Gravity Sketch is an intuitive 3D VR creation tool empowering you to unleash your creativity. Replicating the natural experience of creating with your hands, you can now fully express your ideas in real-time, from initial conception, straight into 3D.
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2017 年 8 月 2 日




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“Gravity Sketch is already a fully functional 3D creation tool. We have tested with hundreds of users prior to entering Early Access and their feedback and ideas have already helped shape the application. With each update, we have actively been engaging and collaborating with you, our users, to build a stronger product. With the launch of 1.5 we are closer to fully realizing our mission to create the most intuitive, collaborative and expressive tool out there.

We're a small team with big ambitions. By supporting us you're helping build the tool into a powerful addition to your creative workflow. Each and every dollar we earn goes directly to the improvement and development of new and better features for you.”


“The duration of Early Access depends entirely on the support and feedback we get from you, our users. We have big plans for future tools and features that are in development but we need your help to bring these to full realization.”


“Bigger better and bolder. We won't stop working on Gravity Sketch until it is complete.

- Expanded Material Library, Color Swatches, and full texture support
- Audio Feedback
- Array tool
- New geometry creation techniques.
- Better Import and Export support
- Randomizer
- Improved grouping and layers
- Improved mirroring and symmetry tools
- Import rigged geometry
- Preset
- Thickened curved surface

These are in no particular order and will depend entirely on the feedback we receive.”


“This early access version is very stable and can be considered production ready. Users can create, export and import 3D models, images, and 3D sketches, plus use all of the core features of the software as well as some features that are still experimental or in early development.”


“We have a tiered pricing structure for users who wish to use Gravity Sketch commercially.”


“We will be in constant communication regarding your questions and suggestions. This Early Access launch is to best understand the needs and requirements from our users. For direct contact, feature request and general feedback please email
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購買 Gravity Sketch

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包含 2 個項目: Gravity Sketch, Gravity Sketch VR Studio - 1 Month

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包含 2 個項目: Gravity Sketch, Gravity Sketch VR Pro - 1 Month


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9 月 8 日

Gravity Sketch 1.5 Update is Live!
Update Highlights:

- Group / Ungroup
Now you can group sketch objects. To group, grab multiple objects/groups and press Group button on Non-drawing hand. Grab a single group and press the same button to ungroup.

- Taper mode: Ink tool
A new mode is added on Ink tool. Curves have tapered ends. The taper length is based on speed.

- Edit Normals: Ink/Stroke Edit
Adjust Normals of a curve to twist it more dynamically. Toggle mode by swiping Touchpad(Move Thumbstick to left/right for Oculus Rift) on your drawing hand.

- Bridge Curves mode: Curved Surface tool
Create a surface that connects two curves or two edges of other surfaces. It will automatically patch two curves, splines, or surface edges together.

- Volume tool
The tool allows you to create a volumetric mesh solid instantly. Draw as you do with Ink/Stroke tool. The outermost control points will decide the shape. To create previous Filled surface, turn on ‘Planar’ option and set Axis plane.

- Superellipsoid: Primitives
New Primitive geometry: Extra control points are available as parameters if you are editing Superellipsoid. Move the points to find an interesting shape.

- Sketch material access
Replacement to color history, allows you to much more accurately re-use materials in your current sketch, appears below the color wheel.

- Screenshot options: Screenshot Camera
You can crop your screenshot to Square for social media, or make background transparent for retouching. More options are available in Pro/Studio license.

- Orthographic Viewport (Pro/Studio)
Orthographic viewport allows you to view your model from top, front, or side. Grab a panel from any side of the viewport box and bring it into your sketch and take screenshots.

And lots of other bug fixes and smaller improvements

More details:
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Gravity Sketch is an intuitive 3D VR creation tool empowering you to unleash your creativity. Replicating the natural experience of creating with your hands, you can now fully express your ideas in real-time, from initial conception, straight into 3D. Create detailed models, scenes and artwork and export them directly into another design tool, CAD software, game engine, or 3D print platform. Gravity Sketch is the tool for the designer who believes that every stroke counts. Be part of the community riding the new wave of 3D creation!

“The holy grail of Gravity Sketch is that we are not aware of the software, we are aware of our work”

- Bruce Beasley

Core (One-time purchase) Features:

- 6 expansive creation tools
- Image import (.jpg and .png)
- Export/Import .OBJ with layers and orientation
- 4 Layers
- Leap Motion Mode (BETA and Windows only)
- 4 Environments (Light, Dark, Warehouse, HDR)
- Basic Workspace Panel

Volume Tool
And more. Click here!

*Commercial use limitations: Personal use only - For commercial use have a look at the Pro and Studio subscriptions.

PRO (Monthly Subscription) Features:

- Core Features
- Export as .iges and .fbx
- 12 Layers
- Pro Workspace Panel (control lighting, reflections, shadows and color)
- Orthographic Viewport Panel
- Depth of Field Camera effect

*Commercial use limitations: Contractors and small teams.

STUDIO (Monthly) Subscription Features:

- Pro Features
- Gravity Sketch Import Plugin for Rhino (BETA and Windows only)
- Studio Workspace Panel (control lighting, reflections, shadows and color)

*Commercial use limitations: Small and medium sized companies (non enterprise use)

ENTERPRISE LICENSE - Contact us directly at


Mac OS X
    • 需要 64 位元的處理器及作業系統
    • 作業系統: Windows 7 SP1 or newer.
    • 處理器: Intel Core i5 4590 or AMD FX 8350 or greater.
    • 記憶體: 4 GB 記憶體
    • 顯示卡: GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 290 or better
    • 儲存空間: 2 GB 可用空間
    • 需要 64 位元的處理器及作業系統
    • 需要 64 位元的處理器及作業系統
    • 作業系統: macOS High Sierra
    • 處理器: 3GHz 4 Core CPU
    • 記憶體: 8 GB 記憶體
    • 顯示卡: Vega 56
    • 儲存空間: 2 GB 可用空間
    • 需要 64 位元的處理器及作業系統


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