The Dreamworld has been infected! It is up to you to explore the Dreamworld as the DreamDasher, discover its secrets, and defeat the Nightmare.
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2020 年 9 月 5 日




執行 DreamDasher



The Dreamworld has been infected! It is up to you to explore the Dreamworld as the DreamDasher, discover its secrets, and defeat the Nightmare.

This game was inspired by our favorite modern platformer games. They inspired us to head down this journey and to make and share this short adventure for free. For details on what and how our favorite platformer games inspired DreamDasher please see the details on our website (c3bgames . com).

The game is designed to be played with a Controller (e.g., Xbox, PlayStation, Switch Pro). The game does provide keyboard controls as well as touch screen for touch screen devices, but please be aware that the keyboard and touchscreen inputs are harder to use.

For Wall Jump and Dash Tutorial see first 2 minutes of this video

  • Single player, free, no ads game.
  • This is a Short Story adventure that typically takes between 1-2 hours to complete.
  • Parkour Platformer with precise and simple controls: jump, air-dash, wall-slide, and invert-gravity.
  • Dashing is key for the DreamDasher. You can also fly through the air and overcome obstacles as you control gravity.
  • Instantaneous nearby respawning.
  • Supports a wide range of difficulty levels (Easy to Nightmare Mode), and additional Difficulty Modifiers for adjusting the difficulty settings of the game further.
  • Frequent autosaving to load where you left off.
  • Supports remapping controller, keyboard and mouse controls

For any issues, please send email to with the details. Thanks!

  • You gain abilities as you progress through the story
  • Pressing the same key/button as you use for Jump advances you through the Dialog
  • The longer you hold the jump key/button the higher DreamDasher will jump
  • To reach the highest heights, first jump and then dash when in the air. Dash allows DreamDasher to reach additional heights when performed after you've Jumped into the air
  • Wall Jump DreamDasher to go up a passage way. This consists of pressing the jump key/button when you are on the wall and at the same time pressing the joystick/key in the oppositive direction of the wall you are jumping off of.
  • DashAttack and Gravity can only be performed once between touching the ground. There are indicators showing if DreamDasher has its DashAttack and/or Gravity available.  If DashAttack is availble you will see an Orange glow around DreamDasher.  If Gravity change is available, you will see Orange vapors coming out of the top of DreamDasher. These will disappear when you've consumed your DashAttack and/or Gravity change while in the air until you touch the ground again.
  • Dash is your attack when needed
  • Press the joystick/controls against a wall to slowly slide down the wall. While wall sliding, you can also press the joystick or key in the down direction of DreamDasher while on the wall to slide faster down the wall.
  • Adjust difficulty level or turn on Difficulty Modifiers if you need help progressing through story  (in turning on Difficulty Modifiers some achievements may not be obtainable)

  • Towards the end of the game Nightmare has two types of laser attacks. The first is a sweeping laser, and you can Dash through the sweeping laser unharmed. The second is a tracking laser that tracks DreamDashers movement, and it charges over a couple of seconds and then fires. The tracking laser can be avoided by hiding behind objects when it is about to fire.
  • When trying to find all of the Crystals, look for secret passage ways (they will look different) when in the Blue level/rooms.

  • Momentum - This allows you to set the amount of momentum you have when stopping/turning. A value of 0 allows you to stop/turn on a dime, higher values take more frames before stopping/turning.
  • Volume - Set the volume for the game
  • Difficulty - Supports 4 difficulty levels (Easy, Normal, Hard, Nightmare) which adjust the damage and speed of action during the game
  • Touch Controls - Turns on/off the touch screen controls for the game. Touch controls are meant for touch screen devices. For Touch controls, press anywhere on the left side of the screen to move the DreamDasher.
  • Particles - Turns on/off the background particle effects. If you are noticing lag (lower FPS) try turning particles off.
  • The following Difficulty Modifiers allow you to further adjust the difficulty of the game. Turning on any of the below Difficulty Modifiers can result in some achievements not being obtainable
  • Difficulty Modifier Game Speed - Allows you to slow down or increase the overall speed of the game. Default value is 1
  • Difficulty Modifier Dash - Allows you to turn on Dash early as well as set it to infinite dashes (allows you to fly). Infinite means you can press the Dash as many times as you want in the air.
  • Difficulty Modifier Gravity - Allows you to turn on Gravity controls early as well as set it to infinite gravity changes. Infinite means you can press the Gravity control as many times as you want in the air.


Mac OS X
    • 需要 64 位元的處理器及作業系統
    • 作業系統: Windows 7 or newer
    • 處理器: 1Ghz or faster
    • 記憶體: 512 MB 記憶體
    • 儲存空間: 150 MB 可用空間
    • 需要 64 位元的處理器及作業系統
    • 需要 64 位元的處理器及作業系統
    • 作業系統: MacOS 10 or newer
    • 處理器: 1Ghz or faster
    • 記憶體: 512 MB 記憶體
    • 儲存空間: 150 MB 可用空間
    • 需要 64 位元的處理器及作業系統