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Sep 16
Community Announcements - M2H_Matt

September 16th 2014

  • Fixed Linux resolution with 2 screens
  • Network lag greatly reduced in distance(Picadie, Flanders)
  • Flanders perfomance improvement
  • Removed fade out effect
  • Fixed sniper scope
  • Removed white blocks in Argonne
  • Possible micro stutter fix
  • Update localizations FR and RU
  • Fixed white LOD objects popping up
  • Fixed Pistol going through ammo box in main menu
  • Fixed a leaderboard error
  • Reduced character collider height a bit for less bumps

A big content update is coming up really soon, stay tuned!
Community Announcements - M2H_Mike

September 11th 2014

  • Improved Performance(15% increase)
  • Improved memory usage, reducing crashes
  • New Scoreboard
  • Added Aiming sensivity slider
  • Fixed the 'Sorry' Voice
  • New Voice command hud screen
  • Changed France vs Germany to Entente Powers vs Central powers
  • Fixed bullet rechambermessage
  • Default first time startup graphics on High instead of medium
  • New Steam API intergration
  • Users played with in-game will now be visible on 'Recently played with'
  • Other crash fixes and improvements
Sep 8
Community Announcements - M2H_Mike
We need your feedback about reforming the levelling systems in the game, see: http://steamcommunity.com/app/242860/discussions/0/613935404212891493/


September 8th 2014

  • Removed Forward rendering mode, Deferred per default
  • Better default graphics (Medium instead of Low)
  • Slight CPU performance improvement
  • Dry MG sounds
  • Small muzzlefash nerf


September 4th 2014

  • Improved gun flares
  • Removed player name coloring
  • Reduced shadow flickering in Picardie
  • Fixed disappearing MG
  • Fixed strange hand animation while spectating


August 29th 2014

  • 64bit Windows player (more memory available, possible performance improvement)
  • Rifle weapon fixes: when interrupting the reload by sprinting it will not continue after sprinting
  • Rifle weapon fixes: pressing the reload button during a reload will no longer restart the reload action
  • Rifle weapon fixes: It is now possible to interrupt a single button reload by pressing fire once. Pressing the reload button twice will no longer interrupt the reload.
  • New first person hands and uniforms
Community Announcements - M2H_Matt
Update V159 improved a lot of existing features but we also added new features: An advanced ballistics system. This systems removes the old gun lasers and bullets now act like real life bullets. This means the bullet will drop based on distance and that it takes the bullet time to travel to it's destination. Also bullets will now penetrate the body; arms in front of a head will no longer block a bullet but will kill as intended. We also improved some of the networking issues and reduced memory to prevent crashes. For more details please see the changelog below. Now get to the frontline soldier!


August 26th 2014

  • Bullet Drop
  • Bullet Body Penetration
  • Bullet Leading
  • Improved Scope sighting, better recticle and
  • Upgraded networking system
  • Lowered character height when sighting to prevent getting killed in coover
  • Slightly improved 3P animations
  • Fixed a lot of culling issues(Seeing through level)
  • Fixed a bullet accuracy bug
  • Smooth Crouch/Prone switching
  • Fixed trees colliders
  • Fixed a lot of bumps in the maps where players can get stuck, please report if you see one.
  • Removed line artifacts in grass objects
  • Reduced pixelated skyboxes
  • Updated localization
  • Overall memory usage reducal
  • Engine Update: Unity 4.5.3 + 4.5.3p2 fixes
  • Minor bugfixes
Community Announcements - M2H_Matt
In this update we improved the damage system and weapon handling. Adding bullet drop will be the next step. The tag system got an overhaul, still not completely done but atleast there is no more clutter in your screen. This update also should fix some memory crashes and slightly increases performance. A lot of other smaller things have changed please see the changelog.

V157 Changelog

August 10nd 2014

  • Rebalanced Weapon Damage
  • Improved tag system with less clutter
  • Better Ragdoll and Ragdoll force impact(bullet, explosions)
  • Weapon sighting system improved
  • Fixed the show of enemy tags when switching team
  • Fixed dissapearing ragdolls
  • Extended mortar cooldown, from 30s to 45s
  • Chat text doesn't get faction color if you press space anymore
  • Localized every text in the game
  • Cyrillic Support, Russian translation is back
  • Ragdoll camera does not go through the terrain anymore
  • Added 3 Minimap zooming stages, better overview
  • Killfeed displayers longer
  • Removed battlescream on 'Z'
  • Lowered voices command screen so it is not in the chat
  • Loading screen soldier fixed and no more edge on Verdun logo
Community Announcements - BlackMill | Leo
Verdun players!

