Community Announcements - legolas
Great news! On the 8th of March we will be releasing Verdun on Xbox One!!

It would be great if you could help us launch this game with a bang on Xbox One by sharing your WW1 Verdun war whoop via

More dev news will follow soon.
Community Announcements - M2H_Matt
About two weeks ago, we opened a discussion thread with links to a few spreadsheets that we had been working on with the Verdun community. These were balancing sheets for squad loadouts, weapon stats, and abilities. We were looking for more feedback from all of you, and we got it!

We now have released these loadout changes which shall improve the balance between the Entente and the Central Powers for similar squad types (e.g. Alpenjager and Chasseurs Alpins) and to make all loadout options viable.

We would now like to look into the other aspects such as individual weapons and squad abilities. Therefore we invite everyone to provide feedback on the current document.

You can find all the information on how to provide your feedback in this thread:
Community Announcements - Blazy013
After going through a lot of open testing, we just released a nice selection of adjustments and fixes.

You can find a full list of changes on our Changelog. But some notable changes in this update are:
  • Fixed an issue with damage reduction over distance. Pistols can no longer one hit kill over long distances, and damage curves have been adjusted based on this fix.
    NOTE: Suggestions on the damage balance can be given via this Google Doc
  • The torso area of character hitboxes has been increased, so that stomach/belly hits will be less common.
  • Various ragdoll improvements.
  • Animation improvements and fixes.
  • Better map cycle which will stop cycles like Map A -> Map B -> Map A again.
  • And much more!

Go check it out for yourself, have a great weekend!

Community Announcements - Blazy013
We have seen some great initiatives these past months in the community and we wanted to make sure they become more visible for others.
We’ll make sure that tournaments for example are shown more prominently in the ‘Competition and Event’ sub-forum:
Also, we will be highlighting a few of these initiatives such as now…

Players are welcomed in the following tournaments:
For those interested, please make sure to check their Steam hub thread!

The Verdun team

Community Announcements - M2H_Matt
At the end of this month, we’re visiting Verdun together with the crew from WW1 YouTube Channel; The Great War.

We would like to invite you all on the 31th for some drinks, snacks and a Q&A session.
The gathering will be hosted at the 'Romagne 14-18 museum', a venue that has been a great inspiration and references for the game.

For more information, make sure to check the Facebook event:

To sign up, just simply register via Eventbrite:

Community Announcements - Blazy013
Did you spot them in the truce, or maybe in one of our hints…? Today the ‘ladies of hell’ have arrived… The Highlanders joined the trench warfare!
The Scottish were no stranger to war, and when the call to arms came in 1914, a relatively large number of Scottish young men eagerly joined the ranks of the British in Belgium. Wearing their traditional kilts, they performed many aggressive scouting maneuvers, often finding themselves in the thick of savage battles such as Loos and Arras. They suffered a staggering number of casualties as a result, but were nevertheless undeterred and soon earned the nicknamed the “ladies from hell”.

The Scottish squad will perform the role of aggressive scouting in Verdun. They are armed with the distinctive Pattern 1914 Enfield, a five-round “dog-leg” bolt handle rifle ideal for marksmen. This rifle was used in the later years of the war as a designated sniper rifle. The rifle combines the elements of the famous German Mauser, the five-round internal box magazine, with some Lee-Enfield features. Compared to the standard Lee-Enfield, the Pattern 1914 was more accurate and durable, though heavier as well.

​​​​​​​The Scottish squad has been added to the game Verdun for free on Steam today and is expected on the PS4 by the end of the month! 
Community Announcements - Blazy013
From December 16 – January 2 the Christmas Truce of WW1 is re-enacted in Verdun to remember this historical event of peace that happened more than a century ago.
This year there is a twist… This one time seasonal event will be part of War Child Armistice to raise money for children affected by conflict.
On a dedicated winter map players can throw snowballs at each other, play football matches, sing along with Christmas carols and send Christmas cards to their loved ones. By sharing these cards players will automatically participate in the daily Verdun giveaway and get a chance on winning an extra Verdun key, trench whistle and/or Verdun peppermint can.

Via the Temporary DLC a donation of either €2.99, €7.99 or €12.99 will give you unlimited access to the event until January 2 2017. Regular Verdun players will be able to participate in this truce event every other third match for 5 minutes.
Verdun game will have a 50% discount during the whole Christmas Truce. Also, the Verdun team will be streaming this event via Twitch on the 21rst of December at 10pm CET / 4pm EST -

Enjoy the Holidays!

War Child UK & Verdun team
Supporting children in conflict - #WarChildArmistice

  • Wat is the difference between playing the truce via the base game and the truce via the Donation DLC?
    There are three differences;
    • In the Donation DLC you can join the truce whenever you like.
    • You can earn a Christmas Truce - War Child medal.
    • When purchasing the temporary DLC you support the War Child cause.
  • When I purchase the Donation DLC, will I be able to play the Christmas Truce after January 2, 2017?
    No, this is simple a donation for a seasonal event.
  • Will there be extra content available once I donate more?
    No, we offer 3 tiers to choose from. It is up to you how much you can spare for the War Child cause.
  • Will we be able to play with the Scottish troops in the main game play?
    Not yet...

Community Announcements - Blazy013
On December 16 the Christmas Truce of WW1 will be re-enacted in Verdun.

This year the event will be part of the War Child Armistice campaign.
A limited version of the truce will be offered between the regular matches, and an unlimited version is available for those that make a donation for the charity. Via the temporary DLC donations can be made from €2.99 and up.

Make sure to add the temporary DLC to your wishlist. More news will follow. For now we added a few screenshots to give you an impression....

Community Announcements - Blazy013
As like every month we are continuously working on getting the game better and better. This led to several fixes already!

All updates for the PC are mentioned on the Verdun Steam changelog.
Some noteworthy fixes are:
  • Fixed WEX flamethrower
  • Improved switching to next level so it does not kick you when loading
  • No more stabbing/melee through objects
  • Improved the colliders (hitboxes) on the players
  • Added an anti cheat measurements
  • Increased maximum firing range
  • Fixed certain reserved slots never timing out
  • Fixed incorrect abilities when squad level lowers
  • Fixed head gore
  • Changes to loading sequence to prevent verify cache issues

Temporary Bug Report Tool introduced
We take your input seriously and are aware that some of you are still having problems. Our main priority is to fix these issues though we understand that it hasn’t been quick enough. Some bugs are more difficult to catch and solve than other ones. To make sure all issues are heard and to get a clear picture of how many of you are running into which bugs, we would like you to submit your bugs via our Bug Report Tool: A temporary tool that will hopefully help us in our prioritization these upcoming months. The more details given, the better we can find out what is going on.

Please note that the Bug Report Tool (Verdun UserEcho) is not meant to be used for suggestions, news, complaints, etc. For this keep posting in the Steam hub.
Community Announcements - Blazy013
Verdun is not only available via Steam.. it just released as well on the PlayStation 4!!

As mentioned before we will keep supporting both platforms and continue working on getting Verdun better and better every day. More news on that will follow soon. For now, let’s please enjoy our new trailer:

Ooh and for those wanting to play the game on the PC and PS4, make sure to participate in our give away event. Simply share your WW1 trench shovel in action via Twitter or Facebook and make a chance on winning a PlayStation 4 key or a WW1 trench shovel replica….

For questions, check the FAQ

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