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Hay hay haaaay!

No, we haven’t got any more hay, ‘twas burnt down in the last pillage. What we do have: a ton of new content from the global Chivalry community! This week: maul feels, super-sized giant slaying, lobster click-clacks and the hilarious results of a Chivalry Photoshoppe Challenge!

Read Brabble #6 here.
Community Announcements - playerhayter

Charge upon your foes with the brand new Vanguard Revamp! This complete model makeover was undertaken by our character artist Dylan, who wanted to bring the Vanguard class in line with our original concept for the character. This model comes as a reward for Chivalry fans reaching over 100,000 Steam Community members - well done you scoundrels! And as an added bonus, the base zweihander model has been revamped as well, along with the successfully guessed at return of “come hither!”

Ye Olde Photoshoppe Challenge

Win a helmet and weapon set of your choice from the Chivalry UGC collection by submitting a Photoshopped image of the new Vanguard in whatever setting or situation you like. Submit images directly to the Community Gallery and write “Photoshoppe Challenge” in the description. We’ll post our favourite entries next week! One prize available, multiple entries allowed, deadline July 22 at 11:59 PM PST.

Download a transparent background .PNG in three different poses here.

Pose 1
Pose 2
Pose 3


Glorious new weapons and helmets forged in the Chivalry Community Workshop

  • Fior-Charaid, a replacement for the Claymore
  • HeadBanger, a replacement for the Morningstar
  • Sunder, a replacement for the War Axe
  • Swiss Royal Halberd, a replacement for the Halberd
  • The Heart-Piercer, an Agatha Archer set that replaces the Longbow
  • Type XII Longsword, a replacement for the Longsword
  • The Warbringer, a Mason Knight set that replaces the Poleaxe
  • Savage Reaver, an Agatha Knight set that replaces the Messer
  • Wrecker Set, a Mason Knight set that replaces the Grand Mace


Character Art
  • Base vanguard model completely redone
  • Zweihander base model revamped

Come Hither!
  • Generic Z5 (go for objective) commands make a triumphant return
  • Come Hither!


  • Loading music changed from default for Colosseum, Forest, Hideout, Impasse, Irilla, No Mercy, and Shore

  • Replaced breakable gate in TO modes
  • Put blocking volume in window of barn
  • Put blocking volumes around more roofs that didn't have them to prevent people from getting up on them
  • Fixed mason spawn that could be easily entered by grinding on the cliffs and jumping
  • Better blocking to mason hill spawn on village non-TO versions
  • Blocked rocks in the waterfall that you could hide in
  • Put collision on the bars in the courtyard
  • Fixed hole in throneroom that's usually hidden by carpet but could be seen on low

  • Fixed being able to enter one of the mason spawns on final objective
  • Blocked off dead end a bit to stop king from hiding right under the spawn point

  • Set gate chest that was free to 200 gold
  • Relabelled purchase boxes by church that were labelled incorrectly

  • Final area spawn protectors buffed, some were very easy to jump over from the wrong direction
  • Buffed and / or added more level boundary blocking volumes around the mountain
  • Blocked level escape from the granary spawn
  • LTS: blocked ladders to prevent level escape

  • Blocked some collision holes in the market
  • Adjusted trebuchet points volumes for Agatha

  • Blocked off thatched roofs that could be jumped onto from the ballistae
  • FFA: removed / moved protected TO style spawns
  • FFA: put blocking volumes where bookshelves would be
  • LTS: Removed duplicate sun

  • Duel Mode set to load properly
  • Pendulum axes shouldn’t merely push you anymore
  • Pendulum only mode gates made to work properly

  • Minor spawn protection blocker tweaks on third agatha spawn
Community Announcements - playerhayter
Ah, the sight of fresh corpses… I mean content. Fresh content, made by squires and damsels of the Chivalry community. Feat. a huge Chivalry tournament, a giant slaying skirmish and Matrix dodges gone wrong.

Want to see some? Here we go…

Community Announcements - playerhayter
At Torn Banner HQ, we’re trying to get a better idea of players’ thoughts about Chivalry: Medieval Warfare - ranging from gameplay preferences to general happiness with the game. Help us improve Chivalry and future Torn Banner titles by participating in our survey.

To take part, follow the link below.

As a thank you in advance, we’ve created a free pack of high quality Chivalry phone backgrounds for your pleasure. Enjoy!

Community Announcements - playerhayter

Feudal fact: in the last month, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare hit the third largest number of players connected at one time, at over 13,000 concurrent lords and ladies. Plus, the Chivalry Steam Community has now reached 100,000 followers - to celebrate, we’re releasing a complete revamp of the Vanguard class model, for free!

Is Chivalry dead? Nay, it’s more alive than ever.

In this Brabble, check out a Chivalry fan art contest, glorious battlefield panoramas, an incredible javelin kill - and more.

Community Announcements - playerhayter
The Chivalry Fan Art Contest is over!

