Product Update - Valve
inMomentum Changelog 1.04

- Added Ghost feature
- Debugged and re-added Trail feature
- Added Toggle Ghost interface element
- Added Toggle Trail inteface elements
- Fixed Menu not saving the last played map, now it also saves last map played after the game was quit
- Restart Map now does not restart the music track in progress
- Music system now plays a new song when a new map is loaded
- Music system plays all tracks from OST before re-playing any song twice
- Added new map Flux
- Added new map Echo
- Added new map Reflex
- Tutorial segments are now skippable for faster advancement
- Updated multiplayer Lobby System
- Updated multiplayer Level changing
- Added multiplayer "Next Game Voting" feature
- Fixed a bug where mouse sensitivity change would crash the game
- Fixed various smaller bugs and leaks regarding the game menu and game controlls
- Fixed screen tearing problems in Fullscreen
- Optimized Fullscreen in Widescreen play

Nov 17, 2011
Product Update - Valve
InMomentum Changelog 1.03

- Added Video option in the menu for VSync
- Added Video option in the menu for ToggleSky
- Added Video option in the menu for Ambient Occlusion
- Added Video option in the menu for Bloom
- Added Video option in the menu for Light Shafts
- Added Video option in the menu for Motion Blur and Speed Effects
- Added Video option in the menu for Detail Mode
- Added Video option in the menu for
- Created new options submenu "User Interface"
- Moved "Use 3D Interface" and "Crosshair Style" to "User Interface" submenu
- Added key binding in controlls options for Toggle Third Person
- Added key binding in controlls options for Land Fast
- Moved Restart Level button to F3 (cannot be changed)
- Moved Previous Music button to F5 (cannot be changed)
- Moved Next Music button to F6 (cannot be changed)
- Moved Random Music button to F7 (cannot be changed)
- Removed Auto Kick if a match is in progress, and replaced with Force into Spectators
- Removed a sensitive command which made the game kick people randomly on match start
- Fixed a crash error, which made the game crash when updating the server list in the Server Browser

Nov 3, 2011
Product Update - Valve
InMomentum 1.02 Changelog

- Fixed startup error regarding dependencies
- Fixed mouse sensitivity being reset automatically to default
- Fixed a rare bug where powerups would keep giving one and the same powerup all the time
- Fixed checkpoints staying green for clients on laps past the first
- Added ToggleSky console command
ToggleSky True/False
Toggles the sky on/off
- Added ToggleLightShafts console command
ToggleLightShafts True/False
Toggles volumetric lighting on/off, removing the shadow artifacts that occur on some Radeon cards
- Added ToggleMotionBlur console command
ToggleMotionBlur True/False
Turns the motion blur and speed effect blur on/off
- Added ChangeDetailMode console command
ChangeDetailMode 1/2/3
Changes the detail mode of the game, reducing texture memory and overal SFX memory consumption
- Added NEW MAP EPI-RollerCoaster
- Reworked Music System
Music stays the same across different maps and does not change on restarts
Player can switch between different tracks using the following keys:
P key - Plays next random track
8 key - plays previous track from list
9 key - plays next track from list
- Added a Restart Level button: R key


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