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Here's an overview of the map, including call-outs that are helpful to learn.

Last week I showed you ways to improve your CT-side. Now we'll have a look at the map from the other perspective.

Most of the time it's best to attack the B-site, but that doesn't mean you don't have to keep the defenders guessing. Go for the occasional A-round and use fakes every now and again.

The reasons why you should attack B most of the time are numerous: It's fairly easy to prefire common angles with the AK, you can rotate to A pretty fast if needed and the B-site is one of the most difficult sites to retake once the terrorists have taken control over it.

How to use drop room to your advantage

I hope you brought your sportswear, because it's time to get sweaty. Once you execute a play through drop you generally have to be really fast unless you want to be trapped and vulnerable to all sorts of grenades. As soon as you hit the floor in drop there's no turning back. This is no place for faint-hearted people!


A flashbang that is thrown in such a way that it doesn't give players a chance to turn around before it "pops".

I like to use this popflash before I drop down. Yes, it's true that there are more efficient flashes, but that would require one player on your team to stand back and flash instead of joining the push from long B.

MadImpoliteHellbender (gfyCat video)

'Eco Round'

A round where you buy little to no equipment in order to save money for upcoming rounds.

As soon as the flash pops, you and a teammate can drop down and wreak havoc. Decide who takes the right side and who takes the left before you go. The drop popflash combined with a smoke on the left side of drop room might be one of the easiest ways to secure an eco round plant unless your opponents are ready for it.

Simply smoke, flash and go A through connector. If you wait for a few seconds before you make your move, there's a chance the defender on A has already started to sneak up on you from behind, leaving the bombsite open. Note that this strategy is just as effective on normal rounds.

Smokes on B

You can use a few easy smokes to limit the number of angles you have to check once you try to take the site. The first one is used to smoke off the area behind the cube to make sure no optimistic counter-terrorist can kill you from drop room. Line it up, jump, throw. Then wait for a second or two before you throw a flashbang using the same exact throw.

DemandingEnergeticKitty (gfyCat video)

The other smoke I'm going to show you is used to cover one side of hen house. With that smokescreen down you only have to check the right side. But remember that a CT can still hide there. It's crucial that you assign a guy to check hen house once you've taken the site.

On the next page: the question of A.

How do you take A?

You will face a few challenges when you choose to go A. First of all you need to take control over long A and pit, unlike B where you pretty much get long B for free. One of the best ways to secure these areas is by having a teammate pop a flash just past the double doors in pit. Then another player can enter and check all corners. Without a flash you more or less commit suicide by going pit. After that you have control over stairs. That's when a guy on long A should throw a flash through the window and blind any defenders nearby. Hopefully he'll back off and expose himself to the guy waiting in stairs.

FeminineCheeryDamselfly  (gfyCat video)

You may need to practice that flash a few times before you get it right.

Now you've come to the part where you need to slow down the rotation from B. For that purpose you can smoke off connector door and balcony from long A, like this:

SeveralDiscreteBabirusa  (gfyCat video)

While you perform all of these sick moves it's a good idea to let one player fake B with a smoke and a couple of flashbangs, just to further delay the rotation. Another option is to let him use the popflash in drop that I showed you guys earlier and try to get a kill or two. Remember that the defenders will receive the necessary intel and start to rotate long before you actually make the final push on to A-site.

After you've planted the bomb on A, there aren't many post plant positions where you can stay without being vulnerable from at least one common retake angle. I can't stress this enough: It is easier to win rounds when you attack B.

The pistol round

Winning the pistol round is crucial when you play T on Cobblestone. Due to the long sight lines, you're more or less screwed on the second and third round if you don't manage to score big on the pistol round. For the same reason, however, it's difficult to win the pistol round. As you already know, the usp-s and P2000 are far better at long range than your glocks. Therefore I recommend that you buy at least one tec-9 and use it to secure drop room. Just don't forget to flash first. If you secure the first kill you can make life difficult for any remaining defenders by attacking from both drop and long B.

