Product Update - Valve
Updates to The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted.

Major changes include:
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Hotfix v1.1.06b

Fixed bugs:
-Fixed a bug where instant cast spells could be casted multiple times before going on cooldown.
-After entering an online game, active effect icons appears correctly.
-Fixed a bug where the server didn't acknowledge the attack when attacking with a high attack speed.
-Ray of Destruction no longer gets stuck if you fall below the minimum mana.
-The scenario saves the current map properly.
-Fixed an issue with Lady Katarina's passive skills showing up multiple times in the lower left corner.
Product Update - Valve
Rogue Legacy v1.0.10

Major Changes:
- Back up saving Re-enabled. If the game fails to load properly, it will automatically attempt to load a back up save file.
- Game will announce an error if it fails to save your game 3 times in a row.

General fixes:
- Fixed bug where the game would crash on people who had set their OS language settings to Turkish.
- Numpad now configurable in key bindings list.
- Trait Tourettes changed to Coprolalia
- Typo fix for Alektorophobia.
- Fixed exploit with invulnerable assassin.
- Fixed bug where saves no longer worked if you ran game with an argument passed in the command line.
- Fixed bug where Special class could lose their special spell when getting a new spell.
- Fixed Boss sfx not being adjusted by SFX volume settings.
- Fixed carnival exploit with special class.
- Fixed Final boss fight making player clip through wall during cutscene in special places.
- Fixed special class having no spell delay.
- Fixed exploit with Barbarian special destroying all targets in carnival room.
- Fixed bug where game would sometimes crash when exiting outside entrance.
- Dragon armor bug fix. Armor raised from 68 to 78.
- NG+ Difficulty raised slightly.
- NG++ Difficulty raised significantly.
- Down Strike Up text updated.
- Mage INT bonus reduced from 1.35x to 1.3x
- Fix 1x2 map with barrels letting player jump out of the world.
- Fix 2x3 map block spawn bug.
- Typo fixes in skill tree (assassin, miner, etc)
- Time stop mana drain tic rate raised from 7 to 8.
- Red teleporter random crash bug fixed.
- Fixed bug where Ice and Fire wizarsd projectiles would die in their hands if you ran into them.
- Dying death crash bug fixed.
- Fixed bug where game wouldn't load properly if Game Config was empty.
- Security check to make sure game doesn't crash on RunGameOver
- Fixed bug where potion up and downstrike up descriptions were not updating properly.
- Min mana and health capped at 1. You can no longer go into the negatives.
- Fixed bug where hazards could deal 0 in special circumstances.
- Fixed bug with projectiles sometimes being fired backwards.
- Fixed bug where equipping blood equipment would screw up HUD in blacksmoith screen.
- Fixed bug with last boss where you could take damage if you were in a bad position when you beat him.
- Fixed bug with last boss and time stop.
- Disabled all Class Skills in carnival room.
- Fixed bug with mana loss appearing if crowstorm was cast in an empty room.
- Dwarf holes removed in 2x2 room.
- Last boss now drops less mana potions.
Product Update - Valve
Updates to The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted.

Major changes include:
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing v1.1.06

