Welcome to 'Real-Time Strategy Racing' (RTS-R) Gran Turismo meets Wipeout, meets Starcraft, meets Monopoly? This is future vehicle technologies built upon simulated physics with track/sector capture, resource ownership, race-time vehicle upgrades, track abilities, vehicle tuning and modding.
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Planned Release Date: 2020

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June 17

2019 Updates

So, it's been a while since we posted a development update here! Multiple game patches have been released (without posting any dev news) during January - April 2019, but these were mostly minor fixes and tweaks. As of the May and June updates, we're getting back into the swing of things with much more meaty change logs.

For May/0.34, we focused on game presentation, and explored some new UI styles. We're still experimenting and exploring UI options, but as a teaser, here's some of the "spectator mode" concept art that we commissioned from Chris @ Vyxl:

For June/0.35 we've tried to put a bit of polish on the sim-racing / VR-arcade experience. Force feedback is greatly improved, driving the Akuna with a steering wheel is more fun, the "Bathurst" event has been re-tuned, the controls HUD updates to reflect your actual input mappings, and the controls configuration is a little bit more streamlined.

Engine development
The custom game engine behind 22, Revgen, is made up of several modular parts. The core graphics module, "GX" is in use by Big Ant Studios on the majority of their sports titles. At the start of this year, they asked for help to bring Cricket 19 to the Nintendo Switch, so I've spent the first quater of this year porting Revgen's GX to the Switch, and optimizing the renderer for Cricket 19.

22 is not currently in development for the Switch, but it's nice to know that our engine is now capable of running on the Switch if that becomes part of our future plans :)


Followers on social media might have noticed our partnership with Phantasma - a blockchain technology project. As well as using the Steam inventory service, we will be allowing players to choose to receive in-game cosmetic items on the Phantasma chain instead. These items will be tradable and marketable to other players directly, with no central authority controlling them. We hope to continue developing this partnership in the future to allow for other diverse ideas based on blockchain technology, such as tournaments funded by in-game currencies, incentivised community server hosting, post-race cheat detection, rewarding track creators, distributing mods, etc... Join us in discord if you'd like to chat about the possibilities of distributed in-game currencies.


Our plans have always been to refine 22's eSports capabilities with closed beta tournaments before the main, public launch. Our local government's "Creative Victoria" agency has decided to back this plan by providing funding for an eSports series (yet to be announced).

Battle Arena Melbourne

We showcased our game at BAM 2019, held another lap time tournament and gathered a lot of useful feedback. A big congrats to FC for taking out first place and taking home the AMD Ryzen CPU!

Side projects
As well as developing 22, we're using the same core game/engine to develop driver training software: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTw7L5ouhy0 As this is all running on top of the same "platform" as 22, we're hoping that eventually 22's mod tools will allow the community to create any kind of driving/racing experience that they like, including realistic city driving such as this :)

Patch notes

2018/12/24 - v0.33
Vehicle physics improvements.
Special event - "ponies take over the mountain".

2019/02/22 - v0.33a - hotfix
Improved Motion Blur.
Fix HDR TV support.
Fix OpenVR (SteamVR) support.
Fix cars sliding when still.
Fix cars sometimes using a different vehicle's physics config.
Fix "Press back to reset" HUD.
Tutorial improvements.
Implement Open Interactivity System.

2019/03/15 - v0.33b
Tutorial improvements.
Fix Hand-brake slipping.
Test T.Flight Hotas X controller.

2019/04/5 - v0.33c
Add "arcade mode" for VR arcade retailers.
Fix visual jitter at high frame-rates.
Fix pause menu.
Fix networking clock.

2019/05/8 - v0.33d
Tutorial improvements.
Improved Anti-Aliasing.
Add "-watermark 0" command line option.
Updated "Eight" track.
Updated mag-lev vehicle physics.
Updated mustang vehicle physics.
Updated data.bin format.
Updated to visual studio 2017.
Broke compatibility with Razor Hydra controllers.
Fix SteamVR.
Fix end-of-race cameras.
New app icon.