Find our other Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map guides here:

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You may remember Nipper as the creator of cs_gonehome, a CS:GO map that inserts terrorists and counter-terrorists into the previously machine gun-free setting of Gone Home. Earlier this month Nipper posted cs_wildrefuge, a map based loosely on the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, which six members of an anti-government militia occupied for 24 days before federal authorities intervened. 

Like the Gone Home map, shooting your way through the site of one of the most controversial news stories of the year reveals an odd mixture of comedy and discomfort. Intentionally or not, the map operates as political criticism, as satire, and simply as a casual siege in the style of cs_militia and thousands of others that have come before it. While the map isn't a 1:1 recreation of the real-life refuge, it's more detailed than you'd expect for something created in reaction to national news. I've recorded some footage in the video above; a snowy compound of closed buildings surround an interior, main building where the pair of 'bird watchers' are held captive beside couches and brochure stands.

Nipper explains the map's backstory on its Steam Workshop page:

"A group of heavily armed patriots known only as 'Vanilla Isis' have decided to launch a rebellion against their tyrannical government! Using their brilliant tactical mind they chose their first target: a mostly unoccupied bird sanctuary and wildlife refuge. After about 2 days of holding this territory from the feds they have unfortunately run out of vital supplies like slim jims, energy drinks and beer. In an act of desperation for more supplies they have taken a couple of orange jumpsuit wearing bird watchers hostage. Now with human lives at stake the feds have been forced to respond."

Supplies are running low. In the stash: apples, 'Sophia's' microwave dinners, fresh potatoes, vanilla drink, assorted juice.

What a time to be alive, where we can where we can play out the political events of our time in team deathmatch as they're still happening. What would a CS:GO map based on the Boston Massacre look like? cs_wildrefuge isn't the first map modeled after a controversial event, of course—fy_abbottabad, a more authentic recreation of Osama bin Laden's Pakistan compound, was a well-circulated Counter-Strike: Source map in 2011.

You can download cs_wildrefuge from Steam Workshop.

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Back in July, Valve asked Counter-Strike: Global Offensive server operators to stop providing services that falsify the contents of a player's profile or inventory, like letting them have temporary ownership of items that aren't in their inventory. We will continue to monitor the players experience on community servers, and may reevaluate if further actions need to be taken to ensure that server operators comply, it warned in the Server Operation Guidelines. And It would now seem that Reevaulation Day has come.

The first indication that the hammer had fallen came a few days ago by way of the CSGO_Servers mailing list, when server operators began reporting surprise bans of server login tokens. That led to a beefy Reddit thread and a debate about whether Valve's warning included completely custom weapon models, which some operators thought were allowed, and complaints that some of the banned servers simply had inactive plugins sitting in a disabled directory. Despite some operators' claims that the server restrictions don't cover their specific circumstances, Valve appears to be drawing a hard line in the sand.

In January 2016, we permanently disabled Game Server Login Tokens belonging to server operators that were providing free or paid services that falsified the contents of a player s profile or inventory. The Steam user that generated the tokens is now also permanently restricted from creating new GSLTs, it wrote. A new Steam user account associated with a new qualifying phone number (http://www.steamcommunity.com/dev/managegameservers) will be required to create new GSLTs. To avoid future disruption game server operators are best advised to comply with CS:GO server operation guidelines described above.

Some Redditors think Valve's crackdown is harsh and punitive, especially against a game that itself originated as a mod, but a large number of others don't seem to mind, or at the very least appear to think that Valve's warning was a sufficient heads-up that shenanigans will not be tolerated. Valve itself took to the CS:GO subreddit to point out that there hasn't been any change to its policy, although an update to the post (which has since been corrected) could be taken to indicate that there was.

Innovation is awesome and almost every mod we see is fine, the rep said. Our only concern, as the community correctly understands, is with mods that specifically misrepresent a player's skill group/rank or the items they own.

Govern yourselves accordingly, as they say.

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The grip of winter can t save you from hot hot electric sport. There s major Dota 2 in China and minor CS:GO in Romania. In League of Legends the North American Championship Series thunders on leaving drama in its wake, and we round off with a bit of punching for good measure. Have a great weekend!

