Community Announcements - [TrendyEnt] iamisom
Bug Fixes
  • Moonbase items no longer reroll stats when dropped on the floor
  • New Options menu items are selectable by controller
  • Fixed an issue where F1 wasn’t bringing up the Chat History
  • Fixed issue where players weren’t able to build towers on Servants Quarters
  • 0 Credits text now goes away on the Moonbase dance machine
  • Removed DungeonDefenderStore buttons

Would you like to help test the Moonbase Update? You will need to opt-in to the “community_beta_branch” branch in order to test the Moonbase Update beta.

Here’s how to opt-in to the new beta branch:
  1. Open your Steam client.
  2. In your Steam Library, right-click “Dungeon Defenders” and go to the “Properties” menu.
  3. Go to the “Betas” tab.
  4. You will now have access to “community_beta_branch.” In the drop-down menu above the text field, select “community_beta_branch.” Close the window.
  5. The newest update will automatically download.

Post your bugs in this forum thread!
Community Announcements - [TrendyEnt] iamisom
We've created a new Moonbase Update beta branch to give you your Ranked save data and to solve a number of access issues that have been reported on our forums. You will need to opt-in to the “community_beta_branch” branch in order to test the Moonbase Update beta. The current beta branch will be taken down sometime next week.

Here’s how to opt-in to the new beta branch:
  1. Open your Steam client.
  2. In your Steam Library, right-click “Dungeon Defenders” and go to the “Properties” menu.
  3. Go to the “Betas” tab.
  4. You will now have access to “community_beta_branch.” In the drop-down menu above the text field, select “community_beta_branch.” Close the window.
  5. The newest update will automatically download.
Thanks for your patience and understanding, and have fun playing the Moonbase Update beta this weekend!
Community Announcements - [TrendyEnt] iamisom
Thanks for your support! We’re thrilled to see the positive reception to our latest news, and we can’t wait to watch Dungeon Defenders grow.

As promised, here is the public beta build of our first planned update to Dungeon Defenders. This current version of the beta build is for Windows only. We’re currently looking into providing Mac and Linux builds.

This is a beta build, so you can expect to see bugs and issues. Early next week, we are incrementing save files for the beta branch, which means that you will enter this branch with all the stuff you currently have in the live game. Incrementing, though, also means that you will now have two parallel save files -- one for live, and one for beta -- where gains in one will not translate to the other. In the meantime, you can start fresh heroes on Ranked or play on Open.

If you don’t see a requested bug fix or quality of life change below, please share it in the comments! It’s our goal to provide the Community Development Team with the tools required to make requested changes after our patches, and in order to do so, we need to make sure we have as many bases covered with our upcoming DDDK changes. It’s also important to test this patch as much as possible, so please take the time to run through the patch and post your bug reports in this Bug Report form.

Patch Notes
  • Added Moonbase to Ranked. We need your help in verifying loot drops on the map. If you could please post your loot drops in this Loot Reporting form, it would be greatly appreciated. Loot balance is the most critical element of this update.
  • Player mana ceiling increased to 2 trillion.
  • Inventory limit increased to 600 for Ultimate Defenders.
  • Added an option for hosts to disallow the selling of allied towers.
  • Added “unlock all” and “lock all” buttons.
  • Potential fix for the items being lost during a trade. If you see this happening in the public beta test, please let us know.
  • Auras are now darker in the middle and shouldn’t cause framerate drops.
  • Players can now hide their accessories without losing the stat bonuses they provide.
  • Players can set a rarity tier filter for the minimap.
  • Higher-tiered items are layered over lower-tiered items on the minimap.
  • Highest-tier items have their own color on the minimap.
  • Players can now move while trying to find where to build a tower.
  • “An Ogre Has Arrived” text and noise has been removed.
  • Items dropped by the player now drop directly in front of the player to improve accuracy and reduce frustration with setting up tavern shops.
  • Reduced the number bosses on Greater Turkey Hunt.
  • The display method for damage and mana numbers have been changed to extend their range.

Known Issues
  • Custom maps from the Steam Workshop will not work with the beta branch. We’re investigating this.
  • We want to fix the hard crashes for Crystalline Dimension, but we are unable to repro the issues. Any information you can share based off the public beta will lead to this being solved permanently.
  • We want to fix the heroes dying when swapping at the Forge, but we have been unable to 100% repro the issue. If you have more information about this based on the public beta test, please let us know.

In order to access this beta build, you must opt-in to the public beta branch on Steam. Here’s how to do that:
  1. Open your Steam client.
  2. In your Steam Library, right-click “Dungeon Defenders” and go to the “Properties” menu.
  3. Go to the “Betas” tab.
  4. You will now have access to “betapatch_pc.” In the drop-down menu above the text field, select “betabranch_pc.” Close the window.
  5. The newest update will automatically download.

