Sep 27, 2013
Product Update - Valve


Potential Altis performance optimization (especially when using a lot of AI units): removed class properties from models in Structures_F that don't need it
Many small Altis object positioning tweaks and other terrain fixes
Fixed: Flipped moon texture
The moon halo object can now be different from the sun halo object (new world config parameter moonHaloObject)
The light reflected by the moon has been made more realistic
Added: New runway parts for left and right airstrip on Altis
Runway lights have new models and configuration
Fixed: Darker runway at a distance and with overcast weather
Fixed: Ladder on hospital building has been reversed (
Fixed: Blinking resolution LODs on signs
Configured power line wires to be destroyed along with power line towers
Animals should be avoiding roads more now
Fashionable LCD panels for MBT gunners instead of old-style optics, and new reticles displayed on them
Player tank driver can turn out, while commander is turned in
Civilian (and FIA) trucks have been revamped
Added: Ability to mount Marshall driver position from right side
Fixed: Slammer recoil
Added: T-100 recoil animation for main gun
T-100 commander optics features in line with OPFOR tracked vehicles
T-100 back armor made thinner
Improved handling of terminal ballistics on armored vehicles
More realistic water fording ability for tracked armor
Added compass and additional radars for copilot seats
Removed magic disappearance of rotor blades for some helicopters
AH-99 badly placed exhausts fixed (
Adjusted position of Blackfoot pilot crosshair in HMD
Added stabilization for UAV optics
Fixed: Incorrect duplicate of get-in points for Speedboats
Fixed: Zooms of armed offroad gunner set to standard naked eye level ( and
Added: Mortar/HMG/GMG/Bipod/Tripod bags for every faction
Added missing backpacks for Mk6 weapon
Capacity tweaking for mortars, GMGs and HMGs (inventory)
Fixed: Animations of static weapons
Tweaked: Bag weight for static weapons. It was too high for our maximum soldier load.
Fixed bombs of CAS UAVs
Re-balanced mine damage and overall mine usability
Tweaked: Pistol weights to match maximum soldier load count
Fixed: Negative friction of 120mm shells
Reticle materials for 3D scopes now glow in the dark
Fixed: Problem with 3D scope alpha sorting
Added: BIS_fnc_unitPlay function severely optimized. Unit playback is now smooth even when applied on multiple vehicles at the same time. Backwards compatible - will improve already released missions without need to change anything.
Tweaked: Action menu priorities
Increased action priority for weapon assembly
Fixed: Radio protocol is no longer played during story conversations triggered by BIS_fnc_kbTell
Fixed: Some groups spawned by Sites module had their skill set too high
Fixed: CAS bombing issues in Supports Module
Fixed: Rare occurrence of undefined variable for civilian randomization scripts
Fixed: Game sometimes got stuck in loading screen after respawn (
Added: Warning about using BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition - calling the function on client at the mission start will result in data not being broadcasted correctly
Fixed: Modules were not executed in the right order on server
Fixed: Sending multiple recipients to BIS_fnc_MP caused the function to be ignored in singleplayer
Added: Recipient sent to BIS_fnc_MP can now be string - variable name of an object. The function will be executed where the object is local.
Fixed: Incorrect returned value when task checked by BIS_fnc_taskCompleted didn't exist
Fixed: "Vehicle Respawn" module didn't recognize airplanes, rendering them non-respawnable (
Fixed: HQ entities created by Headquarters module (used for example in Defend and Seize missions) were all using European voice. Correct voices (English for NATO and Persian for CSAT) are assigned now.
Fixed: "Set Task Destination" module is now optional, destination can now be configured in "Create Task" module. The same is true for task state (
Fixed: Functions with tag without specific name (i.e., no 'tag' attribute) were incorrectly categorized in the functions viewer
Fixed: BIS_fnc_sandStorm was using incorrect particle texture (
Added: Delay before respawn menu is applied only when player is simulated
Fixed: "EndMission" respawn template failed a mission even when some players were still alive after respawn tickets were exceeded
Fixed: Module effects were applied to vehicle commanders, not to vehicles themselves
Fixed: Debug console was not available for logged admins (
Fixed: Respawn display sometimes didn't close once player respawned
Fixed: Advanced hints save / load issue
Added: BIS_fnc_countdown - allows setting and managing countdown
Function BIS_fnc_findInPairs renamed to BIS_fnc_getFromPairs and now supports all variable types
New function BIS_fnc_findInPairs returns index of an item from the associative array found under the key
Fixed: Notifications are no longer displayed after player dies in singleplayer missions
Fixed: Zone Restriction module would sometimes fire a warning event when a unit left a vehicle
Fixed: Info about ability to sync "Respawn Position" module to a vehicle was missing
BLUFOR soldiers are now able to switch textures via setObjectTexture
CSAT soldiers have been trained to distinguish fixed-wing UAV of their side better when standing next to it
Less pronounced character lip sync animations
Fixed: Several inventory capacity issues
Fixed: OPFOR pilots ammo load
Fixed: Guerrilla Rifleman AT backpack load out
Fixed: Guerrilla Engineer bag type
Fixed: Khaki vest camo for OPFOR snipers and Olive vests for AAF
Minor fix in BLUFOR repair specialist chest rig
Added: New icon for BLUFOR chest rig
Added: New icons for Guerrilla uniform types
Added side-specific textures and pictures for mortar bags
Introduced mass difference between normal and light helmets
Various characters models and textures tweaks, most notably the US flag being removed from AS and SMDI maps
Civilians are more prone to be fatally wounded by anything (damage tolerance and armor)
Tweaked hitpoints of civilians. Now they will be fatally injured by one hit (5.56 mm and better caliber) to torso.
Configured destruction of wreck_heli_attack_01 (Blackfoot wreck)
Added Korean and Japanese characters from other fonts to EtelkaMonospacePro (fixes missing texts in e.g. establishing shots in those languages)
Font: EtelkaMonospaceProBold added for backwards compatibility (inherits everything from EtelkaMonospacePro)
Rolling credits now end after finishing and a short timeout
Fixed: Class name in title bar can't be edited any more in Insert Unit and Insert module in mission editor
Fixed: Positions of location labels (e.g., town names) in Splendid Camera were offset
Fixed: Respawn position selection list was blinking
Fixed: Tile effects were interactive, stealing mouse focus
Fixed: Error message for "Viper Green in trouble" conversation in Showcase Vehicles
Removed: Showcase Night radio at the enemy camp
Tweaked: Showcase Night player is now sitting on the front of the boat during insertion
Tweaked: Showcase Night boat driver now has a beanie hat
Tweaked: Showcase Night when player is detected near a site, enemies should now better hunt him
Tweaked: Showcase Night enemy patrols on sites are now on in safe behavior
Tweaked: Showcase Night enemies now play ambient animations
Tweaked: Showcase Night when player is detected on an enemy site, the nearest, not yet cleared, enemy site will become combat aware
Fixed: Showcase Night random patrols had skill of 1, now it's 0.4
Fixed: Showcase Night soldier leaning on the lighthouse was going through it
Fixed: Showcase Night enemies don't have NVGoggles any more (they wrongly had them because of class name changes)
New: Showcase Night enemy vehicle will now come and investigate the south after half the chaos threshold has been reached
Fixed: In Combined Arms single player you could kill insertion choppers crew without triggering friendly fire
Fixed: Defend Syrta character classes had wrong backpack
Fixed: Defend Syrta CSAT AA class had wrong backpack
Fixed: Seize and Defend missions were sometimes not executed properly on Dedicated Server
Tweaked: Civilian vehicles are now unlocked in MP scenarios
Tweaked: Lowered cost of enemy vehicles by 0.5 in MP scenarios
Tweaked: Tanks should now only spawn on last zone (MP)
New: Added Spotter and Sniper load outs on the last objective (MP)
Changed: Defend Syrta now has disabled AI by default
Firing Drills: CoF Green - removed manual hiding of barriers now they were removed from Stratis globally
Firing Drills: CoF Red 3 - disabled detecting statue as no-shoot until new solution is found (old one removed due to map optimizations)
Music has been reorganized to new class names, old ones are kept for compatibility
Main menu music track fix (different version of same track)
British Radio Protocol voices added (1 x Jay Crowe + 3 x Jayholder as data placeholder for future recordings)
Removed occasional animation glitch after Team Switch
Digital Deluxe Edition: Tactical Guide updated with various tweaks
Digital Deluxe Edition: Map updated with higher resolution


