Build your biome! With an empty biodome as your canvas, add plants and animals from three different ecosystems. Observe interactions like hunting, blooming, and even decomposing! Will your biodome last for decades, or will it experience a total ecosystem collapse? You’re in control!
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14 kwietnia 2016

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Kup Tyto Ecology: Build & Create Your Own Ecosystem


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28 lutego

Development Update & Other Projects

We saw some discussion on the forum about this so wanted to go ahead and send out an Announcement to everyone!

Tyto Ecology Complete and Being Supported

We do consider Tyto Ecology a complete product and are not currently working on any expansions, but we may in the future.

We are currently focusing on supporting Tyto Ecology players and releasing bug fixes and updates as needed.

While we do appreciate that there are a nearly infinite amount of suggestions on how much more in-depth and realistic an ecosystem simulator like ours could become over time, Tyto Ecology has met our goals and initial design plans -- and more -- already.

We'll do a better job of remembering to come check in on the Forums, but since they are less active lately if you need quick support for a problem, please consider heading to our Support Site where you can submit a ticket.

What are we working on now?

As some people noted on the forums, we are working on our new product, Tyto Online, which is a MMORPG focused on middle school science.

It's not super active on Steam, as we've actually been largely talking with educators who are excited to use it to improve their classroom science experiences. We have Ecology (quests + creating ecosystems as a sandbox) and Heredity (quests + breeding dragon-like creatures as a sandbox) in the game and are working on finishing up all of middle school life science by August for the coming school year.

This is a first step towards our long-term goal of being able to have one game with Tyto Online where students can learn across many subjects for years, in-depth and empowered.

For those who want to dig into what all that means, this is the introduction folder we share with educators that has an introduction deck and some PDFs explaining how the quests and sandboxes match up with science standards:

Tyto... Evolution?!

As part of Tyto Online, we are building Sandboxes into the game, like having a version of Tyto Ecology exist with the Ecology Module.

The one we've been in pre-production on to start soon is an Evolution Sandbox. We've realized this could make an incredible stand-alone game, perhaps something like... Tyto Evolution?! We'd love to keep putting our fun science games for a wide group and recognize a lot of adults aren't going to want to play Tyto Online, so we're really interested in continuing to release stand-alones as they make sense.

Basic concept: manipulating the environment (plant qualities, temperature, precipitation, earthquakes, etc.) and some aspects of the animals (toss some in a new area) to impact the success of traits that will randomly mutate -- starting with super simple creatures and then can morph into millions of possibilities over time.

Some of the traits include mode of consumption (herbivore, carnivore, etc.), size, exoskeleton vs. vertebrate, limbs (type/number), digits, neck, tail, teeth, color, brood size, camouflage and special features like vomit defenses.

We are also considering doing a Kickstarter to see what the support is like for potentially a lot more in-depth features up front on Tyto Evolution.

Here's a 2-page overview of what we have in mind right now for its design:

The game designer who is heading that effort up, Josh, has posted on the forums with some questions he'd love feedback on from the community as he develops out the idea! Please head here if you'd like to participate in that discussion:
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28 lutego

Patch / Hotfix 1.17.2

Hello, everyone!

We've had a trickle in of requests or bugs so we wanted to do an update, but not quite worth calling a new version, I don't think!

1.17.2 Notes

  • Gallimimus and Tarbosaurus were corrected to be clappers, not slappers. Sorry about that!
  • Nemegtosaurus neck animation orientation was fixed to be much more horizontal.
  • Dipteris' producing fruit has been fixed.
  • UI should now scale correctly for all resolutions.
  • Adult marsh deer now use the correct texture.
  • Trout meshes has been removed from the Cretaceous Biodomes
  • Additional cost balancing on the Amazon has been done.
  • Lighting within the Cretaceous Biodome at night has been improved, so that users can actually see their dinosaurs at night.
  • The profile picture selection for new user creation no longer requires a double click to select.
  • Fixes were applied to correct conditions where time skip would become disabled. (Thanks to Dinocanid for not only notifying us, but then also coming up with reproduction steps!)
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O tej grze

In Tyto Ecology, you have the power to create your own biodome and fill it with life!
Start with an empty biodome as your canvas, then create a rich, diverse ecosystem by balancing producers, consumers, and decomposers. You’re in control as you work to create a functioning ecosystem from the ground up, problem solving to learn life science principles. Tyto Ecology, an ecology simulation game, teaches Next Generation Science Standards to learners in a fun and innovative way!

This is a calm, slow-paced game (at least until things start going wrong) that encourages learning through experimentation as you work to sustain, or destroy, life. Up to a year of time can pass while you are away, so you come back to changes in your ecosystem and potentially several problems to handle each time you return to the game.

  • Build and create your own self-sustaining ecosystem
  • Over 70 animals and plants to customize your biodomes
  • Use the data tool's map to monitor your ecosystem
  • Earn achievements by completing ecological challenges
  • Sandbox game with hours of replayability
  • Use Photo Mode to capture the perfect moment
  • Educational gameplay that fits with Middle and High School Next Generation Science Standards

About the Ecosystem

Tyto Ecology is not just another building game or something where the player's actions don't have meaning and consequence. In order to master the game, the player is mastering life science principles.

The ecosystem begins with producers, plants that are the basis of each biome, with plants regenerate leaves that are eaten by animals (depending on how healthy they are). The plants have vegetative, flowering, and/or fruiting reproduction cycles, including a need for pollinators in order to successfully pass through the blooming phase, and animals must eat fruit in order for the most possible amount of seeds to germinate and begin. Next come the consumers: herbivores, insectivores, predators, scavengers, and omnivores.

These animals live and breed in territories over time, eating their appropriate food, and in many cases becoming food. Some plants and animals are poisonous or tough (like tortoises), limiting which animals can eat them! In addition to managing all this over many different species, each plant and animal creates detritus over time, and decomposers must be used in order to complete the cycle of life! If detritus builds up, poop, bones, and debris will begin to appear in your ecosystem and the health of everything in it will be reduced.

Wymagania systemowe

Mac OS X
    • System operacyjny: Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only)
    • Procesor: 4th Generation i3 or higher
    • Pamięć: 6 GB RAM
    • Karta graficzna: Intel HD 5000 or higher
    • Miejsce na dysku: 840 MB dostępnej przestrzeni
    • System operacyjny: 10.11.2+
    • Procesor: 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5
    • Pamięć: 8 GB RAM
    • Karta graficzna: Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB
    • Miejsce na dysku: 800 MB dostępnej przestrzeni

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