Dota 2: MarsTV League Winter 2015

That's right! 'Winter 2015'. Like the saying goes, it doesn't matter if you're not sure what year it is when you've got a great set of international Dota 2 teams competing for hundreds of thousands of dollars. It's taking place in China, so eight hours ahead of GMT/seven ahead of CET/sixteen ahead of PST. If you tune in over the weekend you can catch the winner's bracket final and a bunch of lower bracket games on Saturday followed by the lower bracket final and grand final on Sunday. The grand final begins at 10:00 GMT/11:00 CET/02:00 PST, and you can find up to date schedule information on Gosugamers. You can also find the English language Azubu stream here.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: PGL European Minor Championship 2016

Eight European CS:GO squads fight for $50,000 in Bucharest. There's a mixture of established and aspiring talent in contention, so this comes recommended to talent scouts as well as fans of the European scene. The group A matches are taking place today, with group B to follow on Saturday followed by playoffs for the top four teams on Sunday. Play begins at 11:00 GMT/12:00 CET/03:00 PST and runs throughout the day. You can find the stream on Twitch.

League of Legends: North American Championship Series

The new season rolls on with a full weekend of play in North America. Expect a lot of action packed into a relatively short span of time, and after a dramatic first week there's a lot to live up to. In particular, look to TSM to want to improve their performance— they face Cloud9 on Saturday and NRG on Sunday. Check out this page on LoLesports for a full schedule and stream info and the main page for the other regional leagues—there are also games in the LCK and LMS over the weekend.

Killer Instinct: World Cup

Yes, yes, it isn't a PC game. If you don't like it, stop asking for fighting game coverage. Even then it won't matter, because fighting games are awesome. In any case: there's $30,000 on the line in San Antonio as the KI community dukes it out for the world title. Find tournament info here and the stream here. At the moment there isn't a schedule available, but expect games throughout the weekend on Pacific time.

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Here's an overview of the map, including call-outs that are helpful to know.

Cobblestone has seen many iterations over the years. Up until this current version, it's been heavily CT-sided. Since this isn't the case anymore, you will have to be a bit more creative if you want to score those rounds.

First, let's talk about the map itself. Most games tend to be centered around the B-site. There are several reasons for this. First of all it's easy to isolate defending players on B with smokes. Secondly the terrorists will generally use AK47 whereas you are stuck with M4A4 or M4A1-s. They can prefire the most common angles with a weapon that has the potential to kill you with a single bullet. You will have to react to them stepping out, and if you're fast enough you will still have to hit them at least twice.

Then you have the stairs between B-halls and mid. If they rotate from B to A they can simply drop down the stairs and be there in no time. It takes a lot longer to run up the stairs and rotate from A to B.

The lone soldier on A

Unless you notice that the terrorists have a tendency to attack A, I would recommend to play with only one defender on A. His job will be to support the B-players as much as he can as well as to push for information and call for backup if needed. A lot of the time he won't need his smoke, so he can throw it over to B and smoke off long. That way you'll have four smokes ready on B.

SizzlingPitifulIndianjackal (gfyCat video)

After that he should sit around corners at CT ramp, long A or stairs. He will listen for footsteps and check for flashes and smokes. If he thinks that they're coming to A, he should try to survive for as long as possible. If the B-players manage to take control over long B or other key areas around B, the A-guy can fall back to the bombsite and one of the players from B can rotate and support him.

If he can't see or hear anyone he can try to move in for the backstab through Z. If he does, timing is crucial. Wait for the terrorists to initiate their attack, or else there s a good chance they will have at least one player waiting for the lurker coming in from behind.

Should problem arise over at B, your brave soldier from A shouldn t hesitate. He can either go in through connector door and call for a flash from drop room or throw the flash himself. This flash will blind any terrorist tucked in the corner outside door, making it a lot easier to initiate the retake attempt.

FrighteningJealousBedbug (gfyCat video)

On the next page: getting creative around B.

