Lazarus is a lightning-fast action mmo for thousands of players in a shared & persistent open world, where you battle for supremacy against alien factions in a truly living world that never sleeps. In Open Alpha right now, sign up on the website to play and help us make it better!
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Summer 2019

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“We've been developing the game for over 24 months so far. 18 of those have been as a public Open Alpha, and it's time for the next step. We want the game to be as good as it possibly can be, and we can't do it without you!

Broadly speaking, there are three vectors to this - gameplay, technology, monetisation.

We cannot balance an MMO with hundreds of players, we need thousands. Early Access is the best way for us to get the player base we need to make the game absolutely sing, and we're working towards full launch on Early Access in 2018. We want you to break it, to hate it, and then to love it when we've made everything ok again :D

We won't see all the horrid bugs and issues that will crop up for players without getting way more traffic than a signup form can achieve. We're confident that most issues are squashed (we've been fighting bugs for 6 months now) but we are realistic and we know there'll be plenty more horrid ones we just haven't seen yet.

We're keeping Lazarus totally free for now, although it will be Free to Play when we launch into Early Access. We're going to be fair and sensible with this, and have done plenty of research & design into the system - but it's not ready yet and we won't introduce it until we are confident that it works for everyone.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“Until it's done!

...but an absolute minimum of 3 months.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?


The full version will have more and better everything:

  • We'll be supporting more co-op play ('clans' etc).
  • We're going to reinforce the world as an ecosystem that players are a part of - systems over handcrafted content.
  • Faction warfare is already in, but this will become way more involved, complex and exciting.
  • Players will be able to affect the world in more varied and meaningful ways.
  • Loads more Ship types (we have at least 30 more designed and incoming).
  • More System types (the game is fully physics driven, so we can and will have a LOT of fun here - and have at least 7 more specced out and ready for implementation).
  • More Customisation options (we have many MANY skins for your Ships...).
  • Bigger tech trees, more upgrades and progression.
  • More enemy types.
  • More enemy behaviours.
  • Dynamic world/level design.
  • We'll run events and give away awesome in-game stuff (we've already been doing this in the Open Alpha).
  • Pets...? They'd have tons of cool gameplay effects.
  • Etc.

The game will be way less buggy.

We're aiming for a less than 1% connection failure rate, much higher player counts (thousands at once) and all that jazz.

Free to Play monetization will be introduced.

We'll be making sure it's fair and does not lock gameplay from those who choose not to pay. Most of it will be around cosmetics and 'speeding up' progression. Non-paid progression will be designed to be fun and addictive regardless. Nobody will have a gameplay advantage for having paid.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“VERY 'Early Access'.

We've been developing the game for 24 months so far. 18 of those have been as a public Open Alpha, so we think it's ready for a bigger audience - but there are still bugs and balancing issues, and almost every system in the game as it stands it either a first or second pass.

Nothing is 'final' and nothing is sacred - so while this means you'll come across annoying issues, we'll fix them and are not so attached to anything that we won't ditch it in its entirety for the good of the game and its players.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“The game will be Free to play, all the way - and not PvP.

Right now, we're not monetising anything, as we're not ready to yet. We want to get it right, and make it fair and fun, from the start.

We're looking at a fairly standard model for this - sell our equivalent of Loot Crates, and make sure that nobody who pays has an advantage over a player who doesn't.

Money spent will likely only save you time or give you a specific 'I spent lots' visual reward.

Nothing that affects gameplay will be locked behind a money wall.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“We want to hear from you! Get in touch.




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June 14


This update is huge, with nearly 100 tickets addressed. We’re super chuffed!

The game’s massively more performant, far fewer lag related issues, plus tons of cool new stuff as we prepare for Early Access (soon!). Read on for the full deets!

- When you blow up a Drone Fighter, you can see their pilot left behind, drifting in the cold void, regretting their decision to fight you for the last few seconds of their life. Grim? Maybe. Satisfying? You betcha!

- Shielders now have additional gameplay, whereby their Shields have HP, meaning you can shoot them to wear their shields down, then try to kill them before they power them up again.


