report.
Uirusu out!
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About This Game

Welcome to Maiden City.

In the year 2022, she was founded by "the Maidens" to end the devastating World War III.
She was a city floating above the island formerly called Formosa, a feat achieved through advanced technology.
She was once the symbol of humanity's last hope.
She was the light.

However, 77 years later, she is now known as the most dangerous place in the world.
She is a long lost utopia disgraced by "the Elite Society" and "the Maidens".
She is now the symbol of humanity's deception and corruption.
She is the nest of evil.

In this timeline, you learn that people have "NeuroFramework" growing inside their nervous systems, granting them extra intelligence and computer-like powers.
You will witness here a series of events spanning 24 hours, Thanksgiving of 2099, which set three young girls on their ways to become the new "Maiden".
You will witness their struggle to save the City and her people and the way their beliefs drive them to turn against each other.
You will witness here the prologue to a dramatic history, the "Maiden City series".

Throughout their journey, they will experience conflicts, alliances, and betrayals.
They will wrestle with the different reasons that fate has given them to fight.
They will wrestle with this cycle over and over again.
They will wrestle, but on one thing, they all agree:

"On that snowy Thanksgiving night, Maiden City suffered "the last collateral damage".
We will make sure of that."


  • "Maiden City: TLCD" is a Cyberpunk Dystopian Visual Novel.
  • Experience the prologue of the "Maiden City Series", set in the Year 2099, where you witness the progressions of the heroines, both physically and spiritually.
  • Pixel art and 80's lighting effects go well with cyberpunk, I like it and I dunno why :)
  • "Maiden City: TLCD" is played through dual perspectives of two of the three heroines.

System Requirements

    • OS: windows7 or above
    • Processor: intel i3 or above
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GTX 580 or above
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: NVIDIA High Definition Audio

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