Creative B-plays

If you decide to play with only one player at A, you will have four players at your disposal for some really creative B-plays. For starters you want to go for less obvious angles and try your best to cause communication breakdown (great song, great band, great hair!) and force the terrorists to check more angles. Boosting a player up on top of the cube is one way to achieve this effect. That player will also be able to peek over most of the smokes that the terrorists might use:

FragrantVagueDarklingbeetle (gfyCat video)

If your opponents have a tendency to push long B, you can slow them down with a smoke, followed by a molotov and a flash. Stand next to the cube and throw the smoke. After that you can line up the molotov and call for a flashbang from a teammate. What will happen is that your enemies will get blinded and hopefully back off to the corner just outside arch. If that's the case, they won't know that they're slowly burning to death!

IndelibleBlondDotterel (gfyCat video)

Even if they don't you will slow down the push, allowing both the A-player to move in from behind and the guys around drop to be a little creative. Used with proper timing the boost from drop room can be lethal, but remember: it's a risk! First of all you want to lay down a smoke screen before you boost, unless the boost is used to peek for information. Try to smoke sometimes even if you don't boost. That way it will be more difficult for the terrorists to read the play when you actually go for it.

RevolvingPoorDeermouse (gfyCat video)

Drop room can be quite tricky to defend. I like to have one player just outside and one close to connector, ready to assist. If you stand inside drop, chances are you will get flashed and subsequently killed without being able to help your team at all that round. This flash can work wonders. Try it a few times and you'll get the timing right. If the terrorists turn their backs, you will turn those backs into swiss cheese. If they don't, they won't be able see a thing and you can just finish them off.

VibrantShamelessDunlin (gfyCat video)

Be careful!

It's tempting to hide inside the hen house and try to be a little sneaky. But remember that a single molotov will force you out in the open to a very disadvantageous position where you can consider yourself lucky if you're able to fire even a single bullet.

You have to be careful when you try to lurk around the map. If the A-player gets caught with his pants down, you might not have enough time to rotate over to A. And even if you do, they might turn around and attack B instead. Cobblestone is a map where you really need all your players alive until your opponents commit to one site.

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Photo credit: DreamHack Flickr

Buckle up, friends, for another packed weekend of pro gaming. There's high-level play happening across the biggest competitive games on PC. League of Legends continues its Spring season, CS:GO has a massive DreamHack tournament to enjoy, the excellent Hearthstone Starladder StarSeries finally comes to a conclusion, and Dota 2 has something a little more leftfield to check out.

Dota 2: Captain's Draft 3.0

The Captain's Draft 3.0 tournament just kicked off and sports a hefty prizepool of $100k, which can be expanded further through community contributions. Captain's Draft 3.0 is named as such because it uses the slightly different Captain's Draft game mode for the entire tournament. Qualifiers began on the 19th and will continue all weekend. You can find a schedule and results of the matches here, and the stream here.

Hearthstone: StarLadder i-League StarSeries Finals

The Hearthstone StarSeries is finally reaching its LAN climax this weekend. Games have already gotten underway today, but the winner will be crowned on Saturday, walking away with a sizeable chuck of a $50k prizepool. There's a lot of Hearthstone going on this weekend, but this is the most reliable source of high-quality casting and play. You can check the schedule here, albeit in Russian, and find the english version of the stream here.

League of Legends: NA LCS, LPL, LMS, and LCK

LoL's spring season started back up last week, and will continue to be a great watch overthe next few months. North America, China, and Taiwan continue their regular competition as the NA LCS, LPL, and LMS respectively, and we can also add Korea's LCK to this week's list. You can find schedules for the games at the links above, while the big, friendly 'watch live' button on the lolesports.com homepage will take you straight to the stream. 

CS:GO: DreamHack Leipzig 2016

As with Hearthstone, there's a whole bunch of CS:GO being played this weekend, but the biggest tournament by far is DreamHack Leipzig. Na'Vi, Virtus.pro, Dignitas and more will square off at the German LAN event, with the winners taking home $50k for themselves. Games began today and the full schedule is right hereYou can also find the stream here.