UPDATE: V156 - Additional Hotfix

Hotfix now live, fixing the performance issues and hiding corpses introduced in v156

Today we update the game with some fixes, mainly a memory leak that was causing frequent crashes on machines of players with limited RAM. Read the changes below.

Our work continues, with the top priority being the optimization of netcode and graphics, the debugging of the damage system and upgrading the weapon handling/bullet physics.

V156 Changelog

August 2nd 2014

  • Fixed memory leak issue that caused some people to crash out
  • Fixed options menu not showing and squad menu popping up in free for all
  • Added more strict regulations on ping
  • Added VAC banning
  • Voice command rose now no longer displayed during chat
  • Fixed issues with grass on picardie
  • Recon plane now no longer called in on outside deserter area causing glitches
  • Temporarily disabled Russian because of font issues
  • Fixed soldier images in main menu
  • Fixed longer loading times
  • Retreat timers on the bigger maps now significantly longer
  • Removed 'shiny' cloth materials
  • Added Chasseur adrian helmet with alpine horn symbol for latewar chasseur squads
  • Fixed Ruby pointing downwards
  • Added Crouch fire recharge animations
  • Rifle draw animation now debugged
  • Updated transitional animations for going to prone

Some gameplay images shot while playing live multiplayer:

Community Announcements - Blazy013
Trailer: http://youtu.be/gZefYG8nwo0

Verdun just released a new patch with renewing characters and animations!! More is yet to come, but we hope this update will answer some of your prays ;).
The countdown towards today, must have hinted that developers M2H and BlackMill Games have come up with a way to reflect back to the 100year anniversary of WW1. With an exclusive WW1 newspaper from July 28 until August 4 2014; Daily War Journal - http://www.verdungame.com/centenary/ , we hope to give you some insight in the WW1 and Verdun update. We made sure to add a giveaway event in the newspaper, which gives you the opportunity to win WW1 retail such as Trench Whistle’s, booklets, banners, medals, maps, etc. and Verdun Steam keys. You have a chance to win something every day, so you better bookmark; http://www.verdungame.com/centenary/.
Jul 3
Community Announcements - M2H_Mike

This update polishes the character voices and packs some minor fixes. Bigger improvements are in the works, with the character overhaul being the most promising as you can see from the images in this post

Changelog V153 - July 3rd 2014

  • More ambience character voices (e.g.: "Incoming grenade!") & tweaked 3D sound range
  • Temp. voice command menu: press E and then 1-6 to use. Will be revised.
  • Flanders fixes
  • Friend only lobbies are now truly locked to friends-only
  • Role locking in lobbies will now persist (used to reset when a new player joined)

Want to know what we are working on next? Read our roadmap here

Jun 3
Community Announcements - M2H_Mike
A minor update has just been launched, this contains some general improvements.
The character overhaul is progressing nicely we hope to show you preview screenshots soon.

v150 Changelog:
- Upgraded the engine (Unity 4.5). Level loading speed greatly improved and more fixes.
- Role switching in-game is now saved: next round will keep using the same role instead of reverting to the first role.
- "Play now" will make sure to fill the most populated games first instead of filling all games evenly.
- In-game loading screens added
- Loading screen positioning corrected
- Flanders: bunker collission fixed. Fire now linked to quality settings
- Tooltip improvements
Community Announcements - Blazy013
A major update has been made to the game Verdun, after receiving your valuable feedback. This update is one step closer to a full release announced for upcoming summer!

The game received a fancy new graphical user interface which will make it easier to play together in a squad. Another improvement is the addition of distinctive German and French voices, which greatly strengthens the World War 1 atmosphere of the game.
Most exciting will be the introduction of a whole new map, inspired by the battle of Ypres; Flanders! Probably the muddiest battlefield you’ve ever fought in and a real challenge due to its scale. Also, some enhancements are made on the Vosges map and the balancing of the weapons. And lastly but not least, Verdun integrated the Steam Trade Card feature for a full Steam experience. Enjoy!

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