Known issues:
- The multiplayer game still has some issues. Please play it with a character created for the multiplayer only because data loss may occur sometimes.
Balance changes:
- Cost of inserting Essences into items rebalanced.
Fixed bugs:
- Other players' icons are grayed out while they are on different maps.
- Made some improvements to the movement prediction which should make "random teleportation" rarer.
- The network code is much more optimized with less traffic. This lowers the network related lag.
- Fixed a bug with synchronizing the enemy hitpoints.
- Fixed an issue with the quest markers remaining over people's heads even though they have disappeared from the map.
- The "Go Offline" and "Continue playing offline" functions were removed. You can only go offline if you are the server and noone has connected yet. (You can still exit and continue offline from the Main Menu of course.)
- The floating text in the game is now displayed in the client's language, not the host's.
- Fixed an issue that could cause the server to be stuck after cutscenes.
- Unit throwing and knockback works properly in multiplayer.
- Joining a game sets the town portal destination properly.
- Frost mines are no longer treated as obstacle on clients.
- Sound effects of skills are playing properly.
- Quests no longer give XP for every character in the party, only once as it should.
- Sound of the Earthquake skill fixed.
- Fixed a bug with the Gluttoner Idol in the Lost Place. (It gave the Ability Points twice.)
- Fixed another issue with creating equipped items with higher level limits than the wielder.
- Fixed an issue that could cause the Marquis of Soot to fall through the roof.
- Fixed the Scholarly Ghost perk. Now it should be achievable.
- Fixed the tooltip of the Fury skill's icon in the lower left corner.
- Removed an exploit with Lady Katarina's shopping feature.
- You can no longer sell unidentified items with the Sell All button.
- Fixed an issue that could cause you to be teleported to the Lost Place even if you've already escaped once.
- Fixed an issue with saves getting corrupted in case of powering down your computer while playing.
- Quest items are no longer brought into Scenarios. (Don't worry, they will be there if you return to the Story mode!)
- Fixed an issue with the Hidden Treasure quest. If you are already stuck with that quest, you can fix it with the "/FixQuest 1" command in the chat!
- Ray of Destruction can no longer be used if you have less than 100 Mana.
- Fixed an issue with trying to use spells from out of range. Now Van Helsing should always try to get in range and then cast the spell.
New features:
- A new system of rewards for Scenarios is introduced. Killing monsters in a Scenario will now add to your Glory pool, which in turn will give you Glory points. You can spend these points on bonuses in several different areas. The Glory gathered and the bonuses bought are shared among all your characters.
- Two new Scenarios are available: the Croakwood and the Rookery.
- New shortcuts are added to Enchant/Use Laboratory ('E') and Disenchant ('D').
- Damage Per Hit values now include the potential damage from Critical Hits scaled by your Critical Chance.
- You can bind spells to the Left Mouse Button as well. These will only work if you click on a valid target or while holding down the Shift key, otherwise Van Helsing will try to move to the clicked position.
Product Update - Valve

Resource System

Changed more extractor health to armor to be easier to weld up
Minimum team resources when no RT active (counts as 0.5 active RTs)
Removed “no res while dead” rule
Reduced personal resource income per RT from 0.125 to 0.1


Reduced harvester cost to 8
Drifters can now clear marine ghost structures
Removed medpack cooldown from marine commander UI
Marines have now a medpack pickup delay
Removed vision obscuring effect of gorge spit
Fixed GL not dealing full damage on direct hit
Reduced exo armor to 280, down from 400
Increased exo armor upgrade to 45, up from 40
Changed puncture player damage scalar to 1.5 (was 1.25)
Reduced phase tech and observatory cost to 10 t.res (were 15)
Disabled gradual melee attacks
Added concept of “soft targets” which let bullets and melee attacks go through (affects Drifters, MACs, Hallucinations)
Added additional 6 second respawn time when rejoining a team, suiciding or when killed by a death trigger
Movement code rewritten

Anti Spam

Increase crag, shift, shade cost to 15 (was 10)
Increased Crag/Shift/Shade health and effectiveness by 50% (In line with cost increase).
MACs and Drifters are no longer able to attack
Resource towers and command structures will now block re-creation for 5 seconds after destruction
Added supply limit for specific units (200 max per team)
MACs can no longer weld each other
Multiple MACs are no longer able to weld the same target
Crags no longer stack their healing with each other and can heal a maximum of 3 targets at once
Shift energize no longer stacks

Marine Tech Tree

JP and single gun Exos are now available at 1 command station
Mines tech research cost has been decreased to 10 resources (down from 15)
Reduced robotics factory to 10 resources (was 15)
Reduced upgrade to ARC robotics factory costs to 5 (was 10)
Nano shield is now a research at command station
Arms lab no longer requires an armory
Welders no longer require a research
Added small self weld when welding a structure or a player
Grenade Launcher and Flamethrower are now immediately unlocked once an armory is upgraded


Reduced exo cost to 40 (60 for dual minigun)
Rxos can now be nano shielded
Rxosuits can now use their thruster horizontal (use shift)
Reduced exo thruster cool down reduced to 2.5 seconds
Increased exo base speed to 6, up from 5
Reduced claw damage to 30
Miniguns now profit from weapon upgrades
Toned down dual minigun damage to 70%
Reduced vision obscurring effect from bilebomb on exo HUD

