Dette indhold kræver grundspillet Narcissu 10th Anniversary Anthology Project på Steam for at kunne spilles.

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1. maj 2017

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Dette indhold kræver grundspillet Narcissu 10th Anniversary Anthology Project på Steam for at kunne spilles.

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After 10 years, the definitive collection of Narcissu's heart-rending musical score is finally here!

Longtime fans of the Narcissu series have praised the powerful use of music and emotions as one of the finest in its genre, and now the complete soundtrack is available on Steam! This edition collects the familiar music used in Narcissu 1st and 2nd, as well as the incredible new additions from the 10th Anniversary.

As well as the instrumental score, this edition also featuress a massive 10 full vocal songs alongside the 36 BGM tracks. Last but not least, this soundtrack includes the all new tracks from industry legends Chris Huelsbeck (Turrican, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron) and Hiroki Kikuta (Secret of Mana, Koudelka).

10 years in the making, Narcissu's audio journey is now complete and available on Steam!

Tracklist: (Bold text denotes vocal tracks

Disc 1
01:スカーレット -arr- = Scarlet -arranged-
02:dear friend = dear friend
03:15cm = 15cm

04:すみれより:あかりのテーマ = Akari's Theme (From Sumire)
05:南向きの窓 = Southern-facing Window

06:サクラ(120円の春より) = Sakura (from 120yen Spring)
07:曇りの心 = Clouded Heart
08:光降るなら = If light rains
09:朝の景色 = Morning Scene
10:ここにいる = I'm Here

11:ロードスター = Roadster
12:ねこ王国の姫/WHITEより = Princess of the Cat Kingdom
13:銀色より = From Gin'iro
14:陽子のテーマ = Youko's Theme
15:悲しき調べ = Sorrowful Investigation

16:ラムネ79's = Ramune 79's
17:週末の過ごし方 = How to Pass a Weekend
18:ナルキッソス-inst2- = Narcissus
19:切なる想い = Sincere Feelings
20:半分の魔法 = Half of Magic
21:夕化粧 アレンジver = Preparing For Night

Disc 2
01:エメラルドの海 = Emerald Sea
02:Narcissu~セツミのテーマ~ = Narcissu ~Setsumi's Theme~
03:銀のクーペ = Silver Coupe
04:7F = 7F
05:夕立雲 = Rain Cloud

06:Liaison = Liaison
07:誰が為に = For Someone's Sake
08:秘めた希望 = Hidden Hope
09:120円の冬より = From 120yen of Autumn
10:姫子のテーマ = Himeko's Theme

11:10:ここにいる = I'm Here
12:長い影 = Long Shadows
13:Sleeping pretend(すみれより) = Sleeping Pretend (From Sumire)
14:憂いと麗し = Sorrow and Beauty
15:鳴る高架線 2007 = Ringing Railway

16:ナルキッソス-inst- = Narcissus -inst-
17:寂しき旋律 = Lonely Melody
18:ラムネ79's ver2 = Ramune 79's ver 2
19:飲み込む嘘 = Accepted Lies
20:ナルキッソス = Narcissus
21:一号線 = Route 1
22:雨のマージナル = Ame no Marginal
23:静かな時間 = Quiet Time
24:移り行く季節 = The Changing Seasons
25:耐える冬 = A Winter of Enduring

Total play time: 2hr 20min
Format: FLAC Lossless Audio


    • Styresystem: Windows XP
    • Processor: 1.2 GHz Pentium 4
    • Hukommelse: 1 GB RAM
    • Grafik: Integrated Graphics
    • Diskplads: 3 GB tilgængelig plads

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