This content requires the base application RPG Maker MV on Steam in order to run.

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Jan 30, 2020

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This content requires the base application RPG Maker MV on Steam in order to run.

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About This Content

Give your male Japanese characters more voices to be heard with Japanese Anime Voices:Male Character Series Vol.3 from TK Projects!

Following the very popular Japanese Anime Voice series this pack will further expand your projects with more exciting and fun Japanese male anime-voices speaking very usable Japanese phrases!

Bring your anime characters to life with these common, everyday vocal phrases for Attacks, Starting out, Runaway, Choices, Amazed, and many, many more!


* 126 Japanese animation-like male voices (phrases)
* OGG, M4A formats included
* Male voices (in Japanese phrases) for Visual Novel Games, RPG and much more!
* English translation list included
* For use in RPG Maker MV or the engine of your choice!


1 001_Start1.wav いくぞ I go
2 002_Start2.wav やるぞ Onwards
3 003_Victory1.wav 俺の、勝ちだ Victory is mine
4 004_Victory2.wav 出直してこい Try again
5 005_Follow1.wav 任せろ Leave it to me
6 006_Follow2.wav いいだろう I'll do it
7 007_Choice1.wav どうする? What now?
8 008_Choice2.wav 指示をくれ Your orders?
9 009_Runaway1.wav 逃げるぞ I must flee
10 010_Runaway2.wav さらばだ Farewell
11 011_Tool use1.wav これを使うぞ I'll use this
12 012_Tool use2.wav ほらよ Here
13 013_Healthy turn1.wav 俺の番だ My turn
14 014_Healthy turn2.wav さぁ、いくぞ Alright, here I go
15 015_Dying turn1.wav ち、この程度で Tch, a trifle
16 016_Dying turn2.wav く、くそっ Gh, damn it
17 017_Abnormal state turn1.wav おのれ You...
18 018_Abnormal state turn2.wav ぐぅ… Guh...
19 019_Unable to fight1.wav すま、ない I'm... sorry
20 020_Unable to fight2.wav ここで、終わりか… This is... the end?
21 021_Damage1.wav くっ Kuh
22 022_Damage2.wav ぐっ Gh
23 023_Damage3.wav うっ Ugh
24 024_Damage4.wav むっ Ngh
25 025_Damage5.wav つっ Tch
26 026_Large damage1.wav むううっ Ngaah
27 027_Large damage2.wav ぐああ Guah
28 028_Large damage3.wav ぐうう Guhh
29 029_Large damage4.wav ぐはっ Ghaa30 030_Large damage5.wav ごほっ Guho31 031_No damage1.wav 効かん Futile
32 032_No damage2.wav この程度か Is that all?
33 033_Weak attack1.wav ふっ Fuh
34 034_Weak attack2.wav はっ Ha
35 035_Weak attack3.wav ほっ Ho
36 036_Weak attack4.wav せい Hya
37 037_Weak attack5.wav ふんっ Fhm
38 038_Medium attack1.wav はあっ Haa
39 039_Medium attack2.wav ふぅ”ぅ”ん” Hngh
40 040_Medium attack3.wav くらえ Take this
41 041_Medium attack4.wav うおおっ Uoah
42 042_Medium attack5.wav せいっ Hiya
43 043_Strong attack1.wav どりゃああああ Doryaaa
44 044_Strong attack2.wav そりゃあああ Shhyaaa
45 045_Strong attack3.wav おおおおお Ooooo
46 046_Strong attack4.wav ふきとべぇ Begone
47 047_Strong attack5.wav ふぅ”ぅ”ぅ”ぅ”ん” Hnnnnghh
48 048_Recover1.wav 大丈夫か? Are you alright?
49 049_Recover2.wav 立て直すぞ We must rally
50 050_Recover3.wav 援護しよう I will aid you
51 051_Ok1.wav ああ Yes
52 052_Ok2.wav うむ Mmhm