Many AI tweaks and fixes
Enabled blood when Korean language is selected
Improved: Tank collisions / flipping
epeImpulseDamageCoef parameter can now be changed for any vehicle
AI drivers are now better able to navigate out of obstacle and unstuck themselves
New possibility to turn off adaptive crosshair in options
Fixed: Favorite sessions in LAN view
Increased the limit of shown servers in the server browser from 500 to 10000
Fixed: Broken location detection of MP clients - people should be finally able to see servers close to them
Fixed: Country detection in MP
Crouch (toggle) now works correctly for launchers
Fixed: Aiming while holding 'sprint' key and not moving
Removed zoom warp (by using sprint while in optics)
Fixed: More strange zoom while sprinting with fatigue removed
NRemoved strange zoom when aiming while trying to sprint with high fatigue
Improved: Helicopter dropping like a stone when AA hits them
Fixed: Crash when player engages in conversation and has no topic
Added: Random angular velocity for dropped weapons in ragdoll
Fixed: DnD with container on soldier's container tab caused wrong behavior
Fixed: DnD with container on soldier's linked backpack caused wrong behavior
Fixed: Replacing linked weapon from weapon stored in backpack caused wrong behavior
Fixed: Bag disappearance and duplication
Fixed: Gear shows no magazines except handguns
removeWeapon can also unlink assigned items now
Fixed: Command removeBackpack
Fixed: removeAllContainers leaves unit with uniform model even though their uniform is removed (
Fixed: Action Drop Backpack was not working
The Men category is now properly sorted in the unit dialog in editor
Fixed: saveStatus and loadStatus commands did not work
Fixed: CheckCursorActionTarget performance
Skybox lighting is now done per-pixel
New scripting commands for getting and setting identity parameters
New scripting command for getting fog parameters (fogParams)
Added parameter turretCanSee config parameter to distinguish usability of compass for copilots

