Community Announcements - Atrus (Seg)
You can now return back to Scoggins with Nelson! The game is now released on Windows and Mac (via SteamPlay).

<a href="">Buy Puzzle Agent 2</a> and get a free copy of Puzzle Agent 1 to play. Already own it? You can gift it to any one of your Steam friends!

Enjoy Puzzle Agent 2 and your trip back to Scoggins!
Community Announcements - Atrus (Seg)
As our snowmobiles near Scoggins for the June 30 release of Puzzle Agent 2, I present to you not one but two new entries in the <b>Graham Annable Answers Your Questions</b> video series!

These new episodes feature questions from Telltale community members <b>eloffler</b>, <b>Lobst</b>, <b>allaboardfilms</b>, and <b>Irishmile</b>! To find out what Graham has to say watch the new videos!

* <a href="">Graham Annable Answers Your Questions: Part 4</a>
* <a href="">Graham Annable Answers Your Questions: Part 5</a>
Community Announcements - Atrus (Seg)

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