"Beautiful Girl vs Mecha" is a card RPG game with the theme of the future eschatology. Players will be transformed into army commanders, and they will fight through card battles by means of instant battles and four different occupations.
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About This Game

Introduction and content of the game:

In the 30th century, Earth science and technology evolved to a highly developed level. However, what people living on the surface of the Earth don't know is that there is another kind of intelligent life in the interior of the Earth. They have lived in the underground world since 65 million years ago. Facing the harsh underground environment, they have advanced civilization and advanced science and technology far superior to human beings. It is their dream to replace human beings to live on land, and they have made a conquest plan for tens of millions of years. As the earth's resources become increasingly barren, human beings gradually explore underground, and their plans are forced to start ahead of schedule. An unprecedented disaster broke out at the end of the Earth's 3047 years. A mysterious virus caused two thirds of the people in the world to suffer from muscle atrophy, respiratory failure and blindness to varying degrees, and finally died gradually in pain. A month later, a giant base suddenly appeared in the South Pole, and this group of invaders claiming to come from underground occupied the South Island and claimed to rule the earth. Because the virus caused 95% of the male deaths in the world, a group of brave girls spontaneously set up a "prayer song" unit to arm themselves with the existing advanced technology and fight for the protection of the world. The prayer troops gathered hot-blooded young people from all over the world, and according to different aspirations, they were mainly transformed into four types of occupations:
Attach importance to the "strong attack" of physical attack.
Pay attention to the "prophet" of spell attack.
Attach importance to the "guardian" of defense.
Pay attention to the "redemption" of treatment.
In 3074, as the best graduate of this year's Federal Commander College, you joined the "Prayer Song" unit and met a group of battle-hardened combatants and experienced commanders. Facing the severe situation and cruel battlefield, what choice would you make? Under your leadership, can we realize our good wish to save the world?

Game background:

This is a challenging time. Everyone contributes to protect their homeland. As the commander of the "Prayer Song" unit, your responsibility is great, and every decision you make is of great significance to the future of mankind. Believe in yourself, your teammates, and that you will bring the ultimate peace.

Game features:

"Beautiful Girl vs Mecha" is a card RPG game with the theme of the future eschatology. Players will be transformed into army commanders, and they will fight through card battles by means of instant battles and four different occupations.
The overall perspective of the game is basically 2D perspective, in which most scenes and characters are all made in 2D, and the battle scenes are simple and easy to understand, which is convenient for players to operate immediately.
In the game, you can upgrade characters and change costumes on the main page of the game
The four occupations in the game have their own characteristics, which are matched with the hero skills and professional equipment exclusive to the characters to form your own combat team. The fetters between heroes will also make your team more solidified. Using different functional props in time will make your battle easier. The changeable levels and different enemies will make your adventure full of freshness. The unique collection elements of cards also satisfy the desire of some obsessive-compulsive players to collect. You can lead the troops deep into the enemy and go forward. Or keep the status quo with your heroes, and everyone can have the ending they want in the game.
. Click on the regional building of the big map to enter the battle checkpoint or activity copy. After each battle, the blood volume of players and heroes will be automatically restored, but the physical strength will be lost with the battle. When entering the battle game, it is basically a touch operation, and when using props, it adopts the mode of touch sliding collocation.

Game play:

Game play is divided into six modules: copy battle, city socialization, wild area exploration, copy battle, five spirits dispute, home rest, and guild group battle.

System Requirements

    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
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