A dark conquest has begun that, unbeknownst to its originator, has the potential to result in the full termination of all known existence, and all that stands in the way are ten warriors born of the spectrum's path.
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Available: 2019


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February 15

Midpoint Update @ Feb. 15, Cycle 19 Gen. 20XX - Unintentional Function Tests and Errant Access Triggers

First off, a late shoutout coming off Valentines day. Second, for curators and other parties who have been afforded my initial key codes for testing and publicity I have published a bugfix regarding a mission to where progress is stalled because I forgot to change a few settings that are pertinent to a very important trigger not to go off after a certain level of progression which is effectively unreachable without such objective beneath the access blocked by the errant trigger condition.


And then of course I junked all progress entries in the logbook corresponding to what I had tested to date, and the reason it happened was the result of an unintentional test of "access rights" bugcheck material.

Double fail.

Which brings me to the core of this post. Bugfix material is difficult to spot if you're not paying attention (and sometimes it takes replaying a particular mission before you realize it's there). In this case, while replaying the liberation portion early on I had a transfer event off the side of the castle halls to the northeast with a hidden stairway en route to the brig that's supposed to take you to the final normal blockage allowing you access to an important figure among the game's non-playable cast members (hereafter NPCs, as we call 'em in the biz). However, it was originally written to be available starting after the liberation job was complete... and yet I never changed the access trigger to account for the rewrite job I did for that in the first place, making the boss gate unusable because its seal would otherwise be unbreakable had I not discovered what was up with the malfunctioning access point.

Epic fail.

Bottom line is this: sometimes the most unexpected and unintentional situations in the course of project development can be sprung off even the most unintentional errant moves. And when that unplanned bugcheck forces you to replay every last part of your game in order to get back to where you left off in plot writing, you can make some rather unexpected discoveries and find anything and everything else that needs urgent attention than you previously anticipated. (And for extra context, ask Bing or Google about "Earthbound crash wipe" to see what I mean regarding the incident that ultimately led to this.)
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February 10

Behind the Spectrum: Disappearance, Protection and Circumstance in What's to Come

First thing I will say is that as the first official project I've done, obviously this is uncharted territory in terms of my outreach and expectations which makes this a sort of learning experience, so keep that in mind throughout my progress tracking and development process. Second, I'm not hesitant in terms of any unintentional misunderstandings so allow me to clarify matters if I explain something during the course of development that seems a bit off center for your expectations. And third, I relate to the cast and crew in this project myself. Big time in fact - which is exactly what gave me the idea for this project in the first place. But most importantly, my commitment to storytelling in this project actually goes down another ten levels into the proverbial rabbit hole thanks to this dour piece of news from last year:


For the unaware, the 16-year individual in question, off a turn of events near Wolf Creek in the vicinity of LaPorte City, Ia., was beset upon a rather untimely disappearance. And tragically, what was left of him would ultimately be discovered within the same area in early August. But the mere fact that Jake Wilson was himself of the spectrum's path ultimately led to this project becoming an even bigger deal for me than I anticipated so to honor his memory I knew I had to do something in the course of my work on this.

That led to prototyping several aspects of the early missions and numerous edits thereof until I hit the sweet spot: a similar disappearance that sets up everything yet to come. To ensure that I was tit-for-tat on equivalent circumstance, the crew member in question was a recognized mana arts master on her metaphysical home world and a tribal representative investigator who detected a major intrusion on her core ancestral outpost. Sadly she was too late to stop what was happening and in a final act of defiance moved to intercept the rest of the rogue mana energy and ultimately would be almost completely destroyed as this one was clearly not enough.

And this, of course, is where you come in, working from the perspective of chief processing supervisor Tedd Meyers. A special event showcasing corporate excellence is almost flawless except for a near miss because someone's been having some trouble mastering the recent technique changes that were up for demonstration. Unfortunately that's about to end up being sidelined as Mr. Meyers wakes up the next day and basically walks straight into a trap from which he cannot reasonably escape. Thankfully his boss is a witness to the situation and, through inherent abilities she developed in recent months, basically delivers a healing touch by which Tedd is able to recover on the immediate.