2019/05/10 - v0.33e
Improved wheel force feedback.
New Antarctica tunnel graphics.

2019/05/17 - v0.34
Updated figure-eight track.
Updated sector-ownership HUD.
Added team statistics HUD.
Added controls HUD.
Added force feedback options to the controls configuration GUI.
Added extra event for arcade mode.
Added end-of-race cameras for Bathurst.
Add new first person and track-side cameras to the camera select cycle.
Add head to head race menu.
Remove glowing trails from historic cars.
Fix AI graphics in historic race.

2019/06/18 - v0.35
Added new vehicle disintegration effect.
Tuned force feedback per vehicle type.
Enabled steer-assist when using a gamepad controller or keyboard.
Disabled steer-assist when using a steering wheel or mouse.
Improved steer-assist for Akuna on straights.
Added new vehicle camera placements.
Animated the steering wheel in the Mustang cockpit.
Add geometry level-of-detail.
Allow manual gear selection to overide automatic shifting.
Allow each vehicle to use a different HUD layout.
Make control icons in the Controls HUD dynamic.
Add control icons for Fanatec Clubsport V2.5, Thrustmaster T300RS, Logitech G29.
Add default controls for Thrustmaster T300RS.
Add brake lights to the AMG GT.
Improve support for AccuForce hardware.
Exposed "smoothing" setting in the controls UI.
Clean up controls UI to only show axes/buttons that exist.
Fix some HUD elements not scaling based on resolution.
Fix extra HUD elements showing up in tutorial and 3-player split-screen.
Fix anti-aliasing on moving transparent surfaces (NVidia).
Fix two GPU memory leaks.

2019/06/18 - v0.35b hotfix
Add default controls for Thrustmaster T500RS.
Fix AMG GT brake lights.
Fix crash in vehicle select menu.
Fix motion blur on transparent surfaces.

2019/06/29 - v0.35c
Added AMD FidelityFX.
Added a brake pedal threshold for ABS.
Reduced TAA pixel crawling.
Reduce cockpit camera FOV.
Improve Mustang and AMG GT geometry.
Improve framerate.
Updated OIS protocol support.
Updated telemetry app.
Updated control config system. If you had custom controls, you will need to reconfigure them. Sorry.

2019/07/17 - v0.35d
Reimplemented Magnetic Wheel Physics (Arcade mode Intermediate race).
Updated telemetry format / app.
Updated force feedback options.
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About This Game

Welcome to Real-Time Strategy Racing! (RTS-R)

And what is RTS-Racing you ask?
Designed with Esports at its core. This is future vehicle technologies capable of 1,000+km/h built upon simulated physics with track capture, resource collection, mid-race vehicle upgrades and track abilities. All played out on extreme full 360 degree track designs and an online racing tournament complete with prizes.

Did you ever hear that an F1 car could theoretically drive upside down?
Well, we tested it, and proved it. But it wasn't fun to drive, so we took it a few steps further and developed a fully adaptable vehicle setup ecu that could adjust; Aerodynamics, camber, toe, spring compression, tyre pressure, etc based on the vehicles velocity and orientation.

Trust us, that little bit extra downforce when you're upside down comes in handy ;)
Welcome also to 'Future Physics Racing'!

We built our own proprietary engine ‘RevGen’ so that we could make this possible by giving you the high frame and physics rates needed for a silky smooth physics handling experience at these insanely high speeds.

We also have plans to open 22RS up to game modding and community built assets. So if you have some ideas for future physics racing vehicles, you can make them, if you have some ideas for some fully 3d track designs that you'd like to try out, you can build them, or if you want to take our suite of physically based vehicles (did we mention we support bikes and maglev?) and unique strategy elements and make something unique of your own, then we want to help you make that happen.

We’re currently preparing for closed beta, and aim to launch into early access around Q1-Q2 2020. Stay tuned for more info ...

Add ‘22 Racing Series’ to your Wishlist to get notified when we launch.

* Try in VR with our six axis motion simulation support if you dare

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7 or later
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX 980
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 2 MB available space

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