Lannath is a Horror-RPG where you accumulate insanity and watch the world plunge into madness. Generate randomized worlds with customizable features to create a totally unique experience each time you play.
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22. okt. 2019

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Explore dreary, dream-like worlds that descend further into madness as you progress in this haunting Horror-RPG. This game combines survival-horror, RPG, and roguelike elements to create a truly unique experience. The objective in this game is to accumulate insanity by hunting monsters. As your insanity increases, the world will change and descend further into madness. Once enough insanity is obtained, you can challenge the final boss.

This game has a unique combat system in which you control both your character and the sword. You will need to avoid enemies with the character while striking them with the sword. The sword deals more damage when it is close to the player character. Use spells to gain the upper hand in combat by targeting enemy weaknesses. You can also level up your stats by finding "chlorprellae" in the world to suit your playstyle.

In Unknown Mode, you can play on randomly generated worlds. You can customize these worlds by choosing how many of each specific enemy will spawn in your world. You can use this feature as a dynamic difficulty slider to determine exactly how hostile you want your world to be. With this feature you will have a very different experience each time you play, and it allows for endless replayability.


  • Unique Combat System
  • Randomly Generated Maps
  • Dynamic Customization of Maps
  • Haunting Atmosphere
  • Insanity Mechanic
  • Good for Challenge Runs

Beskrivelse af voksenindhold

Udviklerne beskriver indholdet således:

Game contains blood, violence, and religious themes.


    • Styresystem: Windows 7 or later
    • Processor: 1.44 GHz
    • Hukommelse: 2 GB RAM
    • Diskplads: 200 MB tilgængelig plads
    • Styresystem: Windows 10
    • Processor: 2.40 GHz
    • Hukommelse: 8 GB RAM
    • Diskplads: 200 MB tilgængelig plads
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