- We’ve updated the visual effects for Loot crates. They were getting lost in busy screens, plus were only as exciting to look at as any other reward. But they’re the best reward, so we’ve snazzed them up! Rainbows ftw!

- We’ve totally overhauled chat, so now it’s much more clear who’s talking, with colours assigned to usernames, plus the chat system works inside Xenotaphs and on Wipe screens, so you can chat in the safety of the tech screen, or compare loadouts while browsing the Equip screen! Plus you can maximise and minimise the chat window with buttons or by toggling with P

- We’ve updated the Loot Crate screen, so when you’re rewarded with Systems everything is a bit more, well, snazzy. We like snazz. Icons are visible on both sides of the new and improved coin.

- We’ve updated the player icon on the map so it’s easier to find yourself out there in the giant world

- The Esc menu is now dressed for launch, because we’ve updated it and gotten rid of the old placeholder assets

- We’ve snuck a credits screen in, accessible from the Main Menu. If you’re eagle-eyed on our discord, or a contributing member of the community, you’re likely on it!

- We’ve updated the crosshair so that it more closely fits our aesthetic, plus is easier to keep track of during frenetic play.

- Text changed on the Death screen to make the player’s next steps much more obvious.

- We’ve made it so that Melee Drones no longer chase Shielders. They’d get locked in eternal fights, leading to all kinds of rubbish gameplay and side effects, so we’ve made them ignore each other.

- Edited the map frames on both the maximised and minimised versions to keep the map information clear.

- Text changed on the Equip screen to make it clear when you don’t have enough MEV to equip a chosen System.

- Reordered MEV in various menus so that it is now consistently referred to in ‘Mass, Energy, Void’ order. Keeps things simpler to read and learn.

- Changed wording and presentation of Server Population in the Server Browser. Now reads from Quiet, through Busy and all the way up to Full with a few others in-between.

- Territory Capture Ring is now coloured white (it used to be red, seemed like a dangerous place to be for new players).

- The Broken Planet now has a more violently reacting core.

- We’ve tweaked every System Icon so that they no longer alias at certain resolutions ingame.


- We’ve addressed all kinds of issues around the AI Fleets, including making sure all the ships in a fleet travel at the same speed until they reach their destination or engage in combat, and this has had a HUGE impact on the game. The world is more alive, more territory changes hands more often, and enemy factions fight each other more too. Plus you come across groups of enemies a whole lot more (and you can hunt Fleets via the map) which adds a lot of challenge and opportunity (as well as life) to the gameworld.

- Fleets no longer move out of bounds and are always sent to a valid territory.

- Melee Drones now reliably damage Players and other Drones. They’re lethal, so watch out!

- Rubber banding is now almost non-existent, except when lag or performance issues come in to play. Which means we’re basically at the level of a commercially viable online action game. And we’re super pleased!

- Turrets are fixed, so they now shoot properly, and are back to being useful against Asteroids and Drones alike.

- Loot Crates open more reliably after we fixed a rare nullref. They are also always rewarded for territory capture, as there was a bug preventing this from being 100% certain.

- Fixed an issue that meant Xenoliths (previously called Glob Walls) were breaking the capture territory logic.

- Addressed the stretching on screen edges associated with the refraction on Asteroids.

- Fixed an issue that meant some players were seeing very high fire rates on their weapons, and the weapons of Drones.

- Fixed an issue that meant your Ship’s Energy was not being refilled on Dock.

- Fixed an issue that meant the Asteroid ‘explode’ visual effect was playing when it shouldn’t be.

- Fixed an issue that meant Asteroids were dropping MEV in the incorrect amounts.

- Turrets no longer damage a player’s Shield.

- Xenolith textures now match their Xenotaph’s more closely.

- Fixed overlap on certain menu buttons.

- Fixed a bug that meant players were getting damaged while docked in a Xenotaph

- Fixed a bug that meant repairing was not working as expected (there is another one not fixed, see below)

- Fixed various issues with the FTUE/Tutorial, including one that meant your Blaster’s level was not reset correctly if you died, and one that meant sometimes the System you unlocked in your first Loot Crate was not available in the Equip screen.

- Fixed an issue that was preventing the Wipe from running properly.


