The game's story will invite you to explore the sprawling and mysterious eponymous world of Trysaria where you will battle fierce and deadly monsters for rare treasures and lend a hand to the struggling citizens of the vibrant cities and plains across the world.
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Jun 3, 2019

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“Trysaria is unfinished and is still in development, this is a early access phase and we would like to take this time to further polish and finish up what is already implemented into the game. which is stated in the description.

This early access phase, will help us insure we can make the game better and more enjoyable for players, we are very happy to receive player feed back and thoughts on what they would like to see, or change.

With that said, this phase also allows us to gather the funds needed to obtain the music and some of the sound effects heard in the game.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“2020 to 2021 It all depends on how long it take to get it finished and at a really enjoyable state.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“We want Trysaria to be a long as we can make it. With up to 12 or more dungeons, at least 30 or more Notorious Beasts that live in different regions of the world. We would also like to try our hand at adding local co-op. Nothing is better then exploring a dungeon with a friend. Plus so much more.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“The current State that you can get right now is from our Alpha build as stated in the description. We are working really hard at giving players a more improved version we are called 1.4.0 A lot has changed and been improved already but this is only the start of the game.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“Yes of course, as gamer's our selves we see games in development to be great when sold at 50% off. So we are happy to sell Trysaria for 50% off.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“We are frequintly talking to our community on Twitter and looking for suggestions and ideas to add to the game, be it an item, boss fight, or event and more.”
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This game is not yet available on Steam

Planned Release Date: June 3

This game plans to unlock in approximately 7 days

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May 21

1.4.0 Patch Notes

1.4.0 EA


* Added a confirmation message when destroying an item.
* Added game version to the title screen.
* Added new main menu.
* Changed Credits.
* Added multiple new areas to explore.
* Blacksmith's Weapon Shop, now Buys items.
* Area Tags removed.
* Sign Post added to the world.
* New mobs and Notorious Beasts, and Loot and Items added to the world.
* Rebuild the save & load systems and how the game loads up, the first time played.
* Added new NPCs to the world.
* Added New Side Quest and Main Story Quest.
* Added Idle Animations for all the current NPC's in the Game.
* Changed the way Normal Bee's act when attacking, and how long they will live once they sting you.
* Redrew the Small & Cave Bats, and Wings when dropped.
* Adjusted the Inventory and text on the screen.
* Added Flavor text to all the current items in the game.
* Added Skip function on the load screens, when a new game is started.
* The game no longer starts a night, it now starts are sunrise.
* Added a new UI design to the inventory and dialogue boxes.
* Remade all of the shop systems and UI.
* Reworked and designed how the Anvil in RedRock Repairs damaged items.
* Re-Added and redesigned the campfire, You can now shot arrows into the fire for a chance to light an arrow on fire.
* Added a New Easter Egg to the world of Trysaria.
* Added torches and lamps that will come on at night.
* Added the full versions, of the music into the game.
* Add all indoor levels to every building in Red Rock.
* Revamped a few graphics in the game, With more to be added.
* Added New Shop systems, you now get prompt to Buy, Sell, Repair, Rest and Save.
* Save Crystals have been removed from Red Rock Village and The Muddy Hills.
* New meals have been added to the Inn in Red Rock.
* Status effects have been added.
* Buffs and debuffs have been added to the game. Noxsickness(Poison) Frozen effect, Burn Dot, Stone, Str Up Dex Up Speed Up, Down, of course, Mini effect, Nausea.
* Added new weapon type to the game. Swords are now Slash Damage, Spears and Arrows Pierce Damage Wooden and Axes Blunt Damage.
* New Graphic sprites for Bees.
* Rebuilt Sell, Trash and Destroy Functions.
* Rebuilt and improved The Muddy Pits.
* Removed all simulated blood from the game.
* Re-Added hearts, and made a new image for the heart from a save point.
* Added Game Over music to the game over screen.
* Reworked Food Shop in Red Rock Village, it no longer crashes the game, but still has a bug.
* All weapon speeds have been adjusted and reworked.
* Some chest now require keys to open.
* Added some ambient music and sound effect to the world to give it more life.
* Added Ake a traveling merchant, He sells rare and expensive goods.
* Game over screen has been reworked.
* Bows are now two-handed weapons.
* Reworked Yellow Queen Slime.
* Reworked Ranged Green Slimes.
* Added an in-game menu, by pressing Escape on a keyboard or the Select button on the controller.
* Added Options to the main menu.