Both the quality and volume of entries have been absolutely mindblowing. From charcoal character portraits to reverse overheads in watercolour, dozens of creators brought the world of Chivalry to life, through art.

Competition was stiff, but three winners emerged from this bloody battle. Congratulations to AngusBurgers, Sir Galagad the Pure and Mr Bunsen!

Click here to view all submissions in the Steam Artwork Gallery.

Check out our 50 favorites in this imgur gallery - and give it an upvote on reddit!

First place: Last Team Standing by AngusBurgers

Prize: All current Chivalry in-game weapons & armor (worth over $200) + 4 copies of Chivalry to share

Second place: The Siege of Feydrid’s Keep by Sir Galahad the pure

Prize: 5 Chivalry in-game helmet & weapon sets of your choice + 2 copies of Chivalry to share

Third place: Agatha Knight Victory by Mr Bunsen

Prize: 5 Chivalry in-game weapons of your choice + 1 copy of Chivalry to share

Winners will be contacted through Steam.
Community Announcements - playerhayter
Hello dear Chivalry UGC creators! This long-overdue post is a recap of all of the community weapons & helmets we’ve added to the game since January, some data that will hopefully help creators to better decide where to put their time and talent, as well as info on our future plans.

Content packs

The following UGC items have been added to Chivalry: Medieval Warfare as player customization options, according to the patch dates below.

Patch 39 (6/11/2015)

Circled Princial Cervelliere by Spudnik and Pior
The Rat Set by zekfit
The Tenderizer by Tøm
Infidels Bane by Oilystool
Chaos Set by soul5tice
Winged Wraith by Spudnik and Pior
Blade Brothers Sun Sword by Chasarsis
Shark by LSM
Kraken by JustUnfriendly

Patch 38 (6/4/2015)

Rondel Dagger by Tøm
Seax by elwebbaro
Leo Set by Paradox
Hengest and Horsa by SH4DOWM4NTIZ
Final Guard Set by NinthKnight
Court Armor by Heisenberg
Berzerker Set by soul5tice
AwlPike by elwebbaro
Flammenschwert by sgtscience

Patch 36 (4/9/2015)

Shark Tooth by Pernach, ItsgoodForU and tayou.natsume
Chicken Set by Alter-Nate
Ornamental Set by Pior and Ghost
Styrian by elwebbaro
The Kin Slayer by JasonLavoie
Renaissance Rapier by zelfit
Willbreaker by Hawk1701
Shattered Star by Bambe and Arsenal

Patch 34 (1/20/2015)

Assault Set by Shuruboro
Burning Sun Set by Noth
Honor’s Guard Set by BounchFX
Judgement Set by Arsenal
Crusher Helmet by Konras & Pior
Fallen Helmet by Alexd
Dark Ornate Set by Scoot_da_Poot
Hawkeye Set by Paradox
Temujin’s Legacy Set by Hawk1701
Oriental Set by TrevorJ & Pior
Horsebow by islipaway
The Hound Set by NBLM

UGC Data

We would also like to share the following data on the Customization Store, in order to help guide players on gaps in content offerings - so that you’re better equipped to decide what UGC to create next. We are constantly trying to keep customization offerings diverse to our players. If you make a high quality piece of work for a less represented class or weapon, it’s more likely to make it into Chivalry, sooner. The following charts represent the distribution of items - this is not sales data.

Knight and Vanguard are clearly dominating the class-specific items, without as much love for the Archer and MAA.

There are more options for item bundles (i.e. bundles including 1 helmet & 1 weapon) than single items. This chart does not mean that single items sell better - but that there are fewer bundled sets than individual weapons in the Customization store.

Team distribution
For content accepted into Chivalry so far, we’ve maintained a very even mix between Agatha- and Mason-only content, as well as stuff open to either side. We plan to maintain this ratio moving forward.

Weapon spread
In the below chart, the bottom axis shows the number of variants per weapon type. The Spear, Broadsword, Norse Sword, Longsword & Messer have the most variants, while many weapons - including Warbow, Crossbow, Hatchet, Polehammer, Short Sword and others - have none available yet.

What’s next?

We plan to release three more UGC update packs over the course of Summer 2015. Each pack will contain 3-4 weapon and helmet sets and 5-6 individual weapons. The data above includes what we plan to release in these three packs as well as all previous content - to give a complete sense of what our current offerings will be.

We also hope to share some general sales figures in the near future, to demonstrate what item types are selling better than others.

To sum: study the charts above and take an informed approach to designing new weapons and helmets for Chivalry. Quality of modelling and execution of concept are just as important as ensuring that your UGC items have a relevant, competitive position in the Customization store.

Thanks everyone for your hard work - keep up the incredible Chivalry Workshop submissions!