But this, of course, is the least of his problems as it ultimately turns out that his entire block is completely separated from the rest of the city and stuck in the middle of VI Delta - the same world from which the ascribed mystic investigator was undone... or so you'd think. And by the day's end the nature of what really happened to her becomes even more apparent than otherwise... and that the circumstances that necessitated what was done to protect her are starting up again - this time with a far worse consequence at stake.

I won't spoil anything else for now, as I have enough to do in building out the rest of what's to come. But suffice to say that anything can and will happen over the course of what Tedd and his crew will have to deal with... before it's too late.
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About This Game

Awareness, meet roleplay. An existence has been lifted. Worlds have merged as one. And a dark conquest threatens everything with neither regard nor shame.

Time is of the essence more than ever, and this could be the last thing we shall ever know. Unbeknownst to its originator, the conquest of all worlds has the potential to result in the full termination of known existence. And no less than three unique worlds have already been fused as a result.

But it's not over yet. Fate is about to call ten unique individuals to put an end to further intrusion on the essence of all that is known. But this is no ordinary task, nor an ordinary call to action. This is the kind of situation for which anyone can be ascribed to fate. The kind of situation whose ascribed champion can be originated from anywhere. The kind of situation where practically anything can happen...

and will, because that's exactly what was to come and who to expect as the calling for this job has reached those born of the spectrum's path, a consideration not
easily described of themselves, even to this day. The mission to come may be difficult, even in terms of their unique considerations. But there's one clear thing as our crew prepares to assemble, as the situation responsible for such extreme measures has only just begun.

And since you have the most unique crew on the job here, there's much to expect even by their own standards. But there's a lot that goes into doing such an important job, and you can expect just as much in return.

  • Classic roleplay experience with the gameplay you expect from an epic quest of this caliber. All requisite decisions from engaging the enemy, defending yourself, utilizing your special skills and upgrading your loadout are faithfully represented down to the wire, guided and perfected by a veteran of adventures past in a charming, retro-style callback to some of the greatest stories ​ever told.
  • Mad skills by the bunch. Like anyone set on the path for his destiny, you'll unlock everything from a mind purification wave that saps out poison to a powerful sacred-light restoration to recover health before you risk getting K.O.'d... plus a sweet, badass strong-arm technic to charge up during battle. Charge enough and you can let 'er loose and shove it up the face! And that's just for starters.
  • Relatable starring role and supporting cast. No one-off, actions-do-the-talking, quiet on the job here. Tedd Meyers just had a very rough night, and next he knows is that he steps out to make haste for the daily grind of his job... only to find that four mutant slimepods have set a rather inescapable trap. (And you thought your day was bad.)
  • In fact, everyone here's got a personality. Everyone! From Jorge and his slow, collected advice-giving to emotionally-charged Jenn Garnerson and her unease in describing certain situations (she might even be one like Tedd!) there's nobody in this adventure who is excessively reserved in explaining themselves, let alone showing off what they're made of.
  • Surprising casualties. You know it's all on the line when the person you least expect gives himself to the cause just before an unexpected contribution from the last possible neighbour you expect to get involved. (That's some serious expectations - no pun intended.)
  • Whiz-bang for your buck. Even in cases where the psyche limits biologic function, the numerous societies of VI Delta have their own creative solutions for the full integration thereof.
  • There goes the fourth wall. When it's all on the line, sooner or later you know there's gonna be trouble... from targeted attack planning to a major coronary incident at the worst possible time. As they say, you can expect the unexpected when it gets this tough - everything that could reasonably go wrong is liable to rear up in your face before you're even done with the kitchen sink!
  • A multitude of many hours worth of adventure. It's a long way to go, but someone's gotta do it. Too bad fate picked the wrong spectrum-bred pair for this - but with all that awaits them, Tedd and Jenn are set to make the best of this mess of a devising for which they're patently stuck in the middle... even against the worst odds imaginable.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Graphics: GeForce 700 series or equivalent
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 10
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX 10 series or equivalent
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 8 GB available space
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