Aquatica is real-time RPG in the scenery of a secret underwater base. Explore the environment, find out who real its inhabitants and why you got rescue. Become one of them or escape.
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Apr 2, 2019

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March 22

DevLog: development & game story

Hello everyone!
Thank a lot for subscribing to our news. Today a little more detail about the development of the project and game story.

Game story

A group of researchers decided to establish several underwater colonies for people who have decided to permanently link their lives with the aquatic environment. Volunteers had a shark gill transplant surgery. This allowed the inhabitants of the colony to breathe under water without special equipment, not to experience the inconvenience of a lot of pressure at depth. But not everything went according to the plan. Control in the colonies has been captured by fanatics, who believed that the water apocalypse was inevitable. Global warming will flood most of the land and all of humanity will perish. Only members of the underwater fraternity will survive.

Wanting to better prepare for the tragic finale, the inhabitants of Aquatica began to expand the network of their cities and recruit new members, sometimes simply kidnapping and turning them into amphibians against their will. But the technology of transplanting shark gills was far from perfect, and the inhabitants of Aquatica began to die out from the diseases and effects of surgical intervention. Chaos has come to the cities. Many colonies were abandoned. The people of other settlements began to engage in sea robbery and smuggling. By an unfortunate accident, the protagonist is captured by sea creatures. He will have to make a choice - to undergo surgery and become a member of the underwater fraternity. Or escape from captivity at any cost.

Project development

The modest features of the game studio do not allow to implement large-scale and serious projects yet. Therefore, it was decided to begin work on a series of small game stories that would be combined with a common theme and game story.

Each story is a new story, perhaps with a non-linear story and an unexpected ending. The episode must contain at least 10 game locations and a constantly growing base of models, objects and game environments. In order to start working on a new episode it was necessary to put in order the game code. It's one thing when a game is being made for a competition and only a few jury members see it. Quite another is a game for a large number of users.

It was necessary to make the loading of models and textures more flexible. Develop an environment editor that allows you to place objects and characters on locations. Optimize the code properly and maximize game performance. Finalize the management and make the project truly multi-platform. So that the game is simultaneously released for both PC and mobile platforms. 3 months have passed and now this work has been done. We also received negative feedback from demo version users regarding the translation of the game into English. We hurry to assure that this is will be corrected at the release of a project.

See you in DevLogs next time with more details about the main changes and game mechanics.
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March 18

DevLog of Aquatica Announced

Hello everyone!

We have announced a developments logs of Aquatica as we want to know our auditory and interest to the game. In same time it will give us a way of improvement and probably understanding how to change the game. So, highly appreciate for any feedback about our work.

You can study the Steam page to find out what the game is about, try tech demo and join the discussion on the Steam forums. Aquatica is still in early stages of development but we're making good progress. Please wishlist and check back for updates here!

Right now about tech demo:
The game was created specifically for the competition from the distributor of free gaming products. Distributor holds such contests regularly, which gives beginners and experienced developers an opportunity to test themselves in the present case.

Work on the project lasted two and a half months. Of course, in so much short time it is impossible to create an epic and interesting game, but nevertheless we managed to realize some of our ideas and present working prototype. Despite numerous bugs and flaws, the game was highly appreciated by the jury and ranked third place in the ranking of submitted projects. And all this is just 2 persons who combines the functions of a programmer, modeler, screenwriter and game designer. An easy-to-learn, based on basic scripts engine AppGameKit is nonetheless multi-platform and allows create game for both PC and Mobile.

The theme of the contest was announced - "Water". Accordingly, it was decided to make a game about the underwater world and ocean exploration. Although it is believed that all games on a similar subject are not capable of generating interest among users, but we all know that exist a few cool game in that environmental.

We are decided that the game would be from a third person, with mandatory short dialogues, from which one could learn a lot about the peculiarities of life in the Aquatic, the customs and habits of underwater inhabitants. In the process of working on the project, the plot has acquired new details about which we will tell in near future.

See you in DevLogs next time with details regarding the development of the project and game story.
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About This Game

Main story:

Conducting an inspection of the equipment on the offshore oil platform, one of the workers fell into the sea.
His death was inevitable, but was saved by the crew of a small submarine, which happened to be nearby.

The rescued one was brought to the secret base of AQUATICA - people with implanted shark gills, which allowed them to breathe freely under water.
He was asked to become a member of the underwater fraternity, agreeing to a surgery transplanting of the gills.
Otherwise, an unenviable fate awaited him...

Key Features:

  • Discover underwater base in the deep sea, meeting all of its strange inhabitants, friends and foes alike.
  • Learn the history of the underwater fraternity and unveil the truth. Look for clues to break out of this scrape.
    In the course of their search, you will face madness, meanness, betrayal and unexpected outcomes.
  • But even in the most difficult moments, when it begins to seem that this world can no longer give anything to its inhabitants, do not despair and go towards the goal.
  • Fight for your life with melee and ranged weapons in the real-time. Or look for a way to negotiate.
  • And single player only, like a nice RPG should be.


We have a free demo version of the game. If you want to learn more about the game, please try to play it.
However, the current demo version is just a sketch of what will be presented to the final version!

Mature Content Description

The developers describe the content like this:

This game may contain content that is unsuitable for all ages or for viewing at work: scenes of violence or cruelty, content for adults.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Dual Core CPU
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL 3.0 compliant with 512MB of video RAM
    • Storage: 100 MB available space
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