The Gaze of The Eternal Sun is a yuri visual novel independently developed by the DogMade production team. It tells the story of the protagonist, Shikonomiya Sakuya, who is searching for the truth about her eternal life with the help of others.
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March 2025

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Planned Release Date: March 2025

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About This Game

The Gaze of The Eternal Sun - The Gaze of The Eternal Sun a yuri visual novel independently developed by DogMade Productions

The female protagonist, Shikonomiya Kanade, is troubled by her own peculiarities - she is able to retain her memories after death and continue to be reincarnated as a human being.
As she goes through the cycle of death and resurrection, her ability to regenerate herself grows stronger, causing it to become increasingly difficult for her to die.
Having experienced several instances where everyone around her died and often had to spend the rest of her life alone, Kanade has a twin sister in this life: Shikonomiya Hoshi.

Although she is a bit disappointed after confirming that the other person is not the same existence as herself, Hoshi's favoritism towards her as a younger sister still warms Kanade's heart.
Worried that her sister, Hoshi Shikinomiya, will find out that she is an "inhuman being", an unknown angel, Corsair, comes to her home and promises to help her find out the truth about her constant reincarnation.

-Shikinomiya Kanade, who is frustrated by her lack of understanding of her own existence, has to pay the price for her favorite sister.
-Shikinomiya Hoshi, who would do anything for her favorite sister.
-And Corcell, a strange being who suddenly comes to the house and calls himself an angel.

The three of them meet by fate, and their story is about to begin...

An existence that still manages to retain her memories after experiencing several deaths, while at the same time, because of her growing resistance to death, she has begun to wonder if she is still human.
In this life, although she was the eldest daughter of the Shikinomiya family, she had a serious illness that prevented her from being the heir.
She knew that she would not die of the disease, but because she could not easily admit her own special characteristics, her younger sister still had to take over the responsibility of inheriting the family in her place.
As a result, she has been suffering from guilt and mixed feelings towards her sister.

The second daughter of the Shikinomiya family, who has always loved to cling to her sister and put her first in everything she does since she was a little girl, is also an honor student in every aspect.
Ever since Shikinomiya Sako was deprived of her right to be the heir because of her illness, Hoshi had no choice but to replace her sister as the rightful heir of the Shikinomiya family, even though she did not want to compete with her sister for the position.
In her heart, nothing was as important as her sister. If she could, she would have given everything so that her sister could live well.
But she knew in her heart that there was no god in this world who could grant such a wish - until an angel came down from her home.

The angel, who came to Kanade's home for no apparent reason, claimed to be familiar with Kana's situation and offered to help Kanade find the truth about her immortality.
She acts on the basis of "amusement" and is always able to play with others.
In addition to her incomprehensible powers, she seems to be able to transform into a cat?

As the housekeeper of the Shikonomiya family, Berlii is definitely considered loyal.
She devoted almost everything to the future head of the house (Hoshi), but had nothing good to say about Kanade.
Of course there were those who asked her in private why she treated the two sisters differently, and her sharpness almost spilled out of her words: the Shikonomiya family didn't need worthless people.

Ritsu, who is Kanade Shikinomiya's attending physician, became the Shikinomiya family's family doctor due to her interest in Kanade's healing abilities. In addition, she promises to keep Kanade's condition a secret.
As the only human who knows the secret (albeit only part of it) of Shikonomiya Kanade, it seems like she has bad intentions?

As the story progresses, the mystery about the player's immortality will gradually be solved. In the process, players can establish romantic relationships with different characters through their own choices. At the same time, different choices are able to understand the truth of the protagonist's immortality from different perspectives ......

◆ Full game time: 8 hours

◆ In-game enjoyable CG: 20+ pictures

◆Four different branch lines

◆Through different branch lines, you can piece together the truth of the protagonist's immortality.

Mature Content Description

The developers describe the content like this:

The game contains some adult content elements:
Criminal Behavior, Violent Behavior, Accidental Death, Physical Injury, Violent Caricatures, Contains Partial Nudity, Alcohol Consumption.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 10
    • Processor: 2 GHz Dual Core CPU
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 支持DirectX9或以上的显卡
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: standard
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