Bug fixes

* Fixed a bug that caused a few fish to swim on land.
* Fixed a bug where Eldwind would cause an error when talking to him.
* Fixed a bug where items would not load there amounts when you saved/loaded a game save.
* Fixed a bug where the Narrator would cause the game to crash.
* Fixed a bug where some music would not change when entering an area.
* Fixed a bug where items would not remove from the action boxes when amount or durability is 0.
* Fixed a bug where the Innkeeper in Red Rock would take your gold then put you in debt.
* Fixed a bug that caused the shop to not load correctly and crash.
* Fixed a bug with Two-handed weapons, they now take up both item slots and remove and equip correctly.
* Fixed bug that caused the ambient sounds from the title screen to bleed over into the games intro level.
* Fixed a bug where a game over would stop all music.
* Fixed bug where ranged slimes would not stop attacking.
* Fixed a bug where Bee's would get stuck in a level boundary.

** Known Bug ***

When exiting via the in-game menu, the title screen will remain shaded.

Sometimes arrow stacks cannot be used, Might be caused by the continuation of a game.

Mobs sometimes walk through walls. (caused by not leaving the attack state)
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May 7

Patch notes 1.0.1 - 1.3.4/1.3.9

Patch notes for Update 1.4.0 will be released in the coming weeks.

1.0.1 Closed Alpha (Hot Fix)

Bug fixes

* Fixed projectiles shot from mobs.
Should no longer cause an error when hitting the player when blocking, May still error out when hitting a tree or stone.

1.0.2 Closed Alpha


* Expanded on Durability for items, they now don't lose durability so fast, making the item lasting much longer.

1.0.3 Closed Alpha


* Replaced the old in game font with a new custom made font.
* Now text will be a lot more clear and cleaner at any resolution.

1.0.5 Closed Alpha


* Rebuilt the in game controls
* Keyboard now fully supports Arrow keys to move and ZXCV as action keys.
* The game still supports WASD to move and HJKL as Action Keys.

* Gamepad controls have been redefined and improved.
* Implemented the D Pad to work as movement in the world as well as on the menu screens.

* Expanded the world in the Red Red Mt.s the caves are now expanded.
* Have fun looking for hidden paths.

1.0.6 Closed Alpha (Hot Fix)


* You can now use the Enter at the Main Menu to select an option.

1.0.7 Closed Alpha


* Re-enabled the sound effect when tree's get hit.
* Bee's no longer die on contact with the player, right away.
* Lowered the bee's spawn rate and chance.
* Changed how the palm trees spawn coconuts and there rate to spawn.
* Mobs no longer drop the little heart.
* Reworked the way mobs deal damage when the player touches them.
* Reworked the way arrows and mobs projectiles work.
* Added Area Tags, to display the name of the region you enter.
* Added Wooden Bow and wooden arrows, to start with.

Bug fixes

* Fixed bug where mobs would leave an invisible damage marker on the ground even after death.

1.1.7 Closed Alpha


* Changed and enhanced the Mt. Cliffs, graphically making them a lot more noticeable and readable.
* Made changes to multiple levels.
* Levels added to the northern region of Red Rock.
* New Frog graphics.
* All mobs now drop there own loot.
* Removed gold drops from all animal, creature, & insect based mobs.
* Adjusted health on all mobs in the game.
* New mobs added to the world.
* New Notorious Monster added to the world, Will spawn under set weather conditions and time of day.
* New item and weapon drops.
* Grass no longer drop gold or small hearts.
* Changed Damage dealt by bees.
* Rebuilt weather system.
* Added an anvil that can be used to repair items, in Red Rock Village.
* Reworked background sound effects.
* Add new game music.
* Reduced how long footsteps stay on screen.
* Remade animation for oaks trees, and added more animations to the palm tree.
* Added a death effect to the bee after it stings you.
* Added a credits screen.
* Enabled Saving and Loading.
* Added save crystals to the world.

Bug fixes

* Fixed bug where the beehive would spawn bees, while it was raining.
* Fixed bug on death with bees, where stats were not recorded.
* Fixed bug where some weapons could break pine trees and stones.
* Fixed a bug where the shadow of the arrow would cause an error. which was caused by a change in the engine update.
* Fixed a bug where arrows and bombs wouldn't load there saved info.
* Fixed Bug that would cause arrows and bombs to stay at an inventory space when the item was used.