Flame Thrower

Increased base damage
No longer benefits from weapon upgrades
Increase flame thrower magazine size to 50
Removed flame thrower damage ramp up
Reduced flamethrower weight
Flamethrower can now burn up bile/whip bombs and disables enemy structure functions
Flamethrower can now burn up drifter clouds

Grenade Launcher

Increased base damage
No longer benefits from weapon upgrades
Reduced grenade launcher cost to 15
Increased grenade launcher reserve ammo to 28
Whips no longer whack grenades


Increased shotgun rate of fire by 18%
Reduced base damage to 170
Adjusted shotgun spread


Reduced ARC build time from 10 to 7
Reduced robotics factory upgrade time from 40 to 20
Reduced ARC movement speed by 33%
Reduced ARC movement speed by 70% when in combat or on infestation
ARCs are now properly affected by shades ink cloud
Reduced ARC splash radius to 7, down from 10

Marine General

Marines can now build on infestation (25% slower)
All marine structures take damage to armor while on infestation
Reduced health/armor of Phase Gates to 2500/300 (down from 2700/450)
Marines can now always sprint (no more fatigue)
Added ability for marine commander to temporary power individual structures
Amories no longer heal armor
Increased jetpack cost to 15 (was 10)
Removed MAC EMP
Extractors and command stations can now be parasited
Increased spawn time to 8 seconds (was 7)

Alien Spawn

Each alien has individual spawn timer (10 seconds)
An egg is generated every 13 seconds (6.5 seconds for 12 player)
Each hive can have max of 3 eggs (6 for 12 players)
Hives have now the hatch ability (2 eggs for 5 t.res)


Increased whip bomb splash radius to 6 meters (was 3) and reduced damage by 50% (down to 600)
Whips can automatically bombard once they are matured
Reduced whip cost to 10 (was 15)
Whips will now root and unroot automatically

Alien Tech Tree

Personal upgrades scale now cost depending on life form (0 for skulk, 2 gorge, 3 lerk, 5 fade, 8 onos)
Reduced life form cost to compensate with new upgrade cost (5 gorge, 25 lerk, 40 fade, 60 onos)
Add bio mass: every structure grants bio mass which increases the health of life forms
Scaleable upgrades (for example build a maximum of 3 shells to get maximum efficiency for carapace, regeneration), 20 res per structure
Celerity works now in combat and increases max speed by 1.5 m/s
Regeneration works now in combat
Adrenaline increases max energy and regeneration rate by 10% per level
Added new shade upgrade which shows enemies and their health (Aura)
Merged silence and camouflage (Phantom)


Swipe damage down by 16%
Fades are a bit easier to see during blink
Blink is now always researched
Shadowstep does not add any momentum anymore and can be researched with biomass level 5
Increased range / accuracy of fade vortex ability
Disabled fade double jump


Spores are now tier 3 and bigger / cheaper to use.
Umbra is now available at bio mass 3 (was 3 hies before) and damage reduction has been reduced
Fixed weapon switch delays (umbra to bite and spores to bite)


Changed stomp to affect marines in a radius rather than being a shockwave
Onos movement won’t be blocked by skulks, gorges and lerks anymore
Reduced gore range
Reduced gore damage to 100


Hydras are now flamable
Increased gorge build rate


Skulk moves now faster on walls
Xenocide cant be cancelled anymore
When dying by xenocide, skulk respawn time is reduce by 6 seconds


Cysts will block recreation in the area when destroyed for 4 seconds
Cysts will autobuild once their parent is contructed
Increased cyst build time to 4 seconds, removed cool down
Increased cyst range and infestation radius
Infestation receding is now twice as fast than growing
Gorge tunnel entrances create now infestation when the other side is infested


Drifters can now be created during the hive is researching
Reduced drifter cloud costs to 1 (was 2)
Drifters unlock triggered abilities (shade hive: hallucinate, shift hive: storm cloud/movement speed, crag hive: mucous membrane/heals armor)
Moved hallucinations from shade to drifters: every alien in effect range generates a hallucination, controllable by the alien commander