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Almost a decade ago, I found a gamemode for Counter-Strike called KZ - short for Kreedz Climbing . A few months ago I stumbled upon it again, this time in CS:GO, and I instantly fell in love with it. Players compete to climb increasingly complex level geometry, testing their understanding of Counter-Strike s movement mechanics. The more I played the more intrigued I became and it only felt natural to dig a little deeper into the competitive aspect of KZ. To that end I spoke to Kenneth, founder of kz-climb.com, and ruben - one of the most prominent climbers in the scene.

"KZ is a custom game mode for Counter-Strike that involves difficult jumps and hard obstacles. The goal is to traverse through the map with the fastest time. However, for many maps, even reaching the finish point is a challenge in itself" Kenneth tells me.

As ruben puts it: it's basically like parkour for CS:GO."

The ultimate goal for a climber is to beat world records. To hold a global record for an official map carries prestige and takes a lot of practice. If you put in a lot of hours, blood, sweat and tears you might find yourself on top of the map crowned the new champion of the world. One of those champions is ruben, a humble guy from Sweden.

'crouched bhops'

A technique that allows you to pick up speed by chaining together multiple crouch-jumps to bunny hop.

PCG: You hold some global records. Which ones are you most proud of and why?

ruben: I do. I'd say i'm most proud of my kz_haki_v2 run. It took me weeks if not months to get it down below seven minutes. Unfortunately Valve changed crouched bhops in a patch a while ago. As it is right now, it might not be beaten any time soon. Other than that, I think my kz_gigablock_go record is solid.

PCG: What does it take to get good at KZ?

ruben: I have played kz for about eight years and still have some issues. For example, people make fun of my long-jumps all the time. It definitely takes a lot of practice to get good at it. And a lot of patience... records won't come easy these days.

More than jumping

The basic idea of a long-jump is to manipulate the physics of the game in order to be able to jump further than you normally can. You do it by strafing before you jump and while you're still in the air. I don't claim to be an expert (or even good, for that matter) but here's an example of the technique:

DazzlingFocusedJohndory (gfyCat video)

"There is a lot more depth to KZ than simply jumping onto blocks until you make it to the end. Kenneth says. In many cases, players will need to make use of advanced movement techniques such as strafing, long-jumps, bunnyhops, and much more to complete the map. To add even another layer of difficulty, some players choose to do PRO runs, which are runs done without the use of any checkpoints."

"My personal favorite part about KZ is the competition he continues. There are currently hundreds of maps released for KZ, and each one has a global leaderboard. Players compete with other players from all around the world and new global records are set daily. This, along with weekly released maps, means that there's always something exciting going on in the KZ community."

We talked a little about Kenneth's website, kz-climb.com. "It's an internet forum where players can gather and discuss the game mode. There is a whole array of active members, ranging from beginners who would like to get better, to KZ veterans who want to prove their skill."

It's also a good resource for players who wants to improve their game. "In the forum, you can find tutorials on how to execute specific movement techniques, discuss the official released maps, watch the latest world record runs, or just talk about anything related to KZ Kenneth says. People who are new might be intimidated by the whole competitive aspect of KZ, but the KZ-Climb forum provides a friendly place where players can chat about their favorite game."

As the founder of a large KZ community, Kenneth has seen a lot of record runs over the years. I asked him which record he finds the most impressive.

"The most insane run is inarguably eightbO's PRO run of kz_cursedjourney in 20:43.25 he says.  kz_cursedjourney is a famous map known for its unparalleled difficulty. The majority of players who attempt it cannot even reach a quarter of the map, and those that do finish take an average of over two hours. What makes this run especially impressive is that eightbO manages to complete it without using a single checkpoint."

Advice for new players

Find a server

Here are some climb servers in both North America and Europe.

