Community Announcements - nervous_testpilot
Many thanks for the recent feedback on the UI - has been really helpful and is much appreciated.

Thought I would update you about some changes we're thinking of making based on your feedback and our own appraisal of the situation.

None of this is final; all of it may not happen! That's the end of the caveats. Here's what we're planning on doing:

- A fundamental mechanics change to aiming and shooting which will be announced soon! This adds a new level of depth to the game and is very fun to play with. It may not feature in every mode but early tests are encouraging - Ian will be explaining this system soon when some issues have been worked out.

- Time handles replaced with wait orders. Wait orders are issued using the dragging functionality from time handles, but you do not place orders directly on the handles; you simply create a wait, then place your order in the stack after it. Time handles have always sucked to interact with directly, but dragging left to right is still the best way of defining an amount of time quickly; this should alleviate the former while retaining the latter.

- Units will have a "selection handle", which is a larger clickable element attached to the unit by a line. Selection handles will avoid overlapping with other UI elements meaning that you won't have the problem of trying to distinguish between two overlapping units.

- Probably something to make "check" less terrible to use

- Hopefully some better scaling of the aim handle so it's less tiny when zoomed out

- Probably some other things I haven't figured out yet
Community Announcements - nervous_testpilot

We're looking at trying to make some improvements to the Frozen Synapse UI in FS2.

This is a difficult topic: Frozen Synapse is a very complex game; some elements of UI design are subjective; making changes to our UI is difficult and time consuming.

So, please don't take it as a negative if we don't manage to incorporate your feedback.

I'd like to know what you find difficult to do in the game, both in-game and in the menus, what you find fiddly especially. Feel free to post anything you want, but in general flagging up problems is a lot more useful to us than suggesting solutions.

Thanks for taking the time to do this.

If you wanted to me AMAZINGLY helpful, a video demonstrating your problems would be great but any notes or comments are more than welcome.

Community Announcements - nervous_testpilot
I spoke to Ian about his thoughts and process for designing the level generators in Frozen Synapse and Frozen Synapse 2
Community Announcements - nervous_testpilot
Ian is testing (in Frozen Synapse 2) a fix for a particular technique which was a borderline exploit in Frozen Synapse 1. We'd love your feedback - please read his post here - but post your responses here on the Steam Community in the comments - many thanks!
Community Announcements - nervous_testpilot

I wanted to keep everyone updated with some of our work on Frozen Synapse 2:

Text -

Video -

Community Announcements - James
This update fixes a problem with slow AI calculations which was accidentally introduced in the last patch.

It also fixes a long standing issue with slow camera zooming caused by alt-tabbing out of the game.
Community Announcements - James
Achievements should now work on all platforms.
Fixed account registration issue on Linux.
Mar 18
Community Announcements - James
Published a small update to fix account registration issue.
Community Announcements - nervous_testpilot
We recently did an interview with PC Gamer about Frozen Synapse 2 - if you're interested in checking it out then have a look here:

Here's a direct link to the trailer:
Community Announcements - nervous_testpilot
Hi all,

As you've probably seen, we're working on a sequel to Frozen Synapse.

I'd appreciate any feedback you have for us about what you would like to see in the follow-up. As ever, I can't guarantee that we'll be able to incorporate your suggestions but it would be great to know what you're thinking.



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