In the coming weeks, we will be circulating a survey to solicit your feedback on the beta patch. Based on the results of that survey and internal review, we will determine whether or not to move this patch over to the live branch.

More hotness coming in the second planned update. Stay tuned for more information!

The Trendy Team
Community Announcements - [TrendyEnt] iamisom
Greetings Defenders,

As we teased last week, we have an exciting announcement to share with you: We are hard at work on two more free updates to Dungeon Defenders! After these updates, it’s our goal to pass the torch onto you and give the community the tools to update Dungeon Defenders.

The first update is planned to be released onto a public beta branch in late May. It will include some of the bug fixes and quality of life changes requested by you, and finally put Moonbase where it rightfully belongs -- in Ranked. The second update will be a free content update, partially made by the community! To assist, we are actively seeking community members who are interested in contributing to this patch. If you’re interested, please contact Acen, who has volunteered to help us get the team off the ground.

After this, we will be assisting this team and you to release future updates. There are already many of you crafting unique creations for Dungeon Defenders every day, and we’re excited to give you a path to get these officially released into Ranked.

The Dungeon Defenders community is filled with passionate, talented, dedicated people. While many of you have already visited Dragonfall and rebuilt your defenses, you mean everything to us and we want to set up a future where you can always revisit the original in all its glory.

The Trendy Team
Community Announcements - [TrendyEnt] Pmasher
Greetings Defenders,

We’ve just updated Dungeon Defenders II Early Access with two of your most requested features -- pets and a boss! We’d really love feedback on these new features from owners of the original Dungeon Defenders, so for a limited time you can log in to DD2 to receive:

$6 premium in-game currency
“Veteran Defender” Title

We thank all of you for your support and look forward to your feedback. You might see our faces around here a bit more in the coming weeks, with some nifty news relating to the original Dungeon Defenders.

Community Announcements - [TrendyEnt] Kim
Surprise! Today marks the release of Dungeon Defenders Eternity, the definitive version of the original Dungeon Defenders. Eternity takes the best missions from the original game and includes a host of new features, content and anti-hacker security as requested by our loyal Defenders!

Visit the Steam page to learn more!
Community Announcements - [TrendyEnt] iamisom
So far we’ve given you quite a bit of insight into how our levels are developed visually from start to finish. There is, however, one final element that greatly contributes to the atmosphere of our beautiful maps: audio. Once our level designers have finished building and scripting a map, and our VFX artists have gone through to make sure everything is appropriately shiny, it’s finally time to implement sound.

When a map is ready for sound, my first step is to generate an audio asset list for our talented sound designer, Afshin Toufighian. It is during this process that I decide which environment pieces and effects will require an audio element and which areas of the map will require their own stereo ambient sound waves.

Read More (And Listen To These Sounds!) Here

Community Announcements - [TrendyEnt] iamisom
In the original Dungeon Defenders, we used different colors to designate enemy difficulties. This was a clear way to show that one enemy was harder than another, but it didn’t allow for variety in the way enemies were presented during each wave.

In Dungeon Defenders II, we’ve thrown out the color system, and we’re now using a tier system. A tier is basically an “upgraded” version of an enemy. We’ve shown you different enemy tiers in previous blogs from Javelin Throwers to the nightmare-inducing Ogres. These enemies and almost every other enemy in the game will come at your defenses in different tiers. Below, you can see a Tier 1 Orc, a Tier 2 Orc and a Tier 3 Orc.

Read More Here!

P.S. We're still working on the DD2 community hub to post all of this DD2 into. Thanks for your patience. We really appreciate it! And to everyone who just joined us over the Steam Summer Sale, we hope you're enjoying the game!

Community Announcements - [TrendyEnt] iamisom
Before any of the lush environments, gnarly villains and dashing heroes step into the third dimension, we need to make them look like something — preferably something cool! So how do we create concepts for DD2? I figured we could go back to one of our recently revealed enemies, the Javelin Thrower, and see what it took for this abomination to come into fruition. (I also want to use this blog post as an excuse to melt your eyes with tons of art.)

Click to Read More!

P.S. Thanks to the comments in our previous announcements, we should have an official DD2 Steam group in the near future for all of our DD2 announcements. We'll post about it here when the group goes live. Thanks for your patience, Defenders!

Community Announcements - [TrendyEnt] iamisom
Are you missing any of the DLC? Want to give your friend a copy of the game? Now's your chance! For the next 8 hours, Dungeon Defenders and all of the DLC released are 75% off. Interested? Head to the Dungeon Defenders Steam Store page!

Thanks for your support, Defenders.

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