"MechStorm" is a heart-pounding 2-player combat vehicle game where humans fight for survival against an army of mechs, drones, and tanks. Assemble your customized war machine, team up with a friend, and unleash devastating attacks to reclaim the planet's surface.
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This game is not yet available on Steam

Planned Release Date: 2024

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About This Game

Mech Storm

Co-Op Vehicle Combat
Gear up, recruit! Get ready to wage an all-out war in the ultimate battle for humanity's survival! Introducing "MechStorm," the adrenaline-fueled, action-packed 2-player combat vehicle game that will push your strategic prowess and teamwork to the limits. As the robotic oppressors drive humans underground, it's up to you and your partner to join the resistance, reclaim the planet, and restore hope to a devastated planet.

Immerse yourself in the post-apocalyptic world, where every decision you make can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Assemble your formidable combat vehicle, armed to the teeth with an arsenal of deadly weapons and cutting-edge technology. From futuristic tanks to nimble drones, choose from a wide array of vehicles, each with its own strengths and playstyles, and engage in heart-pounding battles across breathtaking landscapes.

No Hero Fights Alone
But remember, no hero fights alone. Team up with a friend, synchronize your tactics via voice chat, and unleash devastating combos that will leave your enemies trembling in fear. Coordination and communication are the keys to success, as you strategize your every move to outsmart the AI leader and his legions of formidable robots, tanks, and drones. Only by working together can you hope to vanquish the oppressors and liberate humanity from their clutches.

We do offer a single-player experience, but this game is meant to play with a friend.

Fight For Survival Against the AI Robot Army

The robots, cunning and swift, possess lightning-fast reflexes and lethal precision. Whether they're armed with laser cannons, plasma rifles, or devastating melee weapons, they'll stop at nothing to exterminate any resistance in their path. These mechanical adversaries are relentless, coordinating their attacks and adapting their strategies to exploit your weaknesses.

But it doesn't end there. The tanks, heavily armored and bristling with firepower, will test your mettle with their overwhelming might. From explosive shells to devastating area-of-effect weapons, these behemoths will require careful planning and coordinated strikes to bring them down. Engaging them head-on is a risky proposition, as their sheer firepower can decimate your defenses in an instant.

Strategy and Customization
Unleash your creativity and customize your combat vehicle to suit your playstyle. Upgrade your weapons, armor, and special abilities, unlocking new possibilities and creating the ultimate war machine. Experiment with different combinations, fine-tune your loadouts, and adapt your strategies on the fly to overcome the ever-evolving challenges that await you.

"MechStorm" is not just a game; it's an immersive experience that will transport you to a world where the fate of humanity hangs in the balance. With stunning visuals, pulse-pounding sound effects, and intuitive controls, you'll find yourself fully immersed in the chaos and intensity of battle.

Coming to PC and Mac
So, rally your friends, prepare for the fight of your lives, and dive into the epic world of "MechStorm." The future of Earth depends on you. Will you answer the call and become the heroes humanity desperately needs? Vapor Run can be played on PC gaming machines, newer MacBook Pros, and the Steam Deck.

Voice Chat
Stay in contact with your partner using voice chat as you come up with strategies to defeat enemies trying to prevent you from finishing your mission.

When? How? I Want to Race!
Vapor Run is in closed beta. We have a working demo that is dangerous, fast, and fun. If you are interested in playing reach out to us on our studio website or on our Twitter page.

System Requirements

    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 10
    • Processor: I7
    • Graphics: GTX 1050ti
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: macOS 10.15 Catalina
    • Processor: Intel Core I7
    • Memory: 8 MB RAM
    • Graphics: AMD Radeon Pro 5500
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