Alien General

Crag, shift and shade can now always be build and can move
Chamber triggered abilities require now the correct hive type
Allow aliens to change upgrades (min gestation time 5 seconds)
Alien structures auto build rate is reduced by 70%, drifters speed up build time to normal rate
Cloaked players are always slightly visible
Regeneration works now in combat (5% of max health every 2 seconds)
Rupture can now be cast directly on infestation, like bonewall
Added echo harvester to shift
Added echo gorge tunnel to shift (only on infestation)
Enemies are outlined with parasite only (damage will no longer trigger it)
The normal gestation time is applied when using a pre-evolved egg instead of just 2 seconds
Shift echo ability no longer requires maturity
Adjusted shade ink ability duration and cool down to allow arcs to fire once between successive use of ink clouds


Fixed bug allowing the scoreboard button to be used while text chatting
Fixed bug causing Babblers to sometimes freeze mid-jump while they are trying to cling to an Alien that has no more free cling points
The Onos player can now move their camera up and down while charging
Fixed medpacks being picked up by dead marines
Fixed bug causing player ghost models (Clog, Mine, etc) to freeze in place when placed in certain invalid areas


Fixed Lua io lib readline functions sometimes crashing if the line was too long
Changed Shared.GetSystemTime() back to unix time
Added Client.SetMouseSensitivityScalarX() and Client.SetMouseSensitivityScalarY() functions to adjust mouse sensitivity independently on the 2 axes
The modding framework is automatically included again (this is so the modding entry system is auto-loaded)
Product Update - Valve
Alpha 11 has been released! Steam users will be automatically updated.

We spent quite a lot of time this month working on performance enhancements and bug fixes. We found a lot of memory leaks and performance bugs and fixed them, and the end result is the game is running quite a bit smoother. There’s still a lot of work to be done here but things are definately improved.

You can now purchase neighbouring plots of land. Your accountant has to research “Land Expansion” and then you can click on any edge of your prison land to buy up the neighbouring plot. You can do this as many times as you like, money permitting. We should warn you that we haven’t fully tested what will happen if you expand to the right of the main road. You can build here but there will always be a section of road on which you cannot build, so you’ll never be able to join up the two sides. You might find prisoners on one side decide to walk to the other side, then escape when they find themselves on the road. But try it and see!

We’ve updated the Objects toolbar to intelligently highlight objects that might be useful, given what you are looking at. So if you are looking at a kitchen, you’ll see the cooker, fridge and sink are automatically highlighted. As we add more objects to the list the task of finding what you want is getting harder, and this was our shot at fixing that.

Finally we have an entirely new Timelapse recording feature. You can use this to record timelapse videos of your prison being built. You’ll find the options to control this under Options -> Timelapse, and you can set how often a frame is captured, and the playback rate of those frames. We export videos to your save folder in OGV (ogg video) format, which can be played by VLC, or imported into youtube, etc. Here’s an example of the sort of video you can create:

YouTube™ Video: Prison Architect Timelapse
Views: 301
Recorded using the brand new feature in alpha11 - record a timelapse of your prison being constructed!

There’s also quite a few bug fixes, and we’ve fixed the issue of Clothing needs leading to riots. It was almost impossible to have a laundry functioning before your prisoners rioted due to clothing, which seemed a little unfair. This won’t happen anymore.

We hope you enjoy alpha 11 - we’ve got some big things planned for alpha 12 and alpha 13, and we’ll see you in a months time with that. We also did our first ever development livestream during alpha 11, and we are hoping to do more during alpha 12. Sign up to our page to stay notified and watch us developing the game live:

Product Update - Valve
RaceRoom Racing Experience has been updated.

- Fixed an issue where applications using "Write to Shared Memory" was not working.
- Fixed game sometimes not shutting down correctly and remaining running in the background.
- Removed some files and folders that could be considered spoilers for future content.
Product Update - Valve
- Fixed an issue that caused the game to crash after the player had more than 240 missions in their mission log.
- Added the ability to preview and purchase add-on characters from the 'New Game' character selection screen and when joining another player's game and choosing your character.
- Added un-purchased campaign add-ons to the Fast Travel station list to streamline the ability to purchase the new content. These locations appear with an asterisk next to their names.
Product Update - Valve
RaceRoom Racing Experience Has Been Updated.

