Embark on a great Dadventure in this unique hybrid: a comedy, story-based 2D platformer with RPG elements. Raise your Child to become the weapon they were always meant to be.
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23. feb 2017

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Hvorfor tidlig adgang?

“We’ve seen a lot of games that we really enjoy go through the Steam Early Access program and come out much better for it. Dad Quest is a game that we think would benefit from early and consistent feedback and literally every time someone new has played the game it’s gotten a little bit better. Game development can sometimes be a slow and solitary process and getting fresh input on the content frequently during Early Access will greatly benefit us and ultimately the players. Also, one of our Dads asked if it was going to be on the platform and we really had no choice but to say yes”

Hvor lang tid vil dette spil være i tidlig adgang?

“This is a difficult question to answer because we have no idea what kind of things YOU the players will be saying about the game when we release it into your hands. We don’t want to keep the game in Early Access for too long, but we also will not release something incomplete. Dad Quest is our Child and we must raise it into the game it was really meant to be. With that said, we expect continued development to take half a year at least”

Hvorledes kommer den fulde version til at være anderledes end produktet i tidlig adgang?

“The full version of Dad Quest will pretty much be more of what is available in the Early Access build. We’re developing Dad Quest in sections, starting with Chapter 1.1, and moving forward from there. Oh, the places Dads will go! Think of these as episodes, where each episode introduces a new story arc and fresh gameplay content. We intend to add more side quests, abilities, toys, jokes, characters, new enemies, and hopefully a bunch of cool secrets. Certain things, like side quests, toys, abilities will be directly influenced by the community! We’re very excited to see what kind of hilarious ideas everyone has”

Hvad er den nuværende tilstand for versionen med tidlig adgang?

“The Early Access version of Dad Quest will offer what we call “Chapter 1.1”. This includes the tutorial, and a complete half of the first Chapter. This includes one of the game’s several dungeons, some of the collectible Toys (equips), and the first segment of the Child’s skill tree which includes 7 abilities.”

Ændrer spillets pris sig under og efter tidlig adgang?

“The game may increase in price to reflect the new amount of content added to the game. We will make sure to alert players in advance if this should happen”

Hvordan har I tænkt jer at involvere fællesskabet i jeres udviklingsproces?

“Our plan is to share milestones, engage with the community in the forums, and create regular builds to encourage feedback on the core game experience. We also want to involve the community more directly in certain ways, such as helping us brainstorm ideas for toys, side quests, abilities, npcs, jokes, etc.

Content-wise, we will be releasing bigger chunks of gameplay (“parts of chapters”) in larger updates and have smaller, more regular updates interspersed. These smaller updates would include bits and pieces of the chapters as they are made, but in story-based games such as Dad Quest, usually it’s the bigger updates where everything comes together. These bigger updates would happen in tandem with community events.”
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17. juni

7 Reasons to Play Dad Quest #7 - Chapter 3 is Coming!

Hello all,

Father's Day has arrived!

Welcome to our final blog post in the '7 Reasons to Play Dad Quest' feature, where we will be taking just a peak at the upcoming Chapter 3! Thank you very much for joining us for this special Father's Day event!

Dad Quest is now available at a 60% discount, so there's never been a better time to jump in and play the game!


While there's already plenty of content to get your teeth into, Dad Quest's exciting finale, Chapter 3, is yet to come. Today, for the first time ever, we are revealing a sneak peak at Chapter 3, which will arrive soon as a free content update to all Dad Quest Early Access owners.

So what can you expect?
  • 4 new areas
  • 5 new bosses (one secret)
  • 10+ new enemies
  • 50+ floors of the Gravel Pit
  • TONS of new toys
  • New quests
  • New outfits
  • Lots of new jokes
Without further ado, feast your eyes on these tantalising teaser GIFs!

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16. juni

7 Reasons to Play Dad Quest #6 - Enemies!

Welcome to part 6 of our '7 Reasons to Play Dad Quest' feature! Today we're looking at the many enemies of Dad Quest!

We're so very close to Father's Day now, but you can get ahead of the fatherly game right now - Dad Quest is currently 60% off, it's largest discount on Steam to date.


Blog by Sundae Month's Eric Winebrenner

Designing enemies in Dad Quest has always been a challenge. By throwing their child, a player can attack from an infinite number of angles, and a versatile toolbox of toys and charge abilities just adds to their combat options. There is an inherent push-pull dynamic involved in moving the Dad and Child together as a unit - the Dad must avoid being damaged by enemy attacks while the Child performs counter-attacks. When designing the offense of enemies for a given area, we take into account the movement options of the Player, and figure out how to attack the Player in ways that challenge their current moveset. As the Player begins Chapter 2, they have an additional movement option to work with: Double Jump. With Double Jump, the Player can more easily avoid grounded enemies, but they will need to precisely time their jumps to maneuver past flipping pigs and zooming snowy owls while trekking up the Mountains. They will also need to keep their Child close by, as a Child falling off a cliff can leave its unprotected Dad in mortal danger.

