Starfall Protocol is a Starship colony sim with RPG adventures in a galaxy with millions of explorable planets!🌌
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About This Game

Starfall Protocol is a Starship colony sim with RPG adventures in a galaxy with millions of explorable planets!🌌

Build your Starship and guide your colony through the mysteries of space! Travel the galaxy and explore millions of star systems and planets, featuring diverse factions and unique environments! Journey into the cosmos to complete quests, and discover rare materials and ancient secrets with untold riches! Meet interesting characters, manage your Starship, and lead your people to prosperity!

The first Starfall Protocol video on Noobert's channel is now LIVE!

Check out some of the key aspects of the game that we will be working toward during the Early Access phase:

Where will my colonists live?

It is up to you to design and construct your dream Starship for your colony! Lay the foundations, then populate the environment with stylish furniture and decorations! Create and manage your power and livestock systems to protect your colonists from the unforgiving elements of space!

How deep is character simulation?

Each character in the game possesses a unique set of simulated physical and personality traits, skills, needs, abilities, personal history, and motivations which all influence how they interact with the world and with each other. Characters can also get sick, injured, or moody, which can affect their performance. Adventure through the galaxy as you manage your crew, level up their abilities, and improve their skills! Train your colonists and nurture their competencies to strive as a unit!

You will come across many interesting characters throughout your intergalactic journey. Persuade any person you encounter to join your colony, giving you the opportunity to assemble a diverse crew capable of realizing even your wildest ambitions! Explore new avenues with customized gears, bionic transformations, and a large variety of weapons!

Whether you like customization or random generation you can create and personalize your own characters and bring them along on your intergalactic journey! Distribute their skill points, assign their traits, and modify their looks, interests, and every little detail about them!

Where can I find resources?

Ready to set your solar sails? Use your Starship to travel anywhere in the whole galaxy! Browse the advanced holographic Atlas built into your ship to choose your next destination! There are three scan levels:

Galaxy Atlas: There are millions of star systems that make up the massive explorable galaxy of Starfall Protocol. Visit any of them to discover their hidden secrets! Be careful though, some sectors of the galaxy are being controlled and protected by other factions! Scan stars and interstellar locations to get more information about them!

Star System Atlas: Each star provides a home for many unique planets with diverse properties and ecosystems. Frozen ice planets, tropical paradises, and raging volcanic planets are just a few types that you will encounter, each providing unique challenges and rewards. Scan any planet to get an overview of its composition, resources, and inhabitants!

Planet Atlas: Land your Starship anywhere on any planet in the galaxy! Literally. Visit specific points of interest like faction outposts and settlements, or explore the untouched wilderness hiding ancient temples and valuable artifacts!

Can I explore space?

Apart from landing on planets, you can also visit any interstellar location between stars! Locate extremely rare resources and Blueprints, or scavenge the remains of once-prosperous civilizations! Deep space expeditions are both rewarding and deadly. Attempting them without sufficient preparations, they are mostly deadly.

Can I really land on every planet in the galaxy?

Yes! In fact, you are free to choose the landing site too! Every planet holds many exciting opportunities to advance your colony. Apart from gathering valuable gear and resources, you can also try to hunt or capture local wildlife. Visit an established settlement, or discover dangerous ancient structures and fallen spaceships to loot and unveil their secrets!

Each planet has a full day-night cycle and dynamic weather simulation. The length of days and nights depends on the planet’s position in the star system, and the climate is also influenced by local factors, such as topography and geographic coordinates. Every blade of grass in the galaxy is a result of a top-down simulation approach, where each and every property influences the world in a chain of causality. This creates a unique sense of exploration, it truly feels different to be in one or another part of the galaxy.

How will I sustain my colony?

Starships are cozy, but to keep your colonists well-fed and equipped, you will need to get out to gather food and resources through planetary and deep space exploration! Back on your ship, seeds that you collect can be used to grow your own food while captured animals can be used for livestock.

Mine resources across the galaxy to produce materials and equipment that can be used or sold for extra profits! Most resources can only be found in certain environments so you will need to travel to different parts of the galaxy to locate what you need.

Build workshops across your station and set a schedule for your colonists to start producing goods and services! To help out, create worker robots so your crew doesn't have to spend their whole day at work!

What awaits me during my adventures?

The universe is teeming with life, so you will encounter many different groups and individuals on your journey! While some of them are humans, others may be more exotic life forms with their own tools and agenda. Not every character, but most of them are part of a faction ranging from pity space pirates to rich and mighty empires.

Make beneficial diplomatic agreements and have them as your allies, or crush their dreams as your enemies! Actions have consequences though, and factions will have different opinions about you based on your deeds. Having a bad reputation in the galaxy is a great way to quickly get some combat experience for your crew!

Taking the supplies or attacking the wrong factions can bite back quickly when a hired mercenary decides to collect the bounty on your head! Tread carefully, there are extremely dangerous and merciless legendary warriors roaming the galaxy who will truly test your crew member's skills and abilities!

Are there any missions?

From helping local tribes to supporting large intergalactic factions, you will find countless adventures and mission opportunities across the galaxy. Gain a reputation, earn money, and meet interesting characters who await you to pledge your support!

From holding high-security prisoners to retrieving valuable artifacts and defending locals from invading bandits, missions are always a great way to make some extra profits!

They are also great for getting intel on unprotected trade routes and secret locations hiding valuable resources, but always consider the possible consequences of helping someone at someone else's expense!

Can I trade resources?

If you have run out of something, or you have too much, don't worry, as every resource can be traded with other characters in the game!

Whether you choose to trade with shady cyber-tribes in abandoned villages, or with a reputable Royal Trademaster of a large empire in a fancy diamond chamber, make sure there is someone in your crew who has the wits to cut the best deals!

Keep an eye on the galactic economy! Depending on your location and what you trade, prices and demand can fluctuate! Based on your reputation in the galaxy, Merchants may have different attitudes and prices towards you. No one likes to trade with someone who started a fistfight with an entire settlement over an unfortunate statement about the age of your Captain's sister!

Can I fight back?

Experience battles and fights through the dynamic simulated combat system, and battle your way through difficulties with a diverse set of completely customizable weapons, armor, and tools! Use your thermal-scoped dual-barreled Plasma Blaster to get your point across, or utilize more subtle tactics with diversions and specialized tech tools! The era of wars with simplistic machinery is long-long over! Take the fight to the next level and decimate your enemies both on land and in space!

How can I improve my tech?

Crew members with specialized engineering and research skills are an essential part of your colony. Invest their time and some resources to improve every aspect of your Starship, your crew's life, and equipment through multiple in-depth research paths!

Is there an endgame?

The only thing that we can share right now is that the Ancient Gods REALLY don't like their sacred Temples disturbed by some adventure-hungry explorers!

Is there replay value in the game?

No two stories are the same! Every campaign offers a different immersive experience, with new characters, worlds to discover, and unique strategies to build upon. Each decision and interaction results in a series of novel events that will drastically change how each campaign plays out. With Starfall Protocol's carefully tuned procedural universe, the possibilities and replay value are almost endless.

Will there be Mod Support?

Committed to our community and our roots, we are happy to announce that Starfall Protocol will enjoy extensive mod support! Apart from some core elements, every asset in the game is already handled like it was part of a mod (Vanilla Mod), so it will be very easy to add, remove, and change things as you wish.

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System Requirements

    • OS *: WIndows 7
    • DirectX: Version 12
    • OS: Windows 10
    • DirectX: Version 12
* Starting January 1st, 2024, the Steam Client will only support Windows 10 and later versions.

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