Community Announcements - Ty_Taylor
Last year's M. C. Escher-inspired award-winning puzzler The Bridge is out now for Mac and Linux! The Bridge is the winner of The Indie Game Challenge's Best Gameplay and Best Art Direction awards, in addition to The Escapist's choice for Best Platformer of 2013. Turn the ceiling into a floor as you explore this impossible world and uncover the mysteries of The Bridge.

The Mac and Linux update includes SteamPlay with cross-platform cloud game saving.
Community Announcements - Ty_Taylor
The wait is over (for Mac and Linux gamers)! The Bridge will be available on Friday, May 16, on your Mac or Linux computer, as well as for SteamOS and Steam Machines. SteamPlay will be enabled, so if you've already purchased The Bridge, you have it for all of these platforms! There will also be cross-platform cloud saving, so if you've already played The Bridge on Windows, you can resume where you left off on a Mac or Linux computer.
Community Announcements - Ty_Taylor
This week only, The Humble Weekly Sale is featuring The Bridge along with 5 other fantastic IndieCade finalist games: The Dream Machine, Dear Esther, 7 Grand Steps, Any Yet It Moves, and Luxuria Superbia.

The Humble Weekly Sale
Community Announcements - Ty_Taylor
Today, The Bridge's price is being permanently reduced from $14.99 to $9.99 on Steam. Enjoy!
Community Announcements - Ty_Taylor
We've just updated The Bridge with four new Achievements: Heretic, Outcast, Hermit, and Genius. These are unlocked by completing each of the four mirrored chapters.

If you've already completed these chapters, just start up the game and these Achievements will automatically unlock.
Community Announcements - Ty_Taylor
The Bridge now has trading cards on Steam! Simply playing The Bridge will unlock badges and cards that can be traded to earn Steam backgrounds and emoticons for The Bridge, or in-game items and coupons for other games. Have fun!
Community Announcements - Ty_Taylor
For the Steam summer sale, The Bridge will be available at a 50% discount until July 22. If you haven't played this beautiful M. C. Escher-inspired indie puzzler, now is a great time!

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