Product Update - Valve
Release Notes for 9/25/13

-Added Competitive Scorecard to the Official Competitive match end scoreboard if the user owns an Operation Bravo Coin. (Previously only visible in the Operation Bravo Coin tooltip).

-Suiciding now results in 0 cash awarded for the round.
-Player acceleration is now determined by the player's active weapon max speed.

-Fixed bugs in Gwalior, Cache, Ali, Seaside and Agency.

-Fixed stock items not displaying possessive information in the freeze panel.
-Fixed some water material fallbacks to not reflect the 2d skybox which caused bad reflections with low shader settings.
-Fixed squished weapon kill icons on Mac.
-Fixed the highest quality items in a Collection failing to be filtered out of the Trade Up Contract interface.
-Fixed a memory leak in client code that also caused performance drops during long gameplay sessions.
-New decorated weapon added to the Assault Collection.
Product Update - Valve
An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Strange misc-slot items that are tradable can now be listed on the Steam Community Market
  • Updated The Bearded Bombardier and The Bolted Bombardier so they can be equipped with glasses
Community request:
  • Added modelscale and SetModelScale input to Studiomodel so map authors can use them to scale models
Product Update - Valve
Release Notes for 9/19/2013

- Added Operation Bravo Pass for access to Workshop maps in Deathmatch, Casual and Competitive. Visit for details!

- Fixed the buy menu not allowing players to buy a helmet+vest when they had a vest but not enough to buy the helmet+vest.

- Inferno
-- Removed flowerpots on balcony near Mid.
-- Blocked visibility through haycart at Banana.
-- Blocked visibility through sandbags in Banana.
-- Blocked one way visibility through yellow car in Banana.

- Mirage
-- Tweaked cover in Bombsite A.
-- Removed trashcan near connector into Bombsite A.
-- Added cover at top of CT stairs into Bombsite A.
-- Widened box near T tunnel into Bombsite A.
-- Blocked visibility under the van at Bombsite B.
-- Removed the red pushcart near Bombsite B.
-- Removed bed in apartments near Bombsite B.
-- Removed center divider in CT sniper window.
-- Added cover inside Palace.
-- Removed scaffolding in alley near Apartments, tweaked skybox volume.
-- Removed chairs in Underpass.

- Fixed vest and helmet+vest armor costs in the buy menu.
- Fixed flashbang grenade overlap bug in the UI.
- The "flashed" icon no longer shows up when the cl_draw_only_deathnotices is set.
- Fixed missing localization text for status of players playing the Weapons Course.
- Increased resolution of death message weapons icons.

- Replaced "Arms Deal Collection Contract" with "Trade Up Contract" that can be used with weapons from any Collection.
- Holstered weapons now correctly show their silenced/unsilenced state.
- Fixed expired Operation Payback Passes not being redeemable for Operation Payback Coin.

- Fixed a community server crash in certain Deathmatch mode settings.
- Fixed a community server file transfer exploit.
- Custom map scenario text files can now contain "RULESHERE" as the very first thing in the text which will get replaced by the game mode rules that are currently being loaded. The rest of the scenario text file will be added to the end of the rules text.
Product Update - Valve
An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Fixed the "Halloween 2013" tag overlapping with the "Sound Device" tag in the Steam Workshop publish UI
Product Update - Valve
An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Added a new tag "Halloween 2013" to the Steam Workshop publish UI
  • Fixed the Flex target preview in the Steam Workshop item import tool
  • Fixed The Professor's Pineapple not drawing correctly for players in DirectX8
  • Updated the teamplay_round_win event to fill out the winreason and flagcaplimit fields

    Notes missed from Monday's update:
  • Updated Sentry Busters in Mann vs. Machine mode to damage teammates when they explode
  • Switched Windows clients to use SDL 2.0 for controller support which enables hot-plugging controllers and configuring them through Steam Big Picture settings
Product Update - Valve
Updates to Day of Defeat: Source and Half-Life 2: Deathmatch have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

  • Updated with other Orange Box client/engine crash fixes
Sep 18, 2013
Product Update - Valve
An update has been released for Left 4 Dead 2.