Kenneth: Definitely start with the easy maps. I recommend the maps kz_beginnerblock_go, kz_frozen_go, kz_summercliff2_go, and kz_j2s_westbl0ck. These maps are all designed to give beginners a good feel of what KZ is and help you practice jumping and positioning. Learning how to airstrafe correctly is also very important. Airstrafing lets you control your movement while in the air and is useful to jump around corners. There are many tutorials online for it.

ruben: Don't be afraid to ask for help. There are always admins online and even better players often help people through the voice coms in-game. And you need patience. Lots of it.

I would strongly recommend climbing a few maps. Not only is it great fun, but it also helps you in normal games: being able to maneuver your character smoothly will help you win a lot of duels. Also, there are some really cool jumps on the competitive maps that you won't be able to land unless you learn some of these techniques. Have fun and see you at the top!

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With ESL One Cologne already on the cards, it's hardly a surprise that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's best-endowed league is also returning for 2016. Last year, we streamed 30 million hours of the ESL One Pro League, and it looks as if ESL is planning to push the event from 'large' to 'ludicrous' starting February 9 and coming to a head in May.

The prize pool has increased 50% to $1.5 million, and live, in-person viewership will be heavily promoted, but it's a snippet from Vice President of Pro Gaming Ulrich Schulze that has my attention:

"It s not just offline audiences we re aiming for: television broadcasts, a higher standard of online production, a continued emphasis on competitive integrity—these are just some of the things you will see this year.

ESL One Cologne 2015

The statement reads as an acknowledgment of the pitfalls esports has skirted in 2015 and a major boast: yes, there's been trouble, but look, we're on telly! Despite being altogether more inconvenient than streaming, television is still treated as the Grail of acceptance and respectability for esports. I'm intrigued to see how and where CS:GO will be broadcast, and who that televisual CS:GO-watching demographic consists of.

The full rundown and schedule of the 24 teams taking part will soon be available on the ESL Pro League website.

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Photo credit: StarLadder.

A new year in electric sport gets underway as the League of Legends championship machine thunders to life after a post-Worlds hiatus. There's money to be won by the best Dota 2 and CS:GO teams in Minsk, and even a little Chinese Heroes of the Storm if that's what you're into.

Dota 2: StarLadder i-League StarSeries XIII Finals

After a week of group stage matches, season 13 of StarLadder will come to an end this weekend in Minsk. The remaining teams in contention are LGD, Evil Geniuses, Team Liquid, Alliance and Team Secret—although we'll lose either Alliance or Secret very shortly (at the time of writing, their quarterfinal set is about to begin.) The Dota 2 metagame has changed dramatically in the aftermath of 6.86b's overhauls, so this is a good opportunity to get up to speed. The quarterfinals run on Saturday from 08:00 CET/07:00 GMT/23:00 PST (Friday night: sorry, America.) The grand final will take place on Sunday at 11:00 CET/10:00 GMT/02:00 PST. Find the stream here.

CS:GO: StarLadder i-League StarSeries XIV Finals

Running alongside Dota 2 in Minsk, the year's first subsantial CS:GO tournament has been underway for a little while. The quarterfinals are being played right now to determine whether Na'Vi or ? progress to the next stage (Fnatic have already earned their spot.) They'll join Luminosity, Fnatic, and EnVyUs in tomorrow's semifinals, which begin at 10:00 CET/09:00 GMT/01:00 PST. The grand final will begin on Sunday at 14:00 CET/13:00 GMT/05:00 PST. Here's the stream.

League of Legends: NA LCS, LPL, and LMS

LoL's new season kicked off earlier in the week across the world. Play this weekend will take place in North America, China and Taiwan as the NA LCS, LPL, and LMS all get underway. Click those links to check out schedules for each individual league, and you can find streams at lolesports.com: look for the 'watch live' button on the homepage when games are on.

Heroes of the Storm: Gold Series Heroes League 2015 Grand Finals

The playoffs aren't until next week, but this weekend will see China's best Heroes of the Storm teams battle through group stages for a shot at a share of $100,000. Play begins at 17:00 local time/09:00 GMT/01:00 PST on both days. You can find English-language casting on Gillyweed's Twitch stream.

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