Control powerful heroes in a magical fantasy world to defeat monsters that threaten the kingdom. This turn-based physics/strategy game will have you bouncing and booping enemies using a mixture of precision and chaos to save the realm from all kinds of hand-drawn baddies.
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Om dette spillet

In the physics-strategy game Bounce Castle you'll slam and smash your way through enemies to protect the precious Flow Crystals. Aim your heroes abilities with precision to thwart the enemies intentions to destroy your crystals and your access to Flow. Fight through dozens of unique levels as you advance closer to the Bounce Castle's Throne Room and attempt to defeat it's many bosses!

But if precision isn't your thing you can always resort to CHAOS!

Dozens of Abilities:

Discover a multitude of abilities each offering their own way of causing havoc for the enemy. Blow things up with abilities like the chaos inducing Gust or clean up with accurate moves like Eagle Eye Arrow.

Defend the Flow Crystals:

But don't go in without a plan! You've got to keep your Flow Crystals safe from harm or lose access to your primary resource, Flow. Lose all your flow and it's game over so don't let those enemies destroy the crystals!

Physics + Strategy:

Lucky for your heroes, enemies display their attack's intention meaning you have the chance to counter their attacks!

Tactics without the grid!

Bounce Castle uses physics, a tactical game with no grid and no hexagons, what a time to be alive! Ricochet around obstacles or boop enemies into pits. It's like if you combined pinball, pool and mini-golf and threw in swords and fireballs.


    • OS *: Windows 7
    • Prosessor: Intel i7 5500
    • Minne: 2 GB RAM
    • Grafikk: GTX 980
    • Lagring: 200 MB tilgjengelig plass
* Fra og med den 1. januar 2024 kommer Steam-klienten kun til å støtte Windows 10 og nyere versjoner.

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