Lumberjack, the short story game about a caring father.
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2020년 4월 24일

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LumberJack 구매


게임에 대해

Lumberjack is a short story game. You play as a father that chops down trees to buy medicine for his sick daughter. We plan to get feedback from the community to improve the game.

The controls are simple. You can walk left and right. The up and down buttons do every action. You wake up, chop trees, load them onto your wagon, and unload them at your house. Then, sell the logs to customers and buy food and medicine for your daughter. You also need to keep the fire going in the house and repair the house, wagon, and axe when they break down.

We hope you enjoy the game. Please leave feedback! Let us know how we can improve the game. We are open to suggestions.
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    • 운영체제: Windows 10
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