53 053_Ok3.wav そうだな Quite right
54 054_Deny1.wav いや No
55 055_Deny2.wav だめだ No good
56 056_Deny3.wav いかん Not possible
57 057_Aha1.wav ほう Hm
58 058_Aha2.wav そうか I see
59 059_Aha3.wav おぉ Oh?
60 060_Reply1.wav なんだ? What is it?
61 061_Reply2.wav どうした? What is the matter?
62 062_Reply3.wav 呼んだか? You called?
63 063_Discover1.wav ん? Hm?
64 064_Discover2.wav あれは? What is that?
65 065_Discover3.wav なんだ? What's this?
66 066_Thinking1.wav うむぅ Uhm
67 067_Thinking2.wav ふむぅ Hmm
68 068_Thinking3.wav んー? Mm?
69 069_Thinking4.wav あー? Ah?
70 070_Suspicious1.wav ほーう? Ohh?
71 071_Suspicious2.wav どうしたぁ…? Hmm, what's wrong?
72 072_Joy1.wav おお! Ohh!
73 073_Joy2.wav うむ! Mm!
74 074_Joy3.wav いいぞ Excellent
75 075_Anger1.wav ふん Hmph
76 076_Anger2.wav くだらん Foolish
77 077_Feel down1.wav ふぅ Fuh...
78 078_Feel down2.wav はぁ Hah...
79 079_Shyness1.wav なっ Wha
80 080_Shyness2.wav これはっその This is- it's not
81 081_Satisfaction1.wav おぉ! Woah!
82 082_Satisfaction2.wav いいぞぉ Incredible!
83 083_Shy1.wav ま、まぁな Y-yeah...
84 084_Shy2.wav ふっ Hmph...
85 085_Surprise1.wav なっ Wha
86 086_Surprise2.wav 馬鹿な Impossible!
87 087_Laugh1.wav はっはっは HA HA HA
88 088_Laugh2.wav ふふふっ Hmhmhm
89 089_Bitter smile1.wav はは、はは… Haha, haha...
90 090_Bitter smile2.wav そ、そうか… I-Is that so...
91 091_Grin1.wav ほーう Ohhh?
92 092_Grin2.wav なぁるほどなぁ~ Ohhhh, I see~
93 093_Weep1.wav くぅう Kuh
94 094_Weep2.wav ぐ、うう、ううう *sobbing*
95 095_Thank you1.wav 助かる My thanks
96 096_Thank you2.wav ありがとな Thank you
97 097_Praise1.wav すごいな That's incredible
98 098_Praise2.wav よくやった! Great job!
99 099_Apologize1.wav 悪い My bad
100 100_Apologize2.wav すまん Sorry
101 101_Amazed1.wav はぁー Haa
102 102_Amazed2.wav あのなぁ Wow, that's...
103 103_Abuse1.wav ああ? Oh yeah!?
104 104_Abuse2.wav くそったれ You asshole!
105 105_Request1.wav 頼む Please
106 106_Request2.wav 恩に着る I'm in your debt
107 107_Hello1.wav よう Yo
108 108_Hello2.wav おう Hey
109 109_Call1.wav おい Hey!
110 110_Call2.wav ちょっといいか Can I have a minute?
111 111_Call strongly1.wav おい! Oi!!
112 112_Call strongly2.wav なにしてる What are you doing?
113 113_Watch out1.wav っ!! -!!
114 114_Watch out2.wav あぶねぇ! Look out!
115 115_Hold1.wav ほっ Hup
116 116_Hold2.wav よっと One, two
117 117_Hand over1.wav ほらよ Here
118 118_Hand over2.wav やるよ It's yours
119 119_Get shocked1.wav なっ Wha
120 ショック2 120_Get shocked2.wav なんだと What in the
121 121_Good bye1.wav じゃぁな See you
122 122_Good bye2.wav またな Later
123 123_growth_Enhanced1.wav 力がみなぎる My power is rising
124 124_growth_Enhanced2.wav 良い気分だ A fine feeling
125 125_growth_Level up1.wav 力があふれてくる I'm bursting with power
126 126_growth_Level up2.wav さらに高みへ I rise even higher

System Requirements

SteamOS + Linux
    • Additional Notes: System supporting RPG Maker MV
    • Additional Notes: System supporting RPG Maker MV
* Starting February 15, 2024, the Steam Client will no longer support 32-bit games or macOS 10.14 or lower.
    • Additional Notes: System supporting RPG Maker MV

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