Who is your admiral general communist oligarch in the bright Russia of the future? Putin? Trump? Navalny? #BLM?
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About This Game

Who is your admiral general communist oligarch in the bright Russia of the future?

  • Putin? And his aquadisco, pouring Novichok on everyone in the neighborhood?
  • Or Lukashenka and a gang of security officials?
  • Navalny and his swarm of drones and protesters?
  • Or Trump on a posh aircraft carrier and his highly mobile rednecks on pickup trucks?
  • Or with unique mechanics completely out of control George Floyd and his hordes of activists?

Explore and dominate on a generated map

  • Loot and spend on strategically important buildings, or just buy a golden toilet brush for your luxury pirate yacht.
  • Each faction has its own line of development, so bring women and electoral votes to the yacht to get new opportunities, glorious pirate!
    For example, a couple of votes of friendly fellow citizens and Trump is already airstrikes enemies and bombing cities.
    However, it is even easier for Putin: carry two women and you have a great personal bunker.

Unique cell mechanics

At the start of the game, all cells are closed like a card back.
Open them and get unexpected turns.
  • Maybe it will be a nuclear rocket?
  • Or garages with a gop-stop?

Unit characteristics

Each unit earns experience in the course of the game, whether it is killing, women, or collecting votes.
In the future, the player distributes points for new characteristics in the improvement tree.
Some traits can be obtained by examining undiscovered cells. For example, a university has a chance to give a "Red diploma", which gives + 0.001% to damage.
But the characteristics are not always SUCH POSITIVE! A unit that has been imprisoned has a 50% chance of receiving the "Buggered" debuff.

Find cards and strengthen the regime

Examples of cards:
  • "Legalization Of Prostitution": 5% chance each turn that 3 random units will gain the characteristic "Prostitute" and start generating income when attacking.
  • "Nepotism": First and permanent income from oil + 100%.
  • "Gopota Government Support": 5% chance every turn that 2 loyal riot policemen will appear near the city.
  • "A Feast In Time Of Plague": 5% chance each turn that 1 random unit will become a cannibal and start supplying food to the city with each kill.

Beware of the indigenous people!

So, the traffic police inspector will bankrupt the rednecks in pickup trucks, which have a movement range of two cells.
And the gopota, when attacking, has a chance to take away a weapon or object, including the NUCLEAR!
Do not forget that it is possible to subdue these crooks by priests and oligarchs. By the way, send juggernaut bears to attack with RPG and nuke!

Combine faction, regime and cards wisely

For example, Putin's milestones such as "Bunker", "Resetting Presidential Terms", and "Coronation", which provide good bonuses, go well with the "Clone Sovereign" upgrade of the Monarchy regime.

System Requirements

    • OS: 64-bit Windows
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