Mac / Linux
- Fixed a buffer overrun which could cause a crash on start-up
- Fixed an audio bug which could cause a crash on start-up

- Allow scripts to write to sub-directories of the 'ems' folder
- Script system will look for *_entities.txt files in /ems/maps as a fallback
Product Update - Valve

- Changed and improved interface for rituals’ window on the strategic map.
- Changed and improved interface for rituals’ tooltips.
- Changed and improved interface for special locations in the strategic map.
- Changed and improved interface for provincial constructions on the strategic map.
- Changed and improved interface for guards’ window on the strategic map.
- Changed and improved interface for spells’ window on the tactical map.
- Changed and improved interface for spells’ tooltips.
- Added ability to control the province (hire guards, construct buildings, etc.) in the province’s info-window (in the bottom right corner).
- Icons for units and items are now clickable in all windows, an information windows is showed after a mouse button click
- Reworked skill information window for heroes/units and terrain information on the tactical map. They are now auto-scaled and can be changed. All tooltips are displayed normally, without covering the mouse cursor and an item.
- Added visual clue for inability to construct buildings in the Citadel and provinces, perform a ritual and hire a guard during the current turn.
- Achievements can now be viewed in the game and be exported to the Steam account.
- Added ‘Lord of Bones’ achievement (summon over 50 skeletons or zombies in a battle for the shard).
- Added two spells for multiplayer: ‘Create Golem’ and ‘Summon Phoenix’.
- Increased available screen resolutions number that can be selected in the game.
- Unified window close buttons.
- Added detailed tooltips for difficulty levels.
- Unit information can now be viewed during a shard attack.
- Icon for building status in its tooltip is replaced with the text.
- Improved tooltip for gold and gems status on the lower panel.
- Scout that takes the path of Warrior (‘Adventurer’) now gains ‘Second Wind’ skill on level 10 (moving and attacking in the same turn without spending additional energy) and ‘Swiftness’ skill on level 20 (moving after the attack).
- A few other small improvements.


- ‘Can’t Stop Building’ achievement.
- ‘Collector’ achievement.
- Item sets not working correctly.
- A bug that caused stamina to decrease before the shot happens.
- All resources in the Necromancy window are now displayed correctly.
- Incorrect location of the spells in multiplayer.
- A bug that let player deploy army on the arena for AI.
- A bug that caused disappearance of the whole garrison left in a province after upgrading Outpost to Fort.
- Some letters getting cut out in the hero’s level up window.
- Esc button working incorrectly in informational windows on the tactical map in some cases.
- Hotkeys not working in a neutral shop.
- Building tooltip covering contruction button on lower screen resolutions. Tooltips display is now generally improved on lower resolutions.
- Inability to exit the province list after pressing Esc button.
- Dialog bugs.
- Tooltips covered by the lower panel on the strategic map.
- Highlight of clickable elements on the astral map.
- Incorrect display of the tooltip after closing radial province menu.
- Battle result’s tooltip bug when attacking a province without guards.
- Inactive shards on the astral map.
- Province siege by rebels without a fight.
- Player’s units not being selected after turn’s end if AI units weren’t able to do anything before that.
- Game crash caused by transition to the tactical map after the ‘slugs attack’ event.
- Game speeding up after quickly giving orders to two units.
- AI’s turn freeze caused by it having more than 4 heroes and having opportunity to attack enemy capital.
- Rare bug that doubled unit’s death if the hero had ‘Master of the Undead’ skill.
- Empty trophy window after clearing an ambush.
- Missing number for damage by towers during capital’s siege.
- Game’s logic breach caused by long animation and inaccurate action order after the double shot.
- Game’s logic breach after calculation of the shooting results during fast orders giving.
- Synchronization bugs in attack and death animations on the tactical map.
- Game freeze caused by transition to the tactical map when player’s province was in rebellion and he chose to suppress it with his army.

Product Update - Valve
An update to Counter-Strike: Source has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Counter-Strike: Source. The major changes include:

  • Fixed clients not being able to load custom player/weapon models using the custom folder
  • Updated with other Orange Box client/engine crash fixes

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