Bullet Hell Insanity + Tower Defense Strategy. Rogue Star Rescue is a quirky new type of rogue-like shooter. Blast your way through diverse alien planets while rescuing your teammates and gathering traps for your defense strategy. Time is ticking, stop the Rogue Star from annihilating everything.
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8 MAR 2019

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Juego con acceso anticipado

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Aviso: Este juego con acceso anticipado no está terminado y puede o no cambiar más adelante. Si no te entusiasma jugarlo en su estado actual, entonces deberías esperar a ver si el juego avanza más en su desarrollo. Más información

Lo que dicen los desarrolladores:

¿Por qué acceso anticipado?

“Rogue Star Rescue relies heavily on the community for feedback and suggestions for the game. We are building an extensive and layered story driven roguelite that is unique to the genre. The community plays a vital role in ensuring we make one of the best games in the genre.”

¿Cuánto tiempo va a estar este juego en acceso anticipado aproximadamente?

“The game will be in Early Access for roughly 8-12 months. We want to make sure every detail is polished before the full release. Please note this is our plan, and subject to change.

3 month Road Map Plan for Early Access

Early April

3rd Planet will be playable and mostly finalized (Tropical Beach)
the inclusion of more environmental hazards
40+ guns and items in total
additional enemies and boss
3rd soundtrack
400+ rooms
additional polish and refinement

Early May

4th Planet will be playable and mostly finalized (Steam Punk)
50+ guns and items in total
additional enemies and boss
4th soundtrack
500+ rooms
additional polish and refinement
Early June

5th Planet will be playable and mostly finalized (Alien Ship)
60+ guns and items in total
additional enemies and boss
5th soundtrack
600+ rooms
additional polish and refinement”

¿Qué tan diferente será la versión completa de la versión de acceso anticipado?

“The core gameplay experience is already in place. The full version of the game plans to be different in that it will contain more content (Subject to change)

12+ worlds
50+ enemies
Hundreds of guns and items
100+ different storyline endings
Fully immersive soundtrack
More cinematics
Multi-Language support
Generally more polished and stable
Plus whatever good ideas we and the community come up with during early access

Every two weeks we plan to release a large update to the game.”

¿Cuál es el estado actual de la versión de acceso anticipado?

“Fully playable with gamepad or keyboard+mouse
Roguelite procedural levels with 400+ rooms to explore on 3 unique planets
Play as the main hero of the team
10+ enemies and mini-bosses
30+ guns and passive items and 15+ different traps
Powerful Synergy abilities for items and guns
Enemy/player dialogue system
Room hazards
Use traps to defend against the mini-bosses
Upgrade your trap strategically with gathered coins
Choose your own path while exploring the planet system”

¿El precio del juego será diferente durante y después del acceso anticipado?

“Price will not change when we leave Early Access.”

¿Cómo tienes planeado involucrar a la comunidad en tu proceso de desarrollo?

“We will be directly connected with the community during Early Access. We will be communicating in the Community Hub on Steam, as well as our Wiki, Twitch, Twitter, Discord, and Facebook channels.”
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22 julio

Apollo 11 Key Giveaway on Twitter!

To celebrate the recent Apollo 11 anniversary, we're giving away free copies of Rogue Star Rescue on our Twitter account! See our Twitter to enter:

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12 julio

Major Update Version 0.10!

-new dolphin gun!
-new champagne bottle gun
-new steampunk visual additions to floor and walls
-new steampunk bookshelves
-many new room designs
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Acerca de este juego

A New Kind of Roguelike Shooter. It's time to bring roguelikes to the next level! Rogue Star Rescue is a unique mix of bullet hell roguelike and tower defense games. We're adding strong strategy elements to the all-out insanity of bullet hell shooters. The action is smooth, the gameplay is challenging, the story is complex and nonlinear. It's a game you'll get sucked into, and will end up spending months exploring the multiple intricacies and outcomes. Keeping the game fun well past the 50-hour mark is our core design focus.

A Breath of Fresh Air. Stylistically we're breaking away from traditional dark-dungeony themes by making bright and accessible retro-style graphics. Do you remember the first time you played Sonic the Hedgehog? We're incorporating that feeling of visual splendor and wonder. It's much more refreshing than crawling around in the same old dank dungeons.

Fight with your Team! You won't be able to stop the Rogue Star alone. Rescue your teammates along the way and they'll fight beside you against the evil aliens. Your quest is interactive and full of hilarious dialogue, not another lonely solo-mission.

Level Up! Unlike traditional roguelikes, we've added a persistent leveling up system. With each level you earn attribute points that can improve strength, speed, damage, health, and luck. The more you fight, the more experience points you earn, the stronger you get. Build your player wisely.

The Rogue Star. A massive Rogue Star has formed from the cosmos and is on a direct collision path with us. It threatens to vaporize everything. Leaders from planets around the galaxy have assembled a top team of fighters to stop the Rogue Star at all costs. Choose your own non-linear path through the galaxy and explore each planet carefully. Planets such as Viridi, SpaceStation, SteamPunk, Ice, Desert, Fire, Nuclear Plant, the Haunted, and many more.

Your Choices, Your Ending. Choose which planets to travel to and make important decisions that decide the fate of the galaxy! Depending on the path you take, there are dozens of different outcomes. The Rogue Star can destroy the entire galaxy, be reflected to the enemy's galaxy, swallowed by a black hole, sent far away through a galactic wormhole, and dozens of other hilarious possibilities in between. It's really up to you to make the right decisions based on the outcome you want to see, and who you want to rescue.

Traps and Defense. While exploring each planet you must gather traps and resources to face an epic mini-boss and his waves of minions at the end of each level. Strategically placed traps slow, block, push, spike, burn, freeze and shoot at enemies. Traps can be upgraded to make themselves stronger, and specialized attributes can be chosen based on your player type. Managing trap inventory and usage intelligently is critical to your success in the game, especially during the later levels.

Heroes. Choose from one of the elite team members with a unique set of special abilities, each with a personal drive to save their home planet from annihilation. Unlock new players by achieving specific outcomes.

Guns and Items. Discover and unlock hundreds of unique items! We're thrilled to present a wide variety of guns from advanced space weaponry, to historical weapons, and everything in between. On top of carrying the main gun, you will have an arsenal of powerful grenades ready at the tap of a button.

Time is ticking, can you stop this galactic doomsday before it's too late?

Requisitos del sistema

Mac OS X
    • Requiere un procesador y un sistema operativo de 64 bits
    • SO: Windows 7 or later
    • Procesador: Intel Core 2 Duo E6320 (2*1866) or equivalent
    • Memoria: 1 GB de RAM
    • Gráficos: GeForce 7600 GS (512 MB) or equivalent
    • Almacenamiento: 1 GB de espacio disponible
    • Requiere un procesador y un sistema operativo de 64 bits
    • Requiere un procesador y un sistema operativo de 64 bits
    • SO: OS 10.6+
    • Memoria: 1 GB de RAM
    • Almacenamiento: 1 GB de espacio disponible
    • Requiere un procesador y un sistema operativo de 64 bits

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