1.1.8 Closed Alpha (Hot Fix)

Bug fixes

* Fixed bug where the game would crash when the weather would change while at the paused/Inventory screen.
* Fixed issue where the player would eat a flat face fish and the game would crash.
* Fixed inn would pop up a debug message and not a message on the screen.
* Fixed a bug where the player would load into a wall, after leaving the red rock fields to the right.
*Fixed Bug where some bushes wouldn't destroy.

1.2.5 Closed Alpha


* Reworked Credits.
* Added a Lantern.
* Added animations to the water edge at the beach.
* Changed Pine Logs and Oak Logs into just Logs.
* Added Chickens.
* Increased the Stamina recharge rate.
* New Notorious Monster added to the world
* New Weapon added.
* Added new graphics to the main character, along with new animations.
* Added NPC's to Red Rock Village.
* Enabled the dialogue system.

Bug fixes

* Fixed bug where a collider was missing in Red Rock Village.
* Fixed bug with Arrows and Bombs not deleting after being used.
* Fixed the save crystals the player no longer gets stuck.
* Fixed broken door on the mt. top.
* Fixed a bug, where when selling in a shop, the player would only receive gold for one item and not every amount.
* Fixed a bug where selling the bow would leave it in your inventory.

1.2.6 Closed Alpha


* When the player dies, you only lose half your bombs, arrows & gold.
* Adjusted radius on npc's dialogue system.

Bug fixes

* Fixed colliders on stairs in Red Rock Village.

1.2.8 Closed Alpha (Hot Fix)


* Added wooden sword to the game.
* Removed wooden axe bow and arrows, from the start.
* Disabled Rooster Call.

Bug fixes

* Adjusted collider on the save crystal.
* Fixed Reet's dialogue.

1.2.9 Closed Alpha (Hot Fix)


* Removed wooden sword.

Bug fixes

1.3.2 EA

* All items have been removed from the start of the game.
* Intro has been added.
* The first and second part of the main story has been added to the game.
* New Item added to the game.
* Changed chest at the top of Red Rock Mt.

Bug fixes

* Fixed bug where arrows would subtract at random when entering Red Rock Village.
* Fixed the wooden sword. ((It was not meant to come out in the hotfix))
* Fixed Text when the player talks, with it not resetting or showing the correct text.

1.3.4 EA


* Added Weapon shop, in Red Rock Village.

Bug fixes

* Fixed messages displaying under objects.
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About This Game

Trysaria is an adventure game that features retro graphics and traditional RPG mechanics as seen in games from the 90's era.

The game's story will invite you to explore the sprawling and mysterious world of Trysaria where you will battle fierce and deadly monsters for rare treasures and lend a hand to the struggling citizens of the vibrant cities and plains across the world. If you get tired of being a Hero you can always go to an inn and gamble your gold (and time) away or just relax and eat a hot meal.

Everything you do in Trysaria has an affect on your character; you decide how your character progresses! Do you want to become an expert lumberjack? A carpenter? Or would you rather brave dark and dangerous mines for the largest gold ores you can find? Everything you do will make you stronger, but be warned – not every life is the same as the one before! Your character might grow in ways that surprise you.

Single player
Customize your hero with an array of various weapon and item combinations.
Beautiful retro pixel-art and animations.
Emotional music and ambient sounds breath life into the world.
Brave dangerous dungeons for rare treasures and gold.
Fight “Notorious Beasts” that only appear at set times! Can you find and defeat them?
Challenging quests for epic adventures.
Full controller support

** I want you all to know that the version that is up for sale is the Alpha Version. It does have some bugs, and a lot has been fixed and changed sense. We hope to have this new patch available soon.**

*Trysaria is unfinished and is still in development, this is a early access phase and we will be working as hard as we can to push out weekely to monthly updates.*




Alcohol Reference, Fantasy Violence, Mild Language

Mature Content Description

The developers describe the content like this:

Alcohol Reference, Fantasy Violence, Mild Language

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 8 / 10
    • Processor: Pentium or compatible, 2 cores or higher
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL 2.1 or higher
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • Sound Card: On Board or better

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