- Enemies and other entities infrequently disappear. We believe this is down to server-side performance.

- There’s some infrequent issues around repairing ships. Sometimes they’re fine, sometimes they report that they never died (so you don’t have to pay money to repair, yay!), and sometimes the repair won’t work even if you’ve got enough Lazarene.

- Sometimes the game won’t let you repair a Ship even though you have enough MEV.

- The Scarab’s available System slots are incorrectly labelled on the Equip screen

- Swapping Ships sometimes brings their Systems over to the new Ship, even if that new Ship shouldn’t be able to use them/doesn’t have the Slots.

- Sometimes the Equip screen will not update your Slot counter icons accurately.

- A specific planet has a broken shader, resulting in a weird blue… sky?

- Occasionally the server browser will return no servers… but this usually goes away after another attempt.

- You can trigger a menu to visually warp and glitch if you manage to die at the very moment you dock.

- The settings menu can pop you out of full screen when you have not asked it to.


- We’re working on more QoL features, so I thought a sneak peek would be fun. This addition on the right hand side of the Ship menu (currently in the game, but not functioning) will show you your saved/active loadouts for any Ships you’ve unlocked, detailing what Systems you have equipped, and the various important stats that make the difference when choosing which Ship to pilot next.

We hope you’ll agree that this one was worth the wait – and we cannot wait to show you what we’ve got in store for the next update! Our discord community keeps growing and getting more excited, and it really does thrill us to be making this game for you all. Much love!

Want to chat to us? Hit up our Discord and let us know what you want to see in the game!

Please consider telling a friend and getting them to join in the fun with us!

Want to play? Hit up our offical website and claim a steam key right now. The servers are live 24/7!

We've filled up our lovely wiki over at Gamepedia - please do pop in and check it out, help us fill in any gaps, or let us know what it's missing!
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May 2


As you know from reading our Discord, due to a bug introduced to SpatialOS, we had to delay this update, but finally we’re pushing it live! The original post is as follows…

- - - - - - -

Last week marked our 9th Birthday! That’s 9 years since we left AAA development and went independent. We’re so excited to see what the next 9 years bring!

It didn’t stop us smashing through the bugs in Lazarus, and we’ve got a nice performance-focused update for you, ahead of our new content planned for the near future. Read on for the full deets!


- The player is now invincible for a period of 3 seconds, with an accompanying visual effect, after you undock, to prevent unfair kills. We’re working on getting it for all the rest of your respawns (i.e.: on your first spawn of the session, after you die) as well, and that should be in the next update of course! Only works for your current Ship, so swapping ship will mean it doesn’t happen… but again we’re fixing for the next update.

- We’ve integrated Discord rich presence, so you can see what everyone’s doing in Lazarus, live! We track and show:

- Which server you're connected to (EU or US, etc)
- Your location in the game (the Territory name)
- If you’re on the Main Menu (stop fiddling with the settings and get stuck in!)
- When spawning into game (yeah let’s get going!)
- When you’re exploring space/bimbling about (lovely colours)
- When you’re in combat (need help?)
- When you’re docked in a Xenotaph/pottering in the menus
- When you’re undocking from a Xenotaph (get back out there!)
- If you’ve just died (oh noes)
- When you’re choosing where to respawn (maybe go somewhere a bit less dangerous)


- We’ve fixed an issue that meant you could get in a situation where only the SH15 was able to capture Xenotaphs and territory. This was a real pain in the ass to track down, but it has been squashed!

- We’ve fixed a main cause of occasional ping spiking. This has been fixed in the past and the fact that it has come back since an update to SpatialOS means that we have to ask you to be on the look out for it!

- We’ve addressed stuttering that happened when enemies were spawned in. This is addressed by preloading a lot of the associated assets (meshes, shaders, etc) and we think we’ve got this 100% locked down now. Yay!

- We fixed an issue that meant your HP would reset (to 100%) when you crossed a worker boundary in the game. It was handy, but also didn’t do a lot for the game’s balance, so… yeah. It’s fixed.

- We also fixed the issue that meant your equipped Systems Hotbar would refresh (with visuals, ceremony and sound effects playing) every time you crossed a worker boundary. This may well have been fixed by the same work as the previous bug 😉

- We fixed an issue that meant you could be shown a respawn map that did not highlight your valid spawning locations, making it hard to get back into the game.