Game & Code:
• Novice Mode. A new mode with numerous auto-assists for beginners.
• TrackIR support. (Please update the game list in your TrackIR software to get R3E profile exposed on the list)
• Memory Optimizations.
• Fixed an issue where car image was overlapping the scrollbar in Apex Hunt info screens.
• Fixed an issue where the player Get Real car setup would not save in Zandvoort GP.
• Removed scrollbar from apex hunt info screen.
• Fixed option descriptions where they wouldn't fit the given space.
• Fixed an issue where AI would take over if player paused during the initial run up of a Leaderboard Challenge session.
• Fixed some DirectX related leaks that could cause performance issues.
• Improved the Swingman Camera.
• Fixed an issue where the Game Settings pane was showing Amateur, despite selecting Get Real as difficulty.
• Fixed an issue where game would not start when challenging someone or launching an event via the website from an external browser.
• Fixed an issue where the player still could control camera and change TC in pause/garage menus in Hillclimb tracks.
• Optimized replays.
• Hud improvements in Replays.
• Fixed an issue where Launcher was running every time player started the game.
• Fixed a crash that could occur when changing video resolution.
• Pause menu now shows which track layout player is on, rather than just the track.
• Fixed an issue where free flight camera was not removing HUD elements.
• Fixed an issue where the game video settings would reset the refresh rate to 60hz, despite changing it to something higher and restarting to apply the change.
• Smoke/dust particles from a session now reset when restarting the race.
• Added extra logging functionalities to help us investigate why some of our players are having communication issues with our server (error code 2).
• Fixed an issue where raceline wasn't showing if player deletes the local ghost file.

Art & Art Code:
• Updated Reflections on all cars.
• Tweaked and improved the shader/graphics on rims.
• Removed unused rendering functionality that was active when dynamic reflection is enabled.
• Fixed an issue where parts of the car weren't rendering in chase cam view.
• Various art fixes in Lakeview Hillclimb both layouts.
• Various art fixes in RaceRoom Raceway.
• Fixed an issue where Portimao National was casting the wrong shadows.
• Fixed an issue in Portimao with granstand shadow disappearing and reappearing depending on player car position.
• Fixed a collision issue in Zolder where car could clip through a crew member.
• Fixed a minor inconsistency on Zakspeed Capri's hud shift indicator.
• Fixed minor flickering issues on Alpina B6 GT3 lights.
• Fixed minor flickering issues on Mistral 530 lights.
• Fixed a minor animation issue on driver in BMW M3 GT2.
• Fixed minor driver and interior issues in McLaren-Mercedes SLR 722 GT.

AI, Physics & Audio:
• Fixed & improved BMW Z4 audio.
• Fixed AI shaking the DMD P20 at leaderboard challenge starts.
• Tweaked cut track rules in Monza. Player can no longer use the dirt on exit of final chicane.
• Fixed issue where BMW 320 was hitting the rev limit for long periods in some tracks.
• Tweaked gear ratio for Canhard R52 and fixed issue where it was hitting the rev limit in some tracks.
• Tweaked gear ratio for P 4/5 Competizione

Portal & Web Backend:
• Improvements in the web backend for better performance.
• Fixed an issue where the first name of a player was appearing several times on some of the right column of Competition pages.
• Fixed an issue where Leaderboard global position was sometimes incorrect when applying certain filters.
• Player will be directed to the competition lederboard after exiting the competition.
• Added Autofiltering for when clicking leaderboards from in-game.
• Fixed an issue where double boxes would appear in Leaderboards, when selecting Driver drop down menu.
• Fixed and issue where friends could appear in pending and in friends lists at the same time.
• Fixed an issue where Leaderboard entries did not reflect the player's current Profile setting.
• Fixed issues with leaderboard updater where changing your firstname and lastname wouldn't affect leaderboards.
• Challenge participate buttons are now removed when a competition is over.
• Fixed missing information in the popup window player gets, when challenging a ghost of a car they do not own.
• Car/Class filter is now in alphabetical order.
• Implemented Class based competition support.
• Fixed issue with custom widget where after adding an URL, it would take user out of the portal.
• Fixed issue where in the in-game browser sometimes 2 tabs were showing as marked at the same time.
• Fixed challenge button in the leaderboard widgets.
• Added summary info in the competition sidebar.
• Improved 404 error page.
Product Update - Valve
An update to Thunder Wolves has been released:

- Added reconfigurable controls option
- Added invertable aim option
- Fixed resolution issues when using multiple monitors

Product Update - Valve
An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Fixing a bug with Description strings getting cut off for the MAC and Linux versions

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