Product Update - Valve
You can now redeem any extra Compendiums you have for an equivalent value in points

Fixed various bugs related to Break
Fixed Ethereal Blade triggering Lotus/Sphere on launch rather than impact
Fixed Tusk attacking during Snowball
Mud Golem Shards now work with Select All / Select Other
Fixed some bugs with Mud Golem splitting
Fixed a rare bug that would cause your hero to keep chasing to cast
Fixed Geminate Attack not proccing when you come out of invisibility
Fixed some spells recently not being autocastable with hotkeys
Fixed sharing Wards with allies that have full inventory slots
Fixed Octarine Core behavior with Blademail
Fixed Stampede providing summoned units flying vision
Fixed Greater Treants spawning from Illusions instead of normal Treants
Fixed Fountain vision malfunctioning with Night Stalker's Darkness
Fixed Enchant interaction with Rubick's stolen Enchant
Fixed the UI for upgrading Boots of Travel
Fixed Moment of Courage being able to trigger on dead units
Fixed Tinker's Immortal not having priority over International Compendium TP effects
Fixed International Compendium in-game item effects not playing in all game modes
Updated order of new items in the Shop UI based on price
Product Update - Valve
* Updated Glimmer Cape to now have a manacost (130)
Product Update - Valve
* Recycling has been temporarily disabled, but will be coming back soon so make sure to hold onto your charm fragments
Product Update - Valve
* Fixed Eyes in the Forest still applying Overgrowth damage after the tree had been destroyed and regrown.
Product Update - Valve
* In ranked matches, the average MMR of each team is now shown during hero selection, and the top MMR on each team is shown next to that player’s hero portrait.

* Fixed Keeper of the Light's Illuminate occasionally revealing Fog of War incorrectly

* Fixed Control Groups not saving for heroes that the user has not played before
Product Update - Valve
Fixed various assortments of pathing
Product Update - Valve
- Various Pathfinding Fixes
Product Update - Valve
* Added an upgraded wolf pup style to Crystal Maiden’s Frost Avalanche (existing Arcanas will be updated shortly)
- Unlocked by destroying 50 enemy wards
- Upgraded wolf pups have an alternate skin, and several new behaviors

* Dropping an item onto another item on the ground now properly places it where clicked
* Made various fixes to pathing
* Fixed a case where Winter's Curse didn't credit the kill properly
* Fixed autopause in league games having a countdown instead of being instant
Product Update - Valve
* You may now peek inside a charm to see the contents of the treasure you can win
* Fixed problem where client would occasionally fail to connect to a gameserver, with the error message “bad challenge”
* Earth Spirit will correctly move into range when casting Boulder Smash
* Fixed heroes with undroppable Aghanim's Scepter Upgrades being able to gain their upgrades from Scepters owned by other players (Meepo, Ogre Magi, and Treant Protector)
* Fixed Duel and Supernova Aghanim's Scepter upgrade interaction
* Fixed top bar buyback indicator sometimes being inaccurate
* Corrected an issue where the combat log was not being displayed
Product Update - Valve
- Fixed flying units not moving correctly when issued move orders off the playable area of the map.

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