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RPG Maker MV - Everywhere, Everytime Music Pack 구매


콘텐츠에 대해

How cool is the retro sound? More cool now than ever! This pack is so retro you might find yourself reaching for a big gulp, or some Big League Chew, or an actual JOYSTICK...

The days of nostalgia are back in this 8-bit album carefully constructed by videogame music composer FrancisForteVGM (Francisco Barrera Gil).

These tunes were born from an epiphany, with the intention of expressing the meaning of an honest life as a central concept of the album. Put yourself in the shoes of the protagonist of your story, and ride the flow of a new, adventurous story.

"No matter where you are, no matter when you act: Have a truthful life, and die with no regrets."


* 21 BGM, 5 ME for royalty-free use
* Ogg, mp3, m4a, WAV formats included
* Fully chiptune Original Soundtrack (8 bits)
* Urban style music designed for RPG and more!
* Features BGM: Intro Theme, 1x Title Theme, 5x Event Themes, 4x Town Themes, 3x Battle Themes (each one with exclusive fanfares), 1x Ending Theme
* Features Music Event (ME): Inn Theme, Game Over Theme, Intro fanfares
* Linked music pieces. The motifs in each one will let you navigate between them without breaking the flow of the story!
* For use in RPG Makers and Visual Novel Maker or the engine of your choice!


1. Battle Theme (Boss)-Dancing with Fate-conflict
2. Battle Theme (Boss)-Dancing with Fate-Fanfare After Battle
3. Battle Theme (Boss)-Dancing with Fate-Full Fanfare
4. Battle Theme (Common)-No risk, no gain!-conflict
5. Battle Theme (Common)-No risk, no gain!-Fanfare After Battle
6. Battle Theme (Common)-No risk, no gain!-Full Fanfare
7. Battle Theme (Final)-conflict
8. Battle Theme (Final)-Fanfare After Battle
9. Battle Theme (Final)-Full Fanfare
10. Ending Theme-The future is bright
11. Event Theme-Calm wind
12. Event Theme-Rendezvous
13. Event Theme-Riverside
14. Event Theme-Searching for the answer
15. Event Theme-They are watching from the shadows
16. Intro Theme-The tale of eternity
17. Title Theme-The determination to live
18. Town Theme-Living boldly
19. Town Theme-Moody friends are the best
20. Town Theme-Rainy season
21. Town Theme-Satisfaction

시스템 요구 사항

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • 추가 사항: System supporting RPG Maker MV
    • 추가 사항: System supporting RPG Maker MV
    • 추가 사항: System supporting RPG Maker MV

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