~Torn Banner Studios
Community Announcements - playerhayter

UPDATE: Due to strong demand, there is no longer a requirement to be one of the top 10 most upvoted gallery pieces. Torn Banner Studios will be judging ALL entries submitted that follow these new contest rules.

Submit your fan art to the Artwork gallery by this Thursday, June 18 at 11:59PM EST to enter.

Win one of three great prizes! We’re giving away over $500 worth of in-game content and Chivalry keys. If you don’t win, we’ll still share and attribute your awesome work all over the Internets.

Some cool entries so far:

Shivklok by ℭhe ℬlack ℜnight

Defend Your King by Aurora

King Malric by OVERLORD

Read the original post here for info on rules and judging.

Submit your artwork now!
Community Announcements - playerhayter

Over 30 community-made weapons and helmets in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare are now on sale at up to 50% off, until June 22.

Plus, enjoy the following new Chivalry content and fixes.


Brand new set of community-made weapons and helmets
  • Circled Princial Cervelliere, an Agatha Archer helmet
  • The Rat Set, an Agatha Knight set that replaces the Heavy Flail
  • The Tenderizer, a replacement for the Maul
  • Infidels Bane, a replacement for the Messer
  • Chaos Set, a Mason Knight set that replaces the Messer
  • Winged Wraith, a replacement for the Holy Water Sprinkler
  • Blade Brothers Sun Sword, a replacement for the Norse Sword
  • Shark, a replacement for the Billhook
  • Kraken, a Mason Vanguard set that replaces the Halberd


  • removed touch returns - flag must timeout and auto return now

  • spawn ramp fix
  • fixed big tower axe, it was flipped to deal damage while stationary and not deal damage while rotating
  • moved oasis trees that were intersecting rocks
  • removed oasis trees that were intersecting the flag stand
  • spring trap fix
  • water volume / drowning fixed to not be permanently disabled after being unloaded - you were unable to drown if the boats were loaded twice
  • spawnpoints that were underwater fixed to not be underwater
  • underwater post processing volume was being overridden, fixed, underwater processing restored
  • set FFA to 10 minutes from 30

  • cave lighting: modified lighting to better facilitate faction differentiation (fill lighting is now all cool colors creating spots of hot and cold lighting rather than almost all the lighting in cave being warm tone and creating situations where agatha blue looks green)
  • made the cave mason spawn under the king’s platform easier to exit
  • raised buried grass meshes in cave
  • darkened grass outside, it appeared to glow
  • Added blocking volume along back of king’s area to prevent players from jumping onto and over the fence

  • fix bug where people spawn in the wrong area - a couple spawn points were malfunctioning and had to be deleted
  • fix exploit/bug where you can spawn late and you spawn in the wrong area - changed logic to switch spawn points immediately on LTS Round end rather than after a delay after level reset
  • modified lighting slightly to add some cooler tones in addition to the warm lighting

  • removed bad spawn point for defenders on final objective
  • 10 second torch respawn from 20

  • replaced flag with new AOCFlagAutoReturnOnly variant. The flag now can’t be returned by touch, only by time.
  • set final objective flag return time to 4.5 seconds from 15

  • Set time limits to standards: Set FFA to 10 minutes from 4, LTS to 4 minute from 5, TD to 15 from 5

Moor LTS
  • moved spawn points, blocked off a couple corners of the map

Dark Forest
  • Map exploit in final area blocked
  • Navigation Pylons weren't building properly

  • Block reverse overhead gate exploit

  • first wave enemies just have fists now

  • added AOCFlagAutoReturnOnly - works just like a standard CTF flag with the exception that the enemy team cannot touch it, they must instead defend it until it auto returns.
  • server CPU performance enhancements
  • fix issue where "ghost" Agatha MAAs spawn once every tick until the server crashes
Community Announcements - playerhayter

Submit new fan art of your own design to the Chivalry Steam Community Artwork gallery by June 18 to enter.


#1: Grand Prize! Winner receives all current Chivalry in-game weapons & armor (worth over $200) + 4 copies of Chivalry to share
#2: 5 Chivalry in-game helmet & armor sets of your choice + 2 copies of Chivalry to share
#3: 5 Chivalry in-game weapons of your choice + 1 copy of Chivalry to share

  • Enter a new artwork of your own design to the Artwork gallery by June 18 at 11:59PM PT
  • Include “Chivalry Fan Art Contest” in the description
  • Multiple entries are allowed and encouraged
  • All entries must follow general Steam content guidelines
  • All entries may be used by Torn Banner Studios for promotional purposes
  • In-game screenshots do not count as original artwork
  • The top 10 most up-voted All new content in the Artwork gallery will be be shortlisted for winner’s selection by Torn Banner Studios
  • Winners to be announced June 19
Submit your artwork now!

Plus, make sure you’re a member of the Chivalry Community on Steam to unlock an exclusive Muffin Top hat and in-game player name badges representing Agatha or Mason. Help us reach 100,000 followers for a secret content update!

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