Wander through whimsical realms and fight strategy RPG battles in this story-rich, thought-provoking adventure game hybrid. Use the Morph Magic Scepter to reshape allies, objects and ultimately the world! Will you maintain peace, fight for change, or walk the precarious line of neutrality?
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About This Game

The future is yours to transform in seven interconnecting storylines in this story-driven RPG. Outcasts of the Rift combines exploration and SRPG combat with an elaborate plot, rich lore and vibrant illustrations. Navigate the longstanding, ever-escalating conflict between the Roncefleurais and Kikusekin Empires and those caught in the rift between as you try to prevent an imminent war, or perhaps find yourself compelled to side with one empire or the other. Physically explore both empires through seven interconnecting storylines and recruit dozens of anthropomorphic animal allies into your brigade. Use the Morph Magic Scepter’s vast transformative power to reshape allies, objects and ultimately the world!

Key Features

  • A single-player, story-driven, art-focused RPG combining SRPG combat with exploration
  • Seven interconnecting storylines with multiple choices, endings and scenarios presenting many values, worldviews and perspectives
  • A thought-provoking, non-linear plot with themes of loyalty, power, bonds, maturing, change, choices and consequences
  • A diverse and memorable menagerie of dozens of animal characters to recruit and bond with
  • Recruit characters from opposing factions with diplomacy and strategy
  • Strategy RPG combat where characters’ species and sizes influence gameplay, with dozens of classes, weapon types and skills
  • Transform yourself, your allies and objects with morph magic and use it to progress past challenges
  • Multiple transformations that not only change the cast physically and mentally, but also alter the storyline and affect their gameplay in strategy RPG battles
  • Learn more about the world’s extensive lore by interacting with it and exploring it
  • Vibrant visuals illustrated with a rich and expressive art style bursting with character
  • Accessible gameplay that can be enjoyed by all ages, but caters to many different play styles, allowing players to make the game as easy or difficult as they want


There are two types of maps in Outcasts of the Rift: exploration maps and battle maps.

Exploration maps are adventure game-style maps where you progress through the story by moving through one location to another, negotiating with characters you meet, and solving puzzles using morph magic and objects around you. As you explore, you’ll advance the story, meet new allies, find valuable items and gain insights on the rich lore of Roncefleur and Kikuseki.

In battle maps, you will face the enemy army in turn-based strategy RPG combat. Move your allies across the map and fight one-on-one battles with enemies. How your position your allies is key to success!

Depending on your playstyle, you can make Outcasts of the Rift as easy or as difficult as you like. Are you struggling? Bulldoze through the game by only using your most powerful characters or search for items to boost their stats. Are you seeking a challenge? Restrict what characters or items you use, or restrict how often you heal.

The future is yours to transform!

Eons ago, after a cataclysm that literally and figuratively shattered the world, the first kings of Roncefleur and Kikuseki were given three magical scepters to develop their budding nations.

This is the only part of the legend that both empires agree on. Roncefleur claims that they were given two scepters, and Kikuseki seized the Morph Magic Scepter from them. Kikuseki claims they were given two scepters, and Roncefleur has tried to seize the Morph Magic Scepter from them ever since. They have fought over the three scepters for eons, pulling neighboring nations into their conflict and growing into vast empires encompassing their whole continents.

Currently, Roncefleur is outraged that Kikuseki prospers with both the Light Magic Scepter and Morph Magic Scepter, while Roncefleur languishes with only the Dark Magic Scepter. Both empires stand on the threshold of war, but Dawn, a princess on the run, have created new complications. Will you and your newfound allies be the heroes your allied empire needs, stay neutral, maintain stability, create change, foster peace or climb the ladder of chaos? Will you prevent a war, or will you instigate it?

The time has come to fight for what you have or fight for what you lack.

Transform Yourself and the Story

Morph magic contains ultimate transformative power. Transformations change traits such as physique, size, skills, identity, personality and more!
Transformations impact the gameplay as well as the story. They can change character’s classes and how they function in both battle and exploration maps.

Morph magic isn’t the only way characters can transform. Their circumstances and choices lead them down different paths in each storyline. Your choices transform you, your brigade and the entire story. Each choice you make compounds upon the next. They branch out to seven storylines that introduce new locations, new lore, new plot points, new characters, new transformations, new friendships, and new themes. Your goals and where your loyalty lies are determined by cumulative choices.

Did you make the right choices? You’ll discover that the hard way.

Recruit Dozens of Characters

Recruit a vast, diverse cast of characters of different species, allegiances, cultures, religions, worldviews, fighting styles, talents, classes, backgrounds and values. Different storylines radically change the composition of your brigade, who joins or leaves and the relationship dynamics between members.

Using the right combination of diplomacy and strategy, you can even recruit characters from the opposing faction! Be careful, because choosing to recruit one character can prevent you from recruiting another. Your choices matter!

System Requirements

    • OS *: Windows 7 SP1
    • Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster processor or SoC
    • Memory: 200 MB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 200 MB available space
* Starting January 1st, 2024, the Steam Client will only support Windows 10 and later versions.
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