Ice Variants
Having migrated to the mountains from the nearby desert ages ago, these creatures have developed certain traits that set them apart from their relatives, and allow them to survive the harsh cold. Their sub-zero temperature attacks will freeze a warm-blooded Dad on contact, so steer clear or wear a Scarf!

Once part of a peaceful, fun-loving family, these creatures became feral, shed their clothes, and ran off into the wild. Now dangerous and nude, they perform flips with their strong haunches to attack anything they consider threatening. Keep your eyes peeled for surprise pigs, and hit them out of the air!

Driven into a trance-like state by overwhelming boredom - caused by being rooted in the same spot for their entire lives - these creatures spend their days ripping off their own heads and bowling them toward anything that moves. Since they live in a land of ever-present snowfall, they are able to regrow their heads, and the cycle continues. Don’t fret, though - they can’t turn around! Just get behind them and give ‘em a whack!

These tiny, three-eyed creatures can fly very fast and are often found in groups; however, they are quite weak, often dying to a single blow. They enjoy hanging out in caves and overhangs, as well as annoying passing travellers.

These creatures are born with the unfortunate combination of both an extremely delicate, glass-like exoskeleton and a tendency to be easily frightened. They shatter on contact, leaving behind several pointy shards that are harmful to the touch. Stand back, and watch your step!

Once a tribe of peaceful cave-dwellers in the caves near the Gastop, a chance encounter with an abandoned crate of energy drinks has led these creatures to be wild, aggressive, and dangerous. They will often hurl balls of snow and rock at passerby, and even try to bodyslam those who try to get too close. Keep your distance! Travelers seeking passage through the Mountains often go missing near their caves...

These majestic flying creatures have an almost ghostly appearance as they gently float through the snowy air and perch near cliff faces. They feed on mountain climbing rats, and don’t like travelers who get too close to their nests.

Servants of the Royal Trash Family, these little rodents like to climb walls and scavenge in dumpsters. They are able to survive almost anywhere. Those whom the Royal Trash Family find trustworthy get additional training in the skills of spear-throwing and bipedal movement.

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Om dette spil

Blending story-based 2D platforming with the inventory management and interesting characters of a traditional RPG, Dad Quest is set within a universe where children are indestructible weapons. Dads strive to raise their Child by teaching them new skills and providing toys deadly to their enemies.

Meet other Dads, vanquish enemies, pay off debts, and engage in deadly combat via sanctioned arena fights. Embark on the Dadventure of a lifetime!

• Beautiful pixel graphic platformer
• Unique story-based comedy adventure
• Play as a male or female Dad
• Equip your child with toys to learn new abilities
• Talk to other Dads and compelling NPCs
• Take on crippling debt
• Chiptune-style soundtrack

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Additions
• 2 hours+ of new content following the narrative of the player taking on the Dad Quest
• Dress up your child in brand new cosmetic outfits from top hats to gladiator armour
• 7+ Side Quests have been added! Feed eggs to hungry children, converse with the trash king and pay your taxes!
• New toys to equip to your child, from Rubber Bands to toy cars which give your child special properties when attacking enemies.
• New music
• New Dads to interact with that will share lore, fix items and offer side quests
• New Dad skills to learn
• New skills for your child to learn
• New boss battles
• New enemies
• New environments to explore
• New shops

In this universe the word ‘Dad’ is not gender specific and is a title taken by those who love their children. In this universe, children are indestructible, they do not feel pain and they do not grow old in the traditional sense. The Dad must raise the Child in the best way they can to achieve the status of a ‘good dad’. They can do this by giving their children toys, increasing their level and finally completing the ‘Dad Quest’.

Children in this universe share a similar characteristic to our own. They can destroy nearly anything! TV remotes, lamps, vases and phones, no object is immune to the destructive tendencies of a Child in any universe. Unlike our own universe, the child is indestructible, unable to be killed or suffer any damage.
However, Dads have money to buy toys with… they are also able to activate a Child’s special skills, which range from stunning enemies, phasing through clusters of enemies and extending their height to attack distant enemies via melee. Isolated, the Child and the Dad will be vulnerable, but together they can achieve anything.

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    • Styresystem: Windows 7 or above
    • Processor: Intel dual core processor 2GHz or faster
    • Hukommelse: 2 GB RAM
    • Grafik: Dedicated graphics with 256MB memory or more
    • Diskplads: 1000 MB tilgængelig plads

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