- We fixed an issue that was reported by our lovely Discord community. It meant you could not swap to a different Ship during the same session in which you failed a swap request because of a lack of Lazarene – regardless of how much Lazarene you saved up since then.

- We fixed an issue that meant occasionally your Ship would show an HP bar overlaid if you took damage from an Asteroid. It was distracting, inconsistent and pointless, so we fixed it!

- We fixed an issue that meant if you swapped to a Ship with a lower Energy stat, then it would incorrectly display the previous Ship’s energy value on your HUD until you used some. It was confusing!

- We fixed an issue that meant Xenotaphs thought Melees were Carriers, which would feed incorrect information to the Map and Players.

- We fixed multiple issues within the Xenotaph reporting code, meaning a lot less data is being sent and the game runs a lot more efficiently and smoothly now.

- We fixed multiple issues within the Lazarus Manager code, meaning fewer and smaller updates about the world state are sent to all players, and again the game runs a lot more inefficiently and smoothly. As you can imagine, this got a lot worse the more players were connected and the older (read: more populated by Drones) the world was.

- The work we’ve done on various improvements and stability (see above) means that the Asteroid movement unpredictability on spawning is a LOT less pronounced now.


- We tweaked the Spawn particle effect for Drones (from Xenotaphs and from Carries) so it looks a lot better now, and properly catches your eye.


- We’ve done everything we can to address the rubber banding on entity movement that became obvious since the SpatialOS upgrade. We’re in touch with the developers to try to find a solution, and while it’s much less pronounced on the Asteroids, enemies that move fast & change direction more often are still occasionally annoying.

- Occasionally the server browser will return no servers… but this usually goes away after another attempt.

- There’s some infrequent issues around repairing ships. Sometimes they’re fine, sometimes they report that they never died (so you don’t have to pay money to repair, yay!), and sometimes the repair won’t work even if you’ve got enough Lazarene.

- We’re aware of an issue that means the Map gets… WEIRD. Basically, it is to do with the Wipe getting ‘stuck’ and players being let back into a world that had not properly been wiped and repopulated. We’re tracking down the source, and it rarely happens, but seeing as the Wipe is now every 7 days we can damage control until we have a confirmed fix. Just let us know if you see it happen!

- Sometimes Asteroids and Enemies will take 0 damage, as well as sometimes deal 0 damage. It's very rare, and we're keeping an eye out.

And there we are, we’ve taken HUGE steps over the past two updates to get Lazarus to a really smooth, fun, stable state which we can build on top of with our planned features on the road to Early Access launch. We’re terribly excited!

Want to chat to us? Hit up on our Discord and let us know what you want to see in the game!

Please consider telling a friend and getting them to join in the fun with us!

Want to play? Hit up and claim a steam key right now.
The servers are live 24/7!

We've filled up our lovely wiki over at the Official Wiki - please do pop in and check it out, help us fill in any gaps, or let us know what it's missing!
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About This Game

Lazarus is a top-down action-oriented sci-fi twist on Groundhog Day where thousands of players survive together in a huge persistent real-time world, where dogfights, foraging for resources and exploring exciting new tech combine into a tumultuous 'MMO Roguelike' that turns back in on itself every week like some kind of ultra-futuristic Ouroboros.

Players fight for their lives and the fate of the universe in a huge open universe stretching across 160,000km² of stars, black holes, nebulae and alien tech - vying for territory and power against three alien factions.

Explore the world, dock and communicate with giant alien Xenotaphs, equip your ship, unlock new tech and then boost back out into fast paced real-time combat alongside hundreds and thousands of other players!

Can humanity embrace the technology and capriciousness of the all-powerful Ourobeans and finally defeat the monstrous Apophis, or will the final battle repeat again and again into infinity?


Twitter: @spiltmilkstudio
Discord: Channel here, Invite here watch us stream here

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Vista/7/8/10
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz Dual Core Processor
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 8800 or equivalent
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 750 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Onboard
    • Additional